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I have a 1987 Firebird Trans-Am. The car is equipped with an electronic truck closure. The closure button is located on the dash board, when pressed the emergency brake light becomes illuminated. I am unable to close the trunk. When the car is turned off the clock is illuminated and will eventually drain the battery. The car has 7,300 original miles and has never had any body work and or electrical work performed.

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Check all grounds. Run jumpers to see if issue goes away. Weird stuff is usually a poor ground.
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I have a 1987 Firebird Trans-Am. The car is equipped with an electronic truck closure. The closure button is located on the dash board, when pressed the emergency brake light becomes illuminated. I am unable to close the trunk. When the car is turned off the clock is illuminated and will eventually drain the battery. The car has 7,300 original miles and has never had any body work and or electrical work performed.

Check all grounds. Run jumpers to see if issue goes away. Weird stuff is usually a poor ground. ... 1998 Pontiac Firebird

2000 buick park avenue - Blinker Problem Left-side turn signal does not work. At first it began to stay lit (no blinking) while car was running and even when car was turned off. Had to pull fuse to prevent battery drain. Car sat for a few months, then it worked briefly, and now left-side binker does not illuminate but the flasher ticking can be heard. This same behavior occurs whether using the turn signal switch or hazard switch. Right side works fine. Checked fuses and bulbs, now wha

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2001 FORD TAURUS SEA. Problem: Dome light will not turn off after car is put in gear. At least not right away. While I'm driving it will turn off and the doors will lock (eventually). Also, the dome light will not turn off after turning off the car and making sure each door is shut completely. I know it has a dely, but all night and draining my battery is a little much. I can sometimes shut the driver door several times with much force and that will sometimes work. Or I'm shaking the who

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I have 1998 Dodge Stratus. I had the ignition switch replaced because the ignition would stay on even though the car was turned off and key was removed. I would wake up in morning with battery drained. Now when I drive the car my x22Air Bagx22 light comes on, then the power windows will not work, then the heater and turn signals stop working. If I stop, turn off the car and turn back on, sometimes these features will work and sometimes they do not. Also, the prior owner told me (after my car bat

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I have 1998 Dodge Stratus. When I am driving my car the power windows will stop working, the heater won't work, my turn signals aIso stop working. Is the alternator draining the battery? What cou

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My 96 lincoln started having problems with the interior lights staying on all the time, then the drivers side window did not work, then the power steering was operating intermittenly and then stopped working, then the power door locks stop working, then the car stalled and would not turn on. All the power was drained. I believe that the battery was not being recharged by the alternator and when the car used up the battery everything then shutdown. I bought a new battery and moved it but the batt

I had this problem with my 97 continental. Spray WD-40 on the door latches, then open & close a few times. This shoula solve the problem. You may have to repeat this to work. ... 1996 Lincoln Continental

Car makes stuttering noise when starting engine not even turning over. Nothing was left on inside the car no doors open to drain the battery. When key is turned back to original position radio runs and lights work fine. Engine oil in the tank is fine. Car has 84000 miles on it with original battery. Time for a new battery?

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I pulled into the gas station the other day, and turned the car off. I walked in and back out and went to start the car. It wasn't turning over. Car has ran fine for 170k and now this. I replaced the ignition module and it still didn't fix. Gas pump works fine and my battery was drained over this first night. Now the battery will barely hold a charge and I don't know what the problem is? Would a bad battery cause this to happen?

Yes it can, if the battery has a weak or dead cell in it, it won't hold a charge, also the alternator should be checked to see if it's charging the battery, it should put out between 14 to 15 volts. ... 2000 Buick LeSabre

While Driving: the battery light came on; Radio stoped working and controls froze; tackometer stopped working; other electrical systems seemed to be ok (AC, Lights, Etc,). I pulled over, turned off the engine and tried to restart. The battery was almost drained and would not turn over the engine. I had the car towed home a couple of hours later and by then the battery had recharge enough to stort the engine. After starting the battery light was of and everything seemed to be ok. What part or sys

Have the voltage regulator checked in the alernator ... 2003 Mercury Sable

1999 passat v6 battery wont hold charge. battery light came on and gradually car died several symbols came up on dashboard before car died, abs, battery, circle with triangle inside-car was driving fine and then the battery light came on and 20 miles later the car started slowing down and it eventually stalled...lights inside car continued to work but car would not start when key turned.

