Having problems with your 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 ?

5.3 L Missing and Rough Idle Intermittently

\015 I have changed Spark Plugs,Wires ,Coil Packs, and removed Fuel Injectors and soaked overnight. Engine code is a P0304. Misfire Cylinder #4. Most of the time around town is alright. When i put it on highway, it will surge like its cutting off and then pick right back up and be fine. Fuel Presure is 55 psi. Fuel Pressure Regulator is good. I do have faulty gas gauge but I replace fuel pump about 2 years ago. Sometimes when sitting at stop light you can feel motor lope a little and RPM's fall to about 300. I am running out of ideas. I swapped fuel injector on 4 cyclinder thinking the misfire might follow injector for trouble shooting. So far no codes.....\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

I have a 2001 chevy z-71 5.3L. I keep getting a random/multiple misfire code for cylinder 1 . I have replaced plugs, wires, coil pack(only on #1 cylinder)., and fuel pump. I still keep getting the cylinder 1 misfire code. I put truck on a scanner and watched the cylinders. # 1 misfires at idle but quickly stops misfiring at around 1000 rpms. you can here the engine miss at idle but truck runs great on road . anyone else ever had this problem?
It could possibly be a bad crank sensor. generally when that goes bad #1 cylinder is your issue though
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2005 chevy trailblazer 4.2 engine. Was driving on interstate engine intermittently began to run rough similar to a miss. Then check engine light was blinking for a minute or two then went off and engine ran smooth. Problem reoccurred several times, then once off the interstate pulled up to a red light and engine at idle was very rough, changining between 500-650 rpms. Parked the vehicle for several hours then drove it again, ran smooth till engine warmed up then the rough idle began. The check e

Sounds like it is the EVAP and I think there is a TSB on this that the dealership should fix for you. ... 2005 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Intermittent problem. Truck ran fine one day and barely ran the next time I started it. Runs incredibly rough like it's missing but not like a consistently missfiring plug but missfiring on all plugs and won't idle without quiting. When I open up the throttle wide I get power on all cylinders momentarily and then the same thing, coughing spluttering and occasionaly backfiring.... Then for no reason it will run well and idle well and I can drive it normally.

Check for sticking idle air control valve and stuck open EGR valve. Both are common causes for very rough engine operation due to fuel-air ratio being too far off. Also check for large vacuum leak such as from rubber hoses connecting PCV valve to int ... 1991 Ford Ranger Supercab

Received gm dtc 46 code for 1995 Chevy Beretta - Left Bank Fuel Imbalance from code reader. Intermittent miss. Sometimes care runs great. Other times get the miss or rough idle.

Left Bank Fuel Imbalance, this is caused by dirty or cracked injectors.If the injectors are clogged, then it requires to be cleaned , if its cracked or worn out,m replace the injectors.The worn out out injectors are not letting th ... 1995 Chevrolet Beretta

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5.3 L Missing and Rough Idle Intermittently

I have a 2001 chevy z-71 5.3L. I keep getting a random/multiple misfire code for cylinder 1 . I have replaced plugs, wires, coil pack(only on #1 cylinder)., and fuel pump. I still keep getting the cylinder 1 misfire code. I put truck on a scanner and ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

2001 Jetta VR6 92K miles. Rough engine and very significant vibration at both idle and higher revs, possibly missing, seeming intermittent loss of power, check engine alarm & light come on and off, "emissions workshop" appears on dash. Possibly worse after engine temp reaches halway on gauage. Black soot on tail pipe. Engine oil very clean. Any ideas as to cause?

All signs of an engine running RICHhave an auto parts pull the codes in the computer and make sure they write them down for youtel them that you need this so that you can research the possibilities BEFORE you buy any parts ... 1994 Volkswagen Jetta

My Audi A6 tdi 1.9 (2003) has an intermittent rough idling problem which just sounds like a miss fire. I have tried changing the mass airflow filter-not worked - now I have found that it could be a faulty injector loom , does anyone know if my engine has to be dropped or not when installing it ?

Have you tried checking the spark plug gap?? ... 2003 Audi A6

1994 chevy c3500 7.4L dully pu truck heads and short block totally redone by grays auto and timing gears and timing chain and fuel pump and filter less then a year and about a week ago truck started idling rough and misses out during driving really bad and last night we changed plugs and wires and rotor and cap and checked timing and it was off 1 to 2 degrees and jumping from 5 to 7degrees btdc did get it to 4 btdc which is what its suppose to be and still running rough at idle and misses out wh

The age of your vehicle also guarantee's a vacuum leak. It may sound silly but the truth is rubber grommets, and hose's shrink and dry out over time and the harsh environment under the hood makes it worse. Check all vacuum lines and fittings at ... 1994 Chevrolet C3500

I hav a rough idle , when the car pulls off there is no more rough vibration, i dont recognise it missing when it is idling so i doubt its plugs or coil pack, jus abloody rough idle , any help please

\012First check all vacuum hoses are fitted correctly. \012Make sure there are no vacuum tubes which are loose or cracked....\012If some are dama ... 2000 Mitsubishi Galant

2002 Neon - car idle rough with the A/C on. Have changed spark plugs, air filter, etc. and still runs rough. Took it to a shop and there are no fault codes. The problem only happens when the car sits in the sun for a few hours (hot) and will only happen when you come to a stop. The idle normally runs at 750rpm (No a/c on) and will drop down below 500 intermittently with the A/C on). Should the idle increase when the A/C is turned on with more load on the engine? If so; the idle remains at 750rpm


My 1988 C4 tuneport vette idles rough and misses... I replaced egr/plugs/distributor cap/rotor/plug wires/had injectors cleaned.. still misses... runs good and no smoke... accelerates well and will idle smooth... but eventually it will miss... and once it starts missing.. it seems to get worse as she warms up. I'm thinking that it might be a vacumn line leak.... but I'm not sure... I am havning some trouble with the headlights not going up...

