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The climate controls went dead (no electric) checked the fuses (ok) is this a computer trouble or possible a ground trouble. The a/c compressor is always on and the cold air leaks into the vents, the fan is dead along with the controls.

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The climate controls went dead (no electric) checked the fuses (ok) is this a computer trouble or possible a ground trouble. The a/c compressor is always on and the cold air leaks into the vents, the fan is dead along with the controls.

... 1999 Chevrolet Blazer

Air conditioner works sometimes, sometimes does not. 2004 buick lesabre. Now the battery is dead. Air is cold when working. Fan does not seem to always work but there is cold air that is coming out of the vents.

Chech your relays and fuses for the ac cooling system on the fuse box, then check ac compressor ... Buick LeSabre

I have a 2001 Honda Odyssey. I only recently bought this. The rear air con vents only blow out cold air, no matter what the temperature it is set to. The dealer I bought from said this was standard, and that they were for cold air only. I can't see the logic in having rear vents that blow cold air conditioned air only. The rear air con does have independent fan control. Does your's do this? Am I being fobbed off by my car dealer? Thanks for your time. Cheers John

I have 2000 odyssey AC air working fine but rear not blown out air come out please give me advice what going on thank you ... 2000 Honda Odyssey

A/C not working in my 2003 Nissan maxima GLE-- the gauges light up appropriately, but the fan doesn't blow. It does get cold, I can feel the refrigerated air gently blow though the vents if i'm driving fast enough to let air through the vents. I can hear the appropriate sounds in the engine, but the fan never comes on. This happened immediately, worked fine one day, nex day it was dead.

The most likely cause of your concern would be the fan control amp. It is located behind the glove box. It controls the ground side of the blower motor. But before replacing it, check to see if you have power and ground at the blower motor. ... 2003 Nissan Maxima

2001 Cavalier A/C compressor keeps running when I shut the dash controls off. I just replaced a leaking compressor with a brand new original unit, had the system charged and it has been blowing ice cold air since. The problem I have is that the compressor seems to be running or engaged at all times. I can shut all the controls on the dash off, but the compressor still runs and the icy cold air still trickles out of the vents. What could be keeping the system ''on'' at all times?

Has the ac system wiring been by passed or rerouted?You need to ask who ever installed compressor if they did ant thing like that.If for sure they didn`t,then it would have to be in the ac control.Does it have automatic ac control?Push button,digital ... 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier

1986 Mercedes 300e The air conditioner vents blow cold out of the center two and hot out of the two sides and the defroster vent. I tried to press the lower vents button and the high setting on the climate control panel but hot still comes out the two side vents and when I slow the car down at a red light the vents shut off altogether then come back on when I speed up again. Is there a hot air vent door that is sticking open under the dash somewhere?Is there a common problem with vacuum leaks

All the blend doors and vents are controlled by vauum. If you look in the rear firewall behind the brake master cylinder you will see a vacuum check valve with lines entering the cabin of the vehicle. The yellow colored ones are for your central lock ... 1994 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Ac problems My ac compressor has freon an comes on somtimes, but now it blows no cold air and the climate control box in the dash does not always make the ac clutch come on or the blower fan inside the car blow. I have to turn the fan on manually ( Auto does not work) then push the buttons up and down a few times to get the blower fan to work. Does anybody think they can help me to get my ac working again, and could it be a faulty climate control box? I really don't have the money to waste a

Well,i'm in the same boat."fixed income"... BUT! if you have to keep the car instead of takin out a cheap car loan like i had to. I can tell ya, if the c-box isn't getting continuity,[check on firewall] on olds pre 2001. If you are, than the compress ... 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue

Vents blowing hot air when blower is shut off, my truck has always pushed air through the vents when in drive and could control whether it was hot or cold, now they just push out hot air, would it be a sensor or a valve, or something else?

You have a faulty blower motor resistor and wiring harness assembly. It's a common problem on these trucks. You will find it under the dash on the passenger side just above where the passengers feet go. You'll need to remove the plastic hush cover un ... 2006 Chevrolet Silverado

96 328i heater wont blow....the control unit works...i can hear it openlng vents...but no air hot or cold comes thru any of the vents....if I unplug the control unit...heat leaks out the top dash vents(which is a blessing).

