Having problems with your 1999 Buick Riviera ?

The tabs that hold hub inserts bave broken off several of my wheels. New ones are very expensive.Has anyone figured out a way to repair so they'll remain attached to the main part of the wheel cover?

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Answers :

\015\012you can maybe use some sort of epoxy to glue it back together but that is only going to be temporary, i would suggest, if you dont want to pay steep dealer prices, simply go to a junk yard.
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The tabs that hold hub inserts bave broken off several of my wheels. New ones are very expensive.Has anyone figured out a way to repair so they'll remain attached to the main part of the wheel cover?

Hello,\015\012you can maybe use some sort of epoxy to glue it back together but that is only going to be temporary, i would suggest, if you dont want to pay steep dealer prices, simply go to a junk yard. ... 1999 Buick Riviera

1991 fleetwood flair motorhome. The ignition quit working. I took the steering wheel off and some other parts because I thought I would have to do that to replace the switch. It turned out I wouldn't have had to do that to replace it, but I found a part that was broken. I can't find any kind of a diagram to figure out what the part is that I need or what it does. It's a piece of cast metal in a semi circle near the bottom of the column and is attached to a thin rod that goes down the column. I

If it has a ford column then you are talking about the ignition lock actuator. Go to a parts store and ask for this for a 90 F-150 It should be in there HELP section. ... Ford F-450

Hello, I am trying to replace the front speakers on my '91 ford temp. When I've removed the door cover, I unscrewed the speaker and tried to take it out. Unfortunately, it seems as the part I've unscrewed (speaker cover) is attached to the speaker itself. (note: there are no other screws) Is this speaker built in the car, or is there a way to take it out? When I pull on the speaker cover, the whole speaker "material" is being pulled along, but the magnet stays solid in the door. THANK YOU!!

If I remember right, you have to reach your hand in there and remove the clips that hold it in place. you should just be able to flip the clips. ... 1991 Ford Tempo 4 Door

I have a 69 GTO that had an aftermarket steering wheel. I'm putting a stock steering wheel back on (the one with three horn buttons on the spokes). The part with the horn buttons has a wire on it, and I can't figure out what to attach the wire to. Any help?

Just to make sure I understand the problem? You can't find the wire that goes to the horn to connect the steering wheel to? You will need to locate this wire or consider running a new one. That is what the wire is for. You may want to consider having ... Pontiac GTO

My brake went out, cylinder broke and shoes were shot to hell, we took the wheel apart, and set everything down so we could put it back in, that way it wouldn't be so much of a puzzle to put back together. but that failed and now we are having problems figuring out exavtly what parts go back in in what order on my 1981 Chevrolet Van G10

Take a look at the one on the other side of the car. ... Chevrolet G10

Grille has been peeling for a year now and no one as any suggestions other than just replacing it! WIth the same thing!! For the same problem to happen again???? Is there any way to get Nissan to help with this problem? I have the extended warrenty, but it is not part of the covered items. I had to research a recent repair after the dealer charged ME and I was sure it was under the extended warrenty. It was and they had to reimburse me + add the cost of the rental I had to use. They said they ca

Not much you can do for peeling chrome from a grill. (I assume it is plastic). If it is metal you can check with a chrome shop toi see what they'd charge you to rechrome it. Another option is to check with after-market auto accessories places and ... 2004 Nissan Murano

I have a 1999 Chevy Lumina car. I had to replace my front bumper and I found this big black plastic ball like with a vacuum line attached to it. Its screwed to the front part of the wheel well, right behind the bumper. What is this plastic ball for? My repair manual for this car does not show or say anything about this. (???)

