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1999 Intrepid. When it is put into gear it will not move. The problem has been coming on for about a month. I could be going down the road and the car would completely stall out, usually giving me a hard time starting back up. Now today it wont move at all. Help!!! [email protected]

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1999 Intrepid. When it is put into gear it will not move. The problem has been coming on for about a month. I could be going down the road and the car would completely stall out, usually giving me a hard time starting back up. Now today it wont move at all. Help!!! [email protected]

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My 2003 KIA Sorento is cutting out completely when I drive. I can be backing out of my driveway and it will stutter and stall but usually re-start. I also have been driving at near highway speeds and it will stutter and stall. Fortunately I have been able to pull off the road, but it is my wife's car and I don' t want here driving it with my 2 kids and have it die on the highway in the fast lane. My local dealership is having a hard time finding any issues and they say that it is not throwin

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1990 Pontiac Firebird V6 3.1 is having a hard time starting; especially when hot. Backstory: the car came to me with a horrible stall. I replaced spark plugs, wires, injectors and fixed the temp gauge(was pegged). Fixing the temp gauge eliminated the problem completely. So I moved on to fixing my Swiss cheese exhaust. Upon replacement of the exhaust, the car makes a "whining" sound when starting, and sometimes it just stutters and dies (happens at least once if it is hot first.). If I give it

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2002 pontiac montana. the engine will stall out on me completely while driving down the road. the tach falls to zero then starts jumping back n forth while my foot is on the gas. at times if i let off it will smooth out. it dies and is hard to start at times. and other times runs like a top. i tried unplugging egr valve and it ran ok for 1 day then back to its old tricks. im completely lost. while acting up it has a rough idle. but like i said other times runs great. it has 170,000 mile

Fuel filter was change,spark plugs,THis is fanny engine cause a lot of problems,I have one,so far I control it. ... Cars & Trucks

While accelerating at high speeds or going up hill my car engine completely dies and my power steering and brakes are hard to control. usually it will happen after exceeding more than 50 miles at a time. after i pull off road and turn my car off it will start back up again after a few minutes. my lights and everything remain on but engine has completely died. i have ran a computer scan and nothing has shown up. i had also changed he fuel filer close to almost two years ago. i can usually tell wh

Don't know what the fuel quality is like where you are but two years is about it for my filter...certainly will not hurt to change it. If engine is running marginally and you have an a/c problem it may be just enough to kill it going uphill, but chec ... 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier

Engine sits n sputters only when @running temp i change d the plugs wires dist cap n button coil n the celiniod wires to batt n starter will sumtimes rev when i hit the gas n stall others then gives me hard time restarting until it cools then its fine till it heats back up

Replace your fuel filters ... 1988 Ford F 150

My 96 jetta has always had a problem with stalling when it rains. usually a few sprays of Dry wire or wd40 and it starts right back up. This time, no go...all new wires, dist, rotor and plugs. Coil is giving spark. I cannot get it started and I don't smell gas...tried some quick startand get a few burps but don't kick over/ At repair shop now but don't want to get ripped off.

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I just replaced the timing belt on my 2003 lexus rx300 3.0 liter engine with vvt and dohc. i've had no problems with the car ever. i know the right cam sprocket moved slightly while installing the timing belt but i moved it back (as close as i could). the timing marks on the right sprocket are hard to align because they are hard to see and the manual i'm using isn't making sense to an aircraft mechanic like me. the engine seems to run ok, but is probably hard to tell with such a small misadjustm

Hi!! \015\012\015\012Click on the following link for step by step instruccions on timing belt removal and installation. ... Lexus RX 300

This car went from a miss at idle to a complete stall and very rough restart in one day and then a complete stall out on the way home. When I went back to it a few hours later it started and drove home ok. Last night it even ran in the garage and moved a couple of feet back and forth. Today before and after I swapped out the map sensor the car would not start, and the smell of unburned fuel is overpowering in my little garage. I pulled a spark plug and it is wet.

Is the plug fuel saturated or could it be antifreeze? Also is this a four or six cylinder? ... 1995 Toyota Camry

Hard start and stalling with back fire when give it gas fast

Sounds like you have spark plugs mixed up ever had them replaced ... 2002 Chrysler Sebring

I have a 1998 chrysler sebring..do i need a fuel pump ? won't start up right away until i give it gas usually in mornings, sometimes after making complete stops car cuts off after pushing back on gas?

This is not the fuel pump. It sounds like the computer is not setting the proper fuel mixture. ... Chrysler Sebring

Timing belt while changing timing belt the back bank sprocket moved forward 1/4 turn. I rotated it one complete turn and finished the job. Now the engine runs very rough and you can tell it is out of time. How can I get the timing back?

First of all did you do the belt as maintenance or did the belt brake and you replaced it? if the belt broke chances are yo have bent valves for the engine to run rough. ... 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 2001 volvo s40. It runsa smoothly most of the 99% of the time but when i come to a stop at a light or stop sign, it stalls out! I hear it could be a ( Idle air controll motor) It starts right back up every time it stalls. At times it also revs up at a stop and wants to send the car forward, and have to slam down on the brake harder so it doesn't move. Hope you can help! Thanks!

