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\015 Pathfinder 3.3 se 4x4, was running fine. I gased up last night....almost 18 gallons....ran fine this morning & now all of a sudden, sputtering & gagging, almost sounds like it's missing. idles very rough & rpm gauge is all over the place. I connected my obd2 & it came up with p1336 but I shows pending & no engine light. Could this be water or stuff in the fuel?? Any ideas?\015
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... 1998 Nissan Pathfinder

The engine runs ruff like its miss firing i have a engine code p0174 its makeing like a knocking noise in the engine also it acts like it needs a tune up shaking while running

P0174 means that the computer has detected that the engine is running lean (too much air or not enough gas). Start engine and listen for a whistling noise. If you can't find it you may have to go to a repair shop so they can do a "smoke" test to make ... 2001 Lincoln LS

If it rains my 01 ford windstar will not want to run. It will back fire and miss. When dry for few days it will run better engine light is on but if you clear the codes it will run like nothing is wrong. Even peel out!! the codes are bank 1 and 2 running lean and egr. Can anyone help with this ford doesnt know.

Windstars are known for lean codes caused by upper intake plenum gaskets. Also, there is a small tube going into the air intake hose that will pull out if you tried to install an air filter. It goes into the air intake hose between the air filter box ... 2001 Ford Windstar

I have a 2002 Daewoo Nubira 2.0 L engine the check engine light comes on at random this is after the engine misses a slight bit then the light goes out and car runs ok. This has happend about 5 times. Feels like the fuel is dirty or may have water in it. 1 time the engine stopped but started again no trouble. Prior to this problen I let the fuel tank run quite empty. Then I filled it up after 40 or so KM the problem started. Can you Help. Thanks Eldon Peterson

The check engine light is associated with the engine missing.The engine computer has a misfire counter programed in it's software once a certain threshold is reached it will turn on the check engine light. Once ... Daewoo Nubira

2002 ford taurus hesitats fills like missing computer code say egr sensor changed it but still does it engine light on. fills like lossing spark at all speeds but idle how do you check coil out put? worse in humid weather or after gas fill up? or parked on a hill?

Find a shop that does scope meter testing. They will be able to give you coil's output.\015\012You may have a faullty plug wire . Take a spray bottle full of water spray it on spark plug wires and see if the engine decreases in idle. If so you ... 2002 Ford Taurus

I have a 99 jeep Cherokee 4.0 2wd and it's running rich, missing, and popping. The SUV runs fine then I loose power get a pop then I get power again check engine light is on and the code says a rear o2 sensor is out, The engine makes the air intake sound like a vacuum cleaner at times what is a solution to correct problem. My jeep has 144k miles, the engine is extremely clean, no leaks, and always maintenance d. please help

Follow the code, Replace the rear o2 sensor ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 2001 Hyundai sonata. While driving home I started to lose power. I pulled over and the engine was running extremely rough like it was miss firing and halfway between the 0 and 1 on the rpms. Not sure if that is abnormal or not never payed much attention. Any ideas on what. Would be causing it. As of the moment it is not running. It turns over but does not start. And does anyone know if I can manually check the engine codes?

You can only check for codes with a code reader orProfessional Scan ToolAfter 30 years of these systems, it is had to believe peopleknow nothing,how is thatNormal,abnormal,don't pay attentionWhen I spend $40,000 fo ... Cars & Trucks

2002 Chevy Trailblazer running rough when idling, especially when its cold. The engine sounds like it is missing. Thought it was because I got some bad gas but still having the problem.I have replaced the fuel filter and ignition coil #2,4,and 6. When i replace the fuel filter i notice the gas that came out of it was very dirty. I have also used the fuel injector cleaner a few times when I filled up with gas.What else could be making my engine run rough?

