Having problems with your 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 ?

Truck shuts off after a few seconds

\015 Trucks starts fine but after a few seconds it shuts off. I replaced the fuel filter but still no joy.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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I have a five cyl 2004 Chevy Colorado that will not stay running on a cold morning. (anything below freezing) The truck will start and then shut off within 10 seconds. The engine light comes on and after I wait 45 seconds the engine will start but shut off again after 10 or 15 seconds. If the temperature gets down near zero I may need to go through this process 20 times before the truck will stay running. When the truck does stay running the engine light will stay on for an hour or so and

Could have an air temp sensor going bad,it controls air fuel mixtures at different temp.I would start there. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2001 chevy silverado 4.3, v-6 and the truck is a company vehicle which was never maintained prior to us taking it over 4 months ago. when i turn the wheel, it shuts off, when i start it, it runs for 30 seconds and shuts off. it has had a tune-up, new fuel pump installed today and new regulator thingy, it starts just fine but now shuts off after 60 seconds....please help before we burn it to the ground!!! i need my truck!! thanks much diahanna

Check the spark plugs and the whole fuel system. ... 2001 Chevrolet Silverado

Put truck in park went back to drive truck would not move, finally went into gear for about 30-45 seconds then nothing again. Shut truck off restarted went in to drive for 30-45 seconds then nothing a

Perhaps a stopped up trans filter ... 2004 Lincoln Navigator

Have a 1987 nissan d21 pickup with 2.4l engine. truck will start and run for 1 to 2 seconds then quits. If i shut the key off and wait till the fuel pump relay kicks out maybe 30 seconds then turn the key on and let the fuel pump build thill it cuts out,truck will start and run for 1 to 2 seconds. If I just try to start it right away again it will not even fire although I can hear the fuel pump run. It comes up with codes 21 and 43

The signal from the distributor to the coil and injectors are off and on,not constant.Replace the distributor to fix the problem. ... Nissan Pickup

I drove my 1999 Silverado (4.3L V6) to Bristol and back to Knoxville. When I pulled into my road, I shut off the truck to let the family in the house. When I tried to restart the engine, it would only run for a few seconds, then die. If I started it again immediately, it would not start. If it set for a bit, it would crank and run for a few seconds and then die. After setting all night it started and I backed the truck into the driveway. Now it will not start at all. Any ideas?

Without the diagnostic trouble codes it's hard to say for sure. Without them the first things I would check are engine oil, spark and fuel pressure. ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I have a 19998 Mazda Pickup B2500. My problem is that when I start the truck, it runs fine for about 10 or 15 seconds, then shuts off. There is a clicking sound in one of the relays and the check engine light starts flashing. I don't have any problems starting the truck, it just dies after a few seconds. Any ideas?

... 1998 Mazda Pickup

I have a 1999 Dodge Cummins and I'm having a few problems. First, sometimes it fires right up or sometimes it takes two cranks but always starts, usually starts right up after sitting. But if i have been driving it for awhile its harder to start. Second, the truck will sometimes get a dead pedal and lose power but if i shut it off and start it back up it will be back fine. Third, today i was driving and the truck just shut off. wouldnt start back up for nothing. I had a little over a 1/4 tank. s

... Dodge Ram 2500

Sometimes when I try to start the truck, it won't turn over the first time, then the second time it will start fine, can't idle for too long; engine will shut off on it's own. When driving about 10 to 15 miles, it will shutter like it want's to shut off and I step on the gas to get it going. Driving and the gas petal will push back at me and the car feels like it want's to shut off again, but I gently put gas to it and it goes.

Sounds like you have a fuel pump failing or a clogged fuel line from a dirty filter. I would bring it to a garage and have the fuel system pressure checked. This will asnwer questions about weather or not this is the problem. ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

I own a 1997 GMC Yukon 5.7 liter 4 wheel drive. This problem only happens in the summer when outside temp is above 60. Truck shifts very hard at 10 mph once it has been driven for at least a half hour. If I shut the truck off, even if for only 20 seconds, the truck will shift beautifully again for a while. The service engine light comes on every so often, but if the outside temp drops, say at night, it will eventually go out. I've had the transmission serviced, changed thermostat and had cool

The electrical harness between the steering column in these gmc units are troublesome. I just paid $500 (part $300) to have mine changed out on my 97 gmc yukon, but for 335,000 kilometers, no leaks, no oil consumption, not bad ... 1997 GMC Yukon

After work yesterday when I started my truck a ?Check Gauges? message displayed on my odometer readout. It was there for probably 2 seconds and went off. I then turned the truck off and started it again, and it did not appear. This morning when I left for work the message readout appeared again. I shut the truck off and started it again and it did not appear. There are no other lights (check engine, service engine, etc?) on. I read the manual and it say it could be one (1) of three (3) th

Go to Autozone or Oreillys for a free scan. The message will erase after 20 or 30 startups and it will be harder to diagnose. You mention 3 gauges- if you have a water temperature gauge it will start out cold (zero value). If you have just a light ... Ford F-150

Transmission stops working when truck warms up When truck is driving for roughly 20 minutes to an hour and is warmed up, it downshifts itself into second gear and must be shut off for a period of time before it is able to resume driving at regular speed. Had it at the shop three times, each time the truck is put on machine for electrical reading the speed sensor code comes up as the problem, this is not the problem though because it was changed in one of the trips at the shop. Mechanic calls it

Are you sure this is a 1991. Gm didn't put electronic controlled shift solenoids on the 700r4 until 1993. This sounds like a shift solenoid but if it is a 1991 it could be a governor valve. ... 1991 GMC K3500

I have a 2002 GMC Sierra 2500HD Diesel with an Allison 1000 series transmission. When going up a hill around 45-50mph the truck will make a very hard down shift and stick in 4th gear, it will not up or down shift again after that unless I pull over, shut the truck off for about 30 seconds then restart, but then the service engine soon light comes on and it seems to shift hard for a while. I have found out that if i put the truck into neutral as soon as it shifts like this i can catch it before

Have the 5th gear trans solenoid checked out at a trans shop. They can listen to what your problem is and also a test drive will pinpoint the troblem much better in person with a qualified transmission technician as well ... 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

While driving the truck will miss fire/just shuts down and comes back to life in a split second. The transmission also while in drive will also diconnect and the engine will over rev until you let it

... 2003 Ford Expedition

Truck starts runs for a second shuts off .