Sounds like your ETM - Electronic Throttle Module.\015\012\015\012Search for xemodex. He has a direct replacement for 1999-2001 Volvos. I ordered mine from him, and its much better now.\015\012\015\012Get a quote from your dea ... 2001 Volvo S40

My 95 F-150 4x4 with 305 stalls at random times. Mostly when I am at a dead stop. As long as the truck is still moving a little it will just drop some RPM and come back. Other times it fully stalls out. Re-start isnt a problem, it re-fires every time. I took it to a mechanic and he changed the idle air pump, the throttle body gasket (due to deterioration and age), and did an injector/intake cleaning. It is still having the problem, but not as bad. I have pulled the vacuum line from the EGR valve

Some causes about EGR valve and stall condition coul be:\015\012\015\012Downstream hose is disconnected. \015\012Downstream hose is plugged (ice). \015\012Plugged or dam ... Ford F-150

Hard start my 1989 buick century is a hard start and was cutting out. I replace the upstream o2 sensor and the fuel filter. It seemed to help the sputtering, but not the hard start. Doesn't start easy the first time. and Then will start a couple times easy after that and then goes back to not starting. The plug and wires replaced about 2 months ago. I need this car and I am broke can't afford the 65.oo diagnosic test. Just lost my job. Can anyone give me an idea what might be wrong.

... 1989 Buick Century

Summer stalling for the past 2 summer's my car stalls ( while driving down the highway )like if you just turned the key off, if on the interstate it'll buck really hard as if it is gonna stall but usually does'nt til u slow down to get of the interstate,then put it in nuetral turn the key off off and it'll start back up only to happen again in 5-10 minutes if u let it sit for 1 hour or so u can drive it for another 2-3 hours then it'll happen again but usually does it when it

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My nissan altima 1993 is putting out alot of smoke through the exhaust and also has a hard time getting the engine started. Every time I turn the key in the ignition the car makes a weird sound and has a hard time starting when i finally get the engine to start i then put it in drive and the engine dies. Sometimes when i actually get it to start and get moving the engine dies again and i get stuck in the middle of the road trying to restart the car. Once it took me an hour to get back to my hous

The first thing that i recommend doing is replacing the fuel filter that is a very common symptom of a clogged fuel filter. the second thing if the fuel filter replacement has no effect is replacing the fuel pump. but it is definitely a fuel issue. f ... 1993 Nissan Altima

98 Maxima 200k. Car suddenly shuts down. It doesn't stall, I just lose complete power. Happens from time to time, but it will start back up. At times if I turn the radio on this will happen, at other it loses power when I turn the lights on. Started happening after my mechanic installed new battery and alternator. I took it back to him because thought something wasn't installed properly, but he says battery and alt are fine. Loose ground? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.

... Nissan Maxima

Bad Brakes Brake pedal is hard to depress and also pushes back against my foot when I try to stop sometimes. It doesn't do this all the time though oh and it make a hissing noise also. Sometimes it will pushes back hard and then the truck is almost stopped then the brakes come on hard and stalls the motor? I was thinking it might be the booster but all the lines are conected and when I shut the truck off and wait 90 seconds then hit the pedal I have power brakes, so the booster isn't leaking. Ma

I would be looking at the ABS valve. one way to test the booster is to start the vehicle while you ae depressing the brake pedal, you should feel the brake pedal drop a little bit, this is a sign that the boostr is working properely. you may want to ... 1996 Chevrolet K1500

I just recently changed the water pump on my 96 mazda 626 I did not change the timing belt due to it was replaced about 1 year ago. during the water pump change i did not mess with the timing belt at all. I got everything back together and the engine will rotate but not start. that was a month ago. since then i have replaced the distributor, crankshaft sensor, spark plugs and have also gone back twice and did complete removal of timing belt and made sure i didn't accidently move the belt any the

Since you have double checkedthe timing and checked the battery make sure you are getting a spark at the plugs and that you are getting fuel. Make sure all sensors are plugged in and are working. Check near the crankshaft (front) for a small sensor a ... 1996 Mazda 626

My 98 cavalier 2.2l ohv wants to stall at an idle if you idle for a couple of minutes or more the rpm drops to 350 and back up to 600 then 350 then 600 and so on until you take off meanwhile the car is shaking while this is going on. and when you go to give it fuel any time if you only give a little bit of fuel it does just about stall untill you give it more fuel?. all fluids are fine just did cv's

Have the idle air control checked,this sounds like the problem,also have the codes read to help with the diagnoses. ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

My truck is the two wheel drive with 4.8L V8. The truck usually runs flawlessly and twice recently it loses power on the highway. It stalls if you push the gas but I was able to drive it about 80 miles home (it stalled and conked out four times). Today it started acting up when I went to lunch. It would run but not if I gave it gas, I had to really baby the gas to keep moving. Then it was fine. Until... driving home I stalled out twice on the highway. Last time I replaced the fuel filter and it

This really sounds like the oxygen sensor. It's job is to determine, in real time, if the air fuel ratio of a combustion engine is rich or lean. Since oxygen se ... GMC Sierra 1500

I have a 1995 Ford F-SUPER-DUTY not a 250, 350, 450, or 550 its a super-duty it is a dually with a 7.3L diesel engine the engine is a dealers diesel its manual and it leaks oil from the top of the engine some where and i haven't been able to find the problem, and when im running it stalls then dies on me but if i press the clutch down then let it back up a couple of times it turns back on while im still running and if i run for long periods of time over 50mph i hardly have that problem, and some

... Ford F 450 Super Duty

Hard shifting after highway driving 1998 tahoe. After driving on the highway (mostly in hot weather) after coming to complete stop the car shifts hard at about 10 mph. Ramdonly does this from time to time. Feel like the rear end is coming apart. After you get your speed back up its fine. Could this be caused by the speed sensor? No trouble codes or ck engine lights are showing up.

Sounds like your pressure control solenoid inside your trans is sticking you will have to have your pan pulled and have the solenods checked or replaced since it only fails at times it might check out ok when the pan is pulled. ... Chevrolet Tahoe

Brake light stays on at times the brake pedal is hard and it acts like the brakes are stuck on at other times the brake light is on but pedal seems ok when pedal is hard and the brakes seem stuck you can not move the pedal back

Brake light switch under brake pedal ... 1989 Geo Tracker
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