Having problems with your 1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass ?

Car runs smooth at high rpm but wants to die when idling

\015 Car runs good when driving,but when you slow down to stop, car wants to die. will not idle.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Car runs smooth at high rpm but wants to die when idling

... 1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass

Car won't stay running. Idles very rough, even at high RPM then dies when the gas pedal is released. AAMCO said it was the fuel pump. Changed the fuel pump and filter and found the fuel to be extremely dirty, was told that it was probably a mixture of rust, water, and fuel. Don't want to spend too much money. Where to start? Purge the system, change the air filter and give it a try or should I go ahead and change the pump module and pump relay? What about the injectors?

Start first by having the injectors checked. You may also go ahead and have it purged in a garage or by using some solution that can be mixed with fuel. The injector may likely be affected by the bad fuel. The last service may have happened a long ... 2001 Ford Focus

Car runs fine at high idle, but when at low idle and in GEAR car wants to stall and ends up stalling if i dont continuesly give it some gas. like at a red light or stop sign , car just wants to die , like it doesnt stay at its proper iddle ?? 1995 EAGLE TALON ESI NON TURBO 2.0L

This is a vacum problem.Most vehicles that experience this either have a small vacuum leak or need to adjust the vacuum advance. The leak solution is tracing all your vacuum lines and making sure none are brittle or cracked or have leaks. The vacuu ... Eagle Talon

A 2000 Cadillic Deville , the car is hard starting in cold weather, won't idle or it idles at a high RPM. When cold I sometimes need to stay in car so it will stay running at lease 5 min before it will idle on its own, or it will just run at a high idle 1100 to 1200 RPM with out droping. While running it will sometimes just stall while on the road, or it runs at a high idle. Now this is an issue that is becoming more an more frequent, but there is days that it runs fine. Im from the Northeast.

... 2000 Cadillac DeVille

High Idle I have a 1993 t-bird that ran great till a few days ago. I was a little warm so I turned the AC on. When I got home and put it in park the Idle was around 2200 RPM. Turned everything off and still high. On the short, I have replace the IAC and TPS. Still runs 55+ mph with overdrive off. I did hook a OTC genisys to see what codes might be ( due to no check eng light) When I started the car it ran smooth..Unhooked the scan tool and the idle went high again..............I have been a Tec

Iac or wiring or pcm or coolant sensor get a iac from the dealorif the rpm goes normal with scantool hooked up then try a pcm from wreckers ... Ford Thunderbird

Changed the timing belt and camshaft sensor on a 2005 pt crusier pretty sure its timed correctly because the car seems to run fine and revs high with no problems although it still throws P0016 code even after replaced and erased (in garage analysis) when driven the car wants to die out,stutter,run bad...(road test analysis) I am hoping its not yet outta time which may be the case but not indicating such as 1 tooth,2 tooth,3 tooth off in garage analysis as it runs smooth... or am i missing some

... 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser

I have a 1999 Saab 9-3, 2.0L. It is not able to keep a steady rpm. It will idle fine then almost die, then it revs quite high, and repeats all over. I have had new plugs put in, cleaned direct ignition cassette (ordered new one, just not here yet.), two new Bosch universal o2 sensors, and had mechanics run all diagnostics. We still can't get it running smoothly. I will say, after the sputtering is done when excellerating, it flies! And ideas out there? Thanks much! -Mark [email protected]

Replace or clean the EVAP Purge Valve. ... 2001 Saab 9-3

I have a 2000 Hyundai sonata 2.4L 4 cyl.. When I run it on the highway for say about 20-25 minutes, when I get off and come to a stop the RPM's drop to 4 or 5 hundred and the car shakes/sputter hard from a moment and then the RPM'S come back up and it still shakes a little but not as violently. Sometimes its so bad that it will shake/sputter and almost feel like it wants to jump forward before the idle smooths out. I have changed the spark plugs, Oil, air filter and yet the problem prevails. Its

It sound like a sensor is bad...maybe the mass air flow??? I would send the car to someone that can scan the car on a road test...that would find the bad sensor ... 2000 Hyundai Sonata

2002 dodge ram 2500 360 auto 4x4 truck quit running towed home fired up no issues after sitting for about 4 hours pulled the codes said p340 for crank sensor p1391 for DTC runs currently but RPM's surge at low idle and wants to die rpms go from 500 to 1600 continuously. If I keep reved up at 3000 it is smooth, replaced crankshaft sensor, TPS , ignition coil, pick up coil in the distributor, plugs wires cap rotor, any suggestions ?

