Having problems with your 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue ?

I am looking for a new drivers side sun visor for my 98 Intrigue. I am wondering what other make/model of GM cars will also work. Thanks

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Answers :

Try a sun visor from a newer Intrigue or Oldsmobile Alero.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue

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I am looking for a new drivers side sun visor for my 98 Intrigue. I am wondering what other make/model of GM cars will also work. Thanks

Try a sun visor from a newer Intrigue or Oldsmobile Alero. ... 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue

Driver side door and tailgate leaks when it rains.not through the window but between the door and car body itself..im pretty sure its the weather strip but not sure..also, the top part of my window to my tailgate(lift the window up, and tailgate comes down) is lifted up or something, instead of being an even surface with the truck and window the top part is sticking out and the bottom is slanted inwards, the window still shuts, just wondering if i need a new window or if there is some minor adju

First chk the seals and see if there is a gap. If there is, you may have to ajust the hinges. Loosen the hinge bolts and. Do not remove them . Leave them loose enough to push the top in with the windoe down and latched. Then push the wind inward ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

Central locking is not responing via remote or via the switch on the driver side door. We need location of the central locking control module to check for damage. Car had recently drowned in a flood and wouldnt start either. The car is equiped with immobiliser and it seems also that it would require new ECU board with new keys,etc.The car has been cleaned and the engine cranks smoothly and all other electrical features such as radio, guages, aircon blower, power windows are working. Need expert

Sell it, water damaged cars are not worth the rubber they are sitting on sorry.... ... 2004 Toyota Camry

I have a 2006 VW Beetle Convertible. Last month my car battery died after it was left for 2 days without driving. I would have it jumped and it would drive fine Mon-Fri. Then, I wouldn't drive it on the weekend and the car would die Monday morning.I tried buying a new battery, thinking that would solve the problem but it didn't.I also just tried checking every fuse in panel by the drivers side door to see if something is pulling juice when my car is off.Other issues: My side passenger door stopp

... 2006 Volkswagen New Beetle

Had a new raditor put in and the car still overheats, the left side and top hose gets very hot, but the center and drivers side of the raditor is not hot at all. The thermostat is new also.

Sounds like the water pump may be at fault here. with the vehicle cold, remove the radiator cap. start the vehicle and let it come up to operating temperature. check to see if there is coolant flowing through the radiator, it will be obvious. if ther ... Cadillac DeVille

I was wondering what the headlight are to be set at. It is very hard to see at night. also the wiper blades are going over the drivers side of the car. There is also a very bad vibration in the front end, passenger side, have replaced the cv joint, calipers,brake pads.


I have a 1997 Rav4. The rear brake or stop lights went out on both sides, and tail lights (same bulbs different filament) remains on constantly even when the lights and car are turned off! [strange] I replaced the bulbs on both sides (bulb# 1157). The stop light on the driver's side had been burned out and I replaced it. Also, the fuse [location 15 fuse 10A] appeared to be burned out and I replaced that with a new 10A fuse. The brake lights still do not go on and the tail lights still remain on

You might need a new Brake Light Switch, it is located by the brake pedal. ... 1997 Toyota RAV4

Symptoms: Car won't start. Will also cut out while driving. Guages go crazy even if car is off. Lights will come on by themself even if car is off with no key in it. I hear something running on the underside of the dash on the driver side (Right-its a white thing with like an arm that rotates...some real tech talk i know) The battery is fairly new. At times I can go and shimmy the wires connceted to the battery and it will start (but not all the time) Any ideas?