Sounds like the alternator gave out. You may want to remove and have it checked. ... 1999 Volkswagen Passat

Car sat for 18 months, the battery died so i replaced it, after this the radio didn't work (maybe when i replaced it i shorted something out?) it ran for a while, but when it was driven at night the airbag light first came on, the dash lights dimmed (eventually to nothing). We barely got to our location. Once the car was stopped it was idleling weak. The turn signals quit working along with everthing else that is electric. The car shut off and would not start. When the key is turned to start it,

All of these are signs of a dying battery, because it's not recharged by the alternator.Test the alternator this way: jump the battery from a running car and start your engine; rev the engine to about 2500 rpm and disconnect the jumpers; test t ... 2001 Hyundai Elantra

99 clk 320 changed key fob batteries car acted funny and key took a minute to unlock and turn in ignition and now it is stuck in and wont turn just stays locked at 0. door locks and unlocks dnt work either it worked i changed batteries in key on monday and on saturday it quit working? is it posible the key lost program i only have one remote

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Have a 2000 Kia Sportage. Car wont start. Put in a used battery, vehicle started then eventually stopped working and battery appeared to be drained. If the vehicle is draining the car battery, what would be the most realistic option to resolve this, and what is the most likely reason for this problem?

Given your car's symptoms the alternator is probably bad. If you're able to drive the car, or remove the alternator, many auto parts stores (e.g.; O'Reilly's) will test the alternator for free (and possibly replace it). ... 2000 Kia Sportage

1995 Lincoln Continental - 4.6 li engine. Car was running fine. Then charging system error began and car eventually drained the battery and left me on the side of the road. I replaced the alternator AND a blow alternator/ generator fuse (10) under the hood. Following replacement , car started right up and ran - but was running off battery and not alternator. Put battery on charger overnight. Today, I go out to start the car - and it will not start at all.. with battery fully charged. Turns over

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1998 Dodge Avenger Battery drained. Auto repair shop tested alternator and said the problem is the battery. I had the battery tested and recharged it was OK. Next day, internal lights work in the car, not enough power to crank the engine. I did jump start car. Drove for 30 minutes. 15 minutes in to drive the battery light came on. Turned car off and battery is dead again. Any ideas?

I'm not sure where you got your alternator tested, but recently I was in the same situation with my 1998 avenger and the alternator was at fault ... 1998 Dodge Avenger

I have a 1998 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4 door. Recently, my roommate (the car buff) and I replaced the subwoofer. Now my battery is being drained. Things work fine once jumped. Can turn the car off and then on. Give it an hour or so and I am dead again. Could the new speaker be draining my battery?

If it's a powered subwoofer yes. Powered subs draw alot of power, and if you wired it direct, yes it can drain your battery down. You need to wire it to a source that is powered only when key is on. ... 1998 Ford Explorer

I have VW Polo 1.4 (1999). The car was running fine, until I park my car at the home, it tend to drain battery overnight and has to recharge in the morning before I get to work. I used DC current meter (LEM, magnetic sensing type, just clip on the wire) and found it draining 70mA from the battery into red thickest lead (other three has no current drawn) I check the current at the starter and found no current there. I check the light and found no light turned on (with my current meter). I need ci

Try to check the battery maybe your battery is over use or you need to replace the battery or check your alternator and check the fuse of the car. ... 2004 Volkswagen R32

Yesterday we changed the serpentine belt in my Trailblazer. We started the car afterward and everything was fine. Went into the house and came out 2 hours later and car won't start. Tested the battery and it's fine. The starter works but it won't turn over. We jumped the car and eventually turns over and all the gauges now go back to normal . I drove to the store and the car will not restart after the engine is shut off. We have to jump the car each time. But this morning, it's been off