Clogged injectors I bet with the dirty fuel you claimed you had in the tank. Cleaners will not remove all contaminates in injectors for they tend to get seized inside of them ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

My 2000 jimmy stopped running today while i was driving down the interstate. when i tried to restart the car it acted like it was out of gas even though i just filled it up, the engine cranks but wouldnt start. so i had it towed home. when i got home to my car i tried again to start it and it started but is idleing very rough like it is missing. i have two thoughts on the cause but not sure. was thinking it could be some sort of sensor or the fuel pump...

I had the same problem, had to replace the fuel pump, manufacturers fuel pump on this vehicle ain't worth a damn. Find a replacement, will last longer ... 2000 GMC Jimmy

1996 doge van 318 trouble code P1595 van drives great but will feel a miss fire engine light comes on and runs like it is on 7 cylinders. let sit a while then will run great again. what is up ?

P1596\015\012Speed Control Switch Always High,you should take it to a chry dealer ... 1996 Dodge Ram 2500 Club Cab

99 lincoln towncar missing at idle, when accelerating it's more like a stumble, like running over rumble strips along the road side but not constant, check engine light is on, then will start flashing. Mechanic couldn't retrieve any codes when he hooked it up. Mechanic has changed coils, plugs, wires, injectors. Still having same problem and i'm out of money can anyone help please.

... 1999 Lincoln Town Car

P0171 & P0174 codes Landrover Freelander HSE - I already have a new vacuum boot with new air hoses - I cant find any air leaks, but I suspect the maf sensor - visually the sensor looks clean. How many ohms should the maf sensor show? what range? on & off the car? the car idles and runs well, except it seems like it is missing a little bit of power and the engine light is on with the codes.

... Land Rover Freelander

1988 s10 4.3 engine. good cold start up and run. hot start up, misses like crazy for about 15 seconds then smoothes out and runs perfect until the next shut down. no codes on computer. help.

... 1988 Chevrolet S-10

I have a BMW 323I 1999 sedan, and I just got 1188 and 1189 codes faults like 2 weeks ago. Today things went worst and while I was parked giving a phone call ad car runnig idle the engine started to run rough as if missfiring. After a second codes check miss firing 4,5,6. Mechanic told me it could be the cathalitic but I don't think this could come up from a day to another I should have had some signs before? I changed all ignition coils 10 month ago, air filter as well. Though since I have this

I think that you have an air leak. The fact that you hear it when you press the accelerator rather than when you release the accelerator suggests that it is outside of the throttle valve. Check the rubber boot/elbow that fits on the throttle valve. ... BMW 323

Hi, I have a 2000 Mazda Millenia and it got 272K on it. Though it is running smooth the engine light was blinking form yesterday. I am getting very less milage on it like almost 6.5km/lt. Would the problem be just a miss fire or any other thing?? Last month when my engine light was steadily on I got a code saying "P0304" and a mechanic fixed it

The check engine light is a warning to the driver that the computer has found something that could affect engine performance or emissions, including gas mileage.You would need to get it scanned again and use the code or codes to find the problem. ... 1998 Mazda Millenia

Engine mis-firing I have a 1998 Ford Mustang. The check engine light is on and I know I should first have the codes pulled but here is what it's doing. Sometimes it misses or misfires when on the highway. It feels like it jerks or pulls. you can tell it isn't firing right because when it runs well, it's really smooth. I have changed the plugs, plug wires about 4 months ago and I changed the coil pack about a month ago. The car has over 100k but had one owner before me and it was garage kept. Ver

Mass Air Flow Sensor or Intake Absolute Pressure sensor \015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012 ... 1998 Ford Mustang

Check engine ligt came on my 97 Explorer as soon as it did it runs like a miss is this a limp in mode and how do I check the engine codes. I know Dodge not Ford.

Thist website maybe useful to you for obdiihttp://www.autosuning.com/ ... 1997 Ford Explorer AWD

I have a 2003 ford f150 4.2 liter. the check engine and gas cap light is on. it runs really rough and fills like its misfireing. i changed the fuel cap and it did not work. i put it on a code reader and the following codes came up po171 po174 p1151 po457. what can it be?

