Having problems with your 1998 Plymouth Voyager ?

1998 grande voyager 3.3 l v-6 every three to

\015 1998 grande voyager 3.3 l v-6 every three to four months the ignition goes dead. it will start and run for 3-5 seconds then die. it will do this 3 times then no start at all.i leave it for 2 hours and it starts and runs fine.the dash also goes dead. the cryco dealership says this van does not have an ign imobilizer only factory alarms.they dont seem to want to help.Q. does this have an immobilizer (dealership says no aftermarket immobilizer and no codes stored) if it does what triggers it to immobilize,I cannot get it to do this by trying different starting procedures. if there is no immobilizer. what could possibly shut down the ign and allow it to restart with no problems 2 hrs later. once it fails i have tried both keys,to no avail\015
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Answers :

I'll bet you do have an immobilizer. When you turn the key, when it works, look at the lights on the top of the dash, toward the right side. Do you have a yellow light that lights up that says alarm? What you are describing is a common problem with 98 caravans. It sounds like you have a cracked circuit board in the cluster. When the cluster messes up it crashes the diagnostic line of the vehicle. When this happens the antitheft system cannot communicate with the ecm.
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