Having problems with your 1998 Oldsmobile Aurora ?

After driving a few minutes, my car suddenly stops. The engine is very hot and makes rattling sounds sometimes. What can I do?

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

What it sounds like you dont have enough water or oil in it you have to check those fluids.If thats fine then you have to check that your timing didnt move or water in your oil.
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After driving a few minutes, my car suddenly stops. The engine is very hot and makes rattling sounds sometimes. What can I do?

What it sounds like you dont have enough water or oil in it you have to check those fluids.If thats fine then you have to check that your timing didnt move or water in your oil. ... 1998 Oldsmobile Aurora

My 03 Voyager has been having coolant problems for a long time, we finally put in a new radiator, hoses, thermostat, but it has still been leaking, then yesterday when almost home engine started to make an awful rattlesnake sound like rattling, the engine was not hot, as I turned the engine died.. Wouldn't restart and the whole engine vibrates, was burning oil and read very hot. Towed home by my husband, now we are troubleshooting. It will start only go a few seconds and engine reads hot..?? A

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1998 Jeep Cherokee Classic;165,000 miles. Check engine light comes on sporadically. Been told catalytic converter is trashed. Sometimes starts great; sometimes hard start. "Belches/burps/chugs" -- when idling (red light, stop sign, drive-up at bank) feels like it wants to 'go' and makes that sound like if I took my foot off the brake it would **** forward. Also rear end continues to make strange noises after engine is shut down.

Did you know Jeep did a recall and paid for replacement of catalytic converters on 1996 models (don't know about any others) - they reimbursed me for work done, up to a point - hope this helps! ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a '93 Honda Accord with 230,000 miles. Recently it's been intermittently making a loud squealing noise when turning left or right at low speeds (like the squeaky sound you might hear when rubbing hard while cleaning glass). Doesn't happen all the time and doesn't happen when turning the wheel while standing still. It doesn't occur until after the engine has warmed up. Sometimes I can drive for blocks and make frequent turns with no noise, sometimes I drive the same route and it squeals at

Change the power steering fluid in the steering system. This will take a couple of times but will solve your problem. ... 1993 Honda Accord

I have chevy 350 engine having problems with it at idel and driving both. it sounds like theengine is dieseling. now its not the lifters and its not the rockers, they are brand new. it gets worst when driving or with a load on the engine. also when the engine is cold or first started it does not make any noises. it also seems to get too hot. can anyone help?

Check the catalytic converter ... Chevrolet Camaro

Car died my grandfathers 03 kia sorento sprung a leak 2 days ago at the rear of the engine. I assume its a heater hose or somethingh attatched to it. today however I took the car for a test drive to let the system build up pressure so that I could possibly isolate the leak. while driving the car began rattling and when I slowed to inspect it, it died. it started back but it was making the rattling sound. in my attempt to get it back home it died again. then it acted like the battery was dead. I

54 kia serento emission control system malfunction light has eventualy come on previosly the car cut out twice once last month plus once 9 weeks ago when towing caravan. thinking itwas something to do with electrics on van ... 2003 Kia Sorento

I was driving and all the sudden my 05 Saturn Vue engine makes a "pop" sound and I lose engine power. Its starts to sputter so I pull over and then I start losing electrical power. When I cometo a stop and the engines dies, it starts to smoke a little. It has oil, noting running hot and when I pop hood, no oil had sprayed over the engine or inside hood. So what happened?

Possibly timeing belt. how many miles on engine? check owners manual for frequency of timing belt replacement. ... Saturn Vue

My nissan altima 1993 is putting out alot of smoke through the exhaust and also has a hard time getting the engine started. Every time I turn the key in the ignition the car makes a weird sound and has a hard time starting when i finally get the engine to start i then put it in drive and the engine dies. Sometimes when i actually get it to start and get moving the engine dies again and i get stuck in the middle of the road trying to restart the car. Once it took me an hour to get back to my hous

The first thing that i recommend doing is replacing the fuel filter that is a very common symptom of a clogged fuel filter. the second thing if the fuel filter replacement has no effect is replacing the fuel pump. but it is definitely a fuel issue. f ... 1993 Nissan Altima

I have a 2006 pontiac g6 coupe gt it's making a rattling sound coming from engine sometime it sounds like a frog is trapped in there now my ac went out and the sound is louder

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When starting the engine sounds like knocking on the underside of car goes away after car is running but it sounds like a tractor without a muffler when you put it gear and start driving. Sometimes i

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Some time when i start my car the engine will make a humming sound. and some time when i am driving the engine will make the same noise.

