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I have a problem with my brakes!!! When i brake It seems only the rear right brakes grabs, it's like it's too high, i loose it up, at first it work but it got tight again. When i brake that wheel locks and it sounds like im doing a burnout and it bounces. All 4 hubs, brake, rotter are new. I drove it like that all winter and recently the abs light comes on and off. Did i bleed them wrong? Is there a certain order to bleed them or a different way? Tks in advance, Sylvain

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Answers :

To bleed brakes you should bleed the passenger rear first then the other rear then passenger front then driver front always start the bleed furthest wheel from the master cylinder
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I have a problem with my brakes!!! When i brake It seems only the rear right brakes grabs, it's like it's too high, i loose it up, at first it work but it got tight again. When i brake that wheel locks and it sounds like im doing a burnout and it bounces. All 4 hubs, brake, rotter are new. I drove it like that all winter and recently the abs light comes on and off. Did i bleed them wrong? Is there a certain order to bleed them or a different way? Tks in advance, Sylvain

To bleed brakes you should bleed the passenger rear first then the other rear then passenger front then driver front always start the bleed furthest wheel from the master cylinder ... 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier

Abs light on all the time and when i go to hit my brakes to slow down i feel like the brake pedal is pushing back hard and then the abs light will flash on and off but the truck wont stop like it should when the brake pedal finally gives. just replaced all the brake pads and bleed properly

So what your saying, is you lost, the last 30 years of technology?\015\012You have no idea what ABS,Check Lights, and the likes are there for?\015\012You have an ABS System failure. Maybe a Wheel Speed Sensor,you can do yourself.\01 ... Chevrolet Silverado

When I step on the brakes there is a wooshhh sound as long as I hold the brake pedal down. Also, I step on the brakes and the car will stop but then the pedal goes further like a bleed issue. All brakes replaced about 3 months ago and have been fine. I am thinking maybe a vaccum leak or a booster internal leak or internal master cyl leak? In the last 2 months I have had the ABS light come on intermittently. It also feels like the brakes are harder to depress.

... 2000 Buick Park Avenue

My 96 dodge 1500 had the same thing the abs & brake light came on, and the peddle went to the floor . I changed the vac. line becouse it looked like it had a hole in it. no luck so i changed the power boost and no luck. then bleed all 4 brake cylinders. no luck there. the peddle still gos to the floor and the lights are still on. whats next and can u tell me what I can do next to fix this problem Thanks

Hi, if you have done all this any the peddle still goes to the floor, replacing the caliper is probably gonna fix the problem and try re-bleeding again.\015\012\015\012\015\012Take care\015\012\015\01 ... 1996 Dodge Ram

I have a 1995 nissan pickup, 2WD, with a 4 cyl engine. I had some rotted out brake lines in the rear with both the ABS and BRAKE lights on in the dash. I replaced almost all of the brake lines in the truck with new and bleed the brakes. There were no leaks however and after pumping the brakes up, the pedal would be firm (like it should) however, after letting the pedal sit for about 20 seconds there would be nothing there (goes to the floor). I then replaced the Master Cylinder and it still does

You won't like the solution but you can't bleed the rear brakes (or front either for that matter) without a special tool that holds the ABS hydraulic control valves open to each wheel in the ABS hydraulic control unit, there is no way around this, mo ... 1995 Nissan Pickup

1995 gmc yukon 2 door 4x4 5.7 gas ABS system light on and abs module will not bleed. suspect air bubble in abs . brake pros can not cure it and guess at replacing abs unit. breaks are a bit spungy. original problem; blew a brake line at rear. Repalced and bleed. now abs system light stuck. special tool for abs bleeded produces no bleed.

 You may start at the master cylinder bleeders just take them loose let gravity work here. Then do the pump and hold as you would in your Grandma's car (you need a helper) Try this with the engine switch on, or have the engine running. Whil ... GMC Yukon

Dodge caravan sport 2001 the brakes and ABS lights come on and off intermittently sometimes staying on for 30 minutes to 45 min. then goes off for a while for like an hr. then the next time it comes on again. I had brakes check by shop that replaced and repaired my brakes they said the brakes were fine practically new because they had just replaced them,also the air bag lights comes on and off like the brakes and ABS lights . THen onetime all the indicator lights lit up and stayed on for 30min.

