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My 1999 dodge v10 2500 4x4 truck dies while driving after about 15 -20 minutes it starts again I had a new fuel pump put in on monday and it ran good for two days now today it is doing it again it quit running on me twice today within 2 miles

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Answers :

\012Something that you may want to check, or have checked is the, ( MAF ), " mass air flow ", sensor.
Some of the symptoms are, bad idle, loss of engine's power, stalling, and eventually preventing the
engine from starting, especially in cold weather.
\012This is usually easy to check;
The sensor is usually located in the air intake duct system, the duct system that the air filter is in )
between the air filter and the engine. Most have a plug with 4 or 5 wires. Very carefully discon-
nect the plug. If the engine doesn't start either remove the battery cables and clean them very
good, or try to jump start the engine. Once the engine is running leave the plug off and go for a
short test drive to see if you notice the engine performing better.
\012You can drive while this is disconnected, but try not to do that too long. It can cause other
sensors to trigger the, " check engine light ", and over a longer period of time can damage the
catalytic converter.
\012Some handy people go to a parts store and get, " mass air flow ", cleaner. It does seem to work
well, but you have to follow the instructions very closely.
\012I hope this helps you.
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My 1999 dodge v10 2500 4x4 truck dies while driving after about 15 -20 minutes it starts again I had a new fuel pump put in on monday and it ran good for two days now today it is doing it again it quit running on me twice today within 2 miles

Hello\012Something that you may want to check, or have checked is the, ( MAF ), " mass air flow ", sensor.Some of the symptoms are, bad idle, loss of engine's power, stalling, and eventually preventing theengine from starting, espec ... 1999 Dodge Ram

My 87 4x4 suburban is not running good . i haven't ran it in a few months. i have ben driving it for about 4 days now. today it started running crappy. when i give it gas in park it sounds good but when it is in drive it sounds like it is running out of gas i just filled it up two days ago. there is oil leaking out the back of the engine some were don't know yet but it is leaking more than normal it just started today. any suggestions. it drives in reverse fine

It's an old question but I answer it in case you still have the truck.The oil leak is probably the rear main seal and on 86 and up small block Chevy's it's a one piece seal and you'll need to pull the engine. That''s why some garages charge so ... 1987 Chevrolet Blazer

I have a 2006 dodge sprinter with 143,000 miles. One morning it would not crank. (27 degrees outside). I changed the air filter and it cranked but ran rough at idle. It ran fine above idle. After about 30 minutes it ran fine even at idle. It ran fine the rest of the day and into the next day. Then it starting to run rough and knock at idle again. It finally stalled and has not run since. It has been at a dealer now for almost two weeks and they have changed the fuel and checked the inject

Sound like a bad ground wire going from engine to firewall... ... 2004 Dodge Sprinter

Have a 1992 Chev lumina sedan. It has been running good. Got in it about 2 weeks ago, and it would not crank. Battery turned it over good, and it seemed to want to backfire a little. My mechanic tried it on site, wouldn't crank so he pulled it to has shop (about 1.5 miles). It sat there 3 days and he tried each day. Would not crank. The 4th day car cranked as normal. So I went and got it. Drove it for 2 days. Left me stranded again. Again pulled to garage. Two days of not cranking. Third

You may have a cracked distributor cap. On the day that it started, was it raining??? If so, then definatly a dist. cap\012\012\012let me know ... 1992 Chevrolet Lumina

I have a 2004 Chrysler 300 m with 95,000 miles. The car has been running great but over the last month or so the check engine light pops off and on. The first time it did it the car jerked and hesitated as I was accelerating at 30 mph at 2000 rpm, I backed off and it stopped and ran fine. A couple of days later the light went off and the car ran great. A few days later the light popped on again but ran fine and then popped off. Today it popped on again and made the same jerking hesitating m

What needs to be done at this point is a DTC (trouble code) from the PCM (engine computer). If the engine light comes on, the PCM stored a fault code and would be the first area to start with a diagnosis.Once this code is obtained, it will give an id ... Chrysler 300M

I have 2005 cavalier runs good ,for 50-75 miles then it quits. Wait a while then it cranks up runs about a mile or two and dies. Next day same thing,no chech engine light or overheating. Whats up ? Any ideas ?

