Having problems with your 1999 BMW 318 ti ?

Airbag light on

\015 I have a BMW 318 i e 46 airbag light on fault code ; 11 positive terminalisolation\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Replace the clock-spring contact under the steering wheel, it has an open circuit.
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I unplugged the clockspring while the car was running, and the airbag light came on, i plugged it back up and the airbag light did not go off, and the light was not on before. how do i reset or diagnose the airbag system to get the airbag light off on the right side?

You can take your vehicle to the local auto parts store and they will be able to reset that code for you. Assuming there is nothing wrong with it, it will not come back on. If it comes back on, you will need to go back to the auto parts store and h ... 1999 Volvo S80

Airbag Light How do i turn off the airbag light on my 1999 infiniti i30. I recently replaced both front passenger and driver airbag module. No other airbag deployed in the vehical.The airbag light is constant and not flashing.

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BMW 328CI (T REG) I have an irritating intimittant fault with my airbag light. When I turn the ignition key the airbag light comes on everything is fine. However if the light doesn't come on, the sterio won't come on & my break lights stay on also. I can be driving along when all of a sudden the airbag light will come on & everything is ok again, driving me mad. Any ideas?

Check the wiring harnesses beneath the dash on the drivers side. You are likely to find something loose or broken. ... 1999 BMW 328 Series

Hi I have a 2003 Ford Explorer sport. the airbag light keeps flashing. just recently it went off, and stayed off for several days. When I went to get an inspection today it failed because the light came back on... I've been researching and found that this is a common prob in explorers. The cable that connects to the seatbelt under the seat is too short (causing the airbag light to activate). I went to get my car inspected because the airbag light went off after I readjusted my seat and stayed of

... 2002 Ford Explorer

AIRBAG LIGHT HI, FOR THE LAST COUPLE OF DAYS MY AIRBAG LIGHT KEEPS FLASHING ON AND OFF, CAN YOU HELP? escort van 1997 r.reg airbag light is flashing why could this be?

Common fault on FORDUsually due to a poor connection in the YELLOW PLASTIC CONNECTOR underneath the passenger seat.Just push it together properly and it should clear the AirBag fault ... 1997 Ford Escort

The airbag of the car deployed and do not want to put in a new one but the airbag light is always on so how do you turn the light off or condemn it? Where is the airbag control unit located? At times the check engine lights up and is on for a couple of days and at times it turns off by itself without doing anything,

You need a man with a laptop and some software to hack into the EMU to sort out the error messages.\015\012\015\012Re: Air Bag \015\012\015\012In view of the fact that you are trying to defeat a safety feature of the car you m ... Volkswagen New Beetle

Airbag light keeps flashing I had a crash and the driver airbag deployed. It has been replaced but the SRS light remains on and the Passenger AirBag Light also kept flashing continuously.

Unplug the battery for about ten minutes and see how it goes ... 2005 Honda Accord

The light switch in my 1993 Carolla DX went out. I had to rig my own switch to make headlights work. Dash light does not work now, but that is the least of my concerns. I need to know how to pull the steering wheel (with airbag) off to replace this switch. Its a mult-unit switch that contains the light switch, cruise, and wiper switch. I didn't want to just start taking apart as the airbag things sorta freaks me out. I'd hate to pull it off and have an airbag blow in my face. Please let me know

There is a plug under the dashboard to unplug the airbag. It is a yellow wire and has airbag wrote on it. You have to get a steering wheel puller to pull the steering wheel off. There is a cpl screws on back side of steeringwheel that is holding t ... 1993 Toyota Corolla

Airbag light Does any one know what the cost could be if my airbag readiness light is blinking and then staying on i am assuming that it is just ont working properly and means they wont deploy but i would love any insight someone could give me My airbag light stays on too. I have only jusy bought it second hand, I am trying to get the car yard to fix it.

The wires going from to the airbag plug could have been pinched at reinstallation.I think that the ignition switch was replaced and it is very easy to pinch the wires from the airbag plug.One has to be very careful when reinstalling. ... 2004 Ford Escape

The airbag light came on 5mths ago. The shop said i needed a new airbag in steering wheel. since then the light has come on intermittently. The first time it came back on was about an hour after it was in the service department. they stated they forgot to reset the computer. All good for about 4weeks. Then light came back on. They then stated that there was a wire under the drivers seat that was loose. once again light came back on. Took it to the shop the next day although the light hadnt come

You may have hit something hard enough with your car that it triger the sensor,or the sensor it self may have gotton lose check the air bag connetion and fuse hope info help ... 2006 Suzuki Swift

When I start the car the cooling fan turns on and the charge battery light and airbag light come on. The airbag light flashes and when I rev the car the dash lights go brighter as well as the head lights i am wondering what would cause this and if i have to replace the wiring in the whole car or if it is just a relay for the alt. that is causing the battery to over charge and put out to much power. please answer this with as much information as possible thank you very much and I really hope tha

Sounds like you might have a overcharging regulator in the alternator,they will overcharge aswell as undercharge,have your charging system checked and if it's putting out more than 13.2 replace.\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012 ... Mazda MX-6

2007 g5 gt coupe airbag light keeps flashing constantly. The airbags and the airbag module have all been changed and are new. This problem of the constantly flashing airbag light existed before the bags and module were changed but there are no codes showing on a scan tool.