It is your battery. Replace it and you will be good as new.\015\012It has happened to me 2x now.\015\012 ... 2001 Dodge Caravan

Did complete brake job on 1997 Ford Escort wagon no abs rear shoes, drums, lines, wheel cylinders,even changed the block at the rear were the lines go in & out of. Front lines hoses pads, caliplers & rotors everything is new. Hit brakes when driving brakes will not lock on as if you were just lightly stepping on the pedal were do I look now never had a problem like this before. We have bleed the fronts & rears 5 times now still no change.

Is brake pedal hard to push down without engine running ,if so proceed to step two and thats to start engine and then push on brake and if pedal softer to push then the servo is working ,now if excessive pedal travel with engine running then remove t ... 1997 Ford Escort

The abs light came on about a week ago. nothing was going on utill i went to stop one day and it felt like it was trying to grab but couldnt. i just had new balljoints and tie rod ends put on both sides. and a roder on the passenger side. i had it looked at and a piston in the calaper on the front passenger side was sticking so i had it fixed and bleed the brakes but it is still doing it. when you go to stop it stops like nothing is wrong until the end of your stop and then it acts like it cant

You could possibly have a bad abs module. ... 1999 Oldsmobile Bravada

Hello we have a 2000 mercedes clk430 and when you are driving and attempting to stop it feels like the brakes are pumping themselves (the brake petal) and then sometimes the abs and check engine light comes on and the car goes into fault mode and you have to pull over and restart the car to reset it and the check engine light will stay on but the abs light will go off of it and it will drive right until the abs light goes off again. We changed all four brakes and brake discs because we figured t

... 2000 Mercedes-Benz CLK

My brakes start grabbing like the anti-lock brakes are trying to take over, the low trac light comes on, abs light comes on, and the check engine light all come on, after the lights come on the brakes work fine, I am being told after the lights come on the abs system is turned off because there is a fault in the abs system, had the codes ran and first code says left front speed sensor error, second code says RF wheel sensor frequency error, any ideas?

... 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue

2001 Silverado 2500 I don't like ABS I grew up with drum brakes in South Dakota. I learned how to control brakes and steering on ice. So now that my ABS system has a failure I'd like to turn the damn warning lights off and use non abs breaking. I don't need the feds to nanny me. Can I trun off the lights permanently and eliminate the abs? Thank you, Steve

What you can not do, is go thru inspection without\015\012all OBD2 Systems working,if you have insp\015\012About 14 or 16 states don't\015\012\015\012I know this question would come up someday ,and as\015\012you presente ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

My car has a slight issue with ABS. If the ABS light is NOT on, the LowTrac kicks in all the time, regardless time of year or weather conditions and makes braking hard. When the ABS light is ON, brakes are fine. I've never liked ABS, I prefer just straight brakes. Also a tight budget these days so, can't get it fixed. Question is... if I pull all the fuses and such for the ABS from the panel under the hood and the panel on the passenger side... will this shut off ABS and hopefully stop that Low

Live with the light the abs & traction control won't work but the brakes will still work fine when in budget get it diag poss bad wire or sensor ... 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

2005 impala after instaling 4 new brake and rotors and 2 new front wheel hubs abs and trac light will come on after drivivng a few miles park it a few minutes and they will go out.sounds also like a bad bearing roaring on rear of car abs and trac light and abs light never came on before this change . could it possibly be a faulty hub asembly or plug also has alitle shake a low speed like a bad tire put 4 new tires on and still does same thing feels like it is on rear passenger side

All the hubs on the car have the abs sensor built into the hub. The abs system has to be re set to read the sensor . The rear hub bearing if noisy should be replaced. There are wiring harnesses that connect to the abs sensor. The harnesses to each ... 2005 Chevrolet Impala

I have a 2002 buick rendevous, I start my suv and the abs light and the awd disable light comes on,and also the red emergency light just started to come one while your driving and it beeping. sometimes i start the suv the lights are out, then you put the brakes on they pulse like the abs is kicking in then the abs and awd lights come on and pulsing of brakes stops.