Fuel pump or relay ... 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier

1998 Grand Prix ...Last week I got gas when running real low and was in a rush. In my haste I noticed when I was leaving the ground around the tanks was dug around there. a couple days later my car started jumping, choking and missing & the service light was on..I went to auto zone they ran a check.It showed the oxygen sensor and injector was the problems. they had me run a bottle of injector cleaner in my half tank of gas, and use all that gas. I ran the car today until I was down to 60 miles l

If I'm understanding you correctly, you believe you got contaminated gas from a station where they had recent work done on their tanks. If that's so, Now that you've run most of the gas out I would start by changing the fuel filter then fill the tank ... 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix

My 05 jeep liberty a/c began blowing hot air and temp gauge read hot let it cool down made it home no prob air ran cool again then two days later happened again so turned air off and though temp was higher It began to lower day four attempted to run air nothing will no longer run cool on my way home today temp Gauge was over normal without a/ c on got home let it sit for an hour now car won't turn on is this a sensor issue if so where is the sesor any suggestions......help

... 2005 Jeep Liberty

I have a 95 Honda accord ex it has around 202,000 miles. It ran fine when I test drove it I filled it up with gas & two days after I bought it started running rough so I've changed fuel filter,plugs,wires,distributor,cleaned egr,tps sensor & calibrated it also..it still runs rough at times around 1500 to 2500 rpms..long as Ur gettn on the gas it runs ok but when Ur tryn to cruse around 35 to 45 mph it shutters & seems to miss out when taken off given it gas it doesn't want to go like Ur running

Get in and have someone put it in gear .give it alittle gas at a time till it starts to cut out and hold it there while you take a test light and ground out each cyl. one at a timeto see if they are all firering ... Cars & Trucks

My 2000 dodge durango wont stay running when i take my foot off the gas and it ran good all day i put a stereo in today and the battery died now im charging it to see if will stay running

... Dodge Durango

Just bought 89 grand am. Owner said that it ran fine except for a few things. It has an hole in the muffler, It runs on three cylinders, and it's been sitting for months.He said it did stop on him, but didn't over heat.. I started the car and it ran for a few minutes and cut off. It didn't want to start so I assumed it was old gas. I changed the spark plugs and two of the coil on plugs because one had no spring in it. Also I added fuel cleaner in it. It ran good for afew days. Then it loss alot

\012An Oxygen sensor sniff for fuel to adjust the fuel to air ratio. When they go bad the run lean all the time. So you don't get sufficient fuel. So if the code read O2 sensor then you should change one or both out. ... Pontiac Grand Am

Just bought '93 sr5 4runner, 175,000 miles. seller said needed a tuneup. drove it home, ran a little rough, not bad, seems to lose power, sat for 2 days. started it today, left it run for about 15 min. when i can out motor was not running, fan was. hard to start, when it did start could hardly keep running, missing VERY bad, like 1/2 the plug wires are off.

Could be a number of things. Might want to check the plugs, wires, cap and rotor. Could also be that your injectors are fouled. Heck, your timing belt could be off a tooth. ... 1992 Toyota 4Runner

1994 Buick Park Avenue starts and run for about 5-10 seconds but shuts off in morning. But runs normal after heated up and ran thoughout the day. Please help. All experts needed.

... 1994 Buick Park Avenue

I had a new fuel injector put in on monday the next day the check engine light came back on and now it lurches in idle.Took it back today they said there was nothing wrong when I got in the car the check engine light is off Aafter I left I went about 2 miles and it started doing it again.I paid 500 bucks for it to run and now its worse .Diagnostic says nothing is wrong so I was wondering can bad brakes cause it to do this? 98 Nissan Maxima OHDC 103,000 miles

No, bad brakes would not make the check engine light come on, you best bet is to wait for the check engine light to come back on and got to AUTO ZONEor ADVANCE AUTOPARTS and have then do a free obd2 check on it. they will bring out a small computer p ... 1996 Lincoln Town Car

I just replaced a 2.7 engine for my 2003 sebring Lxi with a remanufactured engine. I had a mechanic swap everything accordingly. It ran good for 150 miles. The next day it died. I had it towed back to the shop. The mechanic troubleshot everything. Replaced the camshaft sensor as well as fuel pump. Car did not run. The car was taken to a dealership to see if a trouble code would show up. Both the crankshaft and camshaft sensors were replaced. The diagnostic was good, however, the engine still did

Ask the dealer mechanic to replace the camshaft position sensor again. Remind them that just because it's new, doesn't mean it works. They should also check the wiring from the ECM to the sensor for continuity, to ensure that the ECM is a ... 2003 Chrysler Sebring


Hi.The ignition module is over $200. Better if you check everything else before replacing it. Similar problem is also caused by sticking EGR valve or by fuel pump that fails when overheating.Do a code scan. Check compression a ... 1989 Dodge Dynasty

I have a 2000 impala with the 3.4 and 160,000 miles on it. The other day white smoke started pouring out of the exhaust and the #6 cylinder was not firing. I changed the head gaskets, upper and lower intake gaskets and the valve cover gaskets. anyway, when I got it all back together and cranked it up, it ran fine for about 10 mins, then it started to run really ruff. The next day, which is today, I crunk it up and it was still idling super rough and eventually cut off and would not crank bac

