Having problems with your 1998 Toyota Tacoma ?

Poor acceleration from stop and reduced power at top end

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Poor acceleration from stop and reduced power at top end

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Acceleration problems well i have i a 1996 honda accord...rebuilt engine that i bought car is in good conditions but i drove a 97 same thing and the power on the engine is significantly different when i accelerate its so poor i hear the engine when i accelerate with tons of fuel but the car doesnt go as much as i push the gas as on the other one it does (the 97) i dont know much about cars and when i stop and a green light comes it goes but u hear more vvmmmmm then the car goes no problem but i

Could be a clogged catalytic convertor causing your problem or it could be in the tranny. is the check engine light on if so check the code and replace the problem ... 1996 Honda Accord

Engine idles rough and misses at low rpm. power and acceleration are reduced overall but more noticeable at lower rpms. engine stalls after rapid deceleration. engine backfires at acceleration from a stop. New plugs and fuel filter installed only minor improvement.

Get the egr valve checked, place to start ... 1992 Pontiac Bonneville

My 91 subaru legacy 2wd 2.2l with auto trans. power light flashes and when leaving a stop trans shifts through all gears to drive, forcing the car to accelerate in top gear froma stop. if put into manual, shifts ok. problem is intermittent. any ideas?

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2006 Pontiac grand prix 155,000 miles has some jerking when in stop and go traffic while accelerating. Treated with fuel injector cleaner and it solved the problem. Just to day while accelerating that the power was significantly reduced. Replaced the air filter. Will changing spark plugs and wires help. what else do you recommende. I get the transmission flushed according to schedule.

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Stability control light came one then warning said engine power reduced. I noticed a decrease in acceleration and aftr stopping & putting vehicle in park & then resume driving almost no power & engine jerking. turned the car off & started again & nothing happens when I press on the gas pedal?

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I have a 2003 GMC Yukon Denali and while driving down the road the reduced engine power, traction control and brake lights all light up. Also when those come on I push the accelerator and it won't go any faster. So I have to stop, shut it off, wait a minute and then start it back up hoping that it wont do it again. I went to AutoZone and they hooked it up the computer and gave me the code (P1516) and told me it has something to do with the Accelerator control. Please help me figure out whats wr

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Engine losing power and top end speed reduced

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Poor acceleration in my 1993 quest Nissan after stopping at stop sign?

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I have no power on my 1.4 ford focus from acceleration up top end

I would highly recommend removing the 02 sensors before the catalytic converter if this makes a difference at all it is time to replace your catalytic converter it is plugged up. ... 2002 Ford Focus

Truck loses power sometimes while accelerating in first gear. Had a code check and replaced the plugs and wires. The following day I drove out 17 miles and back 17 miles. At the end of the trip it started to run rough again then stopped after about 10 minutes. I parked it for about 7 hours and everything was fine. Then a few min. into a trip, the hesitation started again and the CE light came on. Test showed low compression. There is foam in the coolant but no other smell. There is no water in t

A dirty or defective mass airflow sensor will cause hesitation issues also clogged cat what code did ce light put out? ... 2001 Chevrolet S-10

Gmc Suburban random brake fade on abs system when brake pedal at end of 'travel' and vehicle almost stopped, brakes shudder and become mushy with poor braking power.

You Have A Bad Wheel Bearing. Inside the wheel bearing is a speed sensor, The Only Good Way To Change the speed sensor, Is To change the wheel bearing, Because , more than likely , the bearing is failing also. Good Luck ... GMC G1500

I am experiencing a squeaking noise from infront near the fan belt area. when i accelerate,it gets louder. I discovered that the power steering pump is leaking ,so i topped up the reservoir and it stopped for one day. the following day the squeaking noise is back .Could it be the tensioner ?

I have a similar problem. a squeaking noise, sounds when i start the engine, and when i stop the engine. at times it comes when the engine is running and idle, and it lasts some time like a high pitched whistle. Ive had several mechanics look at it, ... 2002 Honda CR-V

My 2000 Ford Focus 1.4 Zetec is suffering the following problems: Idling quite high, around 1400 rpm Hesitation when accelerating Lack of power Seems as though its going to stall when coming to a stop, before it saves itself Excessive fuel consumption I've recently had two vacuum hoses replaced, had the spark plugs replaced, oil topped up, had the coil pack replaced (this made a slight improvement) Also noticed the bottom arm, wheel and underside of car in driver side are coated in oil Any h

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My car runs fine, has no torque when accelerator is pushed from dead stop, car will go, but no low end power, possible transmission failure?

