Having problems with your 1999 Dodge Ram ?


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Answers :

Sounds like dirt in the transmission may be causing the shift points to not work properly.
\015\012Is this the problem you are having?
\015\012If it is, then I would say that one should have the fluid changed out of the transmission at a local shop.
\015\012If this does not solve the problem, then the solution may be a rebuild of the transmission.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 1999 Dodge Ram

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Sounds like dirt in the transmission may be causing the shift points to not work properly.\015\012Is this the problem you are having?\015\012If it is, then I would say that one should have the fluid changed out of the transmission at a lo ... 1999 Dodge Ram

1992 Dodge D150 2x4 Automatic 318ci/5.2L V8 Truck drives okay, but shifts hard from 1st-2nd-3rd. (Overdrive does NOT engage, but has worked in the past, since shifting issues started) Also, slowing from cruising speed of 65 mph, transmission will not down-shift until about 10 to 15 mph. At this point, vehicle shudders like a standard type transmission would do. I have heard multiple solutions from torque converter to 'tuning' transmission to solenoids. What do you think I should do?

You remove and clean the valve body\015\012\015\012No luck,you rebuild the unit\015\012\015\012I used to own a trans shop ... 1992 Dodge Dakota

L480E shifts out of overdrive but will not return to overdrive until you restart the truck. I have a 2000 old body style chevy 2500 5.7 L480E. Truck runs great and shifts fine. !60,000 miles on it. Can drive it anywhere normally with or without a trailer. The problem is when I hit a long hill and it wants to downshift,it does which is normal. It will not return to overdrive until you shut the truck off and restart it. If I keep the truck at a speed above 74 mph I don't have any problems with

... Chevrolet 2500

1996 chevrolet s10 wont shift to overdrive. gives trouble code 1886. i believe this to be a shift sensor. the problem is very similar to one i had with a dodge dakota that turned out to be a speed sensor. the abs light is on just like with my dodge and that went away when i replaced its speed sensor. help please

P1886....Transaxle Shift, Timing Solenoid performance ... 1996 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

My Hyundai Santa Fe 2004 doesn't shift down from overdrive when driving at 70 mph. Recently replaced the crankshaft sensor and timing belt. It is an automatic and the other gears seem to shift alright. When excelerating to pass a car the engine light came on and then went off once the mph levelled out. Why does it seem to stay in overdrive at high speeds?

... 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe

First off, when transmission is cold it doesn't seem to want to shift properly. Secondly, at all times I have to manually shift the tranny to even get the car going. The car shifts fine until you reach overdrive and then no matter what speed I travel at the tranny will not shift into overdrive. Please help this is driving me crazy. Thanks

Sounds like the electronic modulater for the tranny is out ... 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

My car has been acting up for a few months now and i bought a new fuel filter and got an oil change but the problem only got worse. at first it only seemed like the car didnt want to shift gears but after it a while it grew worse. now it doesnt want to get over 5 mph without losing power and the rps are all messed up.when i push on the gas pedal it doesnt want to accerlerate. sometimes it does get up to speed but it takes it time to actually want to get past 10 mph. i drove the car to kentucky f

Hard to say. You say the "rps are all messed up", but did you mean the RPM?If so, then you could mean that the automatic transmission is not shifting right, and you should check the ATF for level, color, and smell.But i ... Hyundai XG300

I have a 99 rt dakota and the transmission isnt shifting properly and it will not go into overdrive. On a normal take off it shifts okay but not right and still doesnt go into overdrive and the faster i go the higher the rpms go. On a full throttle take off the transmission doesnt want to shift at all and it hits the rev limiter until i let off the gas and then it shifts. I have checked the speed sensor, checked the adjustment on the tv cable, and i have also checked the tps which im not sure if

I would have the shift solenoids checked out,I think that is the problem. ... 1998 Dodge Dakota

