Having problems with your 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier ?

The caviler will starts and run but then it loses fire and fuel

\015 The fuel pump is kicking on and off but i hear the fuel pump relay crackling like a bad connection, it only does it sometimes other times the car runs fine\015
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Answers :

Could be a number of things. but first check to make sure the voltage is around 13.4 volts.......

if the voltage is off in any way that could be the bugger. because most electric fuel pumps have a kill switch in them that will cut it off to try to save it from shorting out. mainly from running out of gas. since running really low and out of gas can shock the pump and cause it to burn up

unless youve had the fuel pump replaced before........ its most likely a bad connection.
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The caviler will starts and run but then it loses fire and fuel

Could be a number of things. but first check to make sure the voltage is around 13.4 volts....... if the voltage is off in any way that could be the bugger. because most electric fuel pumps have a kill switch in them that will cut it off ... 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 95 Camry 4 cyl. I had the Distributor changed last year along with the timing belt, plugs, wires, and fuel filter. Now when I drive it goes about 7 miles and shuts down, after about an hour it will start and run for about another 5 mins then die again, I tested the wires going into the fuel pump and one of the main wires loses it's fire when the car stops, I ran a hot wire from the battery to that wire and can hear the fuel pump running, got it started again, put a finger on the fuel pu

Lets start at the beginning. The engine computer grounds the pump relay. The relay gets power from the EFI relay when the key switch is on and from the starter fuse when the key switch is in the start position. Do you know if the pump relay is get ... 2000 Toyota Camry

I have a 1994 Toyota 4-runner. I am having problems with power and smooth running. This 4-runner sit for a few months while I was putting a new water pump, fuel pump, fuel filter and timing belt on it. Once I put everything back together, it fired up like new! Then after a few weeks of running, during the hot summer months, it started losing power when climbing hills. It would miss, and sputter. If you let it sit and cool down, it would start back-up like everything was ok. Once the motor

When you put the timinig belt on;did you get the correct timing? ... 1994 Toyota 4Runner

2002 astro will not start. Will turn over and occasionally fire and sounds like 1 cylinder will keep firing and turn over a few time by itself but will not run. has new fuel pump, filter & battery, starter was removed earlier and checked. alternator good, will lose some water over time but no leak. When key is turned on I can hear fuel pump turn on up to pressure and then off. Can smell fuel from exhaust but not excessive. Seems like not enough spark or moisture getting in? Will only do t

I would suspect the ignition coil or ignition module. these are common failures on these vans. ... 2000 Chevrolet Astro

98 Dodge Dakota 3.9 Auto. Just rebuilt customer's engine due to they had installed wrong (too large) injector in #6 cylinder and it blew a hole in the piston. Found the problem during rebuild and replaced with correct injector. Now after all is done and all(most) is well. Truck fires, cranks, runs great but after a few miles truck starts acting like it is not getting fuel and loses power. I can turn engine off and start back immediately and no problems. It will run again for several miles before

... 1998 Dodge Dakota

ECM plug I have 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I had a ptoblem wit it starting and after changeing the Crank sensor and checking the fuel presseure which is good. I got mad and slamed the hood and the jeep shut off so I got down to the ecm plug was lose. It will start right up and if I rev it it will back fire out the air box and stall. but then I can shake the first ecm plug and it will start up and runs fine when it gets up to temp.

It sounds like you have already located the problem, now you need to do something about it. Likely, by being partially unplugged, moisture and other bad stuff has gotten into the ecm connector. You need to carefully inspect all prongs and prong recei ... 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 94 Caprice 4.3 v8 and the past week it will run fine the acts like it's not getting enough fuel back fire real loud and die and it takes bout 10 mins before it will start again then when it does start it will run perfect when u punch it it does it again starves for fuel back fired and dies it back fired so hard it busted a hole I the muffle does anyone know what could cause this I changed the fuel filter though it might be the fuel pump any help would be nice

... 1994 Chevrolet Caprice

2 problems: 1) 1990 lincoln town car runs fine for 10-15min. Then starts shaking (like tire about to blow out but tires are fine or like water/trash in fuel, or not firing on all cylinders????). Also loses power on hills slowing significantly then gains speed on flat or down hill grades--slowly even though gas pedal almost top floor. If pull over & shut car off for min. or 2 then restart car runs fine again (even up hill) for a while then may or may not repeat this sequence depending on length o

