Having problems with your 1999 Chevrolet Lumina ?

Just replaced egr valve after getting egr flow insufficient and after clearing the code it comes back

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Nasty clog engine flush oil out with an oil flush very good use top oil no cheap stuff.
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Just replaced egr valve after getting egr flow insufficient and after clearing the code it comes back

Nasty clog engine flush oil out with an oil flush very good use top oil no cheap stuff. ... 1999 Chevrolet Lumina

2004 Ford Freestar 3.9 liter with 130,000 miles on it. After many failed attempts I simply cannot get this van to run right. Currently reading P2196 and P2198 O2 codes, even though I replaced them yesterday. Codes cleared right after installing all four new O2 sensors, but came back within 10 minutes of driving. I also had just replaced the EGR valve (less than 50 miles ago) as it was throwing codes as well (but not since I replaced it). Found a missing bushing on the front bank intake runner co

How about a fuel sample and new fuel filter? When the Service Engine light comes on this time, have you checked the final codes?\015\012\015\012The throttle position sensor, TPS, could be bad with all the work done on the Butterfly flaps ... 2004 Ford Freestar

Po 785 replaced 23 shift valve code comes right bac on if i drive a short time and turn off clear code and drive everything works fine and code does not come back on un till it sets and gets cold

... 1998 Chevrolet C1500

I have a 1997 chevy lumina. i had 2 coded before, po420 and po401. i changed the egr valve, and now the po420 is gone. i just replaced the egr tube, cleared the codes, and now the po401 is back. car sounds better, but i wanna get the code and service engine line off. any ideas?

Well, the po401 is saying is that the egr valve has restricted flow. After changing the egr and the tube, something else is causing the restriction. a more thorough diagnosis is recommended. The po420 code sounds like a possible catalyst failure or a ... 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

Can someone please help me???? i keep getting code po401, insufficient egr flow. i have replaced the catalytic converter, egr valve, egr tube, and have tried running cleaner through. it sounds a little better now, but would could be wrong? do i need to keep cleaning til it clears out or replace another part? this is killing me, and its doing the same to my gas mileage/

It may be the vapor canister. It is filled with charcoal and the vapors from the fuel system are sucked through it. If the diaphragm in it ruptures, you will get charcoal powder sucked into the egr system. You can clear it out and it will just **** s ... 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

I have a 01 nissan sentra gxe, the code came up P0430, somthing to do with cat and bank 2, anywho i have replace all 4 o2 sensor, cat, oil and filter, gas cap, valve cover gskt, cleand egr valve, gone over and over to make sure no exhaust leaks, had less than 1/4 tank of not so good gas so filled up with good gas, couldnt get old gas out, but the same code P0430 keeps coming up even after i clear the code and drive the **** out of. am i missing something. please help my wife really hates my truc

Here are the most common problems, Air leaks at the exhaust manifold or in the exhaust pipes. Catalytic converter is damaged, contaminated or has failed. Front HO2S or rear HO2S is contaminated ... 2001 Nissan Sentra

Code po171 had code po174 and po171 cleaned mass air control sensor,replaced egr valve put tank full of 93 octane gas in car plus attitive drove 150 miles cleared codes out first car did not come up with code po171 for about 110 miles drove at 60+ miles an hr. code po174 never came back what should i do next?

... 2001 Ford Windstar

I am having trouble getting my check light to go off after I had it checked and the EGR valve was replaced. The light comes back on after about 15 miles of driving and the code reads EGR poor flow. I can not find the problem.

Insufficient EGR Flow Detected\015\012 \015\012Possible Causes:\015\012DPFE sensor ... 2002 Ford Mustang

I am getting p0400 and p 0402 codes. checked the egr valve works fine. checked egr solenoid for resistance and it is fine. no lines are clogged. the code comes back. i am only getting 4 volts to the egr control solenoid instead of 12.6 or something? when i feel the diaphragm of the egr valve it moves a little bit when i rev the car. dont know what elese could be wrong. it idles rough sometimes and it jerks sometimes, like hesitates on high speed sometimes. it stalls out on idle sometimes too. it

Check the EGR air passage tube again.You may miss some on the first pass.====Check for vacuum leaks on intake manifold,the air tube between the air filter.intake manifold v ... 1997 Nissan Maxima

HELP!!! My CE light keeps coming on, and when I hook up the code reader it keeps giving me a code 33 EGR valve code. The truck is a 5 speed without an egr valve. I cleared the codes many times and it just comes back. what gives?

Fault code 33 means that the exhaust gas that flows into the upper intake when the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve) valve is opened is insufficient, or was not sensed during active test by ... Ford Ranger

I am at my wits end with this check engine po401 exhaust-gas recirculation and differential pressure. I have replaced the EGR valve and within a couple of miles it came back on. I have a OB2 reader and cleared it but failed the smog test in Ca because it didnt drive through a full cycle. I went to my mechanic and he suggested I replace the EGR selonoid which I did and then cleared the code. Again it came back on. I then read that the culprit could be the DPFE sensor that is part of the EGR famil

Okay...Ready? Remove the EGR valve and clean the throttle passages. They have to be relatively spotless. It's still reliable, just dirty. You're probably not going to believe how much carbon it can hold. All this carbon is restricting the passage ... 2000 Ford Expedition

I have a 2005 taurus with the 3.0 v6. I am experiencing a noticeable miss have already replaced the coil and the plugs. Also getting an o2 code on bank 2 sensor 1, replaced first one back on passenger side with a Bosch o2 still getting code. I have unplugged battery to clear codes they come back.

