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1998 camry white smoke from engine

\015 White smoke from engine\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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I replaced the spark plugs in my 2000 toyota Camry and the issue with missfiring appears to have been solved and it seems to drives just fine now. However, the check engine light is still on and there is white smoke that smells like gas coming from the tale pipe when I push on the gas. What could be causing the smoke and does the check engine light need to be manualy reset? Before i replaced the spark plugs, I went to autozone and they hooked it up to the computer and got the codes P300, P301,

Yes, I had to Had to reset the code after i got the misfire codes. ... 2000 Toyota Camry

1994 Toyota Camry 4 cyl. Check engine light on when engine cold. Goes out when engine warms up. White smoke out of exhaust while wraming up but goes away after engine is warm.

Head gasket is leaking antifreeze into the cylinders but it is very minor now, soon you wont be able to drive. ... 1994 Toyota Camry

1998 camry white smoke from engine

... 1998 Toyota Camry

Dear Sir, Problem is that engine was blowing white smoke and burning the engine oil after 500 km as half liter or more and I got repairing and my technician replaced its ring piston and other related accessories as general overall the engine to stop the smoke and engine oil shortage. But unfortunately, same problem still exist and now my technician said that the engine head should be repaired to stop the light white smoke. Please advise me that what I will do in this case? Regards, Tahir

The piston rings were a good idea but not necessarily a problem. The white smoke could be from a bad head gasket, cracked head or cracked block. ... 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe

My 93 Toyota camry v6 has every once in a while the engine shakes when it starts and lets out white, blue smoke...it only does this every two to three weeks. I got a fix it ticket and when i tiook it to the mechanic they said they saw no issues and they did a smog and diagnostic and saw nothing. so i went to court with it and they dismissed the ticket but it has done it again. the car sat for two years before i baught it, any suggestions as to what it might be?

AGE,AGE, Of course it will pass smog and a diagnostic test, your valve seals are worn and doesnt seal properly so when its cold there hard like a rock but when it warms up its soft and pliable and seals. First because what you are describing is wrong ... 1993 Toyota Camry V6

I have a 1990 Camry V-6. It is losing a half gallon of coolant every 100 miles or less. When I check it in the morning, the coolant level is always down. It billows some white smoke, but only when the engine is cold. There are no coolant puddles under the car ever, no noticeable leak. What could the problem be?

I think your head gasket is going out. After it heats up metal swells sealing a little better than when it is cold. Two choices: A) Buy some head gasket sealer at the autoparts store,or Steel Seal online (temporary cheap fix). or B) Replace head gask ... 1993 Toyota Camry V6

My 96 camry has white smoke that smells of gas and the engine acts as if no gas is being sent to it

... 1996 Toyota Camry

Have a 2001 Volvo s40. it was low on oil and check engine light began flashing. when I stopped the car, the oil was very very low. begin to see puffs of white smoke. After checking oil and adding 3 qts. when I cranked the car, lots of white smoke came from tailpipe and under engine. No oil and water mixing, car did not ever overheat. had a friend come by and he changed the spark plugs and ignition pack according to the code that was being given. Car is still running rough and white smoke.

\012HelloWhen the service engine\012soon light (Also called the check engine light or engine management\012light) is turned on this is to alert you to the fact that Powertrain\012Control Module (computer) has detected a failure somewher ... 2001 Volvo S40

I have a 1998 chevy 2500 4x4 6.5 diesel pu.truck starts and seems to run normal ,maybe a little loud, i heard chevy diesels this year are louder than fords etc. blows a little white smoke at startup some times at idle not alot though ive seen gas engines w/bad head gaskets blow white smoke but alot heavier.problem is oil dipstick shows about 4 or 5 qts overful and coolant low . i drained all oil and coolant from engine and rad.new oil and filter in engine new antifreeze in rad . i ran the engine

The head gaskets are blown you can believe that anytime on any engine gas or deisel that you get oil in the radiator and there water/ antifreeze in the oil pan the gaskets and or cylinder heads are bad ... Chevrolet 2500

2006 Kia Sorento 4X4, Diesel. Starts right up but runs "rough" (more vibration than normal and valves rattle at low revs) and produces great deal of white smoke until engine heats up (after about 2-3 minutes of operation). Once engine is heated up it stops producing white smoke but exhaust still smells very strongly, as if diesel is not combusting properly? Engine valves continue to rattle at low revs. Any ideas?

