Having problems with your 1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo ?

No start car won't start ,battery and starter are good

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

I learned that the ignition "pass key" can wear out when the little electronic chip in the key gets damaged, or possibly the switch for it inside the steering column wears out, and the car is designed not to start if the key isn't compatable. I have this happening now as well.
The battery can read 12 volts but still not have enough amps to turn the engine over.
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My starter is good my battery is good i just changed my ingnition switch but the car still wont start , also the gear shifter makes a clicking sound when in park, i used to be able to jump the starter with a piece of wire then start the car with the key and it started. now i am not getting anything . no crank no click nothing, everything has power but the car wont start.

If auto trans. check the neutral switch ... 1999 Acura TL

Car wont start. I have worked on cars before and it appears to be an electrical problem. It does nothing when I turn the key. The battery is good, The starter is good. The fuses are good. It has to be something from the ignition switch to the wires from the battery or starter. Have other people had this problem and if so can you tell me what you did about it? This has heppened before and then you wait a day or two and the car starts again. Weirdest thing ive ever seen. Any help is appreciated.

Try checking the relay to the starter sometimes that goes bad and the car wont start ... 2002 Saturn Sl

Car wont start. tested battery and it is good. replaced battery terminals, but still wont start. headlights and all other lights work. assuming it could be the starter. need to know where the starter is located and difficulty of changing the starter in the car

This job is easy to do, dissconnect battery terminal wait 3 min, before continuing, next remove cooler line clamp off starter, then remove the cable wire and the small wire from the starter, next remove the two bolts holding the starter and starter i ... 2001 Acura 3.2CL

Car wont start (wont turnover). The shift interlock solenoid is broken because I can now move my shifter to any gear even without having my keys in the ignition. Would this cause the car to not start? No click or anything when turning the key. BPP switch was recently replaced and I had the starter checked a month ago and it's good. Battery good, fuses good, lights turn on, cd player works. Lights dim slightly when trying to start. tried to start in neutral too and got nothing.

Yes it could very well keep it from starting get that fixed first ... Ford Escort

I have a 1995 honda accord and it just wont start , When i turn the key over to start it just wont turn over , i change the fuel pump and the starter is good .. it sounds like its trying to start but just wont kick over ... The pump is new but the starter is old but it sounds like its working but like i say it just wont turn over . all the fuses are good and i have a brand new battery in the car .. So what you think it might be ???

The contacts in the starter motor solenoid are worn, the clicking that you can hear is the solenoid being pulled in, but not making contact to allow the main battery voltage/current from getting to the starter motor. Their are 2 things you can ... 1995 Honda Accord

1993 honda accord always ran great went to store turned off car woulden start had the starter and soilnold check they were good but yet when try to start car all you hear under dash is a click but starter wont kick i tryed to jump the starter my self but seems to not have enough juice to kick it over and battery is good too so i could really use some suggesting of what else it could be or a relay that is causeing the problem think you ron

A bad starter relay would do it but i dont know where the starter relay is located on your car, bad battery cable and starter connections would do it a bad ground connection would also do it, and sometimes but not very often a bad or worn ignition sw ... 1993 Honda Accord

2001 Sonata wont start. Checked the battery, starter both good, even getting juice to the battery. Something is draining the battery after it has been turn off. You can jump it and it starts right up and starts the rest of the day. If it sits for a while it wont start. No noise, nothing, Sometimes the radio comes on by itself .. can that be the drain, the CD spins when the car is off sometimes.

... 2001 Hyundai Sonata

1991 Oldsmobile 98 Reagancy, It would not start,( the starter would not operate, the starter, battery and solenoid were all good.) I found a small wire broken in the steering column, It came from the ignition switch, I soldered the wire back together and the car started fine. It ran for several days. Now it wont start again, I checked the wire and it is still good.

Have the wire replaced by a certified mechanic with oem replacement parts ... 1991 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Regency

Why wont the car start? 1997 Chrysler Town & Country van - won't start. Was sluggish starting for a couple of days. Put a trickle charger on battery. Shows battery is charged. Now when we tried to start it, it just makes a clicking sound and won't start. Battery and alternator were checked showing they are good. Starter problem?

May be starter motor problem ... 1997 Chrysler Town & Country

2003 honda accord dx remove the starter and hot wire it to see if the drive gear of the starter extend and spin. i found out it dont extend or spin just click, click. it sound like being installed in the car. is this means the starter is bad that is why the car will not start. we change the battery twice. first change the new battery was bad. second battery still wont start. then i tried another battery fron another car and still wont start. prior to this work, i remove the starter and have it c

If you removed the starter, and placed battery voltage to the starter, and it clicked just like it did when installed, then the starter needs to be replaced. When you had it tested and they said it was good, did you verify this claim? ... Honda Accord

Hi i have a 1995 buick regal gs,when i go to start the car nothing happens,the battery is good,the starter is good,and i even changed the steering column,and it wont turn over even at all.we tried to start the car off the stater,it turns over and seems like it wants to run but it wont.so if someone could help me that would help lots.thanks

First you need to trace the entire ignition wiring. from the battery to the starter. Remember if you can jump the starter then its in the wiring before the starter. check your sylinoid, check the ground connection to the block, make sure to remove ... 1995 Buick Regal

I start the car .and it starts up ,but it wont say on.,the battery ,i s good ,got a new starter,and the car was driving that same day and the next min it wont stay on

What r u saying is the car dieing repeatedly after u start it if so then it could be a number of things did it do this b4 u changed the starter ... 1992 Pontiac Bonneville

