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After i clean and water wash under engine, auto transmission is not engage, but engine is running. where should i start?

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Number one don,t spray any water on the transmission any more, Number Two, Get it towed to a transmission shop to get checked out, Number three , Be prepaird for a nce (Hefty) Bill for the (Screw) Up.
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After i clean and water wash under engine, auto transmission is not engage, but engine is running. where should i start?

Number one don,t spray any water on the transmission any more, Number Two, Get it towed to a transmission shop to get checked out, Number three , Be prepaird for a nce (Hefty) Bill for the (Screw) Up. ... 1998 Subaru Forester

Does a noisy cad converter cause engine to run rough at idle only? I changed the plugs, removed the fuel inj. and cleaned them. I replaced the water pump so the timing could be off but I clamped the overhead cam gears so they would not move out of place when I did the water pump work. So now, it runs rough at a light but runs fine at driving speeds. It starts good cold but drive around and shut off a few minutes then start again, It then becomes very hard to start. The engine is not hot running

One of the reasons converters can get noisy is ceramic coming loose. If that happens, they tend to plug. But that is worst at high speed, not idle.Clamping the cam gear is not the way to keep cam timing.Because you may have allowe ... 1999 Plymouth Voyager

Engine noise I have a 1997 Wrangler 2.5L. When running there is a good bit of noise that appears to be coming from the water pump. The rest of the engine is tight and clean. There are no oil leaks around the main seals and no water leaks around the water pump or shaft. When I take the serpentine belt off and start the engine the noise disappears. The idler pulleys seem to be fine as well. I am thinking the water pump needs to be replaced. What do you think?

You guessed it, the shaft bearings are shot. ... 1995 Jeep Wrangler

1995 Jeep Grand cherokee limited V8, Won't start. engine cranks just fine, good battery. 12+volts to the coil. Doesn't seem to have any pressure in fuel rail after cranking. Picked up jeep yesterday AM and drove it from Chicago to Ohio without any problems. Started cleaning engine with a rag ( no fluids or water). Tried and it wouldn't start. I've looked all over the engine to see if I knocked loose a connection somewhere. I couldn't find anything disconnected. Auto shut down relay wa

Hi, this could be you have not reset the ALARM, when you toke the battery off. please undo the NAGATIVE lead OFF the BATTERY and hold the battery lead ON (for 2 seconds) then take battery lead OFF. you will hear the ALARM make a funny noise (this res ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 97 eclipse gst...2.0 turbo. I have had a problem with the engine wanting to die after I take it past 2500 rpms. My car runs well for about 4-5 min then starts bogging really bad. While it runs good all the injectors work great...then when it bogs two of my injectors stop working. I took out and cleaned them. Replace the following: alternator, fuel pump, water pump and pullys, timing belt and tensioner. Its just started doing this a few weeks ago so I started eliminating things. I'm not

... 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse

I had oil on my engine so I used an engine degreaser/cleaner to clean it and got a little carried away when I rinsed it with the water. When I started my car it drove for about 100 ft and then died. I was able to get it started after a few sputters. It runs fine now but my check engine light is on.

Most likely you got water problems. the distributor may have water in it. you can choose to take the cap off and dry it yourself now, or just let it set for 5 or 6 hours and it will start again. if that light does'nt go off, take the positive cable ... 1997 Volkswagen Golf

I have a 2009 Isuzu dmax 3ltr td and my ute stopped and when started was missin on a cylinder after stopping the engine and starting a couple times it eventually ran good but then wouldn't start after I switched it off again.. Turns out I had dirty fuel and some water in the tank and been told its gone through the engine. This was about 4 months ago and the tank is still out and no filter on it.. Is it worth putting it all back together after cleaning tank and fresh filters to see if it runs and

... 2001 Isuzu Rodeo

I have a 1998 gmc sonoma with a 4 cyl..engine...service engine soon light keep coming on...auto zone codes are reading radom misfire....the truck will run great...then for a about 10 sec...it will start to hesitate....like something turned off two cylinders....then it drives fine again for about 10 min..then does it all over again. I have replaced all the spark plugs and plug wires...also cleaned the fuelinjection and put a new airfilter in.....It did great for about a day...then started all ove

Alot of problems with random missfires and a cheap quick fix is to replace the cps or the crank sensor also known as crank shaft position sensor . ... 1998 GMC Sonoma

Heating problem I recently purchased a 6 cylinder toyota petrol motor after running for about 15-20 minutes the machine starts to run very hot ! I left the radiator cap of and dirty rusty looking water came out of the top (obviously very dirt water and need good flush out I took the themostat housing apart (no thermostat inside ?) do you think I should put one back in? also do you think that once I clean system ( flush radiator and engine block out ) my heating problem should be sloved ? No ob

Milky oil means water is mixing with it might be a gasket ... Cars & Trucks

My 2005 auto 535d wont start or even turn over at all, the battery is charged and all the dash/lights etc come on although we did discover a pool of water in the battery tray (is this common?) but this doesnt seem to be linked to the starting problem. We cannot shift the car out of park as the auto gear wont move until the engine engages - PLEASE HELP!!