I would check all the basics like spark plugs and check for vacuum leaks around the intake manifold.With a can of 2+2 carb cleaner while engine is running --if idle goes up or down that is were your leak is--check egr too, Lee ... 2007 Kia Sorento LX 4x4

White smoke Dear Sir, I am having Volvo Truck FH12, 460. Recently I repaired the whole engine, like changed many parts e.g Piston , Nozzles and much more. I repaired this 6 months ago but after repairing some days later there was white smoke coming out the exhaust pipe and the mechanic again repair something, now in meanwhile agian the white smoke is there specially when the truck is loaded and riding on the bridge, so the smokes getting more and more. I would like to request you to assist me

... Volvo Cars & Trucks

I need a parts list for repairing the RX-7 white smoke problem. 5k rebuilt engine, white smoke comes out exhaust after engine warms up, has a new cat. converter.

White smoke means that coolant liquid is getting combusted inside the cylinders. That usually happens when the head gasket has lost its sealing properties, and coolant is leaking inside engine.\015\012\015\012The part is not expensive , enter t ... 1985 Mazda RX-7

Drove thru ditch with water very deep on exit saw white smoke and running rough now on new start it productes white smoke untill engine gets up to speed and then runs good but an engine light comes on. also the gas milage has gone from 16 to 6

You probably bent an intake of exhaust valve by getting water into the engine, or cracked the head. The white smoke is from water and oil burning out of the cylinders upon start up. Sorry.... ... 1994 Isuzu Trooper

Hi i have fx 35 ,,,vq35de engine... on starting car white smoke come out n then it stops , when u drive it for some time n then stop for 15 minutes and start it , the white smoke comes too much n then it stops after few seconds. i have over-haul the engine and used company parts changed the ring piston and faced the heads and changed the valve seals, but still the same problem is there,, kindly tell me what is the solution

Head gasket is bad ... 2005 Infiniti FX35

White smoke comeing off the engine not out the tail pipe but the engine under the hood and there is also white smoke comeing out the exzost pleas Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It may of low grade oil used as engine oil,or some oil on top of the engine can also produce this smoke.Change corect grade engine oil as advised by the car company but remove all the previous oil ... Cars & Trucks

2005 sorento 2.5 diesel.tick over fine.lift reves to 2000,engine goes lumpy,some white smoke then all hell breaks loose engine revs up to limit ,wont shut off with key and dissapears in thick white smoke. just done oil and filter correctly and fitted new turbo. £700 poorer and totally cheesed off. any advise really welcome

Sorry to say this but you have a blown head gasket, this white smoke is diesel and water mixed, depends on how far you want to go now if you want to strip down or get a tablet that I mean a special tablet that you put in the radiator that does do an ... 2005 Kia Sorento

My 320i takes longer to start and the engine even sputters at first. When it finally starts, the tail pipe exhausts white smoke.. a lot of it! The emission of white smoke doesn't stop even while the engine is idling. What's wrong and what do I do?

Your head gasket is leaking and you'll have to take your car to your mechanic, the wihte smoke is coolant leaking into theengine cylinders, check you radiator it's problably low. ... 1994 BMW 3 Series

83 Ford F350 Diesel Dually Smoking from oil Dipstick When the engine warm up, the smoke escapes from the oil dipstick hole. Is it normal for diesel engines? Last week I add smoke stop additive to my oil as it smoke white from the exhaust. It reduces the smoke from the exhaust, but now it is smoking from the oil dipstick. Any help would be appreciated.