Turn off the airconditioning to see if that helps. If it does, then it is likely the airconditioning compressor.Remove the water pump drive belt. Feel the water pump for free play. If excessive, then replace the pump. You can try spinning it ... 1995 Lincoln Town Car

Driver side brake light works intermittently, moving or not, in drive or in park, engine on or engine off, etc. Replaced bulbs. Sometimes, the brake pedal switch seems to make clicking sounds that go along with the brakes working or not, but that could be my imagination. The turn signal "clicker" goes real fast and then slows down to normal, but the dash indicator blinks at a constant steady rhythm. Could thee be related andd how can I fix the brake light? Thanks

Hello. Yes, they could be related. It sounds like the brake pedal switch needs to replaced. Your symptoms could also be caused by a weak ground. I recommend that you look in the local phone directory under autoelectric repair shops. These shops ... 1989 Jaguar XJ6

Husband had to rush off to sea and left me in Spain with a P reg diesel bongo automatic that is now showing a high temp gauge reading on dash and sometimes makes a rumbling sound about the area of the passager side dash. Engine does not sound bad whilst running but wonder if l should rush to garage asap or is she safe to nurse for a few days until he gets back? Basically safe to drive or not? thanks C

If the gauge is showing hot do these things first, when engine is cold check the motor oil level there is a mark on the dip stick that says full wipe off the stick with a napkin or toilet paper then shove stick all the way back in then pull out quick ... 1996 Mazda MPV

My 2004 Rodeo is making a "rattling" sound (almost like a vibration sound). Worse when engine first started, and then "settles down" after about 5 min of driving. Took it in to Transmission Specialist today and they said that they could determine that it was underneath the valve cover (think it relates to gasket/ Cam Shaft/ Timing), but to further pinpoint it would require about 3 hours of time. Needed me to authorize that time for $294 which would be applied to total repair bill....does this

... 2002 Isuzu Rodeo

My 2006 suzuki forenza after driving a few miles, makes a loud ''humming/buzzing'' noise from the rear of the car. it slows when you let off the throttle or brake. when you shut the car off, sometimes it makes a ''rattle'' that lasts up to a minute coming from what sounds like behind the rear driver side tire. is this signs my fuel pump is failing?

If your fuel pump was failing you would have engine problems the supply of fuel would be interupted, I would guess that you have a wheel bearing that is worn out you can check this yourself by jacking the rear of the car up wheel off the ground one ... 2006 Suzuki Forenza

2000 sebring....Intermittently cranks over and wont start. engine also shut done once while driving. At any given time engine cranks over and wont start..............Cold, hot , just drove for hours, just sat for days, just shut off, doesn't make any difference. May crank over once and start, sometimes 3, 5 , seven, a dozen times before starting. May start first crank for weeks at a time.

... 2000 Chrysler Sebring

After about 30 min. drive time and engine is hot and i shut it off it sometimes will not restart. All i hear is a clicking sound in the starter area. The starter is one year old. The next morning after the engine is cold it starts right up.

Hi and welcome to FixYa!\015\012\015\012As a first course of action I strongly suggest that you have the starter solenoid checked. If the starter solenoid is worn out it has a tendency to start or not to start in any given situation, be i ... 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 4WD

Engine misfiring when i start my car sometimes and start to drive it go. it sounds like the engine is misfiring. what makes it do that?

You are aware that it could be many things? No one can diagnose these issues without lots of questions,info and a vehicle to test. ... 1998 Pontiac Bonneville

Ill be driving fine then the rpm will spike it makes this weird high pitch sound then goes back to normal and sometimes ill be driving then ill lose power the check engine just came on what could be t

... Hyundai Motor 2000 Tiburon

My truck started making a noise today when i was driving it home from work. First it sounded like something broke or snapped under the front of the truck followed by a high pitch whining noise at which point i pulled the truck over and immediately the noise got louder and it started to smoke. I got out opened the hood and noticed 1) My engine coolent or antifreeze was so hot it was boiling and 2) my oil was coming out under the engine fast untill eventually it all came out. I'm assuming the Engi

... 2002 Toyota Tundra

Hi there. I have a 1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ Automatic (Hard Top.) Yesterday after being in the snow the transmission started to act up on the way home. It was holding gears to long sometimes and it even took off in second a couple of times I'm sure of it. Today whilst driving quite slowly it started to make a light grinding sort of sound in 2wd and then went neutral. This is what it does now and the only way to get it to drive in any gear is to turn the ignition off and restart the engine. I have t

I had a problem with my 97 wrangler get snow packed into the skid plate between that and the transfer cases causing it to become solid ice. You need to thaw out thraw out the ice and clean the snow/ice from between them. ... 1997 Jeep Wrangler

2003 Ford ZX2 engine making loud sounds in drive/OD

... 2003 Ford ZX2

I have 05 Mitsubishi Lancer making Knocking sound. The engine is making noise always when the engine ON. I have been driving this car for 1yr with knocking sound the car never stopped and never heated. I showed to mechanic. he observed that engine oil is burning and said that the knocking sound is coming from inside the engine. he also said that sludge is deposited inside the engine, removing sludge cost more than worth of car and asked me to put 1qt Lucas heavy duty oil stabilizer along with 1q

Hes dead right ... Mitsubishi Lancer

2006 Monte Carlo engine noise rattle pinging deisel sound

Sounds like your lifters or valves are rattling! ... 2006 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

In the winter, my car makes a sound like a piston Knock. i have been told that my car does not have pistons. is this true? in the summer it does not make that sound even if driving on a cold engine, in the winter the engine makes that sound, untill it is warmed up then the sound will go away. Is this a common problem for the spyder?

Yes your car does have Pistons.. and No its not normal for this to happen in the winter. However I would recommend that you use a lighter oil in the winter than the summer like 5w-30 or 10w-30 no higher. Good Luck ... 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder
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