I would pull the plugs and see if they are wet again. ... 2000 Chevrolet Impala

I just bought a 1988 Chevy Suburban. I drove it home on Friday with no issue. I then drove it all day today while starting it and stopping it with no issue. I then parked it for a few hours. It now won't start. It turns over fine with plenty of power. I thought I might have ran it out of gas. I put about six gallons in the tank. It still won't start. I could get it to catch and start running for about two to threee seconds and then it will die. It will start when primed with gas and will run as

I would try to get a fuel filter first and replace that if that isnt it you probably have a issue with the fuel pump. also try taking a hammer and bang lightly around were fuel pump is located in the gas tank.If you have a issue with fuel pump and do ... 1988 Chevrolet Suburban

Chevy monte carlo 3.4l replaced thermostat and water pump, thought i bled it right but ran good for two days now running hot again, no heat coming out of blowers, right after i fixed it heater worked good, is it air in lines, or flushing issue , or radiator

Was the water pump leaking? did you overheat the engine? you may have head gasket issues. If you can bleed th eair out and it works ok a few days, then it has air in it again, most likely you have a bad head gasket. ... 2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

My 1991 F-150 stalled out on me after driving 200 miles in 90 degree weather I flashed out the codes which told me it had a lean burn, primary fuel circuit failure, secondary fuel circuit faiure, and ecm lost power. But after an hour the truck started and would run on the frount tank but not the back tank. I drove the truck 300 more miles to get home and the next day the truck ran fine on both tanks all the pump presures are good the amp draw on both pumps is the same. I am at wits end trying to

Ethanol fuel in hot weather will vapour lock easier than the old non-ethanol fuels.\015\012Maybe that was all it was.\015\012I get the calls ........usually from shopping centers on very hot days on crank ... 1991 Ford F150

I have a 1997 Dodge Intrepid w/ 3.5L engine. Recently, when I would first start the car in the mornings, it would start and then die. As soon as I tried restarting it, it would start with no problems. Two days ago, it did the same thing, however would not restart. Cranking speed is fine, but it acts like it isn't getting fuel. Today I tried starting it and it started and ran just fine, so I drove it for a few miles to test it. It ran with no problems. When I got home, I tried shutting it off and

I had the same problem with my 97 3.5l. I replaced the crankshaft sensor and the camshaft sensor and that fixed the problem. Both parts are inexpensive and easily replaced. The camshaft sensor is located on the top of the engine, to the left of the a ... 1997 Dodge Intrepid

I just bought a used 94 bravada, the woman told me that the air intake sensor thing was not the right one, that it was from a 2000 4.3 astro van and that it needed a tune up bad.I drove the vehicle about 600 miles and then ran real low on gas and had it parked for about 4 days in the cold rain.I went to start today and will not start.I do hear the fuel pump from the tank it is humming fine.I also went to the station and got two gallons of gas and put in.While trying to start I ran the battery do

"as of yet I have not located any fuel rail"\012\012You can see one at this link: \012\012http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Fuel_rail.JPG\012\012Yours may look slightly different but you should be able to recognize it.\0 ... Oldsmobile Bravada

1999 Chevy Suburban will not fire. I have replaced coil, cap, rotor, wires, crankshaft position sensor, and ensured that all fuses are good and that I am receiving voltage at the fuse terminals. I have tested the ignition module and it appears to be good. I also ran a code scan and came up with none present. I was driving one day and the truck started to run rough and died. I started it shortly thereafter to have it die again half a mile away from the previous location and have not been able to

If you are getting spark at the plug wires, it is not an ignition problem. Did you check for spark? Also a fuel pump is a common failure with these trucks (all GM). Try spraying carburetor cleaner in the intake. If it tries to fire and runs for a sec ... Chevrolet Suburban 1500

After installation of head gaskets, engin still smokes for a while then it stopped. went to town about 50 miles and it was gettting over heated,then it started to smoke again, had no choice but to get a head gasket sealant and it stopped and ran good , no over heating. the next day they was a great power loss going up hill and would not go in to passing gear. still no smoke and running smooth ,but the power loss is still there. have tried to recheck all torques and running it with out the thermo

Hi.Here the full service manual for 2001 Dodge Ram.Click on the link above. You will download a compressed f ... 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck 2WD

I have a 1999 crown vic,i love this car,however,it always has ran great,but i recently had a lugging problem at acceleration,it kinda chugs when you go to take off and then goes fine for about a mile or two and the it seems to be starving for gas , and then all of a sudden it takes off good,i have put a new intake on it since this problem started because the old one was cracked around the thermostat housing,the car still runs the same,is it possably the fuel pressure regulator

Could be a number of things,regulator or fuel filter or fuel pump and/or strainer or even throttle position sensor,or bad coil pack or packs...check for engine codes,if nothing then its not an electrical sensor,like throttle position sensor,or coil p ... 1999 Ford Crown Victoria
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