Alright, so the other day my wife and I were driving our 2003 Impala and it didn't seem to want to shift out of first gear, with the gearshift put in to the Automatic Overdrive setting and the speed of the vehicle passing 45MPH. It simply revved until I took my foot off of the accelerator. After stopping in a parking lot, I shifted the vehicle into park and turned it off. After restarting, I shifted it into Automatic Overdrive again, and it seemed to accelerate fine that night and into the ne

Well, if it is doing all of that, the Check Engine light has GOT to be SCREAMING at you! Continuing to try to force the vehicle to operate under such conditions will only cause further damage to the vehicle. I would recommend g ... Chevrolet Impala

My 2002 dodge caravan is not shifting from first gear. when im driving the speedometer goes up high to 200 then down to 0. all the lights are on where you shift, like park reverse all of them have the box around them. the abs light is on and so is the emergency brake. also the trac off light is on which i've never seen before. the shop says its the shift module but i seen alot of questions here saying it could be the speed sensor. it also jerks when the speedometer goes to 200 back to 0

... 2002 Dodge Caravan

03 dodge caravan, 105,000 miles, 2.4L transmission will shift in all gears but will not go into overdrive from 3rd gear. when it does shift to overdrive i try to speed up on the gas and it shifts back into 3rd. my engine also is in high idle. why? i dont know. this all started when i rehooked my battery up. "new" battery. changed transmission filter and fluids already.

I'm afraid that the transmission's O/D solenoid malfunctioning or kick down cable may be misadjusted if so equipped.\012\012looking at a rebuilt transmission if you plan to keep the Caravan.\012\012Or, alternatively, could get ... 2003 Dodge Caravan

I have a 1989 bronco ii and the tach seems to jump from 2000 to 4000 rpm while driving at different speeds. the engine speed increases but doesn't seem to speed that much. it runs at 3500 at 35 mph, 55 mph and to go to 65 on hiway it runs at 4000 rpm in overdrive. it is shifting into 4th.

... 1989 Ford Bronco II

My Dodge 3500 turbo diesel shifts out of overdrive to the next lower gear & shifts back to overdrive etc. ,when my RPM is between 1400 to 1600. Could this be a speed sensor problem and where is it located?

... 1998 Dodge Ram

When traveling between 35-55 mph. my pathfinder jerks and stalls a little bit. Doesn't seem serious, just anoying. Then just yesterday it wouldn't respond to pressing the gas pedal. It started out very sluggish then slowly gained speed. Somewhat of a power loss. It also wouldn't shift into overdrive. Wen't to the store, came back out and the sluggish start, and overdrive problem were gone. However it still has the jerking problem at 35-55 mph.

You got a problem a sense on the accerlator .Or on the air intake senser.If it's not that I would put gas cleaner in the tank.That would be the cheaps thing to try. Buy your gas at walmart and in the insle that has the tech gas cleaner and buy it the ... 1999 Nissan Pathfinder

My 1999 monte carlo z34 has not been shifting into overdrive. My uncle who is a mechanic said that whoever changed the tranny fluid last put in the wrong kind. I need dextron 3. Would this cause my car not to shift into overdrive and have a high rpm of about 3K at speeds of about 60 mph?

... 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix

2001 eddie bauer ford expedition 4x4 no prior problems with transmission or gear slippage. had trans fluid and transfer case fluid changed last month. yesterday put suv in reverse and car jerked and died. then when speeding up it did not want to shift into higher gear and overdrive light on gearshift was flashing off. pulled over and put suv into park and then it would not go into any gear. turned car off and sat for 15-20 minutes and suv would go into gear but did not want to shift so stayed in

Input or output speed sensor,Incorrect fluid or fluid level,neutral safety switch,or TCM (transmission control module) ... 1998 Ford Expedition

Hello, I have a 1998 Dodge Durango (automatic), having problems accelerating around the 30 mph mark (not sure what gear this would be). If you baby it up you can pass this shift mark, but if you have your foot as you would normally drive the rpms jump up into the red zone. This only happens around the 30 mph mark, it shifts fine when I am on the freeway at higher speeds.

