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Engine code po 1491 what is it - 1999 Chrysler Town & Country

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Engine will not start on a 2006 Chrysler Town and Country Limited 3.8, after I cleaned up the Cylinder Heads and replaced all the Fuel Injectors and put everything back together. Now it is throwing off 3 error codes. 1) P0032: Ho2S Heater Control Circuit High, Bank 1, Sensor 1. 2) P0129: Barometric Pressure Too Low. 3) P0700: Transmission control System (MIL Request). Prior to taking the top half of the engine down I had a tapping sound which I thought was do to a bad lifter. After checkin

I guess I will start with the basic statement - as with any no start issue, you have to figure out if it is a spark or fuel problem to proceed.As soon as you crank the engine, the computer runs tests and looks for signals from sensors. So it ... Chrysler Town & Country

Describe your 2005 Chrysler Town & Country Problem hello i have 51,700 miles on my town and counrty my enigine light just came on i was trying to find out why when i turn the key on without starting it the engine flashes 10 times what code is that telling me thanks

That is not a code, It is a GET ME CHECKED OUT SOON attention flash. If you hacve an AutoZone auto parts store in you r towm/area, go to them and ask them to put the code reader on the car. Then ask them to make a list of the codes and the definiti ... 2005 Chrysler Town & Country

Describe your 2006 Chrysler Town & Country Problem p0404 engine code


The vehicl is 1997 chrysler town&country 3.8 engine front wheel drive 4 speed automatic.all gears pull with brake applied except drive,when road test transmission starts slipping and goes into 1 gear and does not shift both speed sensors were replaced,is there any other sensors or is this a transmissiom rebuild,diagnostic code came up (p1790)which seems to be generic as anything garage sugested rebuild or replace transmission,this is spendy,I hope there is a better solution,have you got a though

If it was not slipping i may have suggested a trans solenoid pack but, .These transmissions are pron to have problems after 75000 miles.So in conclusion, i know it is not what you want to hear, but a rebuild is required thanks for your question :) ... Chrysler Town & Country

2005 Chrysler town and country van has lose power. When driving it goes from 0-70 in about 15 seconds, it appears not to have much power when trying to get up to speed. If you press down on gas to try to get up to 40mph very quick, the RPM go up, but you must let off the gas for it to change gears. However, it eventually does change gears. The check engine light is on and the code reads p0404 and p0420. I replaced the EGR valve, still same problem. I disconnected the catalytic converter an

Change plugs, wires, and fuel filter. Get a cold air intake or at least a k&n air filter.\015\012Clean the throttle positions sensor. Check for any vacuum leaks. After every sensor that you replace you have to reset the computer or the code wil ... 2005 Chrysler Town & Country

I have a 2005 Chrysler Town & Country with almost 100,000 miles. The check engine light came on about 2 months ago and the code said the O2 sensors needed to be replaced. About a month later, the check engine light came on and the code said the catalytic converter needed to be replaced. Now a month later again, the check engine light came on, the exhaust smells rotten, we are getting about 1/2 the miles per gallon and the code says to check the Mass Air Flow Sensor. Does this all make sense?

There are no codes that say replace O2 sensors,or remove converter,Thats just somebody's guessing,When it says O2 sensor that tells the mechanic to look for trouble in that area,wiring or faulty readings,And there are four O2 sensors. ... 2005 Chrysler Town & Country

I have a 1997 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan with 3.8 engine. Engine warning lamp stays on. Last time this happened, my local Dodge/Chrysler "Stealer" charged $130 to "read codes" and tell me that my gas cap was slightly loose. I've found from another website how to get the trouble codes. They're 22, 36, 66, 31, 55(ending code). How do I interpret these codes to find out what needs fixing and perhaps can make repairs myself? Thanks, Mike, PA

Auto zone will scan it for free and then it will be easier to diagnose ... 1997 Chrysler Town & Country

I have a 96 chrysler town and country 3.8. engine will crank, wont fire. about a year ago I replaced the feul pump and filter, I know its getting gas. replaced the coil pack and the crank shaft possition sensor. getting the 5 volt marker voltage on the plug for the coil pack but nothing else on the other 3. turn the key on and the check engine light does come on. checked for codes on the OD. gave me code 999. cant find a record of code 999. located the ASD Relay under the hood and swapped

... Chrysler Town and Country

2003 town & country p0135 engine code - 2003 Chrysler Town & Country

... 2003 Chrysler Town & Country

2008 town and country engine code p1607 - 2008 Chrysler Town & Country

... 2008 Chrysler Town & Country

I have a 1996 chrysler town and country LXI. My check engine light came on about 2 weeks. I took the van into brake masters so they could perform a free check engine light evaluation. the guy at brake masters told me the codes were PO 731 and code 420. This is my sole vehicle so I am really trying to get this fixed ASAP. call if you need anything

P0420 Catalyst efficiency below range.P0731 A/T Additional Gear Ratio Error In First GearYour catalytic converter could be clogged up or just bad. Or, you could have a leak before the catalyst.The other code suggest you ... Chrysler Town & Country

