Having problems with your 1999 Chevrolet K1500 ?

4 wheel drive grinds when i put it in gear while moving, but goes in gear in park

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

It is only suppose to go in 4 wheel when in park. when it is in drive the transfere case is spinning ,and it will damage it
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4 wheel drive grinds when i put it in gear while moving, but goes in gear in park

It is only suppose to go in 4 wheel when in park. when it is in drive the transfere case is spinning ,and it will damage it ... 1999 Chevrolet K1500

I have a 2001 dodge ram 1500 5.2 liter 318, it has 148k miles and has run like a dream for the five years i have owned it and out of no where my reverse gear has no power, drive, park, 2nd, and 1st work fine but when i put it in reverse i can hear it shift to reverse but wont move, no grinding or slipping, i lifted the rear and did same thing and it will definetly shift to reverse and it spins the wheels but when its down on ground the weight of the truck keeps it from actually moving, its almo

You could remove the valve body and clean\015\012You will not see anything at all by looking\015\012You will need a diagram of where the check balls go,because your upside down,with the case facing down.\015\012You will need to put ... Dodge Ram 1500

My four wheel drive doesnt work in my 87 s10 blazer , like when i put it in park to put it in gear the shifter on the floor goes into gear but the four wheel drive doesnt turn on ? is there any fuses or anything that need to kick on the front axles ?and when i drive my light on my shifter says its in 4 wheel low but obviously its not going like 65 to 70 mph i dont know whats wrong with it and its really bothering me

Sounds like either a fuse or the do u have locking hubs that need to be engaged also when using 4 wheel drive there is actually only 2 wheels turning usually passenger front and driver back sometimes u also have to drive backwards to engage and also ... 1987 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

1996 Toyota Camry went on vacation for a week. Came home. Drive halfway down the driveway and lost all gears. Sounds fine but doesn't move. Gear only grinds if you try to put it in park. Can turn car off and then put in park but them car still rolls so doesn't appear to really be in park. Did not show any signs of shifting problems before I left. Already checked the cord between the gear shift and transmission and it appears to move correctly.

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Have a 2002 GMC sierra 2500 6.0 4 wheel drive automatic and no matter what gear i put it in it still goes forward even in park it wants to go foreward but it dont cause its in park. what is the proble

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2006 z71. when trying to put in 4lo it just flashes and goes back to 2 hi. sometimes it makes grinding noise but still doesnt go in 4 lo. today was driving on highway in 2 hi and it like came out of gear and was making a grinding sound. i pulled over and truck wouldnt go in park, i mean i put it in park but it still rolled. then all of a sudden it made a noise and it was where i could drive it again.of course it still wont go in 4 lo. do you think this is a transfer case motor problem ?

Sounds like you need an encoder motor sensor and an pcm recalibration ... Chevrolet 1500

Went to the store came out started the car pushed on thebrake to put it in gear heard grinding sound and car just rolled backwards. will not get any gears, it is an automatic too.02 passat front wheel drive. when i try to put it into park it grinds then stops. i also have to use the e brake to park it.

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Car starts i can put it in drive fell the tranny ingage but wheels wont move even when in nutraul but if i rock car back and forth i hear a click and it drives but if i park then put gear shift in park back to no movement from wheels

Hi,check your transmision fluit level.I think the level is low .start the car ( car on level surface) put it in drive,parking brake set and check your trans fluit level.\015\012 good luck!!!!! ... 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

My 93 Wagoneer is 4WD all time. Pulled into town doing about 35mph and heard a loud knock. It would do it a few seconds after taking off from a stop and when It would try to shift. Before I could get where I was going it quit alltogether. I had nothing in 4 wheel high. Even if you put it in Park it will still roll. 4 wheel low works just fine but now in 4 wheel high when you put it in gear (reverse, drive and lower gears) it make a spinning grinding noise sometimes it will stop if you put it in

Sounds like the fluid coupler inside the transfer case failed. In my opinion using those is a great ideaon paper but they just do not last as well as the older direct engagement units used in Cherokees and wranglers. I own many Jeeps and will n ... 1993 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Have 1996 jeep grand cherokee larado with chrysler 318 engine and auto transmission, all the time four wheel drive with I believe to be a NP249 transfer case...have not used the low gear range for years....just never needed it....now went to use it and could hardly get shifter to move....finally got it to move to low position, but when put from neutral to drive, hear hear grinding in transfer case like it is not going all the way into gear...one time it did go into gear and it drove in low range

... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Transmission Problems When you put it in any gear it will not move at all but... you can feel it go into gear also when you put it back in park it makes a clicking grinding sound... is there a sensor for park,drive,first,second etc... or any other sensor that would cause this

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4 wheel drive grinds when i put it in gear 98 k1500

... 1999 Chevrolet K1500

2002 chevy tahoe 5.3L 4whldrv:passanger side rearwhl makes rattling noise whn put into drive or reverse.slow to move in eather direction.could rearend need replaceing or parts replaced?if so what parts?also when in gear and put into park,grinds as if car moving &thrown into parkwhat could it be???unable to pay for advice at this time yet in need of help.

