Having problems with your 1998 Saturn SL ?

My car would not start without being jumped. it had to sit there a few minutes with cables connected before it would start. it will however start after its been sitting a little while. and now the check engine light just came on

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Have your battery check it. make sure the cables are tight and not full of corosion.most atomotive places will check it for free
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While driving the car will stall, all electrics are dead. I let it sit for a minute and it starts, check engine light comes on. Start driving it stalls, let sit a few minutes and it starts again then stalls a little while later. Had battery tested a little while ago when car would not start at all, had it recharged and it tested good. Any ideas????

... 1997 Lincoln Continental

My car would not start without being jumped. it had to sit there a few minutes with cables connected before it would start. it will however start after its been sitting a little while. and now the check engine light just came on

Have your battery check it. make sure the cables are tight and not full of corosion.most atomotive places will check it for free ... 1998 Saturn SL

My 2003 PT cruiser's engine light came on, then the car started running extremely rough. It became so bad, I had to pull over. Sitting idle, it seems to idle a little rough, but when I gas it gas, it would rev up the die down, then rev up and die down - sorta pulsating. I just checked the code for my 2003 PT cruiser by using the run-off-run-off-run method and it came back with a code p 0340. The code chart indicates a misfire in cylinder 4. Does that mean I need to change the spark pulgs? What's

Find your air mass flow sensor in the stiff collar of the air ducting immediately after the air filter. Have the engine running and disconnect the plug to the MAF. If this makes the car run evenly again you need to replace the broken MAF. The misf ... 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser

I was listening a cd when waiting to pick someone up and when i came to start the car it the engine turned over and the sort of bussed but would not start - i waited a couple of hours and then the car started - i had the battery checked and they said it was ok. About 2 weeks later i had drove my car to and was sitting in the car and when i came to start the car it would not start -then engine would not even turn over. I left it for a couple of hours and it still would not turn over and it looked

Charge the battery, then put a volt meter on battery before you start it and note the voltage, then start the car and check the voltage while its running..if its less then 13-13.5 then its not charging...if it seems to be charging, take it to your lo ... 2004 Acura TSX

I have a 1986 bronco 2. Just bought it and when i drove it 5 or so miles it would start missing as i was pumping pedal trying to keep it running until it died. Tried to restart and it would not start. Let sit for 30 minutes and it cranked right up and ran fine for another few minutes then started acting up again. Already changed the Fuel filter and checked the fuel pressure. I checked the oil and there is no water in the oil incase of cracked head. When it was breaking up it smelled like it was

I would consider the O2 sensor and the coolant tempurature sensor. ... 1989 Ford Bronco II

New starter on my 2000 Subaru Impreza Outback sport is going out again. I recently bought my impreza. The check engine light came on a few times and 5 days later it would not start, I tapped on the starter by suggestion of a friend, they siad it may free up the little fan inside (then it started right up for the next week untill I got the starter replaced. The check engine light cam eon again last week and then off and then back on for about a day. Yesterday it would not start so I tried the tep

Sounds like a bad starter. If your car is turbocharged then you might have gotten a starter meant for non-turbo application. Same thing happened to me but I couldnt get the right starter. Heat is the no.1 enemy of cars. Turbos run way hotter than ... 1999 Subaru Impreza

Hello I am having a problem getting my 2002 Saab 9-5 to start. There is no check engine light on at this time. It all started literally when at random times it would fail to start after driving for awhile. I would let it sit and cool down and then eventually it would start again.

Almost for sure this is the CPS sensor that is on the front of the ENGINE under the heat shield to the right. It's a bit tricky to replace, but not bad if you have small fingers, etc.... ... 2002 Saab 9-5

Won't start I have a 1987 Dodge Dakota 3.8..it was running fine and I went out to start it after letting it sit awhile and it would not start..it would turn over just not start..I replaced the starter, starter relay, distributor cap,rotor, checked all wires to battery and coil and replaced coil and spark plugs and wires,still nothing...any help or suggestions would be appreciated...Thanks RL

Take a little bit of starting fluid and spray into the air cleaner and try starting it. if it fires this way you have a bad fuel pump. and also take the cap off and spin the motor over to see if the rotor is moving because i have seen the distribut ... 1987 Dodge Dakota

I had just replaced my starter a couple days ago on my 96 grand jeep cheroke v8, but even before i did i started getting this check battery on the little screen and the check guages light would come on. My battery voltage guage would go to zero. Someone help me please these problems just started happening a month ago and i hadnt had any in 3 years... someone anyone please....

