Having problems with your 1999 Cadillac DeVille ?

Turn signal indicator and turn signals not working.

\015 The indicator comes on, but does not flash. The signals themselves are not working. The front signal comes on, but doesn't blink. Please help this woman!\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

You have a bad flasher unit. They are usually located under the dash adjacent to the steering column. They are inexpensive and can be purchased at any auto parts store. Just find it, unplug the bad one and plug in the new one and presto.....your turn signals and hazard flashers should be good as new!! Hope this helps and good luck.
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My right turn signal isn't working correctly. When I'm driving down the road my dashboard indicator for my right turn signal will turn solid green but wont flash, But when i turn my headlights on it will stay solid green even if i have my left indicator on and flashing when turning left or changing lanes, but neither of the two lights that are meant for the right turn signal wont even turn on if the headlights are on. But they will work for hazard signals but if the headlights are on the

I had the same problem on a 92 & 95 Dakota years ago, replaced the turn signal switch in the column & found a loose ground wire in the harness back by the tail lights. Never had a problem again. If you're gonna try to replace the switch you will need ... 1995 Dodge Dakota

Turn signal periodically the turn signal will stop working. When the truck is first started the turn signals will work fine. After 5 or 10 minutes of driving the turn signal will stop working. The interior indicator will stay solid as will the exterior turn signal lights ( all lights work). We have replaced the fuse and the turn signal switch.

Now replace the flasher unit! Frankster016 ... 2002 Nissan Xterra

I have a 1999 Nissan Quest, I've been having problems with my turn signals. It started out with the flasher buzzing but the turn indicator would work. Then they quit, I put a new flasher and turn signal switch on it and it worked for a short time then wouldn't work at all. I did some new ground connections and it seemed to work but then again they would stop working. This last time I noticed that the warning flasher wasn't working but the turn signals were, now they aren't working again. Any sug

Go here and read files\015\012\015\012http://groups.yahoo.com/group/villagerquest/\015\012\015\012we will help you with our team. free ... 1999 Nissan Quest

Left turn signals not working and left turn signal indicator light does not come on. Right signals working and right indicator light flashes when turn signals activated.

One of the left turn signal bulbs is burned out. turn them on and look to see which one is out when you see one not on replace it and you are up and running again. ... 1998 Toyota Tacoma

Instrument cluster I have a 1994 Oldsmobile Bravada. The dashboard panel is not fully lighting up. I don't see my turn signals, although I do know they work, and the speedometer does not show either. This has been and on/off thing for past couple of weeks. The turn signals on the truck work but I can't see them on the panel. All other indicators work (gas gauge, oil gauge, ABS-which isn't working), therm and battery). The tach and mileage indicators also work.

... 1994 Oldsmobile Bravada

Installed LED Halo Projector headlights in my 05 Impala but encountered an issue. The front left and right turn signals fo not work. All other lights work. When using the turn signal the indicator and rear turn signals blink really fast. The bulbs do work. Wiring- the power cable that runs fro, the hi/low beam is connected and linked into the cars headlight connector (power cable- yellow wire) the turn signals have a harness that connects to the stock harness coming from the car. Any clues,

... 2005 Chevrolet Impala

Front driver side turn signal light doesn't flash.replaced bulb,replaced socket,all other lights work on emergency flasher,except front driver side.rear driver side turn signal light works,but flashes fast,also when turn signal switch is on for driver side turn signal,no indicator light on instrument panel.running light driver side front has power,just no flash.

Replace flasher......usually located in fuse block area...listen in this area....select passenger side ...then select driver side...you can hear flasher clicking...you have seperate flashers for each...FLASHERS are small cubes plugged into fuse block ... 1998 Buick Century

None of the turn signals work, the turn signal indicator in dashboard doesn't work either

I buddy I got the same problem because I did a bit of offroad with the car and the hazard cable unplog from the button then all the signal won't work just pull the air and radio holder then check if the cable still fix ... 2002 Toyota Corolla

My rear drivers side turn signal is not working, the front one works fine and the turn signal indicator inside is flashing like I have a burned out bulb, but the bulb is fine. what could be wrong?

... Ford Cars & Trucks

2005 Scion XA rear passenger side turn signal bulb stopped working and indicator started blinking rapidly. I changed the bulb and still the same. Checked fuse and it's ok. Switched the working driver side turn signal bulb with housing to the non-working passenger side and it wouldn't work there. After putting new bulbs in both sides (since I bought a pair I figured "why not"), I disconnected the car battery to "reset" the power in the car, and when it turned back on it was still the same. What e

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Driver side front and back turn signal not working. Passenger side turn signals work ok. Bulb does not go on in back front bulb on but no flash. Sound of signal in car but the signal indicator does not work for the driver's side.

Sounds like the rear bulb is bad, check it if bad replace it if not replace the flasher canister. ... Pontiac Bonneville

Ford explorer 2003 Issue the turn signal indicator lights in the dash went out one a week ago the other yesterday. turn signals are working fine just no indication off the instrument panel. all other lioghts on instrument panel working, fuses looks ok. How do it find out if the bulbs for these went out and if so how to changes them

It seems that the bulbs went out or the ribbon cable that runs behind the instrument panel burned out check on a junkyard for a replacement instrument panel and replace it, verify that the truck you pull out the instrument cluster is the same year an ... 2003 Ford Explorer

Turn signals work on the outside of the vehicle but there is no indication inside vehicle. No turn signal lights in cluster and no "clicking" noise of a flasher unit. High beam indicator also inop, although lights themselves work fine

Hello rbflyin. This is a fairly common problem in BMW's after they have been in service for a few years. The problem has to do with the flasher relay getting a wee bit weak due to the fact that it relies upon a spring which looses a bit of it's str ... 2001 BMW 325

I have a 03 BMW X5. My radio is not working. When I turn the car on it starts playing but it turns off after about 2 mins. I can?t turn the station or control the volume. My signal light indicator is not working also. The light is flashing outside but you can?t tell that it?s working from the dash indicator. They both started around the same time. Do you know what the problem could be?

