Having problems with your 1998 Toyota Tacoma ?

The starter on my 1998 4cyl toyota tacoma is stuck in the on position. The only way to shut it off is to disconnect the neg battery cable.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Remove the starter relay from it's socket in the engine compartment relay box and reconnect the battery cable. If the engine cranks, your solenoid has failed closed and must be replaced. If the engine doesn't crank, borrow a 4 pole relay from somewhere else in the relay box and push it into the starter relay socket. If the engine cranks, the ignition switch is shorted to start and must be rapaired or replaced. If the engine doesn't crank, replace the starter relay. If this last case is true, you can borrow the horn relay until you get a new one. Does this make sense. Let me know if you have any questions.
We had the same problem. come to find out , its a rare case that these starters wear out ,, good know,.... easy salution... remove the starter,,,carefully remove the starter casing screws ,,,,what you will need to do is gently as possible remove the 2 contacts inside the starter and take them with you to a toyota dealership...this is necessary because their are 4 sizes of contacts, and they arent labeled as to a make or model vehicle. the total cost to replace them is 9.00$ . i know right,,, nine american dollars and about 30 min to 1 hr for completion...
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The starter on my 1998 4cyl toyota tacoma is stuck in the on position. The only way to shut it off is to disconnect the neg battery cable.

Remove the starter relay from it's socket in the engine compartment relay box and reconnect the battery cable. If the engine cranks, your solenoid has failed closed and must be replaced. If the engine doesn't crank, borrow a 4 pole relay from somew ... 1998 Toyota Tacoma

We have a 1993 Mercedes 400 SEL. The climate control unit has a problem where it will keep turning on and killing the battery.We have been disconnecting the battery cables every time we shut down for more than a short time.Now other problems are occuring such as the ASR and ABS lights are on, and we are having difficulty with the way the car operates.Any input is greatly appreciated.

The ASR and ABS are voltage sensitive, so each time you disconnect them from power, they will reset. To cancel the ASR light, start engine then turn steering wheel full lock to right, then lock to left...ASR should extinguish. ABS light should then g ... 1993 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Benz 400 Class

Cooling fans The coolant fans would not shut off when u turned of the van and they would stay on until the battery cable was disconected.I have changed the thermostat and sensor.Finally all of a sudden now the fans dont work at all.Why Radiator fan runs continuosly when engine turned off- ran for two hours; engine not that hot. Is this a relay prob & is it the one behind the grill? Anyone got a rating on it? Really funky to disconnect the battery cable to shut it off...

Yes, if the sensor didn't fix it, it is probably a relay problem. Chrysler has a habit (my truck especially) of using underrated relays that fuse in the closed position.Power from the battery goes to the relay directly and that's the only place ... 1998 Dodge Caravan

When I turn off the ignition key the radio stayed on --retarted then shut off again same thing I then turned off the radio next day the battery was stone dead. I disconnect the battery recharged the battery when I hooked up the battery there was a rather large spark i then disconnect the cable and reconnected it no spark and battery has stayed charged I'm very cocerned I can not have a failure due to my wife being paralized

Radio is controlled by the accessory delay relay which is supposed to stay on until the drivers door is openedtherefore, assuming the dome lights work correctly then you need to find out why the PCM does not notice the door opening and de ... 2002 Chevrolet Express

Dilemma, Battery died in my 1998 s70 volvo, charged the battery, then disconnected the neg. cable while car was running and engine died. Is this a bad alternator?

Scan it from the OBDII System to find out for sure or remove the Alternator and have it tested at your local Auto Parts Store. ... 1998 Volvo S70

2005 Dodge 2500 I worked on the HVAC blower..disconnected neg. battery cables. I finished work, connected the batteries, now the mode select will only select AM/FM, but not the CD. I checked fuses, or at least the ones I could find. I disconnected the player to see if it would reset. So far nothing. AM/FM works. What else could I do? Thanks

The only fix is to send out the radio and have it repaired this is assuming there is a cd in the player it will not select cd if there is no cd in the unit again assuming a factory unit ... Dodge Pickup

The horn just went off by itself at 2:30am and went on for 30 minutes until the cops banged on my door waking me up to shut it off. I disconnected the battery which was the only way to get it to turn off. This morning I went to reconnect the battery and the horn started going off again. How do I disconnect the horn to be able to drive.

