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Security system-passlock 98 Oldsmobile Intrigue has about 150000 miles on it. Has always started fine but was towed a couple of weeks ago without the keys or my knowledge. When I went to pick the car up it was dead, it was assumed to be a dead battery so a new one was bought. The car sat for a couple more days and upon trying to start again the brand new battery was dead. Something is draining the battery. I think the security system was activated with towing, how do you disconnect that or over

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I hav a 1995 88 w/ same problem. Key was worn out, Had Security system disabled.by installing a resistor to by pass Sec. System.Had it done for $35.00 Check locally for a starter/alternator shop in your area.
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Security system-passlock 98 Oldsmobile Intrigue has about 150000 miles on it. Has always started fine but was towed a couple of weeks ago without the keys or my knowledge. When I went to pick the car up it was dead, it was assumed to be a dead battery so a new one was bought. The car sat for a couple more days and upon trying to start again the brand new battery was dead. Something is draining the battery. I think the security system was activated with towing, how do you disconnect that or over

I hav a 1995 88 w/ same problem. Key was worn out, Had Security system disabled.by installing a resistor to by pass Sec. System.Had it done for $35.00 Check locally for a starter/alternator shop in your area. ... 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue

Bought the car a few weeks ago. they said i would need a new battery. Put the new battery in it. For a couple weeks it started up fine then one day it the battery was dead. my charging system checks out fine. i boost it off and let run for awhile, turn it off and when i try to crank it, it clicks (not like the starter clicking) and the dash lights flicker with the clicking.

That could be just a bad wire going to the starter the big one for the starter it feeds the car with power clean the conection where you can reachit and then have the starter retested if not 13.5 volts change the alternator. ... 1994 Cadillac DeVille

I see on here where u have answered questions about ppl trying to start their durango and just get a clocking noise. Ok so here goes....my car for a while because my battery was almost dead and then dies in my fob. Wasn't recognizing it and so the alarm system when I would try to start my car would kill it after 2 seconds because of not recognizing key...I got my key a new battery and had to have the vehicle jump started due to battery dying and it started... that was last night ..now I try to s

If you have a new battery and it keeps going dead, then either you have a bad battery or the alternator is not charging properly. Altenator not charging could be either a bad alternator, loose belt, or bad wiring coming from alternator. ... Dodge Durango

1999 mazda protege 5 speed - We do not have the remore conrtol. Battery died, AAA tried to jump start, but nothing happened. I installed a new battery, but nothing happens, except the security system activates. Lights blink, red dash light blinks, overhead light flashes. Is security system preventing the starting? How do I reset? Dealer said they ccannot help, because car is too old. They installed the system before we took delivery.

If you can find the name of the alarm company that make the system, they probably have a 24/7 toll free number that you can find online. It does sound like the security system is not allowing you to 'steal' your own car. You could probably find the ... Mazda Protege

HellornI have 2007 Chevrolet lumina. When I came back from a one-month summer vacation, I found that the battery was dead. I bought a new battery and replaced the dead one. The car responded fine to the ignition but when I tried to derive it, the on-board computer screams and all the warning signals start to appears on the on-board screen among them was "error in the break ABS system" and the car stopped. It does this every time I try to drive it. Some people told me that the on-board computer

... 2001 Chevrolet Lumina

Charging system The 2005 Montego that we have is not charging correctly. The battery is new, but the battery keeps going dead. We charged it up and started the car and when I disconnected the battery the car ran for a couple of minutes and then died. I am assuming that it is the alternator, but the system check says that the charging system is okay. I want to save some money, but I may have to take it to the shop. Any suggestions.

... Mercury Montego

I try to start the car, and all lights on dashboard light, but the car won't start. I had a new battery installed.Recently when driving the car, a yellow security light came on. - My friend tried bypassing starter so w are pretty sure is the manufacture securoty system. If the 15 min in start position does nto work, will I just need to replace and have key reset?