Have you checked the fuel filter? ... 1990 Lincoln Town Car

Car will not staart now, it was running at one time, but would cut off while driving.. i have replaced the fuel pump, and filter, plugs, wires,cap,button, crank and cam sensor, and coil.....i find now i have appro 5 voltsw of power going to the coil with the switch in run, when you put switch into start postion you lose all power....no fire into or off the coil

It may be the ASD relay (auto shut down relay). They are not expensive, and I would replace it and see if this is the issue. It seems you have covered everything else as far as part replacement, at this point, the ASD relay is most likely the issue. ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2000 chevy blazer 4x4 is back firing, looses power, shuts off, and over heats but the gauges stay normal, it starts up good but soon it starts shaking and back fires (a lot)and shuts off, this starts happening during the hot day, but after dark, it runs normal, i got the spark plugs and coils, fuel injector, fuel filter, oxygen sensors, and battery replace. the battery keeps dying out too, i think it is bad gas but not sure because it runs good during the night, what could it be??

Cracked cylinder head or blown gasket ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

My 1992 honda prelude has a starting problem. When I turn the key to start, once inawhile it will just crank over and over without firing up the engine. Then 30 minutes later, it starts up perfectly. The car runs great and smooth without missing or timing problems so I think the distributor is ok, and i have new spark plugs. If its a fuel issue, I replaced the fuel filter, and starter fluid doesnt seem to help fire it up. Also like I said, the car runs fine, so I imagine its getting sufficient g

If you have the ignition system checked out you may want to have the starter checked if it is not going bad or the starter relay. Have it checked out if it is not working properly. It also has a capacitor in its circuit that may have leaks or may b ... Honda Prelude

I have 1998 sierra 1500 vortec 5.0 liters,when engine is cold (below 35 degre f )engine turn but don t start,i have fire,fuel pump run and i have pressure on my main fuel line juste before injector pack but dont inject fuel,if i plug block heater engine can start when is warm,and last time i start engine is missing and smell gasoline at exhaust pipe and very low power and i run the truck for 1 mile and the catalaser come overheat(red),i have two code when engine running(p1345 and other is missfi

Camshaft To Crankshaft Position Correlation Fault is what p1345 means. if the problem isnt electrical I would imagine the timing chain could be stretched and the engine is out of time somehow ... 1998 GMC Sierra

Have a 1987 nissan d21 pickup with 2.4l engine. truck will start and run for 1 to 2 seconds then quits. If i shut the key off and wait till the fuel pump relay kicks out maybe 30 seconds then turn the key on and let the fuel pump build thill it cuts out,truck will start and run for 1 to 2 seconds. If I just try to start it right away again it will not even fire although I can hear the fuel pump run. It comes up with codes 21 and 43

The signal from the distributor to the coil and injectors are off and on,not constant.Replace the distributor to fix the problem. ... Nissan Pickup

I have a problem with my 1996 mitsubishi pajero 2800cc turbo diesel. Sometimes when I am running, it seems like the fuel supply to the engine is suddenly cut-off and the car starts losing power until the engine shuts off and does not start. after a few minutes or after I manually operate the fuel pump the engine would start again. I have checked the fuel line cleaned the fuel tank and changed the fuel pump and filter. this is very dangerous especially if going fast or downhill because I lose

When i change engine oil in pajero 2800?\012\012\012please give chart? ... Mitsubishi Montero Sport

Starting problems I was driving down the interstate, my 1990 300zx started sputering and losing power then stoped running. I had the care towed home and after we took it off the truck it started right up. It ran for about 10 minutes and started sputering and died. I disconected the fuel line past the fuel filter and turned on the switch. It sent out a steady streem of fuel. It well crank and run for a short time then start sputtering and die. What can it be, Help

It will likely be the crank sensor, usually fitted next to or behind the bottom engine pulley. A common failure is for the sensor to stop sending a signal when hot, and the engine will stall immediately. After a time, it re-starts but will cut out ag ... 1990 Nissan 300ZX

1991 Z-34 lumina 3.4l engine the car runs great starts right up you can drive 20 miles or so stop park go shopping come back car will not start will not fire then if you let sit for hour or so it will start right up. you can hear fuel pump run for 3 seconds car will not start either not fuel or no spark we don't know which car runs fine after it sits

I would try replacing the computer in it. my pontiac would do that it would only run a while than stop and die. i had to replace the computer to fix the problem. ... Chevrolet Lumina