Hi the problem your having is going to be with the starter motor if when you turn the key the cars engine dont turn over at all you might here a faint clicking sound as you try turning the key to start the car, if the car is totally dead and the batt ... 2001 BMW 5 Series

My mitsubishi adventure was damaged by flood about 2 mos. ago. at first it runs alright after doing all the cleaning. However, recently the diesel engine is losing power. I changed the fuel filter which is full of water. I drained the fuel tank. Now the condition is even worse, after the engine starts, it went dead after about 5 secs. I cannot make it rev. even up to 2000 rpm. the engine keeps dying everytime I put the gas pedal down the floor. Please help. (The engine is 4d56 diesel engine 250

... 2007 Mitsubishi Montero Limited

I just bought my first Trooper and love it. It spits and sputters and looses power up hill. I replaced the plugs, the wires, and the fuel filter. It has a valve cover gasket leaking for sure. I cleaned all the oiloff the engine. Now it does not want to stay running. I can spray starter fluid into the carb and it will start up but will not stay running. It goes back to spitting and sputtering and then dies. I am running out of ideas to check. Please help. My only auto now and need it running ASAP

HiIt could be numerous things so please accept this is a partcial solution, just for some idea's for yourself.Firstly the I would check the EGR valve also known as the exhaust gas recycler valve, this reburns fumes from the en ... 1994 Isuzu Trooper

Engine running rough to the point of cutout. Can't get it above 15-20 mph.Check engine light has been on for some time and I know it has to do with an O2 sensor, but can't get the damn thing out of the exhaust. Also put fuel injector cleaner in with 1/2 tank of fuel. Problem started when most recent fuel was put in, but gas station said there is no water in fuel. Have taken out and cleaned spark plugs, but problem remains. Any ideas?

Check sencser on top of rear end it has something to do with the way the truck funcions and runs . this is one of fords worst ideals ... ... 2004 Ford F150

1999 Ford Explorer XLT 5.0 AWD - starter will not engage. I hve replaced the starter/solenoid, ingition relay, ignition switch, neutral safety switch and battery. battery cables are clean and solid. I can start the Explorer by jumping across the solenoid. Once it starts it run's fine. No check engine light. I have also connected an ODB Code Reader and it does not show any codes.

If you replaced the solenoid was there one wire to the solenoid or two? If the new solenoid had two small posts did you connect the single wire to the S (starter) or I (ignition) side? If you connected to the I side this is your problem. If you ha ... Ford Explorer

1989 lebaron car throttle body fuel injection would'nt run at all , cleaned the connection at the fuel injector and it started and ran for a month. now it will start every time I try it, but it will die after 5 seconds or sometimes longer. has good fuel pump pressure. checked more connections all I could think of to check..... Maybe ,coil,engine control module,auto shut down relay? I can't just try these things for the cost factor.

The hall effect in the distributor may be the problem,these are very bad to go out on these models.This is the most likely cause.Now if this does not fix the vehicle,then the computer is the next thing that goes on these models.If the computer is at ... 1989 Chrysler LeBaron


This usualy points that the water leak to the cylinder is not fixed. using another can of of bars leak will not help. the only advice i can b´give you right now is to get the cylinder head gasket fixed, before the cylinder head gets burnings, m ... Ford Ranger

2.5 4 cyl engine Code P0171....Black Soot in the exahaust and water...Black soot on the plugs. I have replaced the catc and muffler, MAP sensor, coolant temp sensor, coil, plugs, wires, dist cap,cleaned all electrical contacts, both O2 sensors..... car starts quickly and runs good. Just gets 8 to 10 mpg. I plugged it into my laptop and the results from several runs on the comp are at the address below. I have more. Looked for leaks with spray nothing found....?? http://picasaweb.goo

Black soot in water? You mean water in the tailpipe or black soot in the coolant in the radiator? Have you tested the manifold air temp sensor and the throttle position sensor? If they were OK, you may just have worn injectors that are allowing a bi ... 1997 Jeep Wrangler

58 reg 40.000 miles fiat doblo 1.3 d . oil in water , ( blocked filter some fpc filter not sure what its called not oil filter) starts but wont rev properly cuts out wont re start. fiat had it changed oil an filter cleaned out some special exhaust filter unit runs about 200 miles same thing happens , (since header tank got oil in only happens when its hot,but the engine dont over heat ) fiat dont want to know ? any ideas apart from scap it.