Exact same problem I had and this is was the only thing that worked: http://newrockies.ca/vatsbypass \015\012I tried the typical resistor tricks but that did not work and ... 1992 Oldsmobile 88

I have a 1995 dodge neon that would not start after a cold week of sitting. When trying to start it, i decided that the battery was frozen... got a new battery and replaced it... however did not tighten the ground as tight as I could I lost the right wrench... the car was drove for a couple of weeks... it was parked for about two more weeks in the dead of winter... tried to start it and no go. Checked fuel pressure at the fuel rail and nothing... gas was frozen... used heat to thaw out the gas a

When you turn it over by hand it is getting "stuck" on the compression stroke. Take out all the spark plugs and it should turn over easily just in case your "stuck" situation is something more sinister like a broken timing belt causing the valves to ... 1995 Dodge Neon

Dead batery my battery was dead jump started it got the charging system checked they said everything was good just needed a new battery so i got a new battery car sat for 2 days car battery very low would not start jump started car again drove around to charge battery parked overnight next morning car hesitated but then started up and i have not had a problem since. could you tell me please what would cause that.

Dear lilgothicYou may have just simply had an issue with the alternator. Sometimes these can become stuck or not put out enough power to re-charge the battery, and this is why your battery was going flat. However a bad earth, open circuit ... 1995 Cadillac DeVille

I bought a new alternator for my 1990 oldsmobile and my car was running fine. A couple of months later i was coming home from work and my car had a hard time starting so when i got home i shut the car off and try to start it again and it wouldnt start. it took a jump but didnt last long. So i thought it was my battery but a week later the car went completely dead as i was driving. both days it was raining, i dont know if that was just a conquencent.

I have old car also and after i went to grocery store it's hard to start it. I thought that the alternator is not charging? but when I check the battery is ok! if your alternator is ok? maybe your fuel pump, like mine! ... 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais

Car sat for three months so new battery discharged. Battery charged and car will crank and start and run for only a couple of seconds and stop. Will restart and run for a couple seconds multiple times. Can the security system be the issue? If so, how do you reset it? Thanks.

Hi, it maybe a security system issue, if you can find the unit underneath the dash and see if theres a button there that you can press to reset the security system. you may try replacing your battery too for it may be to weak and resisting charge fro ... Volkswagen Jetta

96 Toyota corolla. I turn the key, all electrical, guages and lights on, but no connect to selenoid or battery. New battery a couple mos. ago. Electrical power seems strong by looking at the lights. I turn key off, and try again, and eventually, after 3 or 4 tries, it starts. I had the security feature of pulling the turn signal toward me 1 time to start the car.

You need a starter. I'm 99% sure. Remember were just guessing here from what you tell us. As a technican I would have to test some stuff to be sure but most likely its the starter. ... Toyota Corolla

Where are the gas filters located Would the security system keep the car from running ? We just bought the car used and the battery was dead and the security lights start blinking when we try to sstart the car. The key in the door lock turns off the blinking lights, but the car acts like it is fuel starved perhaps

Lock the doors and unlock the passenger door with the keys ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Security? 1994 Viper battery went dead, which in turn makes the security system not allow it to start now with new battery. Is there a way to unhook alarm(security) or what is the trick. Worthless car as is..............

Call the dealer for codes??? Oh please.\015\012\015\012Disconnect the battery and reconnect it. Press the key fob and this should reset the security system.\015\012\015\012Note: This is for a Gen I - Gen II and later is diff ... 1994 Dodge Viper

Car won't start--stopped running while driving appears to be fuel pressure did not overheat--trac off light followed by the service engine soon light came on while driving and within a couple miles the car shut off and wouldn't restart cranks well and tries to turn over but will not start battery is new (within the year) and we have replaced crank sensors, bcm, and ignition system all within 18mo as we were having passlock issues--we thought we had problems solved with this car then this

Check the fuel pressure.\015\012If no pressure, then check for power at the pump when cranking. If not, it is the fuel pump relay. You an pull it and put a jumper across the secondary leads to get it to run. ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Am

I thought the battery was dead because it would not turn over when the switch was turned on. I was at Wal-mart parking lot when this happened so I went inside to get new battery, but did not have tools to install new battery so I used the new battery to jump start my Maxima and it started.I went home and installed the new battery, but the car would not start. I tried jumping the new battery with my other car and it still would not start.

Check the fuseable link, you might have caused a spicke and it may have burnt out replace if nesasary ... 2000 Nissan Maxima

I went to start my 1966 Ford Mustang and the battery was totally dead. I jumped it and it started. After running the car for about five minutes, I tried to restart and it barely cranked. The battery is almost brand new. Looking at the Altemeter, the system does not seems to be charging, but not at very high rates. What should I look at and in what order?

