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Over heating replaced the theromastate water pump is working replaced the top hose

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Answers :

You got a head gasket fixing to blow
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Over heating replaced the theromastate water pump is working replaced the top hose

You got a head gasket fixing to blow ... 1999 Chevrolet Venture

Heater worked fine until my water pump went out I replaced the water pump along with a new thermostat and now I dont have any heat, I removed the blend door motor and worked the door by hand still no heat and door feels like its working like it should, I disconnected the the heater hose line from where it enters the heater core and started the engine, I had a full stream of fluid, i reconnected that hose and removed the outlet hose, I had no water coming out this hose so I thought the heater cor

Is the thermostat in correctly? ... 1998 Jeep Cherokee

I have a 1998 ford f-150 and no heat. i have replaced the heater core, blend door and control switch. checked the blend door motor- works fine. have tryed 3 thermostats. when i replaced the core i back flushed both lines with no problems. now when the truck warms up the thermo opens and top rad hose fills with pressure and becomes hot. but both hoses going to the core are only warm not hot like the front hose. coolant level is fine so is water pump. thought of a heater control vavle but after re

You just might have an air lock. Try bleeding the system from the heater hose at the firewall. Losen one hose a little, and at operating temp. open slightly to let air out. You will lose some coolant, but just refill the rad. Now, both hoses should ... 1999 Ford F150 Regular Cab

No heat replaced radiator, water pump and thermostat,still no heat, control valve works good , seems like heater hoses, getting hot, maybe bad core??? oh and lower half of radiator seems colder than the top, new rad and therm,,

Sound like radiator clogged.have coolant system flushed ... 1990 Geo Prizm

I have an over heating problem. Symptoms, overheating, radiator fans not working but both work when you have air conditioning on so guess wiring and relay are fine. I have replaced the temperature sensor and the thermostat, flush radiator but no change. Have discover that there is no water flow, ran car till over heating, fans did not come on, boiling water bubbling out of overflow tank, top radiator hose is hot but the bottom radiator hose is cold. Could this be an air lock? I am wondering if i

Fan switch on thermostat housing is bad replace it ... 2001 Honda Civic

Overheating caddy! Restricted flow from the top of the block. What I have done. New thermostat, engine coolant sensor, New hose's top, bottom and by passed heater core. Removed all hose's and radiator ,top flushed block, replaced water pump, reservoir flushed. System flow and hoses new and flow works when tested engine off. Engine get warm and back flows in to reservoir with air and air in lines flowing with water in system.

You don't say what year caddy. but older models (especially the 4.1L) did have a problem with intake manifolg blockages and gasket leaks. if that sounds like it could be your problem try replacing the intake manifold gasket, and clean out the inside ... Cadillac Eldorado

I have 2002 Chrysler town and country LX V6 3.3 the heat doesn?t work the heating core was leaking so I replaced it and still no heat the blower works it blows cold air the water pump works looks like everything is working but no heat help please. I forgot to mention when I start the car and drive it the heat gage go?s up and then down to the middle where it suppose to be this happens every time only once per drive Ok 2 hoses that going to the heater core are cold so looks like I need to

Here are several reasons why your car's heater may be blowing cold air, instead of heat. It is important to understand how the heater works in your car before you can begin to try to diagnose why it is not working. First, there is NOT an electr ... Chrysler Town and Country

1994 2.3 lt grand am. i have replaced the water pump thermostat and heater core car still heats up top rad hose is cold and when you remove the top heater hose interior car heater starts blowing hot air but when u replace that hose the air gets cold inside car and car motor temp goes up over 140 can anyone help?

Change the upper hose and if thats no good change your radiater it maybe no good with this car it happens alot ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

Replaced water pump 1996 nissan quest van ,worked well 2 weeks now over heating, leaking water down right side, a lot of water ! There is no pressure in the hose from radiator ,no visible hose leaks ,is this a head gasket?

... 1996 Nissan Quest


You need to get the engine full of coolant. You have air trapped in it. Make year model engine size????? ... Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

We have replaced the radiator, flushed everything, replaced the thermostat, and checked the new one in boiling water and it works. Bottom hose still remains cold and top hose is hot. When we test drive the car, it goes for a while and then over heats. The bottom hose is still cold. What do we do next?

Have a shop do a "block check" where they put a canister above the radiator filler and check for Combustion Gases" the chemical is BLUE.... if it turns YELLOW , thats a sign of CO2 in the cooling system and most likely will need head gaskets, or wor ... 1997 Subaru Legacy

No heat How can I tell if my water pump is working? No heat in the car.I checked the water in hose going to the heater core and it was empty and I just replaced the thermostat.

If the engine is not running hot then the pump is working. If the hose going to the heater core is not hot whenever the engine is at normal operating temp then the more likely solution is an obstruction. The best way to clear this is to dissconnect b ... 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

Im having trouble with over heating. my coolant reserve container is bubbling with hot coolant after driving an hour or longer. A week ago I replaced the water pump, water regulator valve, coolant, theromostat, all hoses seem to be fine, no leaks, radiator cap is fine, the fans are working,the radiator was replaced about 5 years ago. What am I missing? 1988 iroc z chevy camaro v8 305 5.0

Thanks for choosing FixYa and welcome. Did you check your impeller? ... 1988 Chevrolet Camaro

I have a 1993 toyota Camry V6. I have replaced the air intake hose, radiator cap, air filter, thermostat, and coolant reservoir. Everday it still ovet heats. The water cames from the little overage hose on top of the reservoir. I don't know what else to look for! I had replacedthe water pump in September of last year. What would be the next thing to look for?