What fault codes did you receive on the engine computer scan test. ... Cars & Trucks

88 buick regal- running with a high idle when I put it in to gear the rpms drop but car wants to surge it also wants to die quite a bit

Major vacumm leak\015\012listen for sucking noise or whistle ... 1988 Buick Regal

1993 Toyota Camry V6 starts fine, I let it warm up, I think it's ideling high but I drive off. At the second stop light the car dies. You see the RPM which when ideling is a one notch below the 1, is quivers and then drops to and the car dies. I put the car in neutral and it starts ups and then it makes it thru the next two stop lights before I get on thre freeway. The RPM's still seem to run high on the way to work. I'm driving 65-70 mph and the RPM's are at the 3 versus at about 2.5. Ju

What is required to compliment entire compbustion are new spark plus to create efficient rides eleminating the idleness at stops. ... 1993 Toyota Camry V6

1995 Eagle Talon ESi NO TURBO Problem with idling, car seems to start fine , and idles ok when in PARK, but once i put it in gear either Reverse or Drive , the RPM drops to 500 and engine kinda wants to stall and bobles. the car shakes as well. Car runs fine when on highway or at regular speed, but when i come to a stop or red light , the idling goes down to around 400-600rpm and wants to stall. once gas is apllied all seems fine. what could be wrong...thank you

It really sounds like you may have a misfire. Is this the model with the coil at the top of the valve cover with 4 wires going off to their prospective locations? If so, check your wires and look for white tracking marks indicating an insulation leak ... Eagle Talon

Mitsubishi lancer cc glxi april 1993 automatic 2 door, model: CA5ADRDER8, ENGINE:4g93. Car engine runs smoothly at accelerated speed, in all gears. Runs smoothly at idling speed in Neutral and parking gear, but, during idling, when R gear, or D gear are selected, engine RPM (which is 700-750)suddenly drops down to 300-500 and then the car vibrates heavily and the engine stops. I've checked, all spark plugs are good, air filter is clean. The only problem is see is,that at idling speed, when D

... Mitsubishi Lancer

High idle When i turn the car on it starts idling real high. So i got in the hood and disconnected the Idle Control Module, and the car turns on and doesnt idle too high. But it doesnt run right and wants to turn off.

My car is doing the exact same thing. I have taken it to 2 different repair shops and still the same problem. I am a lady and think that I am getting taken. I know what the Idle Control Module is, but what valve is it that you are talking about ? ... 1991 Buick Century

1998 Civic, Cold start, idles fine. When car is warm idle speed increases then decreases over and over again from about 600 rpm to 1100 rpm. once warmed up and driving throttle becomes on-off switch...motor accelerates and slows depending on throttle opening. runs smooth until I get stuck in traffic or a long stoplight. I shut motor off when coasting or at rest, re-start, runs smoothly again. Problem increases when weather is at or above 40 degrees F.

... Honda Civic

Car wants to die at stop lights, doesn't run smooth idleing

Check the fuel filter,wires,plugs,air filter,clean mass sensor and throyle body ... 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Drivability periodiaclly the vehicle's rpm will run at 3 grand or higher. It started out the when the vehicle was hot, it would idle rough and want to die. I do get a code for high voltage for the fuel guage but according to the schematics, it should not be tied in with the performace wiring. IAC is around 150 and will not drop when this is happening.