... 2003 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Engine chugging My 2005 Grand Prix hesitates when you accelerate,likes it's not firing correctly or it has a fuel issue.Usually when i start the car it will usually quit and when i restart it,it will then run sluggish,like it is missing and if i stop and shut it off and restart it,it will be fine.I am not getting any codes in the message center either.Any suggestions would be great.

I have an 05 GTP that is doing the exact same thing. I was thinking was more a sensor problem or computer problem. The problem is you start it go to drive and it drives like a slug. Stop, restart it and its fine. Runs like a scalded dog. Maf sensor h ... 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix

93 s10 blazer, 4.3 engine code w...cranks and runs fine.new acdelco fuel pump in january. new plugs,cap and rotor button,new wires and coil. engine has a ''miss'' for lack of better word under load from about 45 to about 60 mph. accelerates strongly,problem mostly occurs at cruising speed 1/4 throttle. Feels like the brakes are being tapped for a microsecond each time I experience the problem.No trouble codes.No vacuum leaks discovered ( used propane bottle with hose attached to trace all gask

I don' know if this could be your problem or not, but i had a simmiler problem on a 95 blazer i had,first i thought it was the egr valve, so i took it off cleaned it real good both valve and intake, put it back on it helped but it was still there, my ... 1993 Chevrolet S-10

How can engine light codes be found directly? My 1998 Buick LeSabre has presented the engine light, but there are no other indications of a problem. There's plenty of oil, and coolant. Likely it seems the problem may be a MAP gas sensor, but a friend has said that on older vehicles it was possible by some scheme to get the code by using some entries like stepping on the brake with the key in the run position, but the engine not running; then doing something else, and so on, with the engine light

There is a service port under the dash board ,on most Canadian and U.S made vehicles after 1987.\015\012In your case ,there is a scan tool available for most General motors vehicles. O,B.D.II (on board diagnostic).The simpler tool as your fri ... 1998 Buick LeSabre

Car starts, runs, no engine light.Have changed plugs, coil, oxygen sensors, etc. At 3800 rpms, engine has a miss and if under a light load (going uphill) engine has intermentent miss. Engine miss is at the same rpm regardless of all the changes. Have had three different auto stores and one repair shop run the engine codes with no results. I am currently stumped, can find cause of engine miss. Any suggestions?

Now instead of wasting time with checking for codes,actually have a shop diagnose the issue ... 2001 Mercury Sable

1991 F-250. feul injected 460 w/c6 tranny. acts like it is missing when engine runs at 3000rpms. accelerates just fine and runs wonderfully below 2900 rpms. just when i try to plane out around 70 mph the engine starts acting like it is missing a cylinder.it will also act like that in neutral.it starts fine and idles smooth.

Hello. katienjoe. the fuel line from the filter to the fuel rail has a restrictor in the line its at the fitting at the rail. the opening messures 3/16 of a inch. so loaded it doesn't pull above 50 mph. you can change the line I did on mine the hot r ... 1991 Ford F250

2002 Hyundai Sante Fe, Trouble code P0303, Problem is intermittant, Engine runs fine when cold, misses badly when partially warmed especially on acceleration, engine runs well when hot with occasional cough. Air intake system was found to be full of ashphault dust and dirt..air filter replaced (twice), throttle body cleaned (numerous times), air system cleaner used (twice). Each time system cleaner is used (& check engine light reset) the engine runs well for a day or two then starts to miss aga

... Hyundai Santa Fe

99 gmc suburban 5.7 350. bottom gear on distributor worn down so bad that they were sharp like knives then fell over flat.replaced distributor and still check engine lite on.before this happened.check engine lite was on and error codes po340 and p1345 were present still have them but runs like always purrs like kitten.when the distributor went it was running fine.but stopped running like it was out of gas not out of spark

You need to be sure your static ignition timing is set properly. If your timing is off it will set off the check engine light. ... 1999 Chevrolet Suburban
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