Having problems with your 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 4WD ?

Hazard and turn signals not working

\015 Both the hazard and turn signals are not working tried replacing the 20 amp in the main control panel and the 10a fuses still does not work, also it seems to be blowing the 20 amp in the main control\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

You have a direct short somewhere. Check your bulbs first.
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Turn signals work strange. break pedal causes right turn signal to come on solid (no flashing) and left turn signal causes hazards to flash. Hazards work fine. symptoms change but always a problem with either the left or right signal working, not working, or causes hazards. sometimes they work until I hit the break pedal. all turn signal lights appear to be working and all fuses appear to be fine...

Replace the bulbs, these bulbs are dual filament bulbs so half of the bulb is bad. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2000 dodge grand caravan and the turn signal just do not work the hazard lights do and when I click for the turn signal I do not get any clicking sound whatsoever. I cannot find any fuses that are labeled turn signal or flashers only the hazard fuse is a while back before the turn signal stopped working altogether they would not work when the vehicle was cold once it started warming up then the turn signals work but now they don't work at all is this a fuse issue or is it the whole tur

Blown bulb ... Cars & Trucks

The turn signals on my 2001 jeep grand cherokee laredo do not work. the hazard lights work but the turn signals do not. they both work off of the same fuse in the fusebox and off of the same turn signal relay. I would assume that if either of those items were the issue that both the hazard lights and the turn signals would not work.

... Jeep Grand Cherokee

My parents are repairing a 2003 kia rio that had been slightly wrecked. He is having an issue with the turn signal switch. Here is the email they sent me. I sure hope you can help. ,........i cant get the turn signals to work on the car the hazard lights work but not turn signals with the handle i have checked bulbs and fuses we put a new turn signal and hazard flasher thing in it and it wasnt that with the cover off i can turn the signals on by hand if i hold it over but not by handle see if th

Since the lights themselves work there is not a power or fuse issue. Therefore it must be at the switch, which leaves either of three options:\015\012\015\012Least likely: Turnsignal stalk is not getting power, which comes ... 2003 Kia Rio

My brake lights dont work and my hazard lights in back.. brake light in window works.. hazard lights in front work blinking fast. when put turn signal on go back to normal blink. turn signals work and running lights work in back.. replaced brake switch twice and all bulbs are good... only brake lights and hazard lights in back out

... 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis

I was doing some work on my headlights Afterwards, when I was performing a basic check....i found that my hazards fuse was blown & my right turn signal kept blinking every so often unless I set the lever to the left signal, at which point nothing would blink at all. after switching the turn signal fuse to the hazards slot, I managed to at least kill the annoying constant clicking in the dash. now, my hazards work as they are supposed to, but if I put a fuse in the signal fuse slot, the same tur

Change the relay or tap it hard first , there are relays . ... Cars & Trucks

1995 ford Contour. My hazards work. no turnsignals, replaced turnsignal switch, checked all fuses.....still no turn signals....book says turn signal fuse or relay is on turn signal switch. I can hear and feel that thing working when I turn on hazards. Suggestions

Their is a round metal fuse in the fuse box..........Hope this helps. ... Ford Contour

I had my turning signal, hazard and brake lights all go out at the same time. I had an extra brake switch from a neighbor that also has a 2003 Durango. Anyway, swapped that out and everything was still not working. The fuse for the Hazards and Turning Signals looked okay but I swapped it out anyway. Turning signals and Hazzards work now but still no brake lights. Tried putting back in the other brake switch and still nothing. I can't find a fuse for my brake lights under the hood or in the cab s

It seems that there is a fuse which is causing this fault,I would suggest you get a meter and test each fuse at a time,do not assume fuse is ok by just looking.Now if the brake lights work and your signal lights starts to play funny then test the fla ... 2002 Dodge Durango

Turn signal lights do not work, hazard lights do work, but no turn signals, front or back, no signal lights inside work, except when hazards are on.

... Ford F-150

After towing another car quite a distance with the hazard lights on, the next day the turn signal werent working. i was told to change out the signal switch on the steering wheel so i did but a new one didnt make the signal work. then i checked the fuse and bulbs and those were fine as well. the parking lights and everything on that switch works except for the turn signal itself. so i called auto zone and they told me to look for the turn signal flasher box nside the glove box but could not find

OK, you've been thru the wringer. Unf, i cannot find info on where your flasher is, but there are a couple common places to check. It's usually under the dash on the driver's side. Sometimes it's plugged right into the fuse box. Other times it's ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

I have a 1977 Mercury Grand Marquis the turn signals, brake lights, and turning lights do not work. The running lights and hazard lights do work. I checked the bulbs and the relay can for the turn signals and all work. I had a shop look at it and they couldn't find anything wrong. Is there a third relay that controls the turning lights? I haven't found anything so far that would explain this. The turn signals and the other lighting quit at the same time.

