Having problems with your 1998 Toyota RAV4 ?

Theres a light popping up showing i need to check soemthing but i dont know what it is, it kind of looks like a faucet.what is it that i need to check?i lost the manual so i wouldnt know.

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Answers :

  • This indicate about the engine. Check the engine oil the brake fluids and the transmission oil.
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Theres a light popping up showing i need to check soemthing but i dont know what it is, it kind of looks like a faucet.what is it that i need to check?i lost the manual so i wouldnt know.

\015\012This indicate about the engine. Check the engine oil the brake fluids and the transmission oil.\015\012If you have questions don't hesitate to reply. Have a great day. ... 1998 Toyota RAV4

I am looking for a 2000 jaguar s type owners manual need to know where the fuse box is how to change clock and how to get the heat to work any suggestion? I would like to download a manual if you know where I can do this at Thanks

You should find what you need at the following address:\015\012\015\012www.autoeducation.com/repair_manuals/Jaguar-S-Type.html ... 2000 Jaguar S-Type

I need to rebuild my 31f7070132e1 Briggs & Stratton John Deere 100 series ride on lawnmower engine which has broken the conrod at the crankshaft end . The cylinder , piston , counterweight and crankcase look fine but the crankshaft/bigend bearing surface is not repairable. Camshaft will also need replacing due to the drive gear breaking. I am unsure on how the engine speed govenor operates or looks like under normal operating conditions . an engine manual would help a lot but i dont know where

... Ferrari Testarossa

Coolant Problem? I just got a used 2000 Town and Country. Today while I was driving it, I noticed it was making a bit of a funny noise - it sounded like hot steam or something. It was dark when I looked under the hood, but I think I probably need antifreeze in it...however, there was a sticker that said I need a special kind of coolant. I don't have the manual, as the car didn't come with one - what kind of coolant should I get? Also, I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow, so I'm trying to m

You need the ORANGE coolant, not the green. ... 2000 Chrysler Town & Country

I need to know why my car won't go into drive but it will go into reverse. I checked my fluid level and it's full. It doesn't smell like anything is burning. And what is my transmission filter and pan look like/ what kind of filter do I need?

Dont forgit the tran is 18yr old n probly has arthritis--hav car scanned and ajust bands it may help-but things wear out in its complexity-u mite want to do a pressure chec ... 1992 Mazda 929

I just bought a used 1997 Saturn SL1 and they didn't have a customer manual or anything for it. When we got home we noticed the horn didn't work & that it looked like the transmission reserve tank was empty. OH on the way home we noticed a light blinking that looked like water & temperature. We have no idea of what kind of transmission fluid should go in it or were it goes. Along with the type of oil? I think right now we need help with these questions, and then help on where we can find

As far as oil goes, you should be using 5-30 and any good quality brand that you preffer(i like castrol- but that's just me) Manuals can normally be picked up at the dealer for a min charge. I am glad you are getting a manua ... Saturn SL1

I have a 1995 dodge ram 3500 and it has lost its pulling power. It seems like either the turbos are not kicking in and I was told by mechanic that my pump needs to be recalibrated. Does anyone know what that means and maybe what I need to look at?

So you have a mechanical p7100 injection pump. That probably doesnt need anything done to it, provided the rest of your driving experience is pretty normal. You can adjust the timing, but that probably won't dramatically change your power.\012 ... 1995 Dodge Ram 2500

I have 2000 Camaro manual transmission. There is some kind of oil leaking on the my garage floor right under the front passenger area. I crawled underneath the car but I can't really tell where from the oil is leaking. The oil is pink like transmission oil. I thought it was my power steering oil but when I looked at my power steering reservoir it has a totally different tone of color. My manual transmission car doesn't have a place to refill transmission oil. I know very little about car s

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I lost my Owners Manual and I need to know what kind of oil I need to use for an oil change- 10W-30 or 10W40?

Either one is fine, one is a little thicker. \015\012Then the multigrade motor oil was made.....multi grade means: a\015\012different viscosity (thickness)when cold & hot. *Why use a multi\015\012grade oil? Because the first number 20w / 10 ... 1999 Dodge Ram

4wd system I just bought a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe LX (?) I was told it was AWD, but didn't really look to see if it was. I noticed it says 4WD on the back. Anyway, it seems like there is a dragging going on with one of the wheels when I drive it. I looked in the manual to see if there was a button or something I needed to push so that it wouldn't do this, but all it talked about was the idiot lights-which in my vehicle NEVER come on. Please help! I don't even know where to start with figuri

A dragging feeling or sound could be work out brake pads, parking brake shoes or a frozen brake caliper. Once the majority of the brake bad wears away, small metal blades begin built into them begin to make contact with the rotor. This starts sound ... Hyundai Santa Fe

Good Morning: I have a 1994 Jaguar that I am trying desperately to hold on to without being taken to the bank every time I need repairs. Can you tell me where I can get a 1994 Jaguar manual. So, I will know what repairs are needed before I go into a repair shop. And can you tell me what the symbol that looks like a lightning bolt means.