I had this problem in my pontiac earlier this year. The first dealership tried to tell me that I had caused this by shoving things under my passenger seat (which was not the case). I went to a second dealership where they informed me that gm is awa ... 2007 Pontiac G5 Gt Coupe

I have a 2004 VW Jetta. The radio ejected the tape in the radio the ABS light came on and the airbag light. After several minutes the car would no longer accelerate. I pulled over and it died. If the car sits for 10 minutes or so the car will start again and repeat the process. The car seems to turn off unessential components to preserve power. The tape will eject if that is running in the stereo if it is the cd player it ejects the cd and shuts off the radio. Then the ABS light and airbag light

Open the hood. Lift the battery cover, then there is a little black box on top of the battery. Open it. bet it is burnt and melted. Do NOT take it to the dealership. You'll pay $600 . You need an alternator cable and a new fuse block. 30min fix. ... 2004 Volkswagen Jetta

My 1996 jeep grand Cherokee seat belt warning light stays on even though I have my seat belt on!! Before this happen the airbag light wouldn't go out! Once the seat belt light started to stay on the airbag light doesn't stay on!! Please help

... Jeep Grand Cherokee

Airbag light. Good morning, My 96' explorer's airbag light is flashing 45 or 54 not sure. Then it stays on. What does that mean?

... 1996 Ford Explorer

Airbag tensioner malfunction light. How do I reset the airbag tensioner malfunction light?

... 2006 BMW 750Li

Airbag Light Hi there-- We have a 2002 VW Beetle with an airbag light that stays on. A mechanic checked it out and cleaned contacts and light went off, said if it came back on seat belt buckle would need to be replaced. 4 days later it was on. Is this difficult to replace? Do you replace the entire seat belt or just some wiring?

We were just at the ball field today and guy was having the same problem another father at the ball field was a mechanic. and he was telling us to see if it blinks it will blink a code. but ya have to be careful working on any of the conections ... 2002 Volkswagen Beetle Turbo S


It is very likely that the crash sensor is defective, they are very temperamental, I recommend u replace it with a new one if the connector looks good, no bent pins or corrosion but as far the driver airbag goes that may not be the airb ... Honda Accord

Passenger airbag turned off and the airbag light stays on. How do I turn on the passenger airbag and shut the light off?

You have a problem with the SRS. Working on this system can be very dangerous. For that reason I recommend you have this repaired by a professional. ... 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Airbag light - I cleaned the carpet in my 2001 caravan (by removing it to pressure wash it). To do this I took the seats (w/airbags)out disconnecting the terminals under the seats. I didn't disconnect the battery, I may have turn the key on in the midst of the process also. The airbag light is on but I can't pull any codes. I've disconnected the + & - battery terminals in an attempt to turn the light off to no avail. I rechecked the connecters which appeared to be seated properly. What can I do

... 2001 Dodge Caravan

Passenger seat seatbelt light is flashing. Airbag light says off. Passenger in the Seat with the Seatbelt fastened. Airbag light is on...on hte dash... Left side is working fine. 2005 Yaris.

When the front passenger seat belt is \015\012unfastened, the combination meter assembly flashes the front passenger\015\012 seat belt warning light on the instrument panel: ... 2007 Toyota Yaris

Airbag light 1993 aerostar minivan- the airbag light on the dash comes on and stays on when van is driven. The bag has never been deployed, van has never been in an accident. Is this a circuit issue or is the airbag no longer viable?

I just repaired my 93 aerostar with the same problem. there is a sensor in front of the radiator, and behind the front center section of the grill. need to remove the section of grill (4 screws) in the center, under the hood latch is a black box with ... 1993 Ford Aerostar Extended

I have a 2002 Honda Civic LX. My "Airbags On" indicator light used to be on all the time. Now, only when I start up my car the indicator lights come on for a little while, but it says, "Airbags Off" then it goes off. Does this mean that my Airbags are no longer working? I've taken the car into the dealer and they checked the SRS control and claim that everything looks OK for now. What do you think? --Louis

Your airbag sensor system was faulty before but somehow reset itself and is working correctly now... maybe a sensor under your driver/passenger seat or safety seat belt failed at one point but is ok again... The following might also help improve your ... 2002 Honda Civic

Last summer we bought a used 2005 jeep grand cherokee for our son. He drove it to Boulder and had an IPOD cord installed. Since that time, his driver side airbag light comes on/off very sporadically. I have had it in the dealership 3 times and they insist the IPOD cord is causing the airbag light to come on. When they disconnect the IPOD cord, they no longer get any codes for an airbag malfunction. I have never heard of this, they have never heard of this, but can't give me any other answer

If the vehicle did not have a radio that was equipped for the ipod it could be sending a signal that there is too much or not enough juice to that one area thus causing your light to come on the computer will direct power from somewhere else to com ... 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1998 airbag light comes on and off. when light is on the spedometer and rpm dials go to zero when airbag light goes off they work again. This is not a continous problem but does it off and on.

There is a loose connection (or corrosion) where the instrument cluster attaches to the wiring harness mount. Remove the screws (2) from the dash cover below the steering wheel and remove the panel. Remove the defrost vent cover (just lift carefully, ... 1998 Jeep Wrangler
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