1993 altima, car turned off on me twice. so i waited a min tryed to start it an it sound like i had a dead battery or starter. so i replaced the starter and went to start it. nothin happend! so i went an got the battery tested an the man said it was "Good" an still wont turn over it just makes a spinning sound. when i got to turn it on it make light really dim

Sounds like you have a spun engine bearinga dim battery while trying to start means you have EXCESSIVE mechanical resistancepull your spark plugs and try to spin the engine by handif you cannot then you can suspect MAJOR ... Nissan Altima

We have taken our car to three different repair shops and no can tell us why the car wont start after it leaves the shop. the battery is fine it is new the battery cables are good the alternater is also good and it has a new starter. Please help

Buy OBDII scan diagnose device and it tells you the problem. You could email me what it says to the scanner and I will tell you whats the problem and what the next steps to do. ok. OBDII cost only $65.00. check online maybe theirs more cheaper ok ... 2000 Daewoo Lanos

Car turned off on me twice. so i waited a min tryed to start it an it sound like i had a dead battery or starter. so i replaced the starter and went to start it. nothin happend! so i went an got the battery tested an the man said it was "Good" an still wont turn over it just makes a spinning sound.

Is the starter spinning,but not turning the engine?Have the alternator checked to make sure it is charging the battery,and supplying enough voltage for the ignition,now,is the stater is acting different from the old stater,it is possible the new stat ... Nissan Altima

My car doesnt want to startsometimes and for awhile it wouldnt start at all then all of a sudden it does then it wont again my starter tested good my batteries good what the heck is wrong with it when its not working the turns and the lights light up but the car wont crank over please help

Most times it is going to be your starter or starter relay that is failing.A dead spot on the starter motor winding may be giving you the problem.Next time it wont start - lightly tap on the motor housing of the starter.If it starts ... Saturn SC2

Car turned off on me twice. so i waited a min tryed to start it an it sound like i had a dead battery or starter. so i replaced the starter and went to start it. nothin happend! so i went an got the battery tested an the man said it was "Good" an still wont turn over it just makes a spinning sound.


My 95 bonneville wont start. the battery is fine and the starter is good too. i can have the key on and jump the terminals on the starter and it will start but the car wont stay runnining. i also notice with the key on the secruity and the airbag lites keep alternating flashing

You have armed the system secutiry or theft; check the owners manual to disarm. ... 1995 Pontiac Bonneville

I have a 95 eclipse n/a that wont start. it was running perfect, amazing actually, and then all the sudden wouldnt start. all lights and radio come on in the car(battery is fine, tried jumping it just in case.) the car doesnt crank(the starter isnt turning). i reset the computer, filled the slave cylinder(it was very low but i have a stage 2 clutchmaster), oil is full, fuses are fine, alternator is fine. battery has a good ground the only thing i can think it is is maybe a sensor(o2 sensor maybe

Check the main fuse in the fuse box under the hood. If the starter is getting power, replace the starter. If the starter isn't getting power, replace the ignition control module. ... 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse

2002 bmw 325xi most of the time wont start. car clicks like battery just died. clicks fast so battery is not dead or dying. tested batt and it is fine. tested alternator and that is good. checked all wires and terminals and they are very clean and tight. couldnt find started to check connection there because of it being hidden by belly pans and engine covers. when engine starts it is a very clean/smooth start. any help on what it may be or help on an easy way to get to the starter without a lift

Either the battery needs to be replaced or the starter needs repair/replacement.\015\012\015\012The easiest and least expensive method of diagnosing this problem is for you to install a new battery and try it. If replacing the battery doe ... 2003 BMW 325

My battery is 6 months old and is good. my starter is good, my altenator is good. the car will start with a jump or a charge.but when sitting all night , it wont start. help


I have a 2003 Chevy Monte Carlo that will not start. The battery is good, the alternater is good. When wires are croosed on the starter it will start and then restart as long as the car is warm, but when cooled down wont start back up again. I'm thinking relays but which ones?

Just check the electro-magnetic, which is actuated as soon as the ignition key is turned to crank the engine, the terminals will get connect if the plunger(electromagetic) is rusty or the grease is dry inside, Thick & sticky when cold. Warmth fro ... 2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

1996 saturn 1.9 Liter. No start, no voltage to starter, check ign. switch, ok, power coming in ( red wire ) Power going to starter in start position.( orange wire) . Check at wire harnest. When I by past ign. switch to see if car will start, car starts. BUT I DONOT Have to put voltage to starter for it to start. I just touch sold. with peice of metal and car starts ( NO VOLTAGE). Switch is good, Starter good, BUT CAR WONT TURN OVER. What the problem.

Hi, I'm sorry but I don't understand what you are saying. \015\012You have power on the big red wire, right? \015\012And you also have power to the orange wire when the switch is turned to start?\015\012Does the starter turn when ... Saturn SL

For about 2 weeks my car has been hard to start now it wont start it acts like the starter is not engaging to turn motor over when you try to start it it makes a whinning spinning noise we took starter off and had tested its ok we replaced starter and put on new selinoid car started i turned it off and tried to start it again no luck returned selinoid for another new one car wont start car has new battery any suggestions

Sounds like the battery wire to the starter is possibly the culprit, it may have a bad spot in it not allowing enough voltage to the starter. also depending on the brand solenoid you purchased it is possible to get a bad one. i recommend borg warne ... 1994 Lincoln Continental

Car wont start. Has gas. Battery is good. Has new starter. Just wont start

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