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Before you do this I would get some wooden qtips - the long ones auto detailers use. take off the air filtrer assembly and spray carb cleaner into the air\\fuel intake and use the qtip to wipe out the inside of the intake. I had the same problem wi ... 2003 Toyota Highlander

Rough idle on 1999 chevy blazer 4.3 liter changed plugs cap rotot wires fuel filter still rough check engine code miss fire cylnder 2 cleared code no engine light but still runs rough at idle

Barring any mechanical issues you most likely have a failed injector. ... 1999 Chevrolet Blazer

1979 Lincoln Continental Town car has a rough idle (400 cid). I have checked the timing and replaced the spark plugs and wires along with cap and rotor? What else could cause a smooth idle then a heavy miss back to a smooth idle back to a heavy miss?

I"d lean toward the dirstributor itself. You were right to check the timing but a balky distributor would cause occaisional mis-fires. Apart from that, the timing chain itself would be the next likely culprit. ... 1997 Lincoln Continental

I have a 1998 Eagle Talon ESi, 2-wheel drive that I bought one week ago with only 43K miles on it. It is throwing a P0302 OBD code for misfiring in cylinder 2. It was running great when I bought it, but it started to idle a little rough after having it about 4 days. Now, it starts a little rough, idles a little rough, and really starts missing when accelerating from a stop. It does seem to straighten up and run normally once you get over about 25-30 miles per hour. Everything I can see about the

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Missfire This car has a bad miss when first started when cold. It idles rough and sometimes dies, surging up and down. After it runs a while it clears out and idles up at a normal rate. Then I will start to feel a little miss, and the idle gets low going down the road and it loses power. It always starts back up and goes on. It has 188000 miles, new plugs, air filter, fuel filter and fuel injection cleaner run through. The check Engine light has flashed on and off for a year or more. Do you have

Locate you computer (right front kick panel) and tap on it with a pen while the car idles... Also flex it back and forth with your hands to see if the car runs rough or quits... You may need a new one. ... 1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88

I am having ongoing problems with the truck miss firing and rough running. Timing is ok, replaced cap and rotor,coil. It still starts rough,idles rough and misses when at cruising speed,although it seems ok when accelerating. Any ideas?

Misfire is a common driveability problem that may or may not be easy to diagnose, depending on the cause. A misfiring cylinder in a four-cylinder engine is, pardon the pun, hard to miss. The loss of 25% of the engine's power output is the equivalent ... 1989 GMC Sierra

2001 Saturn sc2 missing at idle, how can i find out what is causing this? Has a slight miss and idles rough, it idles at 750-850 rpms depending on if its gear or not, does get worse when in gear but stops when driving.

... Saturn SC2

I have a 1994 Cadillac ETC (Northstar) and just recently had one of the ignition modules replaced because it was missing terribly. It started missing again shortly after having the module replaced and I noticed it idled rough with high (1000-1100 rpm's) at cold start. Sometimes when accelerating it would miss and hesitate as well. The other day, I pulled up to a stop light and it just quit. I restarted it and it was running extremely rough, then clouds of smoke poured out from the front, back an

I had the exact same problem. I was about to replace the cat then I relized that I actually had a vacuum hose leak. This made the car sound like a tank , smoke surrounded the car, and my cat was glowing. it was like the car was possesed. check your v ... Cadillac Eldorado

1995 camaro z28 5.7 missing and strong vapor smell, idling rough, and running rough at low speeds

... 1995 Chevrolet Camaro

1995 camaro z28 5.7 missing and strong vapor smell idling rough and running rough at low speeds

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2004 lincoln aviator engine miss and rough idle

Might be silly but I had the same problem on my 2001 Navigator. Finally found out it was a bad pcv valve causing the poor idling and lowered gas consumption. A CHEAP fix for sure. Also check your vacuum hoses as one could be bad, they do rot after a ... 2003 Lincoln Aviator

Rough idling my 2006 HHR is missing while idling after it has been running for a while. When sitting in traffic, the speedometer is jumping back and forth and when I accelerate, it misses or jumps. Definitely does not feel like a transmission problem. Just had the oil changed. what would you reccommend?

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'04 grand cherokee limited, 4.7 ltr, quadratrack 5 speed. At idle, engine runs rough at times and at the exhaust, you can hear it missing. Had it to the Jeep dealer twice. Changed plugs, had PCM reflashed, replaced all filters, PCV valve and had injectors cleaned all to no avail. Nothing changed. Dealer mechanic tells me that all cars idle rough. I'm convinced that he has no clue as to what he's doing. I'm finished putting out over $400 a visit for poor mechanical work.

Sounds like you have a coil or 2 arching out,they would have to watch misfire mointor on scan tool to see which cylinders are misfiring,also there is a tsb on that, requiring a reflash,but you said that was done,hopefully done right,dealer unable to ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

96 f150 4.9l miss or skip at idle new plugs wires fuel filter cap rotor sea foam the **** out of the engine. just got the truck 3 weeks ago ran great now runs good going down the road just crappy idle intermittent miss

This sounds like a vacuum leak or a timing issue. ... 1996 Ford F150 Regular Cab
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