The ABS Module could be going bad, do you get a SEL (Service Engine Light) ? ... 2002 Buick Rendezvous

Hi I have a 99 chevy blazer with abs. I'm trying to figure out whats going on with the brakes because its seem like the brake padel is sinking in when i apply pressure. I try to bleed the brakes according to procedure..thinking that it might just be air in my brake line but after i was done it still sink in. My abs comes on after a while when driving and sometimes my brake grabs and i cant break at all. It feel like there something wrong with the abs unit.. I think.. Can u help me solve my probl

Sounds like the Brake master cylinder, witch is where you put the fluid. There is a metal block with metal brake lines coming off of it ,underneath the plastic jug that you put the brake fluid in that is the master cylinder. As for the hard to start ... Chevrolet Blazer

I HAVE A 1998 dodge ram 318 1500 two wheel drive the abs and brake light come on but it brakes fine when the brake light and abs light go out i have to really push the pedal down to stop the petal feels like its stuck on top till i push really hard then i feel it go down then the brakes lock up can you give some idea where to look to fix this problem thanks Frank

You need to check the break fluid level now i do think it is too late tho what it sounds like is air in your break system you need to bleed the breaks not doing so can damage the break booster you need to add fluid to the boos ... 1987 Dodge Pickup 2WD

I have a 1998 Chevy Lumina just replaced the brake lines. the break light went off but not the ABS light. The Mechanic said the ABS light has to be off to get the brakes to bleed . How do I get the light off and blled the brakes?

... 1998 Chevrolet Lumina

ABS light comes on sometime,and brakes seem to grind, like the pad is missing?? On Seat Leon, the ABS light comes on for no reason and then might stay on for a day, then go off again for no reason. The brakes sometimes feel like the pad is missing, and then all of a sudden it will be fine

There is a sensor in the wheels for the abs---have them checked. ... Volkswagen Euro

I have a 1999 cadi deville, the abs and traction control lights come on and the car steers like the power steering belt has came off and the car acts like the brakes are being held on. When these lights come on you can press the gas pedal to the floor from a dead stop and in about a 1/4 mile the car reaches about 55mph. Sometimes while driving the car with the lights on the abs light will start blinking and the lights will go out, when the lights go out there is sometimes a loud noise that sound

A few things could be wrong....it could be your brake control module, anti-lock brake system or a wheel speed sensor. The best thing to do is to get it into a garage and have them take a look at it and give you an idea of what is wrong. Either way, i ... 1999 Cadillac DeVille

My friends 02 ford escape abs light came on before a trip. I found that the passenger side rear wheel cylinder was leaking badly. I replaced both wheel cylinders and also installed new brake shoes, I then did bleed the complete brake system thoroughly flushing the system till I got clean brake fluid, to insure there was no air in the system. Now the abs light comes on as soon as the brakes are applied to stop, sometimes there is no brakes on the vehicle. There are no leaks in the system. She jus

The 02 ford escape I believe has a switch that detects the position of the brake pedal and sends the signal for the mastercylinder to apply pressure to the brake if the switch is out or has a poor ground that could cause the issue. I can double check ... 2002 Ford Escape

Brakes Spongy After bleeding Brakes 5-6 times. New Master Cylinder, New wheel bearing Brake Pedal is Spongy. Suspect something to do with the ABS System (The Dash ABS Light was on until New wheel bearing installed). The Light went out but the Brakes are still Spongy !

... 1996 Chevrolet K1500

I have a 1995 mercedes SL500. The ASR, ABS lights are both on, and when you step on the brakes, the #5 fuse blows. I have tested the brake pedal switch with a meter, and it is functioning normally. the bulbs are also good. The third brake light is not showing even a ground to either wire. I have read other forums where the 3rd brake light shorts out. Does anybody know any likely spots where the 3rd brake light shorts out. All the bulbs in the system are fine. Any Ideas? Does anybody know where i

... 1995 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

Hi can i bypass my ABS on my Fiesta 2009. My brakes only works rite when the ABS lights up on the dash....Before it lights up the brake are hard then you have to pump it a little the brake was bleeded

My abs unit on my 2009 Fiesta ECO Deisel had a total failure last year . More lights on my dash than a funfair. I bought a second hand ABS unit off Ebay but then had to send it away with the old abs and ECU unit to be reformatted with my vehi ... Cars & Trucks

ABS PROBLEM? It happens maybe once in a 12 month spam, it lasts inconsistently, (at the longest), for about a day and 1/2?. My ABS brake light appears and I get a less than full performance from the brakes. It feels just slightly less than 100% when I first apply the brakes and when I get just about stopped, it feels, (in the peddle), like it slips into a groove, slows more and then a slight feeling of?,,? grabbing,? or jumping,?,.. like the pads are down to nothin? and the attachment rivets, (o

If this bothers you enough to spend money trying to fix it. and there are no abs codes a tech can find. i would replace the rear wheel speed sensor. located on top of the rear axle.if it irraticly reads a different speed than the front wheels. your a ... 1997 Jeep Wrangler
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