Having problems with your 1999 Dodge Durango ?

Can i use a 5.2 block with 5.9 heads and intake

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Can a older block be used to replace a vortec block . I have used a older throttle body block ( 94 ) to replace a newer multiport injection block. I switched heads and intake and seems to run but, not right. I am getting a cam crank correlation signal code and have went completely through all sensors and systems and everything seems to be fuctioning properly. Is dumping to much fuel at idle .

It shouldnt be a problem ive used an old block and put heads from a vortec worked fine 4 me,it was carburated though,check ur injectors,they rate differently on yrs,as fare as how much to pump to the motor,could be a problem, ... 1998 Chevrolet C3500

Can i use a 5.2 block with 5.9 heads and intake

... 1999 Dodge Durango

Ran engine without oil. seized exhaust cam.replaced cylinder head with used head. Used intake cam from damaged head and exhaust cam from used head. Engine will not run with camshaft sensor plugged in but will run without it.

I think you have the wrong gearwheel from the new head ,try making sure you have the old gearwheels from original head on the engine as it might be a different year or build code,check you havent damaged the sensor and its off of the original head th ... 2003 Dodge Stratus

I have a 1988 olds calais quad4, the engine had head gasket leak. i have a new never been used 1991 quad 4, the 1988 block has some pits in it. can i use the old 1988 head on the new 1991block.would the engine block make the swap.the 1988 is fuel injected and the 1991 is throttle body.

At first I was going to respond yes, but not sure when there is a huge difference of fuel pressure between the two systems. Even then, I'm not too sure, depending on specific model of the engine in question, as subtle changes were made between same e ... 1988 Oldsmobile Calais

I just replaced the intake gaskets on my 2003 pontiac grand am , but when I went to fire it up it was still running like **** come to find out the head gasket on cylinder 3 is blown or the head is cracked. when i go to replace the head or head gasket do I need to repace the bolts on the intake that I just put on or can I get away with using the same ones. I just put them on!

Theres an easier way to fix a blown gasket, its called seal-up you pour it in your radiator and it chemically welds it back together look it up on google most auto shops sell it or something similar, but replaceing the gasket is the best way ... 2003 Pontiac Grand Am

(95 Gmc Sierra idling problem- Rebuilt vortec block with Tbi heads.) I bought a truck witch latter died on me. I had a vortec block lying around pulled form a 96, So i pulled my Tbi motor out and put my Tbi heads and intake on my vortec block. I did a master gasket set, their are no vacume leaks, And it has proper compression. But when i start it, It idles around 400Rpms and when i put it under a load it dies, I tryed advancing the distributor 2-4 degrees nothing. I replaced the Egr,Plugs ,wires

Check the throttle pos sens ... 1990 Chevrolet K2500

Overheatin problemS i have a cadillac sts 2000 and i just spend 3000 dollas to get fixed a head gasket problem my engine block was craked so i got a used block my meachanic used on the parts from my old engine and installed them in to the new block ive been driving my car and on hightway the temperature neddle stays in the niddle but when im driving on the city the temperture starts goin over the middle like half way n them goes back again and after ive been driving the car for a while it starts

Your story sounds identical to mine except i have a 98 sts.I also went to have my head gaskets replaced and found out it was a cracked block,I had to buy a used motor.cost me $4,500.after driving the car for about two weeks,I noticed my temp go a lit ... 2000 Cadillac Seville

Years ago i used to smear grease on head and block and then the gasket and pull the head down no problem do you guys use anything

Most modern engines don't require or recommend sealant on head gaskets since machining tolerances are much tighter now. Weather or not you have to use sealant depends on what engine you are working on. All manufacturers are different and it is alwa ... Cars & Trucks

On start up I get lots of white smoke this lasts until car warms to normal operating temperature, car is using a little oil have noticed oil spitting from exhaust, no obvious sign that the head, head gasket, or block are leaking, no cream on oil filler, not using water and no film in radiator, what might be causing this, the car is a mazda 626 2litre dohc 97 with 80k

Valve seals shot...get reconditioned head ... 1996 Mazda 626

Oil leaks between head and block. Removed head. Can't find cause.

Where is oil pressure switch/sensor on 2001 nubira ... 1999 Daewoo Nubira

Nissan 300zx twin turbo, VG30DETT motor. coolant in oil. just finished rebuilding the motor and block and heads have been decked and squared to meet up perfectly. head bolts have been torqued down properly. the head gasket is not in question as i have perfect compression. when taking the motor apart the first time i noticed that there seem to be coolant lines running in the lower intake plenum right next to the air passages and i was wondering if it were possible for it to leak out of that area

If car has a oil cooler that uses coolant to lower oil temp. check that, if not you might want to get a coolant psi tester and try locating leak that way. but my expierence is that a head gasket problems cause this also if block was bored and machine ... 1991 Nissan 300ZX

High idle air intake gasket I have a 95 chevy blazer with a 4.3 litre engine. It has a high idle. It runs at 1200 when starting in the morning and around 1700 when engine is warm. Today i totally blocked the air intake and it didn't stall the engine, which i think it should do. Then i used a propane torch and open it without lighting it, i held it were the air intake cover meets the engine, and then the engine speed went up. Does this mean i've a leak in the gasket and need to replace it? Thanks

HI!!! first try this get brake cleaner.go little bylittle spraing all around the intake if run normal and changes the rpm.you have intake leak' o change idle sped sensor ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

2004 forenza. Air intake leak. Found leak under coil assembly. Appears to be the head gasket between the iron block and alum. head. You can plug it with your finger and the high idle will drop to norm