It is a vacuum holding cell which is needed to feed vacuum to the heater air condioning controls inside your car. Also other vacuum related items feed off this vacuum tank ... 1999 Chevrolet Lumina

I need help with Axles for 2001 Hyundai Elantra. The Left Axle rubber cover is broken, also I heard noise when the wheel moves iether left or right turn when the car is leaving or entering a parking box. Also, there is a leak at the transmission box and the Front Right Axle, where the seal is attached. Do I have to replace both the whole Axles or replace some partial parts of the Axles... plus how many seal do I have to purchase to replace it both for my Elantra? Pardon me for the lack of knowle

Depending on how bad the axels are. you could buy new ones. or you can buy a rebuild kit. now for the leak just 1 seal but if your gonna remove both axels i suggest buyin both side seals. ... 2001 Hyundai Elantra

The rubber button covers on my 96 ford explorer cruise control swithes have dry rotted. I purchased a motorcraft replacement SW5919. It has a harness attached to both switches. I just need the switches but I can't figure out how to unplug the harness. I don't have the expertise to pull the whole steering wheel. To replace the switches I need to disconnect the battery and take two bolts out of the column for the air bag then just unscrew the swithces and replace. So what is the secret method to r

You will need a small screw driver to gently disconnect the switches from the harness. They are clipped on.Locate the clip side of connector and pry off gently.Good luck. ... 1996 Ford Explorer

2005 JEEP LIBERTY When the four wheel drive lever is all the way forward and down (in 2 High ) the dash light says its in part time 4 wheel. When I pull the lever to the part time position the dash light says its in full time 4 wheel High. Also grinds going into 4 wheel low. Any ideas? Kevin

This at first sounds like a simple adjustment all the way until the point you mentioned the grinding sounds coming from the differential when you go into 4 Wheel drive. Unfortunately the system used in these newer models is mostly electronic solenoi ... 2005 Jeep Liberty

2000 Toyota 4 Runner - 4 wheel drive. Used 4 wheel drive during snow, then couldn't get it out of 4 wheel drive. Dealership took it out finally, but said a part had to be replaced,until then no 4 wheel drive usage. We need a schematic of the engine so my husband can look at replacing it. The part cost on line about $180, dealership want $1200 to do the repair.

... 2000 Toyota 4Runner

I can not find the correct part name for the cover that covers the fly wheel. I can not find it named fly wheel cover or torque converter cover for a 1997 Acura 2.5 tl. Do anyone know what the correct name? I have not been able to find it online.

Are you talking about the bell housing or a dust cover? ... 1997 Acura TL Series

I am down to putting steering wheel and instruments in a 67 mustang after a 10 year long project. I have parts, I think, but can't figure out how the steering wheel, horn ring and all the misc parts go together. The steering wheel itself is somewhat cracked and the screw holes are not exactly where they should be.

Are you installing the original steering wheel or a replacement? Screw holes shouldn't be off at all if all original parts are installed. Sounds like a replacement part may be for another model year. Double check all the steering/horn/turn signal swi ... 1966 Ford Mustang

I have a 1997 Buick Le Sabre and need to get to my engine. There is a plastic cover that I need to remove, but unable to figure out how. There is a bracket with a hook which the edge of the cover goes under, but that is the only part I can see holding it on. I do not like to put a lot of force when removing things unless I know I can do it without breaking the part. Any one know what the trick to removing this cover? Thanks Joe

The oil cap on the front valve cover,take the cap off,then take the extension for the cap off the same way. ... 1997 Buick LeSabre

It looks like something behind my rear wheel is broken; the part the brake pad is attached to; either that part or behind that part something is broken causing the wheel to wabble like its about to fall off. can u possible tell me anything from that unknowledgeable description?

Sounds like a wheel bearing. If you jack up that side of the car and the wheel flops around than the bearing is bad. It is not uncommon for these vehicles. They usually start to make a lot of noise before they get that sloppy. The bearing ... 2002 Pontiac Aztek

Loose steering Im looking to purchase an 89 GMC Step Van: I think it is a P30. My brother test drove it and said the steering is very loose; he said he had to turn the steering wheel almost all the way before it started to turn. He also said when he went around a corner that he had to turn the steering wheel all the way then he had to turn it all the way in the opposite direction to straighten back up. Do you knopw what this is and the cost to fix it, as far as part and labor? Thanks

Can not guess at most vehicle problems withouthaving the vehicle to check over,SorryParts & Labor costs are discussed at the shop you chooseNo one knows what someone else would charge ... Cars & Trucks

Interior mirror ok so the switch is broken on the mirror and i took the main mirror part off (it came off taking out a screw) but the arm is attached to the roof with no screw showing. i've got a toyota carolla and i'm not sure i can put a universal on cause the arm that is attached to the roof would be in the way. can i glue the universal to the arm (the upper part of it is flattened)? or should i bite the bullet and bring it to the dealer????

