Having problems with your 1998 Plymouth Breeze ?

Temperture gauge jumps from hot to cold while driving

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Temperture gauge jumps from hot to cold while driving

... 1998 Plymouth Breeze

I have a toyota camry 1988 4cy and it blows out hot air all the time, when I cut on my air condition even though the nob is on cold it still blow out out hot air, and my temperture gauge will eventually goes to hot because the engine is not been cool off as I am driving. I have to turn on the controls on high just to get gauge to go back to normal, what should I do to fix this problem?

... Toyota Camry

I have 2000 and my heater sop working my first sympton was while driving at hig way stop blowing hot air and gauge go all the way to cold side nex day i repl thermostat and i road test car same condition then i flush cooling system recheck not ok but on hig way speed temperatyre get about 120 degrees when i drove on strets on stop and go conditions gauge gos to cold side and temp inside coming from outlets is only 90 degrees while nedle on gauge move cold and hot while accelerate my engine is

Is there circulation through the heater core? the inlet and outlet pipe from the heater core on the under the hood on the firewall should both be hot, if one is hot and the other cold then the core is plugged, if the core does get hot th ... Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 2003 alero with the v-6 what happened was driving down the road the heater works fine. then all of a sudden it was blowing cold air and the temp gauge started climbing. it started blowing how air again and the gauge went down. I changed the thermostat and everything was fine for about 2 week. the other day it did it again for about 10 seconds it blew cold air, temp gauge stated climbing and it blew hot again and then the gauge went down. the air coming out of the heater seems to get hot

... 2003 Oldsmobile Alero

2001 Oldsmobile silhouette. Cold day, 25 F. Engine had been off about two hours and only driven three miles prior to that. After driving about 2 miles at 35 mph, the hot light came on and temp gauge was full hot. Slowed down and temp light went out and temp returned to normal but fluctuating. Drove about one more mile to home. With engine still running, temp gauge was normal but slowly fluctuating, heater was putting out cold air, coolant reservoir was cold, and radiator hoses were only warm (co

Sounds Like A Problem With your thermostat. Good Luck ... 2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette

Within the past three months, I have put two thermostats in my 1991 Honda Accord, and it is still overheating. I have bled the system, and replaced the radiator cap. The temperature gauge fluctuates between hot and cold with no particular pattern. The hose flowing into the radiator is hot and the one flowing out is cold even after running for up to an hour. When I run the heater on high defrost, the engine temperature remains hot; the temperature only drops occasionally while I am driving and wh

Your radiator is clogged, there is not enough flow thru the radiator to keep the engine cool. A radiator shop should be able to flush and clean it, just beware that when radiators get clogged for a long time and there cleaned, they tend to leak. ... 1991 Honda Accord

I have a 2004 Dodge Stratus, the car could be cold and the temp reads right in the middle and the fan is on. When I drive it, the temp gauge goes to hot and the temp light goes on. Radiator is full, thermostat was just replaced, sensor has been replaced twice in the last year.....any ideas, am I hurting the car by driving it this way, and no it doesnt overheat and the heat is just warm, not hot.

For car running hot and overheating issues, I suggest to you go\012through this help links. Click this link below and go through the\012troubleshooting procedure to take care of the problems: ----Car runs hot? ... 2002 Dodge Intrepid

I have a 1989 cutlas supreme. two problems.. maybe related. On occasion the outside temperature gauge will go up to 85 or more degrees when it is actually below freezing. When this happens it starts blowing cold air because it figures it is hot outside and the air conditioning turns on. On seperate occasions when the temperature is reading normal, the car will blow hot are as long as it is standing still, As soon as you start to drive a distance it starts to blow cold air. We have tried putting

Have you changed your thermostat? ... 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

I have a 2004 tahoe when I start it to heat it up, the temp gauge goes up like usual, but will not blow hot air until I start driving down the road? I even let it warm up for about 45min. and still would blow cold air until I started driving, then instant hot air

Hi, the likely problem is a bubble forming in the system, possibly due to a head gasket failure. \015\012Try stopping on a steep incline--does the heater stay warm? If yes, what you have is an air bubble that hangs at the heater hose u ... Chevrolet Tahoe

2001 buick century recently replaced thermostat ,radiator, and intake gasket temp gauge still overheating and heat goes from hot to cold while driving but idling the car is fine heat stays hot and gauge in normal operating range

... Cars & Trucks

I have a Chevy Venture 2001 that has serious problems with the engine overheating. I already replaced the thermostat & antifreeze. When I drive it just a block, the needle on the heat dial jumps from cold to hot. Then when I stop the car it jumps back to cold. I suspect it's the water pump that doesn't work, because sometimes when I take the cap off the radiator it appears the water is moving, and other times I take the cap off & it it's not moving. Also when turning on the heat the heat blows c

You should probably replace the temperature sensor first, make sure the car is indeed overheating.\015\012\015\012If after replacing the temp sensor, and the problem does exist, then buy a flush kit, and back flush the system, it may be c ... 2001 Chevrolet Venture

Intermitant temperature 1986 SR-5, 22RE 4WD, 77K. On cold engine, temperature rise is normal and guage good. Blows hot air, temp fully adjustable. No problems with short drives, stop & start engine, temp & heater OK. On 20+ mile drives, temp steady UNTIL I shut down, even if only for a few min's. Although temp must be normal,guage at zero and heater air drops. As long as I leave the engine running, even long drives, temp remains normal, gauge OK. . ONLY when I shut it off will the thermostat app

Check to make sure your thermostat works right by monitoring the warming up of your engine. With a completely cold engine, start and run the engine for a few minutes, then put your hand on the top radiator hose to monitor if and when it gets warm as ... 1986 Toyota 4Runner

1994 subaru legacy overheating and cold air blowing with heat on. Originally temp gauge stayed at normal but heat would blow cold at idle so I replaced thermostat. Now it overheats and coolant not cycling through. After driving coolant revorvior filled up and isnt leaving it. Radiator cap is cold but hose from radiatior hot.