This could result from a thermostat which is stuck closed, or a failed coolant temp sensor not allowing the radiator fans to run when they should, but I think you have a blown head gasket. Overheating is a classic sign of combustion gases getting int ... 1993 Toyota Camry V6

I have a 93 Lumina 3.1 that has no heat. I replaced the heater core, all of the heater lines, and thermostat, but still no heat. I rerouted the heater core supply lines around the front of the engine using elbows and flexable heater hose, so I am sure that there are no kinks. I tried disconnecting the supply hose at the heater core and found that only a drip of coolant is getting through. The thermostat is working, so could it be a failing water pump? Could it be that rerouting the lines pa

Check the heater controll valve ... 1992 Chevrolet Lumina

I have a 1995 Windstar. The heat is not working under normal driving conditions. I have checked the fluid level and replaced the thermostat. The water pump was replaced one year ago. The temp gage goes all the way to the high side of normal and the heat blows cold air. If i put the car in park and run the RPM's up to 2200 the temp goes down and I get some hot air for a few minutes before the cycle repeats. Have also noticed on occasion that the upper radiator hose will flatten out when I am runn

I would probably start by replacing the upper hose. The temperature guage and heat will be affected by poor circulation of coolant. ... 2000 Ford Windstar

My 96 dodge ram 5.2 has little heat replaced water pump,hoses,radiator,heater core,and blend doors all work properly.heater blower works good. if i let truck warm up and turn on blower i get 30 seconds of heat then it is cold please help. took it to a couple auto places they are stumped.

You made no mention of thermostat or radiator cap, both are common problems. The cap you can have tested at any good auto parts store, to see if it's holding adequate pressure. ... Dodge Ram 1500

Overheating? bought the car with water pump bad the bearing were shot and pulley was very wobbly. replaced water pump fill with cooland and after 2-3mins radiator will have steam coming out with the top hose hot and thermostat housing/water pump housing in back of motor hot. bottom radiator hose and heater hoses are cold replaced thermostat, flushed out radiator with a water hose. jack front of car up waited to see if there was maybe a are pocket shut off let it cool down 4-5times to refill stil

Thermostat temperature senecer needs to be replaced ... Cars & Trucks


Sound like it need a good flush with a garden hose through each heater hose as well as through radiator ... 2004 Chrysler Concorde

No heat I had heat working on low only until my heater core went out. I replaced the heater core and still have no heat... The temp is normal no overheating, all areas seem to have flow with the hoses getting warm. I have no visible issues with my water pump.... Someone told me to check the blend door or a motor, it blows cold air too.....

Try changing your termostat ... 1998 Ford Taurus

Replaced water pump engine overheats intermitaley electric fans work top radiator hose hot lower raditator hose cooler heater blows cold air

You still have air in the system. remove the radiator cap, if you have one, if not remove the resevoir cap. start the car and let it warm up to operating temperture. keep check on the level and fill as necessary. you may have to do ths a couple of ti ... 2005 Chevrolet Impala

The vehicle is overheating and blowing out COLD air. Thermistat was replaceda few weeks ago,water pump replaced over the summer and the radiator was replaced yesterday due to a broken hose connection on top. With all of this, I still over heat and no warm air in cab.

It sounds like you could have a head gasket gone this can cause you to have air pockets and have no heat going to your heater core.you can take your vehicle to a garage and have them do a pressure test too your coolant system it shouldnt cost much fo ... Mazda MPV

Had water pump replaced engine overheats electric fans working top radiator hose hot lower hose cool heater blow cold air intermitant problem getting worse

Have you checked your thermostat that sounds like the problem ... 2005 Chevrolet Impala

1991 daihatsu applause super selection eng-HD-E1 1589cc manual over heating- have checked thermostat water pump not that old radiator ok top radiator hose hot bottom hose cold. does this model require bleeding of the cooling system after working on the cooling system

Let the car get up to operating temp and squeez the top radiator hose, if you feel the coolant squeeze out into the motor you thermostat is fine, but if you feel the hose and it feels presurized you need a thermostat. Also check to make sure the fa ... 1991 Daihatsu Charade

Hello there Ive been trying to figure out why my 2000 Cadillac Deville has been over heating,and Ive received so much help and Ive tried to replace numerous parts so far and nothing has seemed to work.I was downstairs examining my car and I noticed two metal lines that run across the top of my engine to over by the water pump assembly, and one is connected to a little hose that is connected to the reservoir, and the other one has the letter AT on it, and is connected to a little hose going down

Hello again. I spoke with you yesterday about this vehicle. I hope I can help you some today. It sounds like you are looking at the Automatic Transmission cooler line. If is it leaking coolant this could very well be the source of your problem. If it ... Cadillac DeVille
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