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How to remplace the oil pressure switch? - 1998 Plymouth Voyager

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Click here to see oil pressure switch location.
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How to remplace the oil pressure switch? - 1998 Plymouth Voyager

Click here to se ... 1998 Plymouth Voyager

1994 plymouth voyager oil pressure drops to 0 at red lights. Oil pressure comes up if in neutral or accelerate Gets worse when engine is hot.

Probably needs a new oil pump ... 1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager

Where is the oil pressure switch on 99 plymouth voyager 4 cylinder?

Is should be near the oil filter. ... 1988 Plymouth Voyager

Plymouth voyager 1998,oil pressure switch problems

... 1998 Plymouth Voyager

Oil pressure switch where is it located on the engine. Plymouth Grand Voyager

Right beside the oil filter. Easily to change 10-15 min and cheap $15-20. Be sure to have extra rags to catch oil that will come out when you remove the unit. ... 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager

Vw polo 1994 oil light comes on immediately after reaching 2800 rpm. I have changed the oil filter, oil, air filter and the oil pressure switch (blue color i think it was 0,15-0,35 BAR). Recently i have changed the instrument panel as the temperature and fuel gauge were not working. what can be the problem and are there two oil pressure switches ??? Thanks in advance.

... Volkswagen Polo

I have a Grand Cherokee 2001 4.0 6cyl. Thermostat replaced, oil sending switch replaced but still losing coolant fluid. About from full to indicator light in six weeks. My oil pressure gauge went to almost 0. I had it checked out and the mechanic said the oil was very thin. Changed oil and filter and oil pressure resumed main seal products to correct this to 40psi at 1600 and 20psi at idle (pressure in the oil pan). For the next 1000 miles it was good, and then the oil gauge was showing a dip a

Hate to say it, but sounds like a blown gasket or cracked head - the mere indication of the white mily substance.If you haven't done so, it is time to do a compression test. Alternatively have you checked your oil pump itself?Best r ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a bad oil leak on my 1996 Plymouth Breeze. I was told it was the oil pressure sender and needed a special socket, and was located on the block below the exhaust manifold. I was sold the socket and new switch. I changed it. But I still have an oil leak is from a switch/sender located right next to the oil filter itself. What is this component/switch for/called? Everyone tells me it's the oil pressue sending switch. Yet, I've changed the one I was sold and its in a different location

Ok i believe the one you changed is the switch the one next to it is the oil pressure sending unit\012there is a difference between the two///// make sure they sell you thread tape so this way you don't ha ... 1996 Plymouth Breeze

I have a '99 Voyager and the oil pressure sensor stays on and beeps at me while I am driving. It has plenty of oil. The oil was just changed 2 days ago and the oil pressure switch was changed 2 months ago. Whats next? Oil pump?

Maybe not, The Oil screen could be clogged up. You will have to drop the oil pan and it should be at the bottom of the engine. Does it seem to get better or worse when cold or hot?? ... 1999 Plymouth Voyager

2004 yukon denali with low oil pressure message. gage reads 0 at idle and about 20 driving. changed oil pressure switch and oil pump. problem persits. now i have a nocking on engine. out of ideas.

If pump and switch are new, check the pick-up tube. Most problem causing device.Do a compression check to make sure you don't have any leaking gaskets.If you have alot of miles, worn oil rings on the pistons can cause this. I would ... GMC Yukon Denali

2004 yukon denali with low oil pressure message. Gage reads 0 at idle and about 20 driving. Changed oil pressure switch and oil pump. Problem persits. Now i have a nocking on engine. Out of ideas.

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2004 yukon denali with 100,000 mi today my oil pressure indicator went down to 0 and the alarm went off. i took it to my mecanic we thought we could replace the switch, and after that 300.00 dollar repair im still loosing oil pressure ,do you think it needs an oil pump? or do i need a new engine?

If it's not blowing blue smoke indicating bad rings or valve guides, you may have a blocked oil pickup screen. This problem can occur with certain types of pan gaskets that break up and get sucked up to the pick-up tube screen.\015 ... 2004 GMC Sierra Denali

Ac low pressure switch 1999 plymouth voyager - 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager

... 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager

Fuel problems 1999 Grand Prix GTP 3800 Supercharged VIN 1: car starts, but shuts down within 10 seconds. You can see the fuel pressure drop within those 10 seconds. If I flutter the throttle, the fuel pressure will jump back up to 50lbs & back down to 0-10. But, you can keep the car running by doing that. I have replaced the fuel filter & helped a little bit, but still shuts down. Replaced fuel pressure regulator & fuel pump & oil pressure switch & still nothing. HELP....

