Having problems with your 1999 Daewoo Nubira ?

I do not know the radio code for my car radio, I recently disconnected the battery and now I can not turn the radio on due to not having the radio code....PLEASE HELP

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Answers :

I had the same problem. One of the following codes should work:
\015\0122253, 3116, 3451, 2152, 4362, 4316, 4513, 4362, 1156, 2145, 6451, 6361, 5624, 5241, 3346,
\015\0121165, 3241, 4524, 5436, 5813, 3265, 5624, 2453, 3462, 3251, 5445, 8253, 2346, 4853, 6645,
\015\0125253, 1325, 4136, 3116, 3221, 2151, 5312, 2654, 4314, 6234, 4356, 1415, 1435, 1651.
Remove the facia panel in your dash (gently with the plate edge of a screw driver) - then remove radio. Write down the s/n and then phone the agent (probably Philips). They don't make car radios any more but they have maintained a series of people who can provide you with the unlock code. When it happened with me - there was no charge and the info was provided over the phone.  Also - some GM dealers have retained such info and can provide it to you if you ring them with your licence plate number. All the best.
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I do not know the radio code for my car radio, I recently disconnected the battery and now I can not turn the radio on due to not having the radio code....PLEASE HELP

I had the same problem. One of the following codes should work:\015\012\015\0122253, 3116, 3451, 2152, 4362, 4316, 4513, 4362, 1156, 2145, 6451, 6361, 5624, 5241, 3346,\015\0121165, 3241, 4524, 5436, 5813, 3265, 5624, 2453, 3462, 3 ... 1999 Daewoo Nubira

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After jump starting my honda odyssey (due to a dead battery) my radio will not turn on?? on the display it says "code"?? Can you help?

Call the dealership where you got this car. They will provide you with the code. This is to prevent radio theft, it locks up when power is disconnected. You can also call honda corporate customer service, and they should be able to give you your code ... Honda Odyssey

I disconnected the battery and when I went to turn on the radio a code came up. I did not know what this ment so I was just started pushing buttons. 3error came up. I then had my son disconnect the battery again and a 5 error came up. I do have the code now but can not get it to erase the error message. Manual said to run the radio on on for 1hr.Did that and the error message still there. Went to a Honda dealer where I bought the car and they did not know how to fix it. Please help going crazy w

Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery for 3 minutes, and try again. The error message shouldnt be on when you insert the radio code, it wont work. I sure hope that the battery inside the radio didnt die, because it wont be able to retain th ... 2005 Honda Civic

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IMPORTANT NOTE: You must have the security anti-theft code for your Audi radio from the car manufacturer, or from an Audi dealer! \015\012T ... 2004 Audi TT

My car battery got frozen and wasn't able to start the car but a day later the car was able to start, and my radio got turn off and am been asked to put the radio code which i don't have. I need a help to turn on my car radio.

Thats a dealer issue bad as i hate to say you got to \015\012deal with then blokes to get the code and they wont give it to ya they will charge you do it for you ... 2000 Volvo V70

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Did u lock and unlock the door with the key, when u change battery u activate the security system, using the key to lock and unlock either driver or passenger door disarms the system. ... Ford Ranger

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Normally it is listed in your vehicle owners manual. If you don't have one your best bet will be at the dealership by giving them your VIN number and they can run it through to retrieve it. Some dealerships will charge you just to pull out your radio ... 2004 Acura TL

I tried to turn on the radio and it says Code. I just had a new battery put in the car today. Can you help me with the Code?

Need the code for the radio from the dealer. Make sure you have proof of ownership when you visit them.When you disconnect the battery the radio locks. This is to prevent theft of radio. ... Honda CR-V

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When you take the battery cables loose from an anti-theft system, You would place a nine volt (9V) battery across the positive and negative cables to hold the memory chip in the systems. This allows you to remove the battery for a period of time long ... 1994 BMW 3 Series

Hi! changed the batteries of my 2006 mitsubishi outlander , now the radio won't turn on and it is asking for a code. Can you help me please? Thanks.

Welcome to Fixya\015\012\015\012Radio codes are usually provided by the dealership. You don't have to go to a dealership. Just CALL a dealership, explain what happened why you replaced the battery, and they should be able to tell you what ... 2000 Mitsubishi Galant

I have a 1984 camaro z28 convertible and when the key is in the on position there is a buzzing coming through the speakers. when you turn on the headlight, radio and push the brake it gets louder. The car currently won't start due to a bad battery. Could someone please help me. I need the car in tiptop shape for a local parade.