Start with pulling the cover off the rear diff. and inspecting.. its very easy to remove.. ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

After driving for about 50 feet, and apply my brakes I get a loud rattle from the front passenger wheel. It is really loud in the 10-0 mph area. It keeps buzzing and rattling while holding the breaks in at a stop sign, and while accelerating for the first 8 or so mph. After I stop, I can put it in park, and then put it back in drive while leaving it on, the buzzing continues once it goes back in gear. What could be the cause of this. It has been an on going question, that I still haven't figured

ABS activation. There is problem with the abs system, causing activation or pulsing of the brake system on right front of the vehicle. This could be a sensor, wiring or module issue. Requires electrical diagnosis. ... 1997 Buick Park Avenue

Was driving 1991 Honda Accord Automotac transmission on the freeway. vehicle suddenly stopped. Can put car in gear but it will not move in any position. will roll when in park. When it is put in gear it makes a grinding noise. Was low on transmission fluid.

Just how low???? i think its a new box now,,, you realy done this one in if you have lost all drive even after topping up the box with ATF its a goner sorry ... 1991 Honda Accord

My 1996 Audi A6 Quattro with automatic transmission makes a loud grinding noise when (after driving) I try to put the transmission into Park. The grinding is also in Neutral. The other gears also seem to operate normally. The steering wheel does not lock when the car is turned off in Park. Consequently, the key cannot be removed. Any ideas?

Hi! THe grinding noise will surely be inside the transmission. I strongly suggest that you have it look at by your trusted mechanic for theres a big possibility that it's grinding inside. Im pretty sure that metal dusts from the grinding transmission ... 1996 Audi A6

Transmission??? The car will not move. When I put it into gear, 1st, 2nd, drive, reverse or neutral...it sounds like it is engaging but never does..then when I put it back into park it sounds like gears are grinding and then clunk. Any suggestions? and how much will it cost??????

It's hard to say for sure what the problem is, but there are a few things to consider. One, you may have a bad TCU (transmission control unit) - a friend has this issue on an Audi A4. You move the gear selector to put the car in gear, but the TCU i ... 2000 Nissan Altima

I have a chevy pick-up truck the year 1995 Z71. I put the truck in 4x4 high for the first time this year and did not get a light near the gear lever nor did it go into 4 wheel drive. I check the transfer case with it in neutral and the front shaft would turn freely, then put it in 4 wheel high and it would not turn. I also drove the truck on dry pavement with the 4 wheel drive high gear and 4 wheel drive low gear and had no bucking of the front end when I made turns in a parking lot. Any ideas

The accuater on the frontend is out ... 1994 Chevrolet C1500

I have a 1992 Oldsmobile Delta 88, and it has the following strange problem. when it is shifted out of park, into gear it acts like it is still in park. It can be felt going into reverse,and all forward gears firmly. To get the car to move, it has to be rocked back and forth several times, then it can be put in gear,and it will move as normal. When I helped a friend drive it off a dealers lot to his place before I bought it from him, we rocked it several times, I put it in drive, and it took off

One of three things. Inside the trans are clutches, bands, sprags and planetaries. I believe that either a set of clutches is sticking together or the input sparg is not free wheeling when it is suppose to or th ... 1992 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight

The car shifts into drive and reverse, and drives fine. But when you put the car in park, the car will move if you push it. And then it wont shift into gear without grinding, unless you start the car in neutral. Then it drives fine.

Shifter or linkage is damaged or out of adjustment or tranny park gear is damaged! ... 1996 Hyundai Accent

While driving home one day i really had to hit the gas to get the truck to go like something was wrong with the trans. it was like reving high befour it would start moving. when i got home put it in park and shut it off. the key got stuck! my dad got the key out and now i try to put it back in and it goes in but dosent turn. please help me!!! im so clueless on what it is! the stearing wheel is not locked.!!!

I would try moving the shifter up farther into park there is a saftey swich that wont let it move if engaged into gear try that if this does not work star small make sure the key isnt bent if none of the above work then llook into a new ignition ... 2003 Oldsmobile Bravada

I was backing up in a driveway one cold night, and as i tried to shift into drive it stuck on drive 3. I tried to move it back and it just wouldn't budge. I pulled infront of my boyfriends house and tried to put it in park and it got stuck in neuteral.. the gear shifter moves freely, but doesn't change the gear what so ever. I can't even put it into park meaning the keys are stuck in it and it's completely worthless right now. it sounds to me like the transmission, but i have no clue and am hopi

You may be able to stop and start the car in neutral using the parking brake. I'm not sure on the 2004. I would check the linkage and linkage cable first. It may be a much easier fix than you think. What gear does the indicator show you and is th ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

I have a 1989 Pontiac Formula 350. Transmission is stuck in Drive, however, i can move the shifter through the gears freely and the reverse lights come one and it goes in park yet the wheels still move, Im thinking it is the cable from the shifter to the trans, any input on how to fix?

... Pontiac Firebird

Daughter inlaw drove car to work. Said she heard a bang and made noise. I started car and no noise until I put it in gear. Sounds like the transmission is being put into park while moving. To me it sounds like a shaft broke but do not know if it is inside the transmission or not. V-6 front wheel drive.

Hello;\015\012 From your description it sounds as though something broke internally in the transaxle. I believe all Buicks were automatics. Not really any thing to do but drop the trans oil pan and see if there is a lot of metal in the pan ... Buick Skylark

My wife came to a stop while driving the van. When she went to take off she pushed the gas and there was a loud boom followed by a severe whining noise. The reverse gear worked so she got the van out of the road and call a tow truck. The van has not been driven since. I jacked the van up and spun the wheels while in park one wheel goes foward one go reverse. I started the van and put it in reverse and now that is making a whining noise also. What could it be?

The wheels turning opposite is normal. It's how the differential works. You need to get the transmission checked out by a qualified tranny person. ... 1999 Ford Windstar
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