I think the lightning bolt symbol is a fuse fail indicator if you do a vcm check it should tel you which fuse box the failed fuse is in.\015\012\015\012Peter ... 1985 Jaguar XJ6

Range Rover Sport 2.7TDV6 2007 White smoke coming from under bonnet and strange running noise form unit on mid-nearside in engine bay that has what looks like a minature exhaust attached to it (sorry not a mechanic and owners manual does not show engine bay layout). Need urgent help as I dont know if safe to drive to garage. Smoke smells like burning paper.

... 2007 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Supercharged

1996 GMC K1500 Diesel Suburban Late Dual Thermostat Replacement. I am looking at the dual thermo housing and can easily see only the 2 bolts on top. I know there are 2 more on the bottom. Accessibility does not look like it was a consideration during design. Before I tear into this, are there anything special I need to know? Should I remove the oil filler tube? Is there anything else that needs to be loosened or removed? The cover looks like it won't simply push out of the way. Do I need to remo


The Icon that looks like (!) appears on the dash every now and then. I do not have a manual and need to know what this is.

Http://www.toyota.com/owners/apps/manuals.do?siteid=too_toyota_manuals\015\012\015\012you can access your owner's manual ... Toyota Camry

Just took my 2000 dodge ram 4x4 truck to get looked at for the really loose steering. they said rt front strut tower needs to be replaced. would like to try it myself. What kind of manual should I buy?

Canadian tire has nice step by step mauals that will help you ... 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck

Lost owners manual and need to know what kind of engine oil I should put in my 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe? 2wd 6 cyl.....

Whenever you are looking for a manual for any product just google the product and the model/series number..i.e., manual for 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe, 2wd, 6 cyl. Hope this helps.. ... 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe

I have lost my manual and have an dummy light that just came on and I don't know what it stands for. It is located under the temperature guage and it is a picture of a car and it looks like the rear lights are flashing, there are hash marks where the rear lights are. Please help. Thank you.

This is indicating you have a rear bulb out. either tail or brake. ... 2001 Toyota Camry Solara

Can you email me a picture of what the dashboard warning light look like when the windshield wiper fluid is low on a 1993 mercedes 190e? I don't have a manual and need to know what this signal means. (first light on right hand sign of the sterring wheel). Thanks a lot! Dale & Mike

Hope you can make it out on the PicFrom the right to the left.H/beam lights onCharge LightBrake pad low warning lightHand br ... 1993 Mercedes-Benz 190

I need to know what kind of transmission fluid a 1996 ford probe takes. I just bought one and it looks like it has gear oil in the trani. Was wondering if that's what is suppose to be in it or if it takes straight ATF.

Hi, i would recommend using \015\012\011\011\011\011\011\015\012\011\011\011\011\015\012\011\011\011\011\011\015\012\011\011\011\011\011\015\012\011\011\011\011\011\015\012\011\011\011\011\011\011Castrol High Mileage ATF in this vehicle.P ... 1996 Ford Probe

I'm getting a symbol on the dashboard, it looks like a half circle with an exclamation mark in the middle. I lost the manual so I do not know what this means, can you help?

From your description, that sounds like the tire pressure monitoring system. This feature counts the tire revolutions, and if low pressure is present in a tire, the revolutions are greater than normal, resulting in the indicator light illuminating. ... 2002 Dodge Durango

My 08 tiburon does not want to shift from 2nd to 3rd unless i do it manually and the Yellow light that looks like a (! is inside the triangle) is on please let me know the solution to this Could this be a damaged transmission?If I reset the light at the dealer would this stop the problem? Please be kind to answer back thanks

... 2007 Hyundai Tiburon

There is a warning light on below the speedometer on my 1994 318i,it looks like a circle with two dashes on the outside, on each side. I do not have the manual and I need to know what this warning light means.

Brake pads check light. ... 1994 BMW 3 Series

Coolant question Wife brought a 1994 VW Jetta, car has no manual. Needs some coolant but not sure I can use any kind. Looks like Prestone in there now.

Preston is the best kind to use for your car. I would use Prestone, ... 1994 Volkswagen Jetta

Having a leak with the right rear breaking components; it looks like it's leaking from some kind of a break distribution block. There's an adjustment screw and a 1-inch-in diameter return-spring; I don't know what the actual part names are so I can't research how to repair it. It's a 2-wheel drive manual transmission, standard cab & standard bed. Can you please suggest what I can do?

The part you are describing is called a Load Proportioning Valve. ... 1996 Nissan Pickup

I have a mazda 13b rotary injection engine. What do the 4 connectors (blue, yellow, gray, and orange) go to? They look like some kind of gas valves. I broke the black nipple off the yellow valve where the hose connects. I need to know the part so I can order a new one.

Two problems the parts your playing with have been obselete for a long time and they'll have to be found used or aftermarket. Their is alot of hoses and they cantrol the fuel pressure but the picture I have doesn't have the colors of the hoses you j ... 1986 Mazda RX-7
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