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Replace crankshaft sensor on 1998 sunfire - 1998 Pontiac Sunfire

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Replace crankshaft sensor on 1998 sunfire - 1998 Pontiac Sunfire

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Coolant wiring I just replaced the coolant sensor on my 98 pontiac sunfire. The temperature gage still doesn't work so we retested the code to make sure that it said the coolant sensor and it did. So we took out the sensor and had it checked and it is fine. I'm wondering where I can get wire for coolant sensor and how hard it is to install in the car as we figure it's a a short in the wire. Our next step is to take it to the dealer if we can't fix it with replacing the wire. Thanks

Ensure you are checking the right sensor.\015\012The coolant level sensor is usually located in the coolant resevoir. It generally performs a hi/lo monitor switch function.\015\012The coolant temperature sensor is usually located on the m ... 1998 Pontiac Sunfire

Over the past couple of months my 2006 Pontiac G6 has been shifting hard. It does not do this everyday and it seems to do so more once the car is warmed up. Now we have replaced the crankshaft position sensor and this did not help. It has 114000 miles on it.We had it scanned and it is bringing up the code p0014 which is the camshaft position sensor. Has anyone had this problem and fixed it by replacing the sensor or is it much more complicated than that?

... 2006 Pontiac G6

My Pontiac Sunfire 2002 is hard to start and after it starts when excelrating it to around 4000 rpm it surges.I have had the oxygen sensor replaced & thethrottle pos. sensor & Fuel filter replaced.

... 2002 Pontiac Sunfire

Our 1994 Pontiac Sunfire is overheating. We've replaced the thermostat and the coolant temperature sensor and it's still running hot. If the EGR sensor is stuck open, would that cause it to run hot? We were told that it needed to be replaced because the "check engine" light comes on now and then.

Your overheating is most likely due to a clogged radiator. The small passages in the radiator get clogged with build up, and prevent water from circulating properly thru the radiator,and not allowing the engine ... Pontiac Sunfire

1998 pontiac sunfire, starts then immediately dies, codes are p1404-egr valve pintle stuck open, p0118-engine coolant circuit high input, p0404-egr circuit range/performance, p0405-egr sensor a circuit low, p0452-evaporative emission control system pressure sensor low input, p0453-evaporative emission control system pressure sensor high input.....what needs to be replaced to make it run again?

Start by removing the EGR and clean it, or replace it. (They usually get gummed up with carbon) This would be the best place to start. ... 1998 Pontiac Sunfire

2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT, 3.4L V-6. Have 336 engine code at 30 seconds repeatable. Have replaced both crankshaft position sensors. Wiring looks fine. Cam position sensor?

Code 336 is the cam position sensor, I would replace this to start. Also could be cam going bad, timing chain getting loose, which would result in the 336 code. ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT

1998 sunfire crankshaft sensor removal - 1998 Pontiac Sunfire

... 1998 Pontiac Sunfire

Does my 2003 pontiac sunfire ecotec motor have a cam sensor? Where is it? If it starts as soon as u give it gas it cuts out. I've replaced: fuel pump, fuel filter, coil pk, spark plugs, crank sensor, computer

There is still more to check. like the mass air flow sensor, the whole fuel line cleanout, and if its an auto it does have a camshaft sensor. its located into the transmission. ... 2003 Pontiac Sunfire

Check engine light came on a 2002 pontiac sunfire 2.2 liter DOHC. Code was for a faulty oxygen sensor. Sensor was replaced and now I am wondering how to clear the code. Older cars aloud for disconnecting the battery. Any one know how to clear this code?

Decided to go to a repair shop and have them clear it with a scanner. ... 1996 Pontiac Sunfire

I have a 1999 pontiac grand am and I am not getting any spark.I changed the ignition module under the coils and that wasnt it.I changed both of the crankshaft sensors and still nothing. It stalled on me and I ended up having a bad battery and now I replaced it it still cranks but wont start.Can anyone give me an idea what to check next?I am going to replace the coils next since I have no clue what is going on with it. Any help would be appreciated.

Have you checked for power and ground on the module when cranking. Check on the two wire plug on the module that has a pink wire and a black wire. ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

Replace crank sensor 96 pontiac sunfire

... Cars & Trucks

What's the price expectation for a Pontiac Sunfire 2001, canister and& sensor replacement at a mechanic,approximate

... 2001 Pontiac Sunfire

: need to replace the crankshaft sensor

... 2002 Pontiac Sunfire

2003 Pontiac Gran AM cutting out intermittently, replaced the harmonic balancer, tensioner, serpentine belt, crankshaft sensor, plugs and wires, and the TPS. What next?

Coil packs ... 2003 Pontiac Grand Am

Replaced 1997 Pontiac Sunfire speed sensor, but the speedometer still does not work. Any solutions?