Check fuse to blower motor under dash you may have a bad blower motor ... 1997 BMW 328

When i put my as on high, air flows out the vent slow at first util 10 to 15 minutes down the road. I can here the air blasting an the air is always super cold like it should be, its a coustom century with dual cimate control. i think its the vent door not opening up but i dont know if its electronic or works bu vacum can you help

It's the climate control system. It will recirculate the air first until it gets the temperature under control. ... 2001 Buick Century

2003 chevy silverado air does not blow through vents. Condenser works. Pipes are cold. Fan works. Modular (next to fan) repalced to get fan to work. Heater air conditioner controls under radio replaced. Fuses checked seem OK.

The air vents are control by vacuum line and or linkage.Listen for hiss or feel for vacuum leak under the dash,Feel for broken linkage(s) that are close to the vents.WORK BACKWARD if you have small hands to f ... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Sorry for the lsck of information on the low pressuer swicth on my 2005 uplander the ac started out working somtimes and then not.finally it stopped all together. i can run a hot wire from battery to ac compresser and make the ac run and it will blow cool air not cold out of the upper dash vents and rear cargo floor vent the only controls on that panel that work are the fan knob and defrost button the ac button,vent selection knob and hot cold knob dont work. i was told the low pressure swicth b

It is most likely the control head,you will have to replace it to get the ac to work correctly. ... Chevrolet Uplander

1999 expedition 5.4 cold air from dash vents, hot air from rear vents with a/c on max and all fans wide open. any thoughts? Comments: Apr 23, 2010 - thanks pal. just charged the system and moments ago verified system operating pressures, so i will rule out answer two at this time. the mix door idea is intriguing... there must be separate mix doors front and rear? is that possible? Apr 23, 2010 - i'm having trouble visualizing a problem with the mix door. if there is only one mix door, wh

The expansion valve on the rear evaporator is not opening,or it is all the way open,replace the expansion valve on the rear evaporator to correct the problem,this is pretty common for this to happen.The expansion valve is connected to the evaporator ... Ford Expedition

AC light Great vehicle. The light in the center of the temperature dial - indicating that the AC is on - comes on at various times when I am ajusting the ventalation controls. It is cold here in my area now so I am not trying to run the AC. When I switch the vent controls from defroster back to dash vents/floor vents, for example, sometimes the AC light will come on. Also, if I press the fan dial to turn off the circulation of air from the outside, the AC light comes on. Just wondering if anyone

Has anyone experienced the rattling noise coming from the engine? Mine has been to two different dealers and I have been given the answer that Nissan is aware of the problem (but have not told me what the problem is) and that they will contact me wh ... 2008 Nissan Rogue

Just replaced fan blower motor on ac, only passenger side vents blow cold air and stronger than the drivers side. it only works on high speed and it will also change fan speed while driving without changing the control. i changed the control panel last year. I need help this is the second new blower that i have put on this car. the reason for this second one is water was in it, i guess someone didn't do something right??? water was pouring in the floor board too...

The water problem is a drain hose is plugged up.should be a hose hanging down for moisture to drain out from under the evapoator. try running a small plastic tube up it and see if it will clear it. ... 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue

My ac only blows cold air out the driver side vents the other vents just blow air. there is no loose duck work and i dont have digital controls only one knob that works the fan speed

If the freon is low this can happen,also,there still will be a door actuator motor that controls the vents,it is in the dash,and the dash would have to be removed to replace it.If this was helpful,please rate,thank you. ... 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have an '03 Dodge Ram 1500. I can control the temp of the air coming from the vents and which vents the air is circulated through, but i cannot control the fan speed, you can only feel air circulating when traveling at higher speeds... Once in a blue moon, the fan motor with work properly for a few days and i will have fulll control of the fan speed and then it will stop working again. I have replaced the climate control panel and still have the same problem. Everything works except the fan s

These trucks have problems with the blower motors,these stock motors are known to fail intermittently when one or more motor windings fail. This is evidenced by the motor not running occasionally after the car/truck is turned on. At high ... Dodge Ram 1500

Hvac problem with 04 montana Switch my temp control knob to hot, and my air flow knob to mix front vents and floor vents, and I get hot air out the floor and luke warm air out the front. Since I don't have rear heat this is not enough to warm rear passengers. Turn my air flow knob to only front vents, air flow and temp increase but not enough to stay warm. Switch my temp control to cold, and I get cold air out the front but luke warm air out the floor vents. My feet get hot in the summer. Any i

... 2004 Pontiac Montana

2005 Chrysler Town and Country air conditioning fan not working; when I turn the control "on" low/high nothing blows but once I hit 30-40 miles per hour you can feel the cold air from the air conditioning coming throught the vents is it the switch???

I would be looking at a shorted blower resistor it is located behind the glove box on the HVAC housing. Prob the switch contacts with a 12 volt test light if the bulb intesity does not change the blower resistor is bad. The resister is at fault abo ... 2005 Chrysler Town & Country

My 2003 Chevrolet Silverado is having air conditioning problems. Couple of weeks back I added some refrigerant and the Schrader valve started leaking. Air conditioner was getting down to 54 degrees out of the vents before my problem started. It has duel climate control and has had problems since new that the dealer either could not or would not fix. System does not seem to have a setting below full AC. Last Monday morning on my way to work I had no cold air at all because all of the refrigerant

Question: You do not have leak of Freon 134A "When you drive on the road enfria.Prueba in your house and throw water with the car wash hose to pour water condenser is in front of the radiator if that way you notice that you have cooled to check the f ... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

My A/C is out in 2005 Chevy Silverado 1500. Replaced blower motor resistor but the blower fan won't come on on auto setting (dual climate control). Going down the highway, I feel cold air at the vents but fan speed will not change with switch. Blower fan was tested with battery and runs fine. I don't know what else to check.

... 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2WD

No heat The temp. gauge is two points above Cold, Fans runs in all positions except floor position. It shuts off. Changed thermostat, no change. Hoses going to heater core are HOT, but cold air is all that comes intto car. A/C is not working due to leak in system, should this affect the climate control system during winter?

\015\012No Blower in Floor Mode\015\012A customer arrives with a 1983 to 1995 Full Size Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury\015\012automobile with automatic temperature control. If the complaint is no blower operation when\015\012the f ... 1988 Lincoln Town Car

I have a 2004 mitsubishi endeavor and my A/C, heater and defrost have stopped blowing. The A/C knob had blinked at one point. I have looked at the schematics in the owners manual and checked all A/C related fuses inside the cabin and under the hood.The A/c lines get cold and the hearter lines get hot when the switch is turned. Also cool air and hot air slowly leaks from the vents when selected. The fan does not kick on. you can hear the compressor kick on when you turn the ac unit on or off. Wha

... 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor

This morning, when i started my vauxhall corsa (S REG, DIESEL), black smoke came out of the air vents. The car was making a funny noise like a fan belt slipping, the battary light was flashing on and off. I must admit that the weather was rather cold and before hand the raditor was leaking and i forgot to put anti-freeze in. I've now taken the vehicle out for a test run and the car seems fine, the fan belt is on and working correctly. ANY CLUES ANYONE ????? THANK YOU

Sounds like your waterpump was frozen causing the belt to slip on the pulley.Fit a new belt[check it for glazing and cracks] and fit 2 litres of antifreeze in to a flushed cooling system. ... Volkswagen agon

79 corvette a/c cold but cant get it to blow out the vents hard.. Changed all relay's and fan switch controller.. fan speed coils are fine... Iam outa idea's...Someone friggen help please..too damn hot without air.

Sounds like the evaporator might be obstructed. The evaporator is just a small radiator and the fins could be clogged with dust, dirt or leaves, and just needs to be cleaned to allow the air to flow through it. Also when you remove the blower motor ... 1972 Chevrolet Corvette
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