The fuelpump is primed by the oil pressure switch.When the fuel pressure reaches normal PSI the computer shuts that pressure switch off and turns thepoweron to the fuelpump relay.You have a bad fuel pump relay ... 1994 Mazda 2WD B Series Pickup

Truck shuts off after a few seconds

... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I bought my truck new( '01 dodge ram 1500 ext. cab SLT 4x4) in didn't come with a manual and i can't locate the fuel filter. HELP!!! the reason i am looking for it is because when i crank the truck up it'll run for a second or two the shuts of like its being choked what could it be??

The fuel filter is part of the fuel pump module and is not serviced separately. check your fuel pressure . sounds as if maybe pump is going bad ... Dodge Ram 1500

I can't switch my 92 blazer into 4-wheel drive. This is my first truck. I haven't tried putting it into 4LO yet. When I push the button for 4HI nothing happens. When I first start my truck up, I can shift into neutral and push 4HI and both lights blink for a few seconds then turn off. Or I can hold the 4HI button and they both stay solid. From that point I can drive but can only shut it off when I'm back in neutral at a complete stop. I have not yet checked the vacuum line yet because I'm not qu

Check locker on the front wheels ... Chevrolet Blazer

Whenn i start the truck in the morning and put in rev there is a hesitation for 5 seconds. and now when i come to a complete stop it will shut off. if i put in neutral before i stop doesn't shut off but soon as i put back in drive shutsoff

Sounds to me as if the vehicle needs to have a service and tune....\012\012With all automatics the engine performance is directly linked to the gear change operation....\012\012Regards Johngee10 ... 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Truck

When I start my truck up it will die after 1-3 seconds like its not getting enough fuel, but if I keep the engine at 2000-3000rpms for 1 minute it will work just fine, but if I let the truck sit, shut off, for 5+ hours the same thing happens. I've replaced the fuel filter, but it didnt solve the problem


I've noticed this issue with my truck about a month ago. It started out that when I stop at a red light it's like something isn't sensing that i've stopped and like it takes it a second before it idles, I guess you could say. The last few weeks it has started intermittently shutting off at lights here and there or if i'm stopped in a turning lane. My check engine light came on after it shut off for the 3rd time. I had autozone run a scan, was giving 3 codes, all having to do with the transmissio

Hi.\015\012\015\012\015\012The problem depends on what OBDII code you got from Autozone, after doing the scan.\015\012\015\012\015\012if for example you got a p0500, then you have a bad connection to speed sensor. A p1740 will ... 2005 Dodge Ram 1500

I can't switch my 92 blazer into 4-wheel drive. This is my first truck. I haven't tried putting it into 4LO yet. When I push the button for 4HI nothing happens. When I first start my truck up, I can shift into neutral and push 4HI and both lights blink for a few seconds then turn off. Or I can hold the 4HI button and they both stay solid. From that point I can drive but can only shut it off when I'm back in neutral at a complete stop. I have not yet checked the vacuum line yet because I'm not qu

Ther are only three things that could be causing the malfunction the vacuum source is disconnected or insufficient as you mentioned, the electrical connection is dirty or broken, or the front hubs need to be removed cleaned and regreased. Some of th ... Chevrolet Blazer

I went to start my 05 Titan SE and all the dashboard gages started going crazy. It did this for a few seconds then worked fine. I shut the truck off (did not pull the key out) and started fine without doing this. I then pulled out the key when I shut it off and then started it back up and it did this again. New battery installed about 6 months ago.

... 2005 Nissan Titan

I have a 94 gmc sierra 4x4 6.5l turbo diesel. i have feul problems replaced pmd, injector pump, lift pump, crank pos. sensor, checked connections and wires. still no feul press. leaving injector. The injector is good, thinking might be a sensor just dont know where to go form here. problem started when i tried to pass a truck on highway. Had cruise control on. When i let go of thottle it excellerated on its own for a few seconds then shut itself off. Tried to start it a few times truck would sta

... 1993 GMC Sierra K2500

Bad Brakes Brake pedal is hard to depress and also pushes back against my foot when I try to stop sometimes. It doesn't do this all the time though oh and it make a hissing noise also. Sometimes it will pushes back hard and then the truck is almost stopped then the brakes come on hard and stalls the motor? I was thinking it might be the booster but all the lines are conected and when I shut the truck off and wait 90 seconds then hit the pedal I have power brakes, so the booster isn't leaking. Ma

I would be looking at the ABS valve. one way to test the booster is to start the vehicle while you ae depressing the brake pedal, you should feel the brake pedal drop a little bit, this is a sign that the boostr is working properely. you may want to ... 1996 Chevrolet K1500

I washed the engine in my truck. 2005 Ford Triton XLT 4.7 Litre and now it won't start! I have already air dried the spark plug boots and coil packs. The truck starts for about 2 seconds then shuts down. Please advise.

Check the oil pressure sending unit wire harness. If the wire harness is damaged or have come off, the trucks ECM will not detect oil pressure and will shut the engine down thinking it has no oil pressure. Start with that, good luck and keep me poste ... Ford F-150
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