NOT SURE WHY YOU HAVE oil in the water but i would suspect head gasket but these motors do have a oil cooler i think so check this out ,now first thing after that to do is block off the EGR valve ,make a coca cola can gasket to seal it off completely ... Fiat Strada

Driving plymouth voyager quit running changed transmission check engine came on took it over to auto zone they put it on there portable scanner said wrong transmission it died driving down the road would not start by jump no water in oil getting fire fuel year 1998 engine 2.4

Send us excalty the fault code that they found there to send additional details. ... 1998 Plymouth Voyager

Periodically the car won't start. full tank, half, doesn't matter. can hear the fuel pump engage when starting. help? On four occasions during the past month, my 2005 Crossfire Roadster has refused to start. All of the electricals work, but the engine will not turn over. After 20-30 minutes, the engine starts normally. On two of the four occasions, I have stopped in a parking lot, run into a store and when I came out the engine would not start. On two occasions, the engine has stopped running a

Let me know if you dont get a good answer\015\012later paul ... 2005 Chrysler Crossfire

Periodically the car won't start. full tank, half, doesn't matter. can hear the fuel pump engage when starting. help? On four occasions during the past month, my 2005 Crossfire Roadster has refused to start. All of the electricals work, but the engine will not turn over. After 20-30 minutes, the engine starts normally. On two of the four occasions, I have stopped in a parking lot, run into a store and when I came out the engine would not start. On two occasions, the engine has stopped running a

Hi\015\012\015\012Have you checked the battery voltage? Has a security light come on? Also, if you have a helper turn the key to the start position and check if there are 12 volts to the smaller wire on the starter. Please check thi ... 2005 Chrysler Crossfire

The engine is in deed noisy when cold started. But lately, after some rain it really runs rough when fist started in the morning. In french we say that it runs "square". The "check engine light" came on once. Parked the car in the sun for 15 min with the hood opened than ran fine. I just had it inspected by the dealer. They found nothing. All they did was sray some water on top of the car. Can I make some tests my self by pourring water directly on different areas of the engine?

Does the engine have a lot of miles(Km) on it--over 100K? If so, try using 'high-mileage' oil in the engine. It will free sticky valve lifters, rings, and soften oil seals. Instead of water sprays, buy a can of 'cold spray' from an electronics parts ... 2008 Subaru Outback

My 2000 impala will not start. I've had my starter, batt, & engine all replaced. I've begin to suspect my auto theif system as the reason its not starting after a lot of online research, but after replaceing my engine my repair man sugested that my air compressor pump "not spinning" could cause my 2000 impala 3.8 engine not to keep running after a start? it started but stop running after about 3min. could this pump keep/stop my engine from starting/running???

I had a Nissan doing this to me a little while ago, but couldn't figure out the problem. A couple weeks later, the lady told me she took the car to a shop and they replaced the crank and cam sensors. My bet is that it was the crank sensor. ... Chevrolet Impala

I have a 83 ford ranger 2.3ltr 4cyl 3years ago i replaced the engine with a rebuilt engine with 40,000 miles!the truck has been sitting for atleast 2years i go out a start it and let it run once a week!well i started it this time and it was running real rough!so i cleaned carb witch is only 6months old i replaced,cap.rotor,plugs,wires,it was still running rough and getting rougher,so i drove it on the freeway got off stopped at store shut it off!started it back up and it was running great!i noti

... 1983 Ford Ranger

89 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer w/AT4 auto tranny behind 4.0 engine. When cold, tranny works fine, but after 2 to 4 miles, won't engage in any gear manually or automatically, and won't engage in 4WD. After sitting overnight - will engage fine, then start slipping again... ATF appears OK, fluid levels OK, no smell or noise or problem w/tranny in past. Engine revs fine - starts OK, no apparant engine problems. sometimes if rev'd excessively (4k rpm) will get enough engagement to move a few feet.

This sounds like all checks have been done, the oil is fine and the linkage is good, soory to say your trany is in need of a rebuild, sounds like in internal leak or weak pump, i would have a trany shop check it but i can tell you there going to say ... 1989 Jeep Cherokee
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