... 2004 Suzuki Forenza

98 expedition 5.4 Had mechanic diagnose leaky intake with smoke test. I replaced and replaced plugs and vacuumed line and Pcv also bypassed adapter for coolant temp sensor cause it broke and dealer wants $80 for it. Now running worse than ever. Have puddle of coolant under intake but no visable leak when idoling. Also 2 plugs in back are wet. Head gasket? Best way to diagnose? I did make sure to use correct torque settings and sequence. I did end up with an extra hose that didn't get labeled be

Coolant under the manifold is a hole ( corrosion)and if water is coming out then uncontrolled air can get in giving you the running problems. Have a compression test done to check for blown head gasket. Have a coolant pressure test done to fin ... Cars & Trucks

1996 SL1 after engine overhaul oil is having to be added regularly. Rings replaced, valve seals replaced, valves ground and reseated and head pressure tested by machine shop, head gasket replaced, timing cover gasket remade, oil pan gasket remade, crank and connecting rod bearings replaced, intake and exhaust manifold gaskets replaced. Compression on all cylinders 120 psi or better, no smoke in exhaust, cleaned EGR valve and throttle body. Used upper and lower gasket sets to replace all gaske

Depending on how long since the overhaul, and how much oil is being used, you may not have any worries.Engines built in the factory are within very close tolerances. Engines rebuilt in the shop are not.So like it was 50 yrs ago, your rebuilt ... 1996 Saturn SL

Rod thought block; can i used a 1997 block with a 2002 head, ?

Yes if the engine its 4.0 the only problem that you will have is th coil pack after 99 the coil bolts in to the head ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Recently, I have replaced the radiator water pump and thermastat...everything was smooth up till bout 2 weeks later truck started running ruff pulled over and it died, checked oil had coolant all in it drained the oil today been draining for close to a hour already filled up one oil container now have a old oil pan catching it...my question is with this much coolant in the oil what would be the problem cracked block,head gasket,cracked head,intake gasket,water pump, or oil cooler what could have

Cracked head or bad headgasket ... 1996 Chevrolet K1500

I have a 99 gmc yukon denali. it has a multiple cylinder misfire, uses coolant, no visible leaks. and my spark plugs look black. i have gave it a full tune up. (plugs,wires,cap,rotor,and coil.) i am thinking my problem was head gaskets or intake gaskets. i have also replaced the upper intake. what is wrong with my motor?

Very common the intake manifold gaskets leaking. I've replace tons of them. They can **** air internally and cause a misfire. ... 1999 GMC Yukon Denali

What all do you need to do to convert a 1992 ford 5.0 out of an f150 from fuel injection to a Carb.? I know that you need a carb, intake, and fuel pump. I'm putting this motor in my 1984 mustang it had a carburated 302 that was junk, but can i use the distributor from that motor on the new one? I have a holley carb and edelbrock torker 2 intake, and i know i need an electric fuel pump on a switch, because of no oil pump hole in the block.

There are special electronic fuel pumps you can get for this kind of conversion that wont put to much fuel pressure in the carb and blow the bowls. \015\012\015\012As long as the distributer is vacuum advance and for a 302 it should be able to ... 1984 Ford Mustang

1983 Ranger Water. Where else can water get in my oil besides the head or it's gasket? Both of mine are fine but water finds it's way back to the oil. I've changed the oil twice since I changed the head gasket. Would my intake or block be bad?

You have to pull it aprt again even though you changed the head gasket,did you plane your heads first,you might have an uneaven surface,but once you pull the heads off,try to check the cylinders with a bright light,check around the top of the cylinde ... 1983 Ford Ranger

Changed head gasket .put it back together and idle is 4000 rpm as soon as i start it. Also blocked air intake and still runs at 4000 rpm. Intake manifold possibly leaking that bad?

You have a big air leak or the throttle is stuck open ... 1999 Saturn SL

How effective are the products like Loctite Block and Head sealer and other sealants like these in solving blown head problems? What would be the best product to use if one decides on this solution?

I have tried Bar's Leaks Head Gasket Repair in a bottle and it worked for me off and on.\015\012\015\012I had a problem with a head gasket seepage of antifreeze into Cylinder #1 of my 1997 Cadillac Deville after having the antifreeze drai ... Audi A6

I habe a 1998 mustang 4.6 281 and its leakin anit-freeze onto the block under the intake but doesnt look like its commin from the head gasket cause the walls are clean. could it just be the gasket on the waterpump? its not leaking to the ground just onto the top of the block and only about a cup a week. NOT OVERHEATING please help me a lil

Check your intake manifold. These are prone for cracking behind the alternator and leaking. There was a recall on them awhile ago but it is expired. ... 1998 Ford Mustang

2004 GMC Sierra 5.3L engine. Using excessive coolant; no external leaks. Passed compression test. Intake gaskets replaced. Residue found inside the intake and heads from burnt coolant. Suspect it may be a leaking throttle body. Please confirm.

I was going to say water pump but no block the water inlet to throttle body and let run a while can you smell a sweet smell or steam comming from your tail pipe Next is a die test you can do . Put the die in your rad and go for a 5 mile ride now use ... 2000 GMC Sierra

I have a 99 gmc yukon denali. it has a multiple cylinder misfire, uses coolant, no visible leaks. and my spark plugs look black. i have gave it a full tune up. (plugs,wires,cap,rotor,and coil.) i am thinking my problem was head gaskets or intake gaskets. i have also replaced the upper intake. what is wrong with my motor?

Intake manifold gaskets leaking internally. ... 1999 GMC Yukon Denali
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