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How to change shift solenoids 1998 Aurora

\015 How many shift solenoids?\015
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I've got a '95 aurora that won't shift to 2nd or 3rd gear. I took shift assembly apart and checked shift solenoids and they tested fine. I dont have easy acces to a diagnostic computer. It was parked for a long time and I've noticed the parking brake is stuck on and I dont know if theres a saftey switch there to keep it from shifting or not. Any suggestions? well my 95 aurora is doing the same thing, it doesn't want to change gears! It's like somethings not telling the computer to switch gears.

I had this problem and dealer said I needed a new tranny. Took it for second opinion at local trans shop and they replaced the shift switch in the tranny for $250. ... 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora

How to change shift solenoids 1998 Aurora

... 1998 Oldsmobile Aurora

2005 focus tranmission is shifting late and thumps into gear. autozone said it a shift solenoid changed solenoid with white wire going to it . no change any ideas also changed filter

Can be sticky valve body pistons as well doing this ... 2005 Ford Focus

2001 Kia Sephia automatic trans seems to be stuck in second gear, when manually shifted into first, starts off perfectly fine. When in drive, very sluggish on the take-off and does not shift out of the gear it's in (maybe second gear). Doesn't shift into high gear. At 65 mph, rpm is approx 4000. Changed filter and fluid, added slick 50, problem still exists. If it is a solenoid, how difficult is changing the solenoid?

Alot of people have the same problem, including me. Changing the transmission fluid is not going to help this problem. THe transmission filter is not something you change as much as you clean and reinstall, its just a metal screen. Call Kia and ask ... 2000 Kia Sephia

Changed trans fluid and filter and in the process of putting pan back on broke shift solenoid b replaced it the shift solenoid and it still wont shift show codes for the trans pcm and both shift solenoids

Try disconnecting battery for about a minute and reconnect. ... Chevrolet Blazer

Hi, Have a 1995 GMC jimmy. Lost 2-3-4 geras, and slips in reverse. Have 5 codes that were present: 1 - PO753 2 - PO756 3 - PO758 4 - P1864 5 - P1886 I dropped the pan, and replaced A & B shift solenoids, and also the tcc solenoid. Now just to be sure, I was told that the A & B Shift solenoids are the same...same part...is that true???? I also changed filter, replaced pan, and filled with fluid, and it was still doing the same thing. Will not shift out of first. I am hoping that yo

Check it out ... 1995 GMC Jimmy

1997 Chev. Z-28 Camaro shifts from 2nd to neutral sometimes, other times it does it from 3rd to 4th. Also won't downshift from 4th to 2nd in drive. trouble code 1870 appears, transmission has been rebuilt about 15,000 miles ago. I changed shift solenoids since rebuild, no change. transmission has shift kit and corvette servo. I have programmed it to stock and I've programmed it to firm shift with hyper charger did'nt fix .

... 1997 Chevrolet Camaro

Code P7085 My 2000 Jimmy feels like it is stuck in one gear and I read the code and I have a code of P7085 (i believe) Shift solenoid B electrical and I changed both Shift Solenoid A and B and the issues remained the same. Is the issue due to the ignition switch? And is the ignition switch located in the steering column? The instrument panel also started to crazy (after both solenoids were replaced).

... 2000 GMC Jimmy

Shift solenoid im pretty sure the shift solenoid is screwed in my 97 jimmy 4x4, is there any way i can change the solenoid or do i have to cheage the whole transmission?

The solenoid comes out with one screw and one wire connection once the pan is dropped. ... 1997 GMC Jimmy

I have a 2005 Lincoln ls,about 3 months ago I had my solenoid pack changed in the trans because it shift hard in reverse and 2nd to 3rd.Now when I get on the freeway to pass traffic....it stubbles,my check engine light comes on and I get a code PO755,which is shift solenoid B....is that in the solenoid pack I just replaced?

You only have one solenoid packIt has 3 pressure solenoids &4 shift solenoids. I guess the TTC is in there alsobut don't remember it when I did mine.Part # 9L2Z7G391AI have a 2004 L/S V8I don't see the PO755 in the diagnos ... Ford Expedition

Shift solenoid im pretty sure the shift solenoid is screwed in my 97 jimmy 4x4, is there any way i can change the solenoid or do i have to cheage the whole transmission? The jimmy i am looking at is a 95 4 wheel drive.. all gears work, no slipping or grinding or any odd sounds of any kind. what is the problem is that you can be driving along and it will just go into neutral. If you shut the truck completely off and restart an put it back in drive it works great again for few minutes an then poo

You can change the solenoids you should be able to drop the tranny pan and they are right there but you might want to unbolt the cross member that holds the tranny up so the pan comes down easier or you chance breaking the solenoids if you try to for ... 1997 GMC Jimmy

I have a 98 Honda Accord and the problem is it won't shift out of Park when the brake pedal is applied. I just changed the shift lock solenoid that's next to the gear selector and i'm still having the same problem. And now I noticed that when I press the brakes, I have no brake lights and it won't shift into to gear (reverse or drive) but sometimes it'll engage cause I can hear the solenoid engage and I get brake lights and it works fine for a few seconds then I try it again and it doesn't work.