If the battery voltage gauge goes to zero, it may be a bad connection at the battery.\015\012Batteries generally last an average of only 3 years, but they will go bad gradually until the voltage drop on starting will drop below levels that the ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hi, I have a 97 318 convertible with just 44000 miles. Used very infrequently. Last 6 months or so when started the RPM would go up and down and the motor would chug and bounce in neutral. Once in Drive, it smoothed out under acceleration. Check Engine Light on. a few days ago it sputtered at startup while I was near a garage. They scoped it and said a record on the cam sensor. For the past two days it started up with just a little of the problem and the Check Engine light is now off. I did pu

Dealer item check at the dealer near you ... 1997 BMW 318

I have a 2000 dodge caravan le that just died on me. it would just shut down while driving then when i would start it back up it would chug for a little bit then idle out. i checked fuel pressure and it was at 45psi. i changed spark plugs also but it will not start at all now. it turns over and sounds like it wants to start but it wont.

Check for spark if there is spark present the it could be the map sensor.\015\012if you don't have spark then the crank sensor in side the distributor is bad ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

1994 dodge intrepid would cut off while driving,no sputter ,engine just stops, no check engin light,but the cruise control light would come on. let it sit 10-15 mins and would start back up, have been looking through your web site and have done everything , others with this problem have had, replaced crank sensors ,cam sensor, fuel pump and filter, fuel pump relay ads relay,fuel pressure regulator and pcm now car wont start at all. it turns over , but wont start.

Do a compression check, if you have lost compression on 2 or more cylinders try replacing the timing belt. If the compression is good across all cylinders and you have an alarm installed by pass the alarm by removing the in line fuse from the power ... Dodge Intrepid

I have a 1991 ford rockwood camper it has been sitting for 2 yrs,It ran great when I parked it but now it won't start. I got it to start when putting gas down the throtle body but it won't stay running.It's not getting gas I can't here the fuel pump when I try to start it I've put my hand on the pump and can't feel It running.Is there a fuse or relay that I could check or a way to check to see if there is power getting to the pump or a way to check the pump.I can't see how the pump would stop wo

Most likely the groung wire for the fuel pump has rusted. Check the ground first. In the event you need a new fuel pump try this site GenesisAutoParts.com \015\01259.00 for a new pump. ... 1991 Ford Econoline

I have a 1996 park avenue and it starts fine and runs after i turn it off and it sits and i try to start it up again it will start to sputer and die and will do it driving down the road yesterday my wife was driving and the passenger seat started to move on its own as i was sitting in it and the check eng light started to flash and would not get over 30 mph i had it put on a diagnostics and the only thing it showed was the mass air sensor ?

Test all sensors ... 1996 Buick Park Avenue

Car was running fine about 3 months ago, has been sitting in my driveway for the time being. Went to start it, battery has good power, charged it and boosted it. Car turns over but will not catch and start. Havent checked fuel pump relay yet, havent checked fuse, pretty sure i can hear the pump come on, and havent changed or checked the spark plugs yet. Could you list things that i would need to check so that i can narrow it down? Thanks.

Hi,\012\012You could check those things you have said.\012\012The most important to start the engine is to check the ignition. From spark to the distributor.\012as you have said the fuel pump works, you may check if the fuel ... 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer

When staring my saab 900 se turbo the computer always does a checking before it will start if the computer does not check the car will not start had it tested but found nothing wrong went for a boot on the weekend turned if of for gas and car just turn over and would not start eventually it started and I got home been sitting since car is in great shape and has been well maintained

Poss bad fuel pump, clogged fuel filter, Do you hear pump running, Its under the back seat ... 1996 Saab 900

I have a 2006 vw jetta and for the past month i have had a problem with it starting. AAA said i had a bad battery cell and they replaced the battery. a week later the car would not start after sitting for two days. I had the alternator & starter checked out and they are both good. It seems like the car will not start or make an attempt to start after it sits for a couple of days. can someone please help me with this problem

Check your amp draw on the battery with the key out... You may have something pulling the battery down. ... 2006 Volkswagen Jetta