On this model the problems you are discribing are most often caused by a defective BCM (body control module), the dealer must test and repalce this part, if it need a new BCM the dealer must program the new BCM for your car. ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 97 AWD 5.0, I have a single clunck when i back up left or right. I had a leak in my rear pinion which I fixed and I checked the universals at the same time and they fell and look fine. I also raised the front end and checked those and they seem fine too. I put a new axel on the front driver side, and I replace the lower ball joint and the upper control arm. I put a tie rod end and new shocks and hub also on the driver side. The passenger side also has new lower ball joint and control

Without knowing where the noise is coming from, you won't have much luck fixing it. If it happens when you are moving you may have to get someone to stand next to the truck and listen. ... 1997 Ford Explorer AWD

Where is the Alarm Valet Switch on a 1997 Honda Accord LX. The alarm was installed prior to purchase of the new car in 1997, but came with a separate manual. The Manual has no info about who designed, or who manufactured or who installed the alarm system. The manual is also arcane - at least to me. However, it does say that there is a Valet Switch under the dashboard and suggests that I look for a red or black switch. I've inspected under the dash on both driver's side & passenger's side with a

It SHOULD be installed on the left kick panel where your left foot would hit if you were driving it. if not pull that panel off and look there the installer might have had a lazy day or left his drill at home but its there somewhere ... 1997 Honda Accord

2002 honda accord rides hard over bumps and potholes little to no bounce what so ever and standing in front of the car the passenger side looks lower than the drivers side plus alignment is off. wondering if i need to change the shocks and struts maybe the control arm also. could someone please guide me in the right direction so i dont get totally riped off at the shop.

It would be very tough to advise you without being able to inspect the car in person.Bounce is controlled by the struts and shocks. If one side is lower than the other, the common cause is a weak spring on the strut.If a control arm fails, t ... 2002 Honda Accord

2009 jetta rear driver side door want lock when you lock all the doors with the remote and you can't lock any of the doors from in side the car. Also the tier light will not go off, it has new tie

... Volkswagen Jetta

Just replaced fan blower motor on ac, only passenger side vents blow cold air and stronger than the drivers side. it only works on high speed and it will also change fan speed while driving without changing the control. i changed the control panel last year. I need help this is the second new blower that i have put on this car. the reason for this second one is water was in it, i guess someone didn't do something right??? water was pouring in the floor board too...

The water problem is a drain hose is plugged up.should be a hose hanging down for moisture to drain out from under the evapoator. try running a small plastic tube up it and see if it will clear it. ... 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue

Rear Window Just bought a 1997 Chevrolet K1500 with a one-peice sliding rear window. That is it has one sheet of glass that slides, not two. The guy before me had to break into his own car because he left the keys in it and destroyed the plastic vertical peice that has the felt on it to seal the window. It is the black piece on the exterior and on the drivers side of the truck. Was wondering where I could get this piece because I can't find it anywhere. Also was wondering how to put it in, wheth

Try a salvage yard for the part you need ... 1997 Chevrolet K1500

I have got problems with brakes on golf diesel car p reg i have put new discs and pads on also bled the system put new caliper on but still have a shaking and geting hot on drivers side can any one help please

Check for internal leak on master cyclinder ... 1996 Volkswagen Golf

I have a 2008 ford focus. I took my car to get two new tires and the tire pressure sensors looked at because the warning light stays on and I get a tire pressure sensor fault message. They said I have to take it ford because the sensors are fine it's the module, any idea on cost? Also, in the same vehicle, my car is telling me the driver side door is ajar when it is clearly closed. Does anyone know of a way to fix this issue?

... 2008 Ford Focus

I have a 2001 Y reg 2.0 litre Ford Mondeo Ghia X and I have a problem with the battery. If I don't use the car for one or two days, the battery goes flat and will not start the engine. The AA has replaced the battery for a new one - also they cannot detect any current leakage from the battery. I've checked that all the courtesy lights have gone off when the car is in the garage. It may be relevant to note that on a couple of occasions, but not consistently, the driver's side rear door hasn't

1. Check out if the tailgate switch will turns OFF the tailgate interior lamp after closing the tailgate. Replace switch if necessary. \015\0122. Let the car unlocked inside the garage with all doors closed, and see if the problem sti ... Ford Granada

1996 Ford Taurus 100,000 miles.I do not know if I have a subframe mount problem or not. My front left drivers side was rattling for a while, and the other day, something popped. I had it towed, and they said I broke my crossmember. The car is very rusty underneath. I was looking at the broken part, and it looks to me like the subframe broke. How do I go about repair, and where can I find a new one? Also is it even worth it to fix if the whole underneath of the car is rusty?