... Cars & Trucks

My 2001 Subaru Outback Legacy 4 cyl.,my problem is while I'm driving my car for about 20 minutes my gauge for hot and cold rises to hot and stays there for 2-3 minutes and then goes back down to the m

... 2001 Subaru Legacy Outback

1997 acura integra overheating when I get on it runs good when driving and shifting at 2Gs but if I shift at 3gs it jumps all the way to hot have changed the thermostat and bottom hose still cold while top is hot??? If I let sit goes back to good fans are running as soon as I start the car but I think po must have wired to come on. And does that ground wire have to be on the valve cover have replaced it but don't know what that does.just seen where other guy was having same proplem and replaced

If the the lower hose is cold and it runs hot then that tells me its not circulating.also there had to be a problem before if the fans are wired to come on when car is first started,may have a bad waterpump or exhaust is getting into cooling system, ... 1997 Acura Integra Type R

I have a 91 chevy caprice v8 305. My interior temperture gauge has been bouncing up and down for like 2 weeks now. 2 days ago my heat control valve broke. (The line going from engine into thhe valve busted off). My car usually has a heater that almost runs you out :) . I replaced the valve now the gauge goes from cold to orange hot in less than 2 minutes. The new valve is leaking,there is no vacuum to valve and getting false temp reading. Could this be electrical?

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 95 yukon and the air only blows hot. Even with the temperture gauge on cold with just the vent blowing ,it only blows hot. Why is this?

... 1995 GMC Yukon

Mitsubishi challenger, has started running very hot have changed the thermostat and flushed the radiator but has made no difference, fan clutch seems to be ok stops almost as soon as when spun by hand, temp will drop to half way if i put the heater on hot, but creeps back up high when put on cold, sits at half way on tick over but goes right up to very high temp when driving but does nt seem boil but must be very close as the gauge wont go any higher ?

\012Follow this LINK to my FIX IT Check list.\012\012or BOOKMARK IT and check it out when you are in front of your car\012\01 ... 2003 Mitsubishi Outlander

I have a problem with my bmw 316i the temperture gauge goes up in the red and i get hot air in the car at the bottom by my feet and get cold air at the hot what do you think is wrong with it

Check thermostat. ... 1997 BMW 318

Engine propblem i have a 1997 mitsubishi eclipse gs-t and i was driving it to school one day and noticed that the temperture gauge went into the hot zone then the oil gauge dropped to the no oil zone and all this white smoke can out of my engine. when i opened the hood the left side of the engine was covered in oil and it was all over the radiator pipes and the right side of the engine was leakin anti-freeze, had to get car towed home and when you go to start it it turns over but wont start, som

Usually when you get white smoke its because ur head gasket blew mixing antifreeze and engine oil look at ur oil and see if its a milky white color.car will not start beacuse ur loosing compression threw the gasket blowing.. ... 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Just started today. Loses power while driving. All gauges fall when decelerating. when throttle resumes or in neutral then all get back to normal. Replaced battery and problem persists. Also, ac in rear of vehicle started blowing hot today while ac in front was fine and cold. The gauges were not affected at this point either. electrical or ??

Might b ur alternator goin bad ... 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe

Is there a switch or relay that kicks on/off the alternator on on a 2002 GMC Yukon XL? Problem: Battery drains while driving (or just warming up) and engine dies. Occurs only after startup on cold mornings. At startup, voltmeter gauge does not jump to 14+ as normal and gradually drops until engine dies - as if alternator not kicking in. Reving engine has no effect. I recharge battery, start engine, and things work fine (voltmeter immediately goes to 14+ and stays there) and can drive all day. Th

You need a new alternator my friend and because you have been running it only on the battery,i would also get a new battery.if you can still start it you will notice that the low battery light comes on. ... 2002 GMC Yukon XL

Inconsistent heat. I also have an 03 Intrepid. Mine will heat up when idling, but when I start driving it stops blowing out hot air, although it is somewhat warm. The temperature gauge rises when I come to a stop then goes to cold when I drive again. Any suggestions as to what may be causing this. Thanks

The first thing i would do is replace thermostat and bleed cooling system, then re-check, It sounds like you have a defective thermostat. ... 2003 Dodge Intrepid


Did u bleed the air from the cooling system? if not u need to do that, u have air pockets getting around the thermostat, to bleed raise the front up as high as poss with a floor jack, fill the radiator and coolant recovery tank as full as poss, then ... 1998 Jeep Cherokee

When I start my car in the morning and its warmed up the heater blows hot , after driving for a few miles the air turns cold and temp gauge drops to cold, it does not get warm again unless the car is parked and stays running.

Sounds like your thermostat is stuck open and over cooling. hope thats a little help anyhow ... 2002 Dodge Caravan
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