1987 jeep cherokee 4.0 Starting Issue engine cranks over but won't start- will start and run if primed. Will restart ok but if left setting will not start again. Changed: Fuel Pump Fuel Pump solenoid checked; TPS Crank Sensor it has fuel at the injectors fule pump runs for a few seconds at turn on. then stops . then restarts at cranking- as it is supposed to do. it appears the ECM is not telling the injectors to fire. Checked wireing diagram and i don't see anything that could cause p

Check your temp sensor. if it's out of range it could be sending incorrect readings to the computer. Also check the white ceramic block on the drivers side fender back near the brake cylinder. It is a resistor that affects pump pressure on start up. ... 1987 Jeep Cherokee

Starts runs good for a while,then will miss like loseing fire or fuel,does it speratic and sometimes alot sometimes once or twice

You will need to pin down if its fuel or spark, check the sparkplug wires and cap and rotor, then put a fuel gauge on it and see if it looses fuel preasure. if i remember this has the spider injection system it may be due to that also, a scope would ... 1995 GMC Jimmy

Trouble starting a 1990 f-150 ford pickup no fuel pressure if you leave it set for a little while it starts sometimes stays running as long as you leave it running it runs but if it dies have to wait a while before it starts again it loses it fuel pressure tried everything

Replaced pump and filter? ... 1990 Ford F150

90 buick century 3.3 will run 5 min. and stop sometimes will start back sometimes not. have changed computer,fuel pump and fuel filter[ holding 40 # fuel pressure all the time],coilpack and ing. module,crank sensor,now it will start but only runs about a sec. pulled exaust lose still will not stay running. any help would be great,donald

... 1990 Buick Century

3.1 runs fine then wont start if i turn it off at operating temp. Here's the thing though. in the no start situation it has fuel pressure on the fuel rail and fire at the plugs.THe computer has been replaced.ok so lets recap has a new radiator (no sensor) has a new computer (ecm/pcm) has fuel pressure on the fuel rail, and has spark! could it be timing belt? no because it runs fine no backfire through intake or exahaust. is it the ignition module? no theres spark! is it a fuel problem? no theres

HI, ok lets address each issue as your asked 1. Timing belt: since this engine uses a timing chain and it runs fine for the most part its unlikely to be the cause. 2. Ignition module: well the module not only sends the signal for spark timing but it ... 1990 Chevrolet Celebrity

My chevy blazer was running hot(burning to much fuel) so i replaced the brain then it wouldnt start so i replaced the map sensor and fuel pressure regulator then fuel filter and fuel pump. so she will fire up for a few seconds if i pour gas in the carb. or just back fires. i get good pressure right up th the injectors but not hitting the engine and wont start please dont know what else to do

... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

Hello, i have a 1994 firebird, 3.4 V6, automatic, car will start but runs really rough, will barely move, reverse or drive, throttle on floor can't hardly pull in garage, started losing power slowly over time, replace plugs,wires,fuel pump,fuel filter,air filter,idle air control valve,knock sensor,some vacuum lines, checked- tps, cmps, ing. module and wires, fuses, fuel lines, still running bad, about to replace both ckps, fuel cap, and harmonic balancer. anyone have any other suggestions what m

... 1994 Pontiac Firebird

1988 S 15 4 cylinder sat for 5 yrs. Started it with old gas still in tank. Smells like paint thinner. Started and ran excellent, drove around, did not add any new gas. A few days later, started running very rough, no power, barely starts. Added 5 liters of prem gas and gas line antifreeze. Motor still runs rough, no power. Thinking fuel filter may need changing. Is the fuel filer on fire wall, drivers side ?

Fuel filter is either there or along the frame rail under the truck.You may also need to change the plugs,wires and oil. ... 1988 GMC S-15

When I first start the Jimmy it fires right up. When I drive it for more than 20 min. While driving the engine runs great,and even better now with all the new parts. I park it then try to re-start it. It only cranks and does not fire back up. I could drive it for hours,but when I stop and shut it off. It will not start back up. It will start again if I wait for 20 or 30 min. I have so far replaced,the fuel pump,fuel filter,the map censor,the crank censor,EGR valve,air filter,all plugs,all wires,

It may be a bad ignition mod,, Autozone test\015\012are OK for batteries and Alternators but not\015\012modules because it's not a real test, mostly\015\012continuity test, not component heat test...\015\012Get a new module an ... 1999 GMC Jimmy
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