Turn signal switch (also brake light canceling switch) most likely bad or bad wire to it or from it. Check, with key on run, for power into switch. Turn switch on, check for power out. No power out switch bad. Power out, trace to rear tailight harnes ... 1977 Mercury Grand Marquis

My right turn signal isn't working correctly. When I'm driving down the road my dashboard indicator for my right turn signal will turn solid green but wont flash, But when i turn my headlights on it will stay solid green even if i have my left indicator on and flashing when turning left or changing lanes, but neither of the two lights that are meant for the right turn signal wont even turn on if the headlights are on. But they will work for hazard signals but if the headlights are on the

I had the same problem on a 92 & 95 Dakota years ago, replaced the turn signal switch in the column & found a loose ground wire in the harness back by the tail lights. Never had a problem again. If you're gonna try to replace the switch you will need ... 1995 Dodge Dakota

Turn signals on 1996 ford contour quit working. hazards were still working. replaced flasher, but now, turn signals still don't work, and hazards are not working either. what is going on?

... 1998 Ford Contour

Right turn signal stopped working months ago. When I put the hazards on, only left side worked. Now left side working intermittently. I wiggled the wires to the turn signal switch and the left side is working again. Not sure what to change...turn signal swith or flasher relay???

... 1989 Mazda 626

With the lights on, the tail lights and dash lights went out. The fuse was bad and was replaced. As soon as the lights were turned on the fuse blew again. Tried another time, same problem. Braeak lights and turn signals and hazards worked. Had to drive 15 miles to destination and used hazards and turn signal. 4 miles from destination the break and turn signal lights went out. Upon reaching the destination the fuses for breaks and turn signals was changed and blew out as soon as the break

Yes it could be a short at a light socket.Also a plug in the rear under the bed that splits the sides may somehow have rubbed through and when brake lights are applied has a ground short.I hope this link will send you to the wiring diagram.The di ... 1991 Ford F150

Where are the fuses for the trailer turn signals on a 2003 F250 I have the same problem with my 01 Superduty. My turn signals and Hazard lights both stopped working at the same time. It may be coincidence but I rented a trailer with lights and they worked fine the entire 4 hour trip. The next day no signals or hazard lights at all.

The fuses r located exactly behind the power distribution box.just check out properly before replacing.\015\012thanks. ... 2002 Ford F250 Super Duty SuperCab

1998 taurus - turn signals were working - pushed the hazard lights button - hazards did not work and also now turn signals do not work

Check the fuse/relay panel for a blown fuse/relay. Also look at the turn signal flasher and the four way flasher located in fuse/relay panel for problem. If the fuses are good replace the flashers to correct the problem. Hope this will help you. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a GMC Sierra SLE K1500 5.7 liter Long Bed. It has several bolt on performance parts and a 3 inch body lift. (Recently Installed) The back up lights, turn signals and hazards do not work. First a friend told me that while i was backing up i had no lights on, as i was driving away from the shop i noticed my turn signal didnt work so i decided to attmept the hazards. When i pushed the hazard button it flickered once. I replaced the 30 amp fuse for the STOP/HAZ spot but there is still no

If you replaced the 30a fuse and it went out after it flickered once you have a short somewhere. You can use an inductance type of circuit tester to diagnose the location of the short to a general area of the vehicle to help pin point it much easier. ... 1995 GMC Sierra

My left turn signal no longer works on my '00 T&C. Hazards, brakes and right turn signal works. I've replaced both lights in front and back, replace turn signal switch and check fuses'. What else can I do. Also, when I replaced the turn signal switch, i noticed that a wire was not plugged into the back of the steering wheel. Not knowing what it is I am not willing to plug it back in. I do have pictures, but no idea how to post them. Any ideas are grateful.


Hazard lights work, but no turn signals not even on dash also no brake lighs but the brake light in rear window does work ive checked the turn signal switch,fuses,flasher relay and all are working. i pulled out the turn signal switch and tested it and it is fine

The problem is the multi-function switch.This takes the place of the turn signal switch.It is in the steering column.Hope this helps.Good luck. ... 1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I just bought a 92 Rodeo for my son and there seems to be something wrong with the electrical wiring for the left turn signal. Hazards work, right turn signal works, and the fuse is good but left turn signal will not work.

Indicator stalk is faulty. ... 1992 Isuzu Rodeo

How do you remove the steering column in a 1996 Ford Bronco? I need to replace the turn signal lever. I assume that the lever is the issue. The turn signals don't work, but the hazard lights work. The windshield wipers also still work. Just not the turn signals. Thanks.

You should only have to pull the steering wheel and upper and lower housing on the column, ... 1996 Ford Bronco

2003 ford explorer - sometimes the turn signals work correctly. Other times they may flash 3-4 times then stop; however, turn signal switch is still engaged. When they stop working hazard flasher are tested and they work even when turn signals fail.

This is most likely going to be an issue with a relay. The relay on the fords that is tied into the blinker module can go bad is it gets wet or over loaded. Are there any after market things added to your vehichle? This can also be caused by overload ... 2000 Ford Explorer

On my 2004 impala, the front right turn signal doesn't work, (only works with hazard lights). And the back right signal is fast. The signal "clicking" sound is non stop but on the other hand both the back and front left signals are working fine. The right signal doesn't even show up on the dash unless its the hazard lights. What do I do?

If the turn signal filament of the right front park/turn lamp is known to be OK and the hazard switch is in the normal position, the hazard switch or the turn signal/multi-function switch could be defective ... Cars & Trucks

1999 Ford Escort Turn signal problem. The relay block is fine the hazard and turn signals do not work. I've been looking for a fuse for the turn signals for a while now. Where does this car get th

... 1999 Ford Escort
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