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I have a 1991 525 i BMW, the battery was drained and went to jump start it. When i tried to start the car the horn started beeping, engine would turn over but wouldnt start. Was told in need to so a special sequence with the code button near the radio panel. Can you help with this?

Do you have a alarm system in your car if so disable ittake out its fuse ... 1991 BMW 5 Series

I have a 1991 525 i BMW, the battery was drained and went to jump start it. When i tried to start the car the horn started beeping, engine would turn over but wouldnt start. Was told in need to so a special sequence with the code button near the radio panel. Can you help with this?

Your car alarm system is holding it off. Disable alarm system. You may even have to pull the fuse. ... 1991 BMW 5 Series

When I turn off the ignition key the radio stayed on --retarted then shut off again same thing I then turned off the radio next day the battery was stone dead. I disconnect the battery recharged the battery when I hooked up the battery there was a rather large spark i then disconnect the cable and reconnected it no spark and battery has stayed charged I'm very cocerned I can not have a failure due to my wife being paralized

Radio is controlled by the accessory delay relay which is supposed to stay on until the drivers door is openedtherefore, assuming the dome lights work correctly then you need to find out why the PCM does not notice the door opening and de ... 2002 Chevrolet Express

Radio Code My boyfriend recently removed my stereo from my Chevy Aveo and replaced it with another. Well, I am about to sell my car and when we put it back in, it wouldn't work. I know that I need a code, but I do not know where to find it. Can anyone help? my radio works but i lost the code. i need to replace the battery, so i need the proceedure to display my current code before i disconect the battery. Any answers?

Sometimes the proceedure is in your ownwers manuel(sometimes the code is on the back of the radio. ... 2004 Chevrolet Aveo

I recently bought a 2008 cadillac cts, i went to the movies and left one of the lights on. When i came back my car battery had died so i jump started it. The car worked fine after except for the radio it did not want to turn on any more. The lights on the dashboard and radio and ac still turn off but they wont turn off, causing my car battery to die over and over again. please help! i just got my car.

Check your fuses under dashboard.. ... 2008 Cadillac Cts

Check engine light was on for several months, I disconnected the battery for 1 minute, reconnect and start truck, light is now off. drive and turn off motor, now won't start unless i disconnect the battery and reconnect every time now! I used a code reader and no codes. battery is new, starter turns like a new one no problems til now HELP!

See if throttle body need to be cleaned ... 2003 Toyota Tundra

Factory radio locked out on us, we have a 1991 300SL, after sitting for awhile, the battery went dead. I replaced the battery, and upon turning on the radio, it was asking for the 4 digit code,,,which we have, but could not find,, I tried a few numbers, and my wife tried a few, lol,, Well it locked us out,,, just says--"Waiting". We have since found the factory 4 digit code, but we can not figure out how to get past the "Waiting" issui; I have disconnected the battery for a week, then hooked

It seems like the radio still keeps a process in memory even after disconnecting the battery, the only thing we can suggest is to take out the radio and remove the car connectors (for an hour or so), this should clear the memory, if the waiting scree ... 1990 Mercedes-Benz 300 Diesel

Radio code I have Mitsubishi Galant 2000 whose radio is not working because I changed the battery recently. I contacted the company. they asked me to find code after pulling out the radio. If I go to dealer, they will charge me to find that code. Please help me how to pull out the radio and get the code written on it.

GETTING THE RADIO SERIAL NUMBER: <BR>2000 - Carefully take the front panel off that surrounds the radio and temperature buttons, it will snap straight out. Wiggle the radio out about two inches, it is a tight fit. Get the serial number of ... 2000 Mitsubishi Galant

PLEASE! Need radio code for '01 Audi A6 Radio # AUZ5Z4Y0147237 Your help is appreciated ! I have a 2000 A4, had to replace dead battery, radio on safe mode, bought car used, cannot find radio code, called Audi dealer where car was last serviced, told me radio had been replaced in 2002 but they didn't have the code. Any suggestions apart from going to dealer? Thanks

Http://www.radio-code.com/ ... 2000 Audi A4

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How to check the alternativer in f-150 00'. I'm having a problem with my truck. My truck doesn't turn on took the battery to be check at an auto zone. They told me the battery was good but that voltage were low. So, I left it to be charged. I put the battery back but my truck doesn't turn on. The headlights and lights in dashboard turn on but the radio and rest don't turn on. Can anyone help me?

May be a bad starter solenoid it's on the fire wall has a small wire on it an check my tips sections for how to trace electrical problems. ... 2000 Ford F150 Flareside SuperCab
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