Hi.More than a relay it looks like the alternator is not working. Try using a replacement battery already charged. Ensure battery connectors are well in place.Read volts using a multimeter while engine is on, if alternator is ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Have a 1996 Volvo 850... left the light on and drained battery... nothing worked except that: I jumped car and noticed that alarm went off and I actually did the above and took neg. lead off then alarm went off then I put neg. lead back on and then started the car with the jump... it took about a minute of the engine barely turning over to get car to start... then I took it for a 10 min. test drive and then turned car off... then same thing happened... then I did same charging procedure with sa

Sounds like you need a new battery, also have the alternater checked. as far as the alarm, you should be able to disarm the system by locking and unlocking the passengers door, then the drivers door with the key, when the door are closed ... 1996 Volvo 850

I drive a 1992 BMW 735I and I am locked out of my car. The locks are controlled electrically and can only be opened with my key. My key turns in the keyhole but the doors do not unlock. If the battery is low the locks won't open. I just put in a new battery and alternater a month ago but I must have something draining my battery. My question to you is, if my power doesn't work in my car and I can't access the battery under the seat or under the hood, is there any other way to feed energy to the

Use the passenger side drivers side emergency unlock doesn't exist in the 92 735iLift and hold the handle DO NOT RAPIDLY MOVE IT (you can break handle) Turn key towards the front of the car and the you will see door unlock. With key still hel ... 1992 BMW 7 Series

I have a 2000 lesabre custom that started having issues starting on new years eve. It was below zero and I had started it with no problem just to make sure my battery would have enough power because the battery is kind of weak from something draining it over and over again. I had installed a battery cut off that is working fine. but back to new years. i let it run for 30+ minutes then shut it off. 2 or 3 hours later i was going to go home. turned the ign. car turned over would not start so i dra

I'll start by saying folks like me that answer questions are all volunteers. Nobody gets paid. So we pick and choose the questions we answer. I'm not sure I am following your question / story.Are you saying the engine will crank but not st ... 2000 Buick LeSabre

My car is overheating and the power steering isn't working I noticed my belt I think its the the Water pump drive belt the pulley closest to the front of the car is loose, in turn making the belt loose, would that be the cause of my car overheating and my power steering not working its also draining my battery

Yes, the serpentine belt runs all those pumps. Water , power steering, alternator ,ect. If its loose have the tensioner and belt checked out and replaced. ... 2001 Hyundai Elantra

Car wont start without a fully charged battery, ( starts right away) but when i imediately turn off car, battery is drained and not rechargeable, it kills the cells, have taken alternator and starter to be checked and they passes all tests, have even changed battery cables , and nothing. all fuses are in working condition and have changed relays with like relays and nothing, dont know what else to check

Check the battery itself, might be dead cell in it. You can do it for free at autozone store along with a current coming to the battery from altermator\015\012Good Luck ... 1999 Dodge Avenger

My '99 Grand Am has a couple of problems that may be related. 1. Intermittent chime (sounds like door chime) keeps going off with car running and in park. Quits once in gear. Also continues to chime with car turned off. 2. Difficulty starting. Turns over really slow, won't start at times. Was able to jump start it yesterday. Possibly battery draining to chime? 3. Power door locks do not work. 4. Left headlight inop on dim. I have a new bulb to install. Bring this up because I had a check engine

Cold be an electrical break in a wire or relay could be blown.You will have to ckeck everything. ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

Just bought a 1998 vw polo today. got it home and it won't start. when i turn the ignition on, the dash lights and wipers work but the car won't turn over. eventually got it started with a jump start but was dying away and jumping whilst driving. have tried jump starting and checked the battery for dry cells. 1st Car !! Great start!! any help welcome. neil

Hi there i would try cheking the altornator as if this is faulty then it would not charge the battery and when you jump start it it will run but due to the alternator being faulty it will not be sending the signal back to the ecu so it will shut the ... 1998 Volkswagen Golf
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