There is a malfunction in the transmission somewhere. this is a problem you cannot fix in a basic garage because of the diagnosis tools needed for this trans. diagnosis. could be bad TV cable adjustment if not anything major. durango transmissions u ... 1998 Dodge Durango

My 99 dodge 2500 diesel does not want to shift up as it should, if I feather it at a slow exceleration it seems to do fine, but if i excelerate with any speed it does not want to up shift w/ out backing off the trottel. I have added some atf, as per the owners manual, it seems to have helped little. also I have installed a BD diesel performace trans. pressure increace device it has been on the truck for five years and no problems. the truck has 165000 mi. Thanks Jay

... 1999 Dodge Ram

96 1500 305 vortec transmission shifts hard,wants to like downshift while driving,can shift manually when take off then it dont shift hard but once shifts out to overdrive and reach 65 or 70 mph or around 2000 rpm it starts whats wrong

... 1996 Chevrolet C1500

98 dodge ram 3500 4x4 5.9l cummins diesel vin dthis truck will start everytime. Will idle all day long in park or neutral. It stumbles and dies when put in drive or reverse. If in drive with one foot on brake and the other on gas it does perfect. When making a stop have to put it in neutral or one foot on brake and the other on the gas to keep it from running. Shifting is sluggish going into overdrive at highways speeds shifts around 2800 rpm but it will hang there for a few before it shifts.

... Cars & Trucks

2004 Chevy Silverado 1500, 92,000 mi Transmission shifts harder than normal, but only slightly. After vehicle has been run, for a hour or so, transmission does not want to shift into overdrive. At 60-65 mph tach is at approx 2800 instead of 1800-2000 (normal). Otherwise transmission seems smooth in all gears. Fluid is clean and at proper level. Hopefully this is not a transmission problem, but instead something that regulates shifting.

I \015\012assume you checked the fluid level and color already as that’s the first\015\012 thing to check. It should be clear cherry red in color and at the right\015\012 level with the engine warm, running and in park. I suspect you have \015\ ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I am having problems with the transmission shifting at higher speeds, around 40 mph, it does not want to down shift to accelerate. What could be the problem? Shift solenoid in the transmission?

Could be it could also be your clutchs or steels ... 1992 Nissan Pathfinder

My 2001 Elantra is not shifting right. Sometimes it work just fine. Other times it wants to shift hard from 2nd to 3rd. After that it remains in 3rd till I turn off engine. Even when I slow down or stop it stays in 3rd or Drive. At 55 mph it revs at 3000 rpm, should be 2000 rpm. My alternator is also squealing when I start up the car. Do you think the alternator is not providing enough power to let transmission shift correctly or do you think this is a speed sensor issue. Again sometimes car

Start with the simple things and check the fuse and Wire\015\012 leads at the ECM's Transmission \015\012Control Module and the Transmission it self. Look for any damages to the\015\012 wire harness and leads. Try disc ... 2001 Hyundai Elantra

My 2000 dodge dakota 4wd automatic transmission shifts in and out of overdrive at highway speed.

... Dodge Cars & Trucks

1995 Dodge ram 1500 V-8 5.9 litre 4x4 short bed is feels like it is bumping when the truck shifts into cruising gear and RPMs drop truck smmoths out when you speed up bumping goes away if you shift overdrive off transmission guy says transmission si fine the truck is not firing on cylenders 1 and 3 after a full tune up and intake gasket replaced (and 1,000 dollars later) truck continues to do same thing guy who replaced intake gasket says it may be valves not properly seating and suggest install

Perform compression check between cylenders #1 and #3. These are right next to each other. \015\012You might get away with a head gasket replacement, if the compression between these cylenders is the same, indicating a blown head gasket between ... 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 Club Cab
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