T.p.s. censor ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 1987 Plymouth reliant with an older a/c compressor. I've had the system evacuated and it holds pressure. I've also had it converted to 134 as well. When I add freon to the system, it registers high but when the compressor turns on, the pressure drops to 0. I also have to bypass the high pressure switch to get the compressor to engage. Before it would re-cycle every 1 minure or so. The parts to the a/c system are very old. Intially, the pressure was about 40 lps and now it shows in the 1

First the low side should read 30 and the high should read 230 PSI or up to 275% f. DEPENDING ON THE AIR TEMP. did you change oil for the R134a? if not you will have to empty the dryer and compressor and replace the oil and you will now have to repla ... 1987 Plymouth Reliant

I have a 1998 plymouth voyager with a 3.3 engine in it and the oil light stays on, but their is plenty of oil in it. Could it be the oil pressure sending unit and where is it located? Thank you Jeff [email protected]

It very well could be and probably is. The only exception is if you are leaking oil.\015\012The Oi Pressure Sending Unit (Sensor) should be located on the front lower part of the engine, adjacent (to the left of ) the Oil Filter and should have ... 1998 Plymouth Voyager

1998 Plymouth Voyager oil pressure sensor

Its probable the oil sending unit and they arent expensive... ... 1988 Plymouth Voyager

Oil pressure goes to 0 at low rpm (idle) goes up with rpm. what other causes can it be other than pressure switch?

Well the only other thing it can be related to is the oil pump and or oil pump pick up. you could have sludge in the pan and the pick up screen is having a hard time passing the oil. but most common with these engines are the pumps getting weak. ... 1999 Lincoln Navigator

We have a 1991 plymouth grand voyager 3.3L recently had motor rebuilt, new spark plugs and wires, fuel filter, throttle positioning sensor, oil change, fuel pressure tested at 50pounds at front of motor, it will not stay running usually in a gear or when you give it gas it acts like it looses fuel pressure usually it will sit there and idle but only at about 1000 RPM and drops back and forth it will however usually IDLE in gear.

HI! Its definitely a MAF (mass air flow) sensor failure. THe MAF has big contribution on engine performance specially on the idling and vacuum supply. It the MAF is faulty the car will hesitate to run and will surely have erratic idling. Once replace ... 1991 Plymouth Voyager

Oil pressure switch, 96 Plymouth breeze - 1996 Plymouth Breeze

... 1996 Plymouth Breeze

Why does my oil light come on erratically? I have replaced sensor switch, no foreign matter in oil or pan. 2000 Plymouth voyager 3.0 engine. Richard Edwards

Hi. Due to the fact that the oil level is fine and not contaminated, This will indicate that there may be a more serious issue at hand. As stated in your post, you have changed the sensor and checked the state of the oil. This in return will lead to ... Plymouth Voyager

My 1992 plymouth voyager 3.3sl started lossing pressure while driving and regain pressure afew mints later it will good then repeat. then one day i was driving and it stop driving it would ture over but would not crank some told it might be the ingnition switch box connected to the spark plugs i replaced it and my car still will turn over but wont start ps it has a full tank of 100% gas old gas was run out

Sounds like fuel starvation.did you run the car to the limit or run out recently?you may have sucked up dirt from the bottom of the tank which is now blocking your fuel system.if you crank over for a while and dont smell gas a ... 1992 Plymouth Voyager

Where is the oil pressure sending unit in a 1999 plymouth grand voyager?

... 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager

What is the oil pressure supposed to be on a 1992 plymouth voyager?

Here's a link.http://www.autozone.com/autozone/repairinfo/repairguide/repairGuideContent.jsp?pageId=0900c ... 1992 Plymouth Voyager

03 gmc envoy with 5.3 140000 miles. Oil pressure reading fluxuates between 0 and 40. When problem first started pressure read 80. When vehicle was new it stayed at midpoint (40) vehicle has plenty of oil. if you rev engine or increase rpms it goes to 0 and stayes there. let off and it jumps around like it did when started (0 to 40). No engine pecks while running. Display indicates low oil pressure and stop engine. orange light (check gages) comes on when at 0. any ideas. Service engine has not c

There may be a loose wire or the gauge or sending unit may be going bad. The first thing I would do is to hook up a temporary oil pressure gauge, not using the old one at all. With this watch gauge while driving and see what readings you get. If the ... 2003 GMC Envoy Xl
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