Having problems with your 1998 Mercury Sable ?

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1998 sabre

\015 Car studders like it' going to cut off.\015
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Answers :

When you turn the key on you can hear the fuel pump hum for a couple of seconds.It should be in the top of your fuel tank.
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Where is the fuel pump relay located on a 1991 ford mustang gt 5'0 just need to know where its located.

I'm showing it on the passenger side of the radiator support, in the CCRM, Contstant Cntrol Relay Module. 4 realys in one module. For 1994 anyway. I don't have 91. ... Ford Mustang

The truck will not start and I suspect it is a fuel problem as I do not hear the fuel pump when I turn the key on. I have checked the fuel pump emergency shut off located in the rear inside quarter panel. The owners manual indicates relay 303 for the fuel pump. This relay is not in the fuse box located in the passenger side kick panel. None of the 3 series relays are in this box where are they located and should their also be a fuse associated with the fuel punp.

There will most certanly be a relay it may not be inside the car as most of the are under the hood in a relay pannel not sure of your model so kinda hard to guess most people dont understand that in newer cars you shouldnt run them out of gas as that ... Ford Explorer

My 1983 Lincoln Town Car 302 5.0L V8 won't start. It's an issue with fuel. I pulled the fuel pump and hooked it up to my battery and it pumped fuel through it just fine. When I turn the key over I cant hear it prime anymore. I figure it's the fuel pump relay but I can't find out where the thing is located. So if anyone knows where it's located and can refer me to an image of the location I would greatly appreciate it. And also a quick how to on how to check if the relay is working properly with

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1990 VW Golf II (1.8L, 4 cyl., 8 valve engine) with 155K miles.The car will not turn over. I suspect a fuel delivery problem and changed the transfer pump (in the fuel tank). I am sure that pump works. Also the fuse and relay are good. Where is the main Fuel Pump located for that vehicle and how easy is it to change? Where is the fuel filter located?

The fuel pump, accumulator and filter are mounted in an assembly under the passenger side rear seat. The pump is held in the fuel pump box with 3 screws. The assembly bolts to the underneath side of the car with 4 13mm bolts. You'll need to disconnec ... 1990 Volkswagen Golf

How to test your fuel pump on a 1994 GMC safari. Listening more often than not will not determine if the fuel pump is working, some are just too quiet even when inserting a hose in your tank and putting the other end to your ear. Check fuel pump wire connection located midway underneath vehicle to see if you have power. If you have power, the next step is to disconnect the fuel line filter located underneath on the driver's side frame. (It's easy to work on) connect a hose to the connection betw

... 1994 GMC Safari

Are there two fuel pumps on 2006 passat? I had repair work on my car at the dealer twice within a 10 ten days. During the initial repair I was told that I needed to have the fuel pumped replaced which is located in the back of the car. Then when I had to take it back because the engine light came back on & they're saying that there was a second fuel pump that needed to be replaced. (which is located in the front) I do know that there's a high pressure pump in the front of the car. I think they'r

Alot of modern cars do have two fuel pumps, I cannot be sure of yours. \015\012\015\012What I would do is call another VW dealership and ask them. ... 2006 Volkswagen Passat


Check the fuel pump relay switch which is mounted under dash around the steering column area... thats what mine was doing and it was the fix,,,85 bucks ... 2000 Acura 3.5RL

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1998 sabre

When you turn the key on you can hear the fuel pump hum for a couple of seconds.It should be in the top of your fuel tank. ... 1998 Mercury Sable

Need to replace fuel pump on 97 buick la sabre need to know where it's located

It's in the fuel tank! need to get it u in the air about 4 or more feet of the ground. you may get away with it being less and there is two straps holding the tank it they are attached to the body with 15mm bolts. you will need to disconnect the fill ... 1997 Buick LeSabre

1992 lexus sc300 with a 1jzgte twin turbo, i think the fuel pump is dead, it wont make any sound when you turn the key on also i want to know where is located the fuel pump relay it may be bad, the car wont start. please if u experts know where is located the fuel pump relay let me know it would be helpfull..

... 1992 Lexus Sc 300

The fuel pump is not turning on. Which relay is the fuel pump relay? there are 4 in the front right corner under the hood. Where is the fuse for the fuel pump? I couldn't locate one in the fuse box that is located in the glove box.

Hi.It is located along with other relays on the right hand side of the firewall. There you find a bracket holding the four relays for Pump, AC, Blower, and Radiator Fan. There is also a fuel pump fuse that must be checked. It is located n ... 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

Fuel pump I want to pump bad fuel out of my 2001 Yukon, so I unhooked the fuel line from the filter and I need to turn on the fuel pump to pump it out of the fuel tank. I tried to turn on the ign. switch without result. Can you tell me where the harness is located or how to jump the wires. I know that it will pump fuel while cranking.

Get a long wires and just jump your fuel pump and it should run like a champ.... ... 2001 GMC Yukon

My 2003 Galant isn't getting fuel to the engine. I replaced the pump yet I'm still getting no fuel. The fuel gauge is still reading a quarter tank of fuel. I check all my fuzes and all are working. So, now I suspect the fuel pump relay that my manual talks about but doesn't show me where the relay is located. First, I would like to know which relay controls the fuel pump. If that doesn't work what else would cause the vehicle not to pump fuel to the engine?

The fuel pump relay is under the hood on the driver side. There is a black box that will have a wing nut that takes the cover off. The cover will have a diagram of which one the fuel pump relay is. ... 2003 Mitsubishi Galant

Car will not start. car will run for a moment or two if I pour gas in the fuel injection manifold. The fuel gauge is pegged to overfull. all other gauges seem to work fine. Fuel gauge remains pegged even with the fuel pump electric wires disconnected. I believe it is a bad fuel pump relay or the the low oil pressure sensor switch is disabling the fuel pump relay. However I cannot locate the fuel pump relay?