I have an old IDI 6.9 diesel. They tend to burn oil, and that would be normal. Just keep a check on your fluids, and unless the smoke is excessive it should not be a problem. I must say though, I personally think the IDI's were the best diesels ever ... 1983 Ford F 350

2000 TDI - Lots of white smoke at cold start. Engine misses badly at midrange and at cruising conditions. Good power when peddle is mashed and seems to run smooth then. White smoke mostly goes away at idle after the car reaches 190F. Replaced: turbo, injector pump, injectors, glow plugs, rings, egr, MAF sensor, cleaned intake and EGR cooler, timed properly, head was pressure tested. The white smoke is almost certainly unburnt diesel as it smells like it and burns the eyes - and it's ALOT of smok

Sounds like your injection pump timing is off, an injector is leaking or a bad seal on your IP.\015\012VW dealers have a horrible reputation when it comes to TDI's. Check out the posts over at ... Volkswagen Jetta

Car has about 170000 km Odometer reading. Timing belt was changed at about 161000 km. Operates in Nairobi which is a dusty environment. PROBLEM: Engine sometimes hesitates on acceleration after turning it on, especially in the morning after the car has been parked all night, then seems to drive ok later. PROBLEM: Engine also smokes (white smoke) at 1st start then stops smoking within 5-10 minutes of driving. PROBLEM: Also engine starts to vibrate after it has reached normal operating temper

... Toyota Corolla

My 1993 ford Festiva W model is smoky at start up mostly first start for the day and fine through out the day guessing cause the engine is warm, I have since done a service including- engine cleaning detox flush, new air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, penrite everyday 20w50 engine oil with a engine oil resealer additive for reducing exhaust smoke ect. When I start I still get a large amount of white smoke then only slight black until warm. Any ideas on what this could be and ways to fix and es

Well first i thot it wld be ur oil rings whn u said whn first start up!! But u mentioned WHITE smoke!! Tht usually means a head gasket issue! Take it to a repair shop to get diagnostic checkup!! ... Cars & Trucks

We have a 2005 F-350 6.0 Power stroke engine, and it has been having problems. When ever the engine starts to warm up, from the exhaust we get black smoke Then the engine starts to hesitate, cutting power to the throttle temporarily. It then release white smoke and brings the engine back to normal. Any ideas on what might be causing this? Thanks. - Aziz Kurtoglu

... 2005 Ford F 350 Super Duty

Bosch edc 5.3 fitted to MAN D2876 lf02 engine .Truck starts normal and idle ok for a while, then starts to push out white smoke frm the exhaust and runs uneven, and within seconds starts to run evenly again.Remove the plug on top of vertical slider on injector pump and found that if i hold the slider fixed with a tool the engine keeps on running evenly and doesnt start to misfire or smokes.The edc light does come on,on the centre panel(when the smoking starts) but goes away as soon as the engine

Try blocking off the valve that connects the inlet manifold to the exhaust and see what happens ??? or just disconnect it from the inlet manifold and try that before you remove the pump to have it overhauled ,Yes we do seem a bit short of motor vehic ... 1999 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Oil consumption My 2006 Tribeca had to have a new engine put in it June 2008. The signals were billowy white smoke and oil consumption. The car was returned to me in July 08 with the new engine. In Oct 08, we had to put 1 1/4 quarts of oil in it. (there was no leak or smoke noted). Had oil change and informed the dealer. Now in Jan 09, noticed the smoking again with the same odor as previous. I checked the oil and level was at "L". It was due for an oil change and is now at the dealer. The deale

No, it's not unusual to have to put a quart in within those miles' ... 2006 Subaru B9 Tribeca

While driving on the hiway, i hears a sudden raddeling noise in the engine and a large amount of white grayish colored smoke came out of the exhaust. this only lasted lasted about 10 seconds and then it stopped. the truck had been smoking from the exhaust more than usual for the last couple of days prior to this happening. the engine sounds diffrent now but the check engine light has not turned on

Could be the head gasket is about to blow. If you have a turbo then this also could be on the way out. ... 2002 GMC Sierra 2500HD
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