I'm having trouble starting my '87 Fiero. Everytime I leave it sit for more then an hour or so, It takes about 20 seconds of cranking to start. Once started it runs perfect. Basically I'm losing fuel pressure when it sits. Is there an accumulator that holds the pressure or a check valve somewhere that prevents the backflow of fule? Not sure if one of these pieces exist on this car? Would it be the fuel pump, even though the car runs perfect once started? Thanks

HI. this sounds more like an obstruction in the fuel lines or a faulty fuel pressure regulator. i recommend doing a fuel pressure test. the pressure should be at least 9-13 psi. If not, check for crimped lines or disconnected elec ... 1987 Pontiac Fiero

ABS Light went on, followed by check brake light, engine started running a little rough. Pulled over brakes and fluid OK, Tried to start car turned over slow, and fired, Tach very erratic and at 1500 RPM. turned off car, went to restart, sol clicked would not start dashboard dark. Checked Battery pos term dirty, cleaned term, reattached term, Did removing the term re set computer? car started and appears to run fine. Any ideas?

A bad electrical connection can cause a number of lights to come on, have any lights returned since cleaning and reinstalling the terminal? if not then the loose connection probably caused all that you saw. Hope this helps, let me know. ... 2004 Ford Taurus

I went out to start my 2002 Oldsmobile Alero and it wouldn't start heard a gurgling noise then saw a little smoke coming from under the hood. I opened the hood to check my oil thinking maybe it was low ,but I had just had my oil changed 3 weeks ago. Oil level was fine, tried to start car again still same sound but this time it smelled as if there was a wire burning. Had my bf come check it out he said it could be the starter. How would I know if my starter is out?

Usally smoke indicates a burned wire form too much resistance. you may need to replace both the positive and negitive battery cables with a new starter.\012replace those and go from there try to turn the engine by hand. hopefully it is not lock ... 2002 Oldsmobile Alero

I have a 1993 Ford Taurus with 240,000 miles. Check engine light came on that day. When I went to start car again after it was sitting all day it would not start. Acted like it wanted to but seems like it was not getting any fuel. Where do we start checking for the problem?

That engine light is there to warn you that the ECM (the brain of the engine) has detected a big fault that should be immediately taken care of.\012 You must have the error codes read to have an idea of what is wrong - either call someone with ... 2000 Ford Taurus

My 1988 chevy 1500 350 truck died on me at a stop sign and would not start back it would turn over but not hit a lick! so i pulled it home and changed the ignition module it tested bad at the store. it still wont hit a lick! so i got new plugs&cap&rotor. it would try to hit after that so i checked to see if the crank & cam were in time and thay are. then i turned the dist. counter clockwise a little bit and it started but it was ruff so while it was running i turned it back clockwise and it smoo

... 1988 Chevrolet K1500

I have a 1999 chevy van with a 5.7. the van has been sitting for 2 years. I recently started working on it, I had the van running for about 1 hour and it just shut its self off.(like someone turned the key off). Then when tryin to start it would just turn over. I replaced the computor, then it would start and shut right off.If you tryed to give it gas it will pop thru intake. I wrote you guys earlier and you suggested replacing the fuel filter and check fuel psi. I replaced filter and I have 80

Check for mouse chewed wiring...I have had them chew through plug wires when sitting for a while...good luck...Lee ... Chevrolet G20

Whay would a 1997 blazer crank and fire but not start? Some times it will start but when it does it has a miss in it. However driving within a mile the miss goes away. Also seems to be worse when it is wet out. The check engine light is not on nor the check gauges light. Right now it wont start at all. I change the modgulare and now it is hitting a little. Could I have flooded it?

You may have a bad camshaft sensor, it is located in the distributor. That will cause the same issues. ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

For about 6 months my 91 lumina euro 3.1 Motor has been very hard to start in damp weather, it would even backfire a little bit. -- Once it starts it does fine. -- During the 6 months the car 'at times' would die coming up to a red light. --- Now my car won't start at all, acts like it is not firing on any cylinder. --- A shade tree mechanic told me it was the ignition coil/ignition module, and to go ahead and change the fuel filter too, and furthermore check to see if the fuel pump is working.

It is possible you have bad spark plug wires. A good check would be to wait until it is dark out and open the hood then start the car and look under the hood to see if you have any arcing showing. If you do, replace the plug wires. ... 1991 Chevrolet Lumina
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