There is a plastic trim cover where the mirror is attached to the roof. Using a suitable flat tool (like a screwdriver), pry the trim cover off, this will expose the mounting screws. ... 2000 Toyota Corolla

Peugeot 306 wing mirror spring mechanism came loose. I open the cover and it looks like a tube covering a spring coil is suppose to conpresse down and hold mirror in place. The tube a spring is loose. How does it attach to the bottom part of the mirror which is attached to the door.

... 2005 Peugeot 405

Mazda 3 2006 sport. Driver side Mirror is detached best way to attach it and fix it for best repair so it last,All wires are in working order and still attached any ideas would be of much help i am disabled and want to do it the right way

... 2006 Mazda 3

My son got my 2003 jeep grand cherokee stuck in the mud last night and his dim-witted friend said he could pull it out by wraping a rope through the wheel well and around the polycarb bumper! well they damaged the fuel filter assembly which was hidden inside the wheel well. It looks easily repairable but I need the parts or a schematic to identify which parts I need! -Frank

Fuel filter is mounted on top of the fuel pump (on the gas tank) Doubtful that's what was damaged. Likely you mean the fuel fill (where you put gas in) was damaged. If you need a new one you can find all those parts (inexpensive) at any scrapyard. Li ... 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Replaced water pump and timing belt tensioner and now it runs but dies sometimes and doesnt run right its like its missing but replaced all plugs and boots. and it also has a slight knocking noise coming from inside the timing cover but when u turn the wheel either way and hold pressure on the wheel it goes away. i no its the timing but whats the best way to solve this problem

Hate to have to be the one to tell u but tear it back down is best fix ,,,,,sorry no short cut ...hope it helps ... 1999 Chevrolet Malibu

I noticed when i had tightened the three remaining lug nuts that as I drove off the wheel was wobbling. Is this from remaining gaps between the wheel and something else or damaged parts?

2 missing lug nuts, especially if they are side by side, could cause some wobble while driving. I would not recomend driving with missing Lugs. The stress you put on the remaining 3 could end up being to great, and the tire could end up falling off t ... 1999 Volkswagen Passat

How do you remove and replace the ignition switch in a 1995 camry?I have taken the steering wheel covers off as well as the plastic cover under the steering wheel. The key is on ACC put i can not figure out how to pull the cylinder out.

There is probably a little hole, around 1/8" diameter, on the top of where the lock cylinder goes, it could also be on the bottom. Get something long and skinny and poke it in that hole, there is a release button in there. At least that's how it is ... 1995 Toyota Camry

I have a 1994 mazda mx6 that has 1/2 of the key broken off in the key cylinder and cannot remove it. What all do I have to remove to get the cylinder out to replace it. I removed the steering wheel column cover and need to know do I need to remove the steering wheel also and where are all the screws located so I be sure to take out the right ones. I noticed there is a couple wires that also attach on the side with a plastic clip attached. Any help would be helpful. You're talking to a woman. Ha

If you can use the other half to start the car,then because of the cost/time involved, i would not bother,but if its your pride and joy and you have most of the day....yes take the wheel of as its easier to get a drill to the bolts holding the lock i ... 1993 Mazda MX-6

Horn's work with alarm button(fuse and relay ok) not with stering wheel button also cruise not working controls on stering wheel 2001 chrysler town&country,I have disconected the battery, and taken the steering wheel apart now I have to pull steering wheel ,the part thats broken can it be repaired or replaced ?and do I reverse the prosses to put back together and is there some king of a code for the airbag ? I have not taken apart or messed with were the airbacg is .

If the Air Bag light was on, it's a dead ringer for the "clocking" spring. If not, it could be the other circuit paths that go thru it, such as the horn and steering wheel controls. It will require the removal of the steering wheel, and installing a ... Chrysler Town and Country
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