There should be a fuse labeled "horn". If there is no label by the fuses, look at the fuse diagram in the manual. That should take care of it. If the car has an alarm system that was set off, it may have the starter disabled as well, so if it doesn ... 1999 Hyundai Sonata

2005 Chev. Suburban 5.3L Vehicle has a full voltage drain on battery. I have pulled every fuse & circuit breaker with a volt meter between the neg. cable & terminal with no drop in battery drain. Also unplugged ABS module under car below drivers seat. Amp meter shows full charge while vehicle is running. Have to disconnect battery every night to keep it from draining. Installed new battery to no avail. Any ideas? Thanks, Ron

... 2005 Chevrolet Suburban

Headlights will not shut off after the car has been shut off the only way to shut them off is to disconnect the battery

Your vehicle is equipped with an "Auto Lamp" system. The headlamps will stay on for as long as 3 minutes depending on how you have the control set. If you are certain that this is not the problem and/or your headlamps will not turn off after 3 minu ... 1997 Ford Taurus

I connected the wrong battery cables in my car reversed pos & neg my battery is not getting recharged from my altenator i had the altenator tested at three different stores it tested ok Im told it that its probally the computer the car runs ok as long as the battery has enough juice in it the moment i disconnect the batt. It dies Im leaning toward buying the computerbut i want to know if there are any fuses that I should check and where is the computer located

I doubt its the computer, check the ground bot the batt and the alt, then check for voltage from the alt to the battery, it should be 14.4 volts or thereabouts ... 1992 Dodge Caravan

Brand new battery however, have to jumpstart truck every morning. When I put a volt meter between the battery and the disconnected neg batt cable I get battery voltage. I had same issue last year but it went away on its own. The truck does have an aftermarket auto car starter on it.

It sounds like you have a parasitic draw when the truck is shut down. Your test does not test any thing. You need to put an ammeter between a battery post and its cable. You need to measure in miliamps (one thousandth of an amp). Draw should be ab ... Ford Expedition

Engine will not shut of until i disconnect the battery cable

The most likely cause of this problem can be traced to the key switch itself. I highly recommend you have the key switch either tested or replaced. It sounds as if the circuit is not getting cut when the key is turned off. I hope this helps and pl ... 1998 Isuzu Rodeo

The battery light came on testerday on the way home and the car wouldn't start this morning. We jumped it but as soon as the cables were disconnected the engine would die. the battery is a year old. Sould i replace the alternator? How hard is that to do? Thanks.

Yes replace alternator. not hard to do. take off belt, remove wires from alternator, then bolts, then alternator, replace and reverse ... 1990 Buick Regal

My 1989 4x4 Dodge Ram 50 2.6L 4cyl engine, shut completely off while driving last Thursday. The battery cables were checked, and the starter was pulled and tested. It wasn't working and was replaced. Upon being replaced the truck started up fine the first time. After putting everything back together I again attempted to start it up. It would only click. Is there anything else that would make the entire vehicle shut off (electricity/engine), and then provent a new starter from working? Or is it p

If you bought the starter used or reman its likely the new starter is bad i have seen this tons of times buy a good quality one from napa ... 1984 Dodge Ram 50

Battery on full charge then start truck drive to town and noticed volt gauge at low turned lights and access off got home shut truck off tried starting after shut down and noting but dead bat havn prob with bat for days could it be this or is it the alt? if the truck still runs once batt cable removed then it has to be bat or is there any othr ways to see whats up any help app

You will have to full charge the battery and then have it load tested ( most parts store will do this for free) Its sound like more than likely that your alt is bad ( most auto parts stores test them too) and is unable to keep up with the heavy draw ... Ford F-250

I'm getting an intermitent code P1389 on my 2002 Dodge Dakota Manul Transmition 3.9 engine. the truck was running great when I shut it down. When I went to start it back up it would turn over but not start. I erased the code with my OBD II tester and still wouldn't start. I disconnected the Neg battery term. and tried to start 10 times. I reconnected the battery term and then started right up and run great. This has happened several times now and the reader says it's the ASD relay low voltage.