The Root cause of this problem is the brake lights being inoperable at times, replace the brake light switch, the switch is located near the top of the arm the brake pedal is attached to, u will need to remove a panel and look under the ... Honda Accord

My 2001 odyssey shift hard from 1st to 2nd i have no codes come up and i changed the fluids with honda ATF i also clean the shift solenoids and presure solenoids aswell also checke for corrosian and its clean anything else i can cause it still shifts rough from 1st to 2nd no check engine kight ON

... 2001 Honda Odyssey

02 jeep grand cher. stays in 1st gear till 4500 rpm's before changing. I replaced the transmission speed sensor and it was fine for about 3 weeks then started it again. Would a shift solenoid sensor help this situation. And are there different names for the shift solenoid sensor. The more I read the more names I see...governors, etc. Sincerely, Allen R. Myers 404-309-8112

Which trans do you have??? The 4.7 has the 45RFE and the 4.0 has the 42RE. If you have the 42RE, try replacing the connector on the output speed sensor. I have seen intermittent problems with the connectors as they get older leading to falling into l ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I changed the shift solenoid on my ford focus 2002 20i automatic and had the eingine management light reset but i had to take the wire of to put the console all back together the wire that conects the shift solenoid and now the eingine management light has came back on is this common to happen

Yes just use the little hand held thing to put it out again if its an american market model if europeon then its a dealer job only ... 2001 Ford Focus

Hi my name is matt I'm having transmission problems with my 1999 Plymouth grand voyager 3.3 liter I've changed one solenoid but I've been informed that there are more than one shift solenoid where is the other one at, I changed the one right under the transmission cooling lines right in front where it's visable, but I don't know where the other one is please help my email is [email protected]

... 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager

Chevrolet blazer automatic transission does not shift, it stays in 1st gear and does not change. The shift solenoids have already been changed.

Did you check your transmation fluid and see if thats up to the mark. ... Chevrolet Blazer

2001 lerado will not shift into 1st or 4th. Jeep starts out in 3rd but I am able to down shift into 2nd manually. Just changed fluid and filter and adjusted the reverse and low gear band. Jeep ran fine for three weeks on new Fluid then threw code p0753. Sounds like I need to change a solenoid just do not know which one. This is a rebuilt with 63k on it.

Sounds like a shift solenoid. They are not too expensive and fairly easy to install. You will need to drop the pan and then you should be able to see the solenoids. But, before you do, put a scan tool on it and make certain. Good Luck ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I received a P0771 Shift Solenoid "E" stuck off..... From what auto zone computer said it was b/c of A) Low of Dirty fluid condition B) Shift Solenoid stuck off ??? C) Control Valve Stuck.... To my surprise after I have done an oil change on my Mazda 6 "03" I find myself with a rev up engine but no speed? What should I do? I have barely any money!!!

... 2003 Mazda Mazda6

Where is the 'shift solenoid A' located on a 2000 Chevy s-10 4.3 4x4 ? Any advice on changing it? (Trouble codes: p0420 - catalyst efficiency below threshold (Bank 1) p0751 Shift solenoid A CKT performance or Stuck Off p1870 Transmission comp. slipping .....Thanks!

All the shift solenoids come as a one piece shift solenoid pack assmebly, the pack is located inside the transmission attached to the valve body, to replace them you will need to remove the sheet metal pan from the transmiss ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

My chevy silverado 350 shows po755 shift solenoid b malfunction electrical circuit I changed Both shift solenoids and still having the same problem. taking off in 2nd or 3rd gear and no overdrive. check engine light came on shortly after hitting a deer in the front . big rack . nothing visibly broke or unplugged . need help with the electrical. and the fuse under dash is good.

Check your tranny cooler. If not the prob you have smoked a clutch in tranny ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Shift solenoid how do i change the shift solenoid for a 98 chevy lumina

Shift solenoids are internal within the drivers side side cover of the transmission. Not something easily done with out a lift. Not impossible but certainly not easily accessed. ... 1998 Chevrolet Lumina

Have a 2002 Montana and the transmission was shifting rough. We have the fluid flushed and changed this morning figuring it was the cheapest place to start. Its still shifting rough. What is the next step I should take to isolate the trouble with it, change the solenoid ?

Your tcm may be bad,does your engine light come when it shifts rough? ... 2002 Pontiac Montana

My 2003 Chevy suburban will not shift from 2 into 3 gear. It revs up in between 2 and 3rd and when you let off it finally shifts, but will not go into overdrive. The solenoid is working because we commanded it to open with a scanner and we could hear the solenoid. We also changed the ignition switch and it still is not working. What could be the issue?

It sounds like a hydraulic leak in the transmission.This would mean loss of pressure holding the gear.Clutch pack seal,maybe or servo leaking.If the filter is stopping up,this could have a affect on the problem.Change the filter and fluid,and use rec ... 2003 Chevrolet Suburban 2500

Doesn' shift right between 1st and 2 gears it shfts with a pause and a harsh shift already changed the torque converter solenoid and fluid and filter no change.

You need to replace the pressure solenoid in the transmission. ... 1996 Buick Century
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