There are a few possibilities. The shaft inside the transmission that runs the VSS could be broken, the dashboard speedometer itself or the PCM. Unfortunately, There is actually a Technical Service Bulletin #66-83-04A that references the ... Pontiac Sunfire

We've replaced the MAP sensor and coil pack in my daughters 1999 pontiac sunfire. It's a 2.4L, DOHC but the engine is shaking when it idles. We think it may have a broken motor mount, but when the engine is reved up, the shaking stops. We do hear an occasional puttering sound when it's idling. What else should we check?

Do a compression test of the cylinders, could be a burnt valve, from what you describe engine is missfiring on idle and running on all cylinders at higher revs ... 1999 Pontiac Sunfire

I have a 1997 Pontiac sunfire 2.2 engine, I replaced the sub frame and the car was laid up for about a month now when I start it, it sometimes stalls, I did have a code coming up po171 ( system running to lean) still on with a yellow light I changed maf or map sensor, fuel filter, now when I drive it ,say for about 15-20 mins, shut it off and start it again it starts idling rough so I gave it a little gas and it quits then a code of p0335 came on the last time it fell on it's face which is crank

Why was the sub frame replaced was the car in a wreck? i would check and see if any grounds were left off or broken.next test for a vacuum leak at intake. and or vac. hoses installed incorrectly.if you have a large library in your town you can look u ... 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

2001 pontiac grand am 3.4 V-6 Was running fine, stopped. Tapped on igniton coils, started again. Could tap on them and it would hesitate or stop. All coils with good primary and secondary resistance. All fuses with 0.0 ohms. 12.0v supply to ingition module and ground is good. Crankshaft sensor with 200+ millivolt signal. Had excellent spark from coils, now none; have replace ignition module twice! Turns over great, but NO Spark at coil towers or from module. Noticed a 'static' shock when getting

Well I can tell you no matter what your gauge says on the groundwires to the system..... you've got a bad ground or a hot touching ground somewhere and I think that you should recheck your steps. Not all books are always correct in their schematics ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE

How to replace a crankshaft sensor on a 1999 pontiac grandprix

On the 3.8 engine it is on the front of the motor by the waterpump. Just unplug it, unbolt it and remove it. On the 3.4 engine, you have to remove the Power steering pump to get to the sensor. ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

Missing problem... we replaced the fuel injector today and changed the plugs and wires the reason we changed the fuel injector is because it was leaking. now we have idle issues. it will start but idles hard also stalls when comming to a stop..also i noticed it is smoking around the uostreanm oxygen sensor can that be because its idle wrong. help me i have a 1995 Pontiac sunfire 2.2 engine

... 1995 Pontiac Sunfire

How do I replace the 02 sensor - 2000 Pontiac Sunfire

Well you first need to know which 02 sensor but if you know all it takes is usually a 7/8ths wrench. sometimes you need an 02 sensor socket. but really you unplug it and unscrew it apply the copper anti seeze to threads and install it tighten it up. ... 2000 Pontiac Sunfire

2001 Pontiac Grand AM, 3.4 V-6 Was running great, stopped. Tapped lighlty on ignition coils, started again. Tapping again would make it hesitate or stop. Have check coils for primary and secondary resistance; all in spec as is the crankshaft sensor signal (200+ mV). Good 12v supply and good ground to igntion module. I HAD a good spark, then none. Replaced the igniton coil module (twice, thought one might be bad, was about 2 years ago); still NO spark, but have noticed a 'static' shock from car d

I have replaced many crank sensors that tested good but would intermittantly fail while running ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE

P0355 is a code I am getting on my 96 pontiac grand am. the car starts sometimes and not others. and when it does sstart it is very rough. the engine was just replaced. could the crankshaft position sensor cause intermitent starting and rough idle or could the timing just be off?

The crank sensor will cause intermitent dieing while driving and a no start,,,common gm issue,a p0355 is for the crsankshaft position sensor performance,,or lack there of performance really,lol replace the crank sensor,,it will not cause a rough runn ... 1996 Pontiac Grand Am

Hello, I have a 1997 pontiac grand am. I have what i would call 'shuddering' when driving my car. The check engine light comes on and the rpm guage falls when it happens. SOmetimes I drive it for a while before teh first shudder and the light coming on. Took it to a mechanic who read the codes and replaced the crankshaft sensors. It's still happening and he sayst he next step is the computer which seems expensive to do on a car of this age. Any other possibilities? I don't feel unsafe in

Garages are always too quick to blame the ECU, look at it this way, the ECU is putting the check light on when the fault occurs, this tells me the ECU is doing it's job properly.\015\012\015\012I would doubt the ECU is to blame on this as ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Am
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