This is really a case by case problem that should be evaluated by someone qualified inspecting the car. i know from experience that where the rear of the front subframe bolts to the unibody is very corrosion prone. on a 1996 i would expect it to be q ... 1996 Ford Taurus

Hi. I have a beautiful 1991 XJ6 in Victoria, BC Canada which was run into by a recycling truck. The drivers side has minor scratches in front left fender, big gouging scratch along drivers door and scratching along passenger door and slight scratching left rear fender. Insurance company wants to write it off so I wonder how much is too little to settle for. I love this car and haven't had an ounce of trouble since purchasing for $12K 10 years ago, except brake pads and new tires of course

Just keep it & forget the insurance claim. ... 1991 Jaguar XJ6

I have automatic windows and i rolled them down this morning. My driver's side rear window won't go back up whether I depress the button on the driver's main control or the button on the rear passenger's door itself . I'm not very knowledgeable regarding cars so I wonder: Is this a fuse problem or a window motor problem? I'm hoping I can just go to AutoZone and buy a new fuse rather than bringing my wagon in to the mechanic and having them take the whole door apart, etc. Can someone please give

Fuse is for all windows not individual u may have a switch problem at the rear door ,damaged or disconnected wire or bad motor need to check for power to the rear switch if power the problem would b switch or motor ... 1993 Toyota Corolla

1991 deville. replace both rear air struts with gabreil strut. passenger side is fine. driver side seems to be solid. will not shove down on back of car when pushing quater panel down. when you drive car it bounces all over the place. passenger side normal. driver side solid as a rock. no give. took new strut back to autzone. they replaced. installed new one and the same thing. air shock part seems fine. loosen mounting bolts and repositioned. still solid. like strut will not compress, but 2 in

Yes...i seriously doubt that you got two defective units in a row. Without actually seeing it, I'm going to have to guess that you have a problem with the air supply. If you have the struts attached to the vehicles air pump, perhaps you should cons ... 1991 Cadillac DeVille

Just bought a new 2011 dodge charger for my wife. she loves the car but i am disappointed. we have 800 miles on it and no heat comes out of the drivers side only cool air but the pass side works fine. her car is at the dealer. we dropped it off today. i cant help but to think that they have to rip the whole dash out to fix it. it makes me not even want the car anymore. so much for buying a new car. i am a chevy man but have a soft spot for mopar muscle. we traded in a new r/t challenger for this

Sounds to me like a connection is loose. the switch over is electronic, the cool air is coming from the vent. really nothing to worry about, and getting to those arent that bad. sound worse than it is. ... 2011 Dodge Charger

I have an '04 Chevy Suburban. The seat controls work, but they work backwards. I bought the car new and they weren't like that when I bought it. At some point they just switched. I also have only 2 out of 4 cigarette lighters that work. The lock button on my drivers side doesn't work either. Everything else on the door works. Any suggestions?

Hav car scanned for any codes--certains modules or wiring may be bad--there are repair manuals by haynes at those parts places ... 2004 Chevrolet Suburban

Making scraping noise, looks like some kind of packing behind the outermost plate sticking out and looks like little metal flakes around the area. My son just bought this car and I am wondering if there is a way to bypass the a/c compressor so it just won't keep turning as I am sure it will seeze up if it goes like it is. Also the driver side window wont' hand crank up and down without messing with the window. When cranking it up you have to raise up on the front part of the window to get it up

There should be a belt diagram somewhere on the front of the vehicle grill under the hood or on the hood its self that shows how to bypass the ac compressor also it requires a smaller belt it should give you the sizes with or without the ac compresso ... Pontiac Grand Am

I cant my 99 envoy to "lock" into 4wd! I found a broke vacuum hose on a sensor the firewall and a check valve with a peice of hose on it too, by the driver side fender. I also want to add that this suv has been the biggest piece of **** EVER! I'ts literally falling apart around me, and every "true blood" american wonders why people by foreign( which most are made inthe states anyways) cars instead. American automakers... quit producing GARBAGE!

Yeah gone the club we all know . But i need you to discribe the problem a little bit better and im sure i can help you More detail about the 4 wheel and what and how its not working ... 1999 GMC Jimmy
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