The oil pressure sending unit will be the problem for that primes the pum when you turn the key to the on position. You will hear the fuel pump running for 5 seconds when doing that. If the pump is running when you have the key turned to the ON posit ... 1992 Buick Roadmaster

Had a diagnostic done and it read the code p0453 had a new fuel pump so the problem may involve the fuel pump if the evap is in the gas tank so i am trying to find out where the evap sensor is located is it in the fuel tank or is it in the engine somewhere. if its in the fuel tank i am covered for a year and can get it fixed cuz the shop apparently put it in wrong or something but if its in the engine i am screwed but need to know where the sensor is located so i know whether to bother fighting

The code discription is evaporative emission control system pressure sensor high. the sensor is located on the top side of the fuel tank. perhaps they did not connect it properly, kinked a hose or blocked the inlet port. ... Ford Expedition

Fuel pump not pumping. i put a new pump in and still does not work. tested fuel pump and it is working. i was told about a reset button,but i cannot locate it. i checked on the floor board and trunk. any other locations?

The rollover reset is usually located in the right rear quarter panel. ... 1994 Saab 900

1989 Mercury Grand Marquis I have installed the following: new fuel pump relay, fuel pump & filter, new distributor, coil, ignition switch, replaced two damaged lifters and lifter retainer and fuel pressure valve (located on the fuel rail). This is what is occurring. The engine tries to start, but does not. The fuel pump does not turn off once pressure is reached, continues to run. If the car starts, the fuel pump continues to run. The engine, when it runs, does so badly. Fairly recent plugs

Replace the fuel pump relay,if you can turn the key just to on,not start,and the fuel pump continues to run.If the new relay does the same thing,replace the ignition switch. ... Mercury Grand Marquis

1994 740 IL no power to fuel pump fuse. I have changed the fuel pump relay, and the fuel injection relay located on the passenger side of the engine compartment under the computers. Still no power to the fuse for the fuel pump. I ran a lead to test the fuel pump it works fine. I have also checked the fusible links near the battery they appear to be ok as well.

Most vehicle route the fuel pump wire through the ignition switch the switch could be bad ... 1994 BMW 7 Series

Where is the computer located in a 2003 alero? We've changed the fuel pump, fuel filter and the car still won't start. When the relay for the fuel pump is activated the doors lock and unlock - so we're thinking it might be the computer. The car sat idle for several weeks waiting to get $$ for a fuel pump. The battery was dead and was re-charged today when we changed the fuel pump. Help...

The computer is a very reliable device, and even if you opened it you would not have a clue if it is bad or not. I am very good in electronics, and unlike other mechanics, I have a background in elctronic engineering. If you could tell me a few more ... 2003 Oldsmobile Alero

1992 Toyota Tercel. Fuel pump removed to drain tank The fuel pump does work when power is applied directly to the pump. I have uninterrupted continuity though the fuel pump harness to the pump. I do not seem to have any voltage coming back to the pump when connected and the key is in the run position. I do not know where the relays or fuses are located in order to check them. All wiring harness to the pump are intact and appear to be in good original condition. Any Ideas as to what I should be

... Toyota Tercel

My husband just finished helping a friend replace his fuel pump for their 2004 Saturn Vue because the symptoms prior to the replacement lead to a bad fuel pump. Here's the problem, now that it is replaced the car still refuses to start. My husband has me online looking for a possible location for a fuel reset or something of the sort? Any ideas on a location or if this model actually has one?

U may hav issues with the fuel pressure regulator in the engine area--may also need to test for injector pulse--1st chec proper connection at pump as well as fuses--search chiltons online or buy a repair book at a parts place ... 2004 Saturn VUE

Wont start i have a 96 ford explorer v6 engine. It wont start in various locations after running fine to the location. I have replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel pump relay, coil pack, control module, ignition switch, and crank position sensor. I have run out of parts to replace. It seems like every time i fill up the gas tank it gives me trouble. If it sits for a long time it seems to help. Sometimes it dosent matter how long it sits. I tested the spark plugs and it dosent seem to spark w

I would check the cam position sensor ( at the right rear of the engine) and the plug connector at the PCM. I believe when you say "control module" you mean the PCM because these engines did not use a separate ignition module in '96- it is all done b ... 1996 Ford Explorer

I recently purchased a 2001 Chevrolet Blazer. When pumping fuel into the fill spout the gasoline backs up the fill spout causing the pump to kick off. The only way to successfully pump fuel into the vehicle in a timely fashion is to only pull the pump lever in jussst enough tk turn the pump on, approx 1 gallon every 2 minutes :-/. I would imagine some sort of filter must be plugged, but i am un sure wether this filter would be located in the fuel tank/sending unit, or if there may possibly b

In many vehicles 2000 and up, auto makers started putting a strainer type filter between the fuel door and fuel tank to help catch large particles before hitting the fuel, which could mess up the pump, sending unit, and clog your fuel filter quickly. ... Cars & Trucks

1991 astro . 4.3 135000 miles . turns over wont start. cranks and has spark but wont start. if you put gas in fuel injector ports starts and dies. pulled fuel filter off and was clear. bad fuel pump or relay i guess. cant find relay location how do i test the fuel pump? or should i just replace fuel pump?

Listen for a buzzing sound in the rear when turning the key. if you cannot than take off the fuel filter and let it hang down. than try turning on the key. fuel should spill out smartly. if not replace the pump. ... Chevrolet Astro

I have a 04 2.0 jetta it has no fuel pressure i replaced the pump, relay, filter and still nothing. the pump turns on but barely pumps any fuel