Try looking at your catalytic converter first. If it is glowing red your cats are plugged up and will cause power issues. Plugged fuel filter, wrong ignition timing. All these will cause the same symptom/s and generally the same complaint. Let me kno ... 1986 Chevrolet Corvette

My light comes on that reads reduce engine power and when I come to a complete stop it takes a long time to pick up speed.I checked the code it reads accelerator pedal sensor. What do I do

... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

2001 Taurus started chugging & wanted to stall while waiting at a stop light. Car did not have good power so we parked it. It popped no codes. Now the only way to keep it running is to constantly pedal the accelerator. We changed the coil pack & Idle sensor, same problem. When we slowly press the accelerator it will have power and will drive, difficulty is stop signs, lights and traffic. Difficult to get it started, must pedal the accelerator. Was told it is possible the catalytic converter may

Get a friend with a hacksaw and a welder to chop it off and put a piece of straightpipe on it. it'll be fine. but first, unplug the mass air flow sensor and/ or the manifold absolute pressure sensor and see if they are fouled out first. check all sen ... Ford Taurus

My 2007 chevy impala lt engine size 3.5 liter went into reduced engine power a month ago I was told to check the gas cap i removed and re-fastened it about 30 mins later power was back to normal during reduced engine power mode the traction control light was on and check engine light as well. I ended up replacing the gas cap and it was fine for the last month yesterday it went back into engine reduced power mode Autozone hooked it to a computer and it gave me a code P2122 they told me the gas ca

... 2007 Chevrolet Chevrolet Impala LT

Clunking noise when shifting, but not always. It happens on hard acceleration AND low acceleration. I have had the rear end completely gone through. Replaced rear differential. Mechanic said it was sloppy. Some of the clunking noise is gone now, but I still have some. Seems to be coming from front end. Also when coming to a stop the truck seems to rock forward after a complete stop (nose dip)more than usual. I dont think it's the supension. It almost feels as something is loose. After I

May seem to be unrelated but, I had a similar problem with my last truck and it wound up being ball joints. It sounds similar, (especially the rocking forward after stop), might be something to check. If you're talking about a 4WD, it could be your t ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I have an isuzu rodeo 2004 3.5l automatic transmission 4x4. i have the check engine keeps light on and off from time to time but it is on almost all the time, if it is off then it will light on after stop the car while it is starting on, or when i stop and keep gear on D for some time then the reduced power will light on as well and the car will not go faster than 30-40 KMH and it does not matter how much i push on gas, after a little time reduced power goes of and car speed up almost normally.

... 2004 Isuzu Rodeo

1993 Lexus Ls400 loss of power a 2500-3000rpm when you accelerate hard on the gas pedel, hower if you press down on the gas pedal slowly the power will increase all the way up to 6000rps with no power lost. The power is only lost when you press on the gas pedal fast all the way to the floor of if you try to accelerate full power from a dead stop

The mass air flow meter seams to be your problem, hope you checked the intake hose for rips or cracks, does the vehicle smell rich fuel at the tail pipe or you hear any whistle noise as you accelerate, may be a clogged catalytic convertor, if you unp ... 1993 Lexus Ls 400

1993 Lexus Ls400 loss of power a 2500-3000rpm when you accelerate hard on the gas pedel, however if you press down on the gas pedal slowly the power will increase all the way up to 6000rps with no power lost. The power is only lost when you press on the gas pedal fast or hard all the way to the floor of if you try to accelerate full power from a dead stop. Thanking you in advance.

It sounds like a fuel delivery issue so it could be many things such as low fuel pressure from the pump,clogged or partially pluged fuel filter, a malfunctioning throttle posisitioning sensor (if you have a check engine light on) or if its turbo it c ... 1991 Lexus LS 400

Poor acceleration In my 03 Buick regal I am experiencing little to no acceleration. It has moderate acceleration at start up but does not have any passing power or quick acceleration. Even when going up steep inclines it doesn't have the power. Any ideas. Thanks

Check for clogged fuel filter or a clogged catalytic converter ... Buick Regal

Good afternoon I have a Nissan Caravan 1999 4x4 and it stops as you are driving it, a quick turn of the key restarts the engine. We have power to the fuel solinoid ( I have a test lite set up so I can moniture the power to it) but it goes out when motor stops. It can stop 10 to 20 times on a 20km trip one day and next day may stop a couple of times. We have replaced the ignition switch top wireing loom. no change. could it be a relay and if so were would I find it. Please help. Thanks Stephen

One thing to know is the computer controls the fuel pump when the engine stop running the computer turns the fuel pump off after about a second. One thing you could check is have the computer to scan for trouble codes. Also clean your battery cable ... Nissan Minivan
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