... Dodge Dakota

My battery light is still on. I have changed the alternator 2's and the battery once. There isn't a connection somewhere. When I remove the neg cable the car shut off. I don't see a lose ground wire either. Im thinking the ecu because the distriburator went out 1st now this issue. please help

Have the alternator checked and make sure it is good,and check the different components on the car,things that draw a lot of voltage ,like motors,cooling fans,blower motors any amps for sound system?These little alternators are not made to hold up a ... 1985 Honda Prelude

2006 Colorado Traction control not restoring engine to normal operation after one wheel spins excessively. The only way to get traction control to release control of the engine is to disconnect the battery cable and re-install. The engine will not reset even after letting idle after traction control takes over. Is there any other way to reset traction control? engine is 3.5 liter 5 cylinder.

... 2006 Chevrolet Colorado

Everthing shut down on me driving when the battery light came on.so i tried to jump it and it starts but once you disconnect the jumper cables it does the same thing and and shut off.they say its the alternator and if it is what should i do?

The voltage regulator in the alternator is bad. Best and cheapest way change the alternator. ... 1999 Volkswagen Beetle

I disconnect the battry and from neg battery post then my meter to the neg cable i have a 12.2 draw wow i pull all fuses and relays help and altenator could it be heated seats?????????????

Hi I am Kelly, \015\012\015\012Ok I have to ask.... Is your battery going dead over night? i.e The reason you have the meter in hand now? \015\012\015\012Your car has a clock... probably an alarm... both will cause you to g ... Toyota RAV4


Have the battery checked for proper CCA rating, low battery will cause issues with alarm system because if the battery is low the alarm system thinks the power is being removed from the vehicle in which the alarm goes off. ... 2007 Infiniti G35 Sedan Sport Sedan

Electrical Problem The battery was dead when I returned from the airport. After I got a jump the clock was flashing code and the head lights were flashing. About 20 min in the trip the car speakers were popping and sounding static. I smelt like somehting was burning, so I pulled over and pulled the radio fuse. That didn't work so I ended up having to disconnect the neg battery cable for the speakers to stop. Any help or suggestions would be great, thanks.

It sounds to me like you have a grounded positive wire going to the chasis of the car. This causes your battery to go dead. Check radio conections as this wire might be from the speakers. Good luck!! ... 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder

Fuel pump will not shut off, even after the ignition is turned off and out of the ignition. the only way to shut it off is to disconnect the battery.

I would check fuel pump relay. it might be stuck on ... 1984 Ford Mustang

Locked trunk I took the battery cable off and shut the trunk.I tried to release from the door by pushing the button and also with my car key,still can't get it to open.The engine and open car door light was not going off so I thought if the battery was disconnected and then reconnected the lights would go off. Can you please help me!

Most vehicles are equipped with a manual over ride to open your trunk and/or fuel door when power is absent. When in question check your owners manual for info or a phone call to your local dealer may be a big help. \015\012Sounds like fredd ... 2002 Ford Thunderbird

ELECTRICAL PROBLEM my truck runs fine now the bat gage is at 0 my oil gage is at high they were working fine i was hooking up a new stero looked up the gages for alt at 0 the oil was at high the heat was at normal the gas gage was at the proper level the only problem im having now is the battery gage and the oil gage the truck now runs with the neg cable off so alt problem is good any thoughts.

The prob seems like you have connected the power to your stero from the wrong place. You cut into live a wire for the power, this should be connected at the ACC on your fuse panel. Also make sure you stero has a good ground! Frankster016 ... 1989 Ford F 150
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