On a '66 once you get the car started, disconnect battery and see if car will stay running on alternator only. If not then bad alternator. If it will run then have battery checked (yes even if it is "new"). If ok then you are looking for a constant ... 1966 Ford Mustang

Security system car wont start new battery alternator is ok completely dead could the security system be doing this

Security??dealer only iam afraid ,but try disconnecting battery temporary.then weather permitting check for a backfeed in altenator.quickest way is to remove wires on back and see if drains the battery still ,if it doesnt then theirs your fault ,its ... 2001 Cadillac DeVille

Vats system I have a 95 firebird. About three weeks ago, I tried starting the car, and the security light was flashing. The car wouldn't start right away. When I tried it the third or fourth time, it worked. On Sunday, another firebird with a Keyless entry remote parked next to us. (we don't have a keyless entry). When we went to leave, the security light kept/keeps flashing whenever I try to start the car. I tried the "remove the battery" trick as well as the "put the key in the on position

Instructions\012\011\012 \012\012\011\011\012\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\012\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\0111\012\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\0 ... Pontiac Firebird

I have a 1999 Mercury Sable and accidentally installed the battery backwards. Replaced blow fuses and the car ran fine. After sitting idle for 3 days, returned to find the new battery dead. A jump start got the car going, but after driving 40 miles, then turning the car off and then immediatly trying to start it, the car would not start and the battery was very dead. I think the alternator/ generator must be working because during the 40 mile drive, the lights worked fine. Other than need

Check and make sure your termimals to the battery are clean and tight. You can find out if the alternator is charging by simply starting the car and while it is running take the negitive cable off the battery. If the car quits its not charging (have ... 2009 Ford Taurus

Won't start Truck had not been driven for a couple months due to flat tires and a dead battery. I just put in a new battery and when i turn the ignition, nothing happens. Lights go on but nothing else. There are no sounds. The car previously ran fine until I hadn't driven it for 2 weeks and the battery drained. Is this a starter, or relay problem? what shoudl i be trying first?

Sounds like a bad ground to your solinoid its not the starter try tapping the solinoid ... 1988 Toyota Pickup

2003 Pontiac Grand AM suddenly won't start and security light is flashing on the dash board. All systems are OK such as Battery new, fuel ok and ignition starting system ok. Looks like some anti-theft system installed at the manufacturer kills teh car and Security light flashes. There is no Alarms system installed by me. What can be done to start the car? How it can be avoided to reoccur/repeat again?

Check to see if you have a computer chip on your key. Chances are that the computer chip or the reader in the ignition keyhole is not reading it properly. If you leave the key on, engine off, for 15-20min. that security will reset and the light will ... 2003 Pontiac Grand Am

Well first thing to start is it is a 1990 stanza xe with 160000 original milage and it started fine on sunday then went to go to work on monday went to start it and it tried to start bogged down and the battery went dead so i bought a new battery put it in went to hook up the battery put the black cable on first and when i went to put the red cable on with no keys in the ingnition it tried to start so tried that a couple of times and it kept trying to start with no keys so than someone told me t

Your car probably has an aftermarker remote car starter module installed that you reset, by changing the battery. It has nothing to do with your actual car starter. You will need to shut down(valet) or uninstall that aftermarket remote car starter mo ... 1990 Nissan Stanza

Car alarm won't let me start the car or even open the door without it honking. i can't turn it off. We tried installing a new battery and putting the key in the door lock but it just won't shut off the security system.

Try unplugging the car alarm and see what happens. its behind the glove box. these cars work without the alarm. the alarm box sometimes has dry joints in them. ... 1996 Volkswagen Jetta

Dead battery. I've been through an experience with my 1998 Ford Taurus. The battery went dead in March, 2008. I replaced it, but the car engine didn't run smooth; so, I let the car sit. I got back in the car and tried to start it again in September, 2008. The battery was dead. So, I got another battery. When I was taking out the dead batter, a nub on the cable on the + side of the battery opened up. I notice it was a fuse holder. I checked the fuse. It was burned out. I went and bought a new 30

Here is a link to the factory owners manual, the info about the fuse is in the manual.\015\012\015\012http://www.mot ... 1996 Ford Taurus
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