O2 sensor will cause this because its controling the mixture,have you got the wires right on teh sensor because in the box with the sensor is a leaflet explaining the colours of the wires that have to be connected to what colour ... 2005 Ford Taurus

I have a 95 chevy blazer auto 4.3 votec the check engine light was on and the code came as p1406 and i know thats the egr valve and miss fire code. but the egr valve will cause a misfire. i replaced the egr valve and cleaned both ports and it didnt help at all the same code came back. when im on the high i have no power it barely gets up to 65mph and when it does it starts hesating and sometimes will stall, it also hesates on shift sometimes and when i press the gas pedal all the way itll just r

... 1995 Chevrolet Blazer

P0401 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Insufficient Detected replaced the EGR valve but "check engine light" comes back on with same P0401 code

Check the metal line that comes off the exhaust and make sure it isnt plugged with carbon. also remove the egr and check the port and see it's clogged as well ... 1998 Oldsmobile Silhouette

2001 Nissan Frontier XE. Truck was stalling at stop lights. Checked codes and found carbon block in EGR valve. Cleared code. Found second cylinder misfire, checked injectors, replaced plugs, cap and rotor. Didn't clear code. Installed new distributor, shaft was a little loose. Now truck is getting an idle control malfunction, pulled IAC and cleaned it up. Still getting malfunction. Help please. Truck starts and runs for 5 secs and dies.

Call me its to hard to write down 361 355 2148 jerry ... Cars & Trucks

I am getting a code p0340 cps system error. I have replaced cam sensor, crank sensor and alternator. The problem only happens on startup. I can clear the code and first start up does not come back. second startup it comes back. I had the head rebuilt and reinstalled it. rnthe vehicle appears to run okay. No miss codes being thrown.

... 2003 Lincoln Aviator

P1751 Hey guys, I had two codes coming up, p400 and p1751. I had someone clean my egr valve and clear the codes so p400 disappeared. But the p1751 code is still coming up and when I open my gas cap air swooshes out and the neutral light blinks when the car is in drive. Please help! I only get 12 miles to a gallon. I need to get my car inspected like yesterday! Thanks guys! Mirage 1.8 engine A/T

... 1997 Mitsubishi Mirage

I was getting P0404 code from my van. Its a 05 Dodge Caravan SXT 3.3 ltr. V6. I changed the EGR Valve and still when I get up around 40 mph I am getting a little kick back. It feels like somethings clogged it keeps kicking back. What might the issue be? The check engine light comes on now and then when the issue occurs. Could it take a little time for the new valve to work? My email is [email protected]

... 2005 Dodge Caravan

Code p0403 cleaned egr valve and checked o2 sensors. when you clear the code with the scanner, code comes back as soon as you start the truck. exaust gas recirculation control circuit. thinking egr valve isnt working at all?

The code is EGR cicuit open. I would believe that to mean that if the cicuit is open that the EGR needs to be replaced.\015\012The worst thing, I think, a tech can do is to start throwing parts at a problem, but sometimes that is the only answe ... 2005 Dodge Ram 1500

#$%@&# P0401 code problem- 3.2 SOHC Trooper. "Insufficient airflow"- I have done it all from replacing the EGR valve to cleaning the pipe, hoses, throttle body, channel from the EGR valve to the intake manifold and everything else I have read to do or says to do in my manual. Sometimes I will aslo get a P1406- Pintle position code. The only thing I can think of at this point is that the ECM has a problem in as that it is not sending out or receiving EGR signals. Is it possible for an ECM to

Unfortunately, most of the conditions that can initiate the P401 fault code require that signals be read off an analyzer. \015\012Potential issues include a faulty MAP sensor, a blockage in the exhaust system (possibly the catalytic convertor), ... 1996 Isuzu Trooper

I have a 2003 chevy silverado 1500 2wd with a 4.8 liter when im driving i get on the dtc reduced engine power atleast 5 times a day. When i scan it the code comes up as P1125 severity 2 times when read. I replaced the throttle body the pedal position sencer , throttle control module, also bought a new throttle body harness soldered it shrink tubed every thing. I splicede the wires back 18 inches back cleared all engine codes and am still getting this reduced engine power

Check your spark plugs and wires, 2 things that majorly affect power. \015\012if your plugs are old/corroded/gapped wrong, you will lose major pressure\015\012Hesitation or misfiring when accelerating. This may be due to a vacuum leak, bu ... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I get a P401 & P402 code - I have been told to replace the EGR valve. It is located at the back of the engine beneith the overhang of the windshield washer which is part of the cowel. What is the proceedure to access the EGR valve? I can barely see it let alone get to it. This is on a 2000 Lincoln Navigator with 5.4 motor

Just a couple bolts & the heat tube to loosen\015\012\015\012Hard to get up on top of any F series Truck engine ... Lincoln Navigator

I've got a p0402 code that keeps coming back. I've replaced the egr solenoid and cleaned the egr valve. I've also replaced the egr gasket.

... Ford Sport Trac

Knocksensors i had an engine code po332,knocksensor bank 2 circuit low input,so i went ahead and replaced both knocksensors,now i get a reading(obd tool)eng.code po327 knocksensor bank 1 circuit low input..i have gone back and recheckedthe wiring & connection at the sensors,after clearing the code,it comes back on with the same code.

... 2003 GMC Sierra

I replaced the EGR Value because the error code indicated and said EGR Value insufficient flow. The engine light went off for about a week and came back on. I replaced the EGR valve with another new one thinking the first one was defective but the engine light did not go out. I noticed that when I increase a vehicle's engine speed by pressing down on the gas pedal or advancing the throttle while the vehicle is stationary it misfires. Please advise.

How does it run under a load ?IN DRIVE WITH THE BRAKES ON AND ABOUT 1/2 THROTTLE? Better or worse? Do you have a hole in the muffler or any bad exhaust leaks? ... 2002 Chevrolet Impala
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