... 2000 Oldsmobile Bravada

Engine rpm fluctuate when a/c is on/this problem has been for a while now some tech had played whit the adjustment screw and had the engine idle high 1200 rpm to counter act the fluctuation / now back to the correct rpm the engine runs smooth until a/c is turned on / rpm fluctuate between 450 to 1250 rpm all most stalling PS don't have diagnostic to check for codes/cleaned throttle body whit carbon cleaner runs much smoother when a/c is not on.I suspect it may be the idle solenoid but i don'

I am not familiar with this engine. But, if the alternator, PAS and AC are being driven by the same belt, then its possible that the belt is too slack, have you checked the belt tension ? That would be my first step. Hope that helps ... 1998 Kia Sephia

Idle problem i have a 2000 318i e46 with idle problem. when cold it just won't start or start only about 1 second then die. if i push accel pedal a little, it start and the rpm steady at 1000 then slowly dropped to 750 as the engine getting warm, then idle becomes erratic but the engine still running, the exhaust smell raw gas. With air-con on the rpm increase to about 900 but still erratic. No-problem at all when i speed the car, but when the car stop the idle is even worse unless i shift to ne

Check the airflow meter it may be stuck and make sure the electrical connection to it is not loose and also check the hose leading to it are not loose or cracked they tend to crack at the bottom where you cannot see it unless you remove it and check ... 1999 BMW 318 ti

Idle problem i have a 2000 318i e46 with idle problem. when cold it just won't start or start only about 1 second then die. if i push accel pedal a little, it start and the rpm steady at 1000 then slowly dropped to 750 as the engine getting warm, then idle becomes erratic but the engine still running, the exhaust smell raw gas. With air-con on the rpm increase to about 900 but still erratic. No-problem at all when i speed the car, but when the car stop the idle is even worse unless i shift to ne

Check Airflow Meter and your vacuum pipes If they are not sucking air ... 1999 BMW 318 ti

Runs bad rough running but when i mess with the vacume advance it sounds better low rpm it dies choke not sticking new plugs dist and roter if i take off the air filter it goes to high rpm the chugs a couple of time then dies cant seem to get an idle speed without it dieing sounds like bad plugs

I had to replace ever frigging vacuum hose on mine, and that seemed to help... ... 1985 Nissan King Cab

I have no check eng lites but d car rpm always go up and down and die. if the rpm is stable the car will run fine but mostly the rpm go up and down then die even when on idle and park. is this tps sensor problem

More likely IAC or MAF problem.Could also be Vacuum leak.Even though the light is not on - (bulb may be out or removed) have the codes read for free at your local parts store - then re-post your findings.Thanks!! ... Nissan Xterra

Bought car five days ago. when originally cranking rpm's would stay high and only go down once in gear. now when cranked rpm's are less than a thousand and oil light comes on and starts to run hot. while driving once you exceed one k rpm's oil light goes off and car will still get hot. however, if i go crank the car in driveway and let it idle, rpm's over one k the car will just sit there perfect with no problem.

The grinding below your feet is the starter,the oil light will allways come on when the rpm's drop to low.\015\012This sounds like a vacuum leak,clogge EGR, throttle position sensor,or incorrect timing.\015\012\015\012what is the te ... Land Rover Range Rover

I have a 1999 pontiac sunfire we have tired everything to get the car running again. it ran one minute we cut the wires running to the speedometer to wire a new plug to the back and now the car wont stay running. it kicks over and starts but idles down until it dies deisels and backfires. everyone says its the factory anti theft system. how do i override this. i just want my car to start and run ASAP.

Why did u cut speedo wirin--u need proper plug cable sold in store-one bad cylinder is a big strain specially on computer system--car cud start on fire ... 1999 Pontiac Sunfire

1995 chevy 4.3 runs smooth but idles rough during long stops i have replaced the iac egr syder fuel filter plugs wire cap fuel pressure 55 replcaed vaccum lines dont hear any leaks replaced air temp sensorthe van runs very smooth as long as your going at long lights or just periods of idle in park it wants to die this problem has challenged all of my auto repair knowlegde and i feel like i hit a wall any help would be greatly appreciated

The famouse spider injector will cause just what you are discribing. The cpi motor has it's share of problems. \015\012To me it sounds like that is the problem. There are ways to test it but you need a scan tool to be able to look at inform ... 1995 Chevrolet S-10 CA Edition
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