I have a 2001 Chrysler Town & Country LX. I turned the ignition switch on and off two times. When I turned it on the third time, the odometer started registering codes. The first code was p0302. The second code was p1684. After taking the negative cable off the battery to clear the check engine light, and turning the switch on and off twice, on the third time turning the switch on, the only code was p1684, but the vehicle still runs rough. What does p0302 and p1684 mean? What can be done

302 is misfire on cylinder 2. Please see my tip at http://www.fixya.com/cars/r6715318-causes_gasoline_engine_misfires ... 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

Engine Code P0171, chrysler town and country

... Chrysler Town and Country

2003 Chrysler Town and Country, 3.8L, V6, VIN (L), engine bogs way down at 3500-4000 rpm. Had previous codes po442 and 455. Found three cracked hoses. Reset OBD codes.

If you have issues only at those revs then something is wrong with the O2 sensor - at those revs the air fuel mixture naturally the leanest so maybe at those ratio it reacts abnormally , causing the fuel delivery to be lower than it should so the eng ... Chrysler Town & Country

Location of bank 1 sensor 1 2005 town and country 3.3 engine chrysler

... 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

Bank 1 Sensor 1 - Oxygen sensor needs to be replaced. 2001 Chrysler Town and Country 3.3 Is this a job I can do myself? Where can I get an engin schematic?

The sensor you indicate would be on the manifold of the head containing cyl.# 1, top sensor (prior to catalytic conv.) 6 cyl. engine. 4 cylinder would be sensor on exhaust manifold. Confirm sensor failure prior to replacing as chrysler harness conne ... 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

I have a 2003 chrysler town and country and check engine light is on and when started its blowing raw fuel out of exhaust! i get diognostic codes P1684 which i know is battery has been dissconnectes within 50 starts but i also got code P0203 which i see is injection circuit malfunction in cylinder 3 but im wondering how to fix this w/o having to put in shop- thanks so very much for any help givin

Pull the spark plug out of the number 3 cylinder and see if it is wet with fuel. If it is, then you have the number 3 injector sticking in the open position and is flooding the cylinder with fuel. Tell me which engine you have and I will see if I can ... 2002 Chrysler Town & Country

2007 chrysler town and country 3.8L engine check engine light on trouble code P0406

More than likely the EGR valve. Common problem ... 2007 Chrysler Town & Country LX New Cars

2006 chrysler town and country with code p 2096. We are traveling and engine light just came on. Can you tell me what this code is?

P2096-DOWN STREAM FUEL SYSTEM 1/2 LEAN\015\012 \015\012If you gotten gas might have been a bad batch, I would find a way and reset the light, once you reset the light by clearing the codes you will need to complete the DRIVE CYCLE which w ... 2006 Chrysler Town & Country

I need to know what error codes: p1684; p0141; p0442; p0456 for a Chrysler Town and Country 2003. The vehicle is two wheel drive and has a 3.8 engine.

Hi,P1684 - Battery disconnected within last 50 starts. Will go away eventually.\015\012That code by itself though should NOT illuminate the Check Engine\015\012Light. If that is on, you likely have another code besides P1684P0 ... 2003 Chrysler Town & Country

Hi I have a 2005 Chrysler Town and Country van 3.8 liter engine. I just replaced the ERG valve but still have the error code of PO406? Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks so much for your time. Bret

The diagnostic code will not clear immediately from the computer memory. It will take a predetermined number of complete warm up and drive cycles without the problem detected to have the diagnostic code disabled. If you want your SES light turned o ... 2005 Chrysler Town & Country

Check engine light on code P0406 shows up - 1996 Chrysler Town & Country

The Manual says the "Check Engine" Light (the Manual does not correspond with the "Service Engine Soon" indicator light) means an emission control problem. \015\012\015\012I am experiencing this problem for the second time. First time it ... 1996 Chrysler Town & Country

Have a 2001 chrysler town n country and the codes p 1684 and p 1494 came up and cheeck engin light is on what dose that mean

... 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

I have a 2001 Chrysler Town & Country with a 3.8L engine. It is throwing a code P0601 Internal Control Module Memory Check sum error....... What does that mean??

HI there. Basically, this code is in reference to an internal fault that exists in your Power-train Control Module (PCM). There have been many reported PCM failures on Chrysler/Dodge products, although it is possible for this to happen on any vehicl ... Chrysler Town and Country

Ok i have a 2001 chrysler town and country service engine light came on took it to auto to see what codes came up and one of them is po731,p1775,p0700. i need to now where the tcm is and i also need to know where the solenoid switch valve is its says that could be latched in the tcc position. can you tell me where they are located ?

These are all transmission codes there located insde the trany under oil pan Probably olny one one of them in stuck or bad But you realy should have this done at a transmissoin shop and also have them change filters do a complete service on it to the ... 2002 Chrysler Town & Country
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