2003 x5 radio comes on for 5mins then shuts off ... 2005 BMW X5

Rear left turn signal and rear left brake light are inoperative. Rear right brake light, and front left turn signal respond as appropriate (turn signal pattern flashes quickly to indicate problem). Driving lights function normally. Transfer between left and right lights indicate all bulbs are in working order.

Pull the carpet off on the left rear quarter panel.Look for bad (or no grounding) from the wiring harness.Check for damaged wiring (expose copper wire)There may be a intermediate connector.C ... Ford Focus

I am working on a 1991 Audi 100. The turn signal lights stay on steady and not flashing when the signal switch is turned on after I replaced the wiper switch. Also the emergency lights only work when the ignition key is off. I installed a new flasher relay and checked all the light bulbs but it makes no difference. In addition, when the dash lights are turned on, the signal indicator lights come on dim. I know there could be some current feedback in the system but do not know how to trace it. An

If you replaced the wiper switch and this problem occured, you have a bum switch or the wrong one. ... 1990 Audi 100

Turn signal and hazard lights not working at all. Replaced Hazard fuse relay, checked appropriate turn signal fuses, all are okay. All bulds are ok as indicated when alarm activated with key fob. All flash as indication doors are locked. One day the turn signal was blinking at accelerated speed, then just quit. Now nothing, no noise, no clicking....any suggestions? Thanks

... 2001 Volkswagen Beetle

I have a 72 F250. I had to replace it with another column from an earlier model F250 67-68. The neutral safety plugs in and works fine, but the other harness was loose wires. How do I get everything working again ? I matched up the wires that were of similar colors, but I get turn signal indicators on when I press the brake. 4 way works with headlights off, but not on. I can get the left side to work correctly, but only the front right works on turn signal switch, but the bulb is good. I am lost

Use your old wire harness ... Ford F-250

I have a 2004 Chevy TrailBlazer that just developed a problem with the left turn signal. The left turn signal indicator on the dash is blinking rapidly and the tail light turn signal is out. I change out the bulbs and I still have no lights for the turn signal and brake. I also check the fuses and they seem okay. The right turn signal and tail lights are working fine.

The Trailblazers have a common problem with the printed circuit boards in the tail lamp housing.\015\012 Unplug the tail lamp housing at the wiring connector and test for power with a test light. ( With turn signals on) You may have an open cir ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

1995 Ford Mustang convertible, turn signals do not work, no turn signal light even appears on the instrument panel (often you will see the arrow solid, not blinking, no arrow period) other tail and brake lights work,... except for when I turn on the turn indicator, then the corresponding brake light goes out as well. We do not have an owners manual.

Hi. You may check the fuse first. Might be fuse are blown out thats is why signal light is not working. ... 1995 Ford Mustang

Instrument cluster I have a 1994 Oldsmobile Bravada. The instrument panel partially works. I can see the gas, batter, thermostat and oil gauges, as well as the Check Engine and ABS lights (both are intermittent since I bought it 3 yrs ago used) show and the tachometer and mileage indicators work, I just do not see the speedometer and the turn signals. I have looked at the turns from outside and they work fine. The missing indicators work off/on but the last few days they are off more th

Cold solder joints were a common problem with GMC instrument panels of that time. I've found surface mount resistors just rolling around inside panels with some just plan gone. If so you can get a panel from junk yard remove parts from that & f ... 1994 Oldsmobile Bravada

Ford Taurus 2005 - left turn signal not working, but bulb not burned out, because it works sometimes. When turn signal on, the indicator light stays on, but bulb won't flash. When car is turned off, if the brakes are applied, the dash lights up. Help!

... 2005 Ford Taurus SE

The turn signals stopped working one at a time over the last year. The first one to go out was the drivers side and it would work as long as I manually clicked it. So now they both don't work. Also the dash indicator for the L turn signal stays dimly lit on the dash.

It sounds as if the turn siganl switch (typically located under the dash) has failed. These can be purchased for $5-$10.\015\012\015\012Hope that helped,\015\012Tom ... 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

I just bought an old trailer '94 and when I hooked the lights up it worked fine except for the ''R'' on my gear indicater would flash when my turn signal flashed, After 20 Miles the turn signals stopped working and also the A/C and Recicle buttons would not light up. Dash gear indicator lights out, no air coming through dash vents. Park release selinoid not releaseing gear shifter. Running lights, brake lights and Hazzard lights all WORK. What fuse do i need to change?

Check for blown fuse(s). Seems like you tapped into the backup light circuit. ... 2005 Toyota Tacoma

Posted by bazza_T on Mar 04, 2009 I have a problem with turn indicators: They work when switching the hazzard warning (all four lights flashing), but when using the indicator stick on the steering column (left or right turn) they fail to work. Any ideas? Comment posted on Mar 04, 2009 Where is the turn signal fuse/relay located?

The relay swich is gone its in with ur fise board looks like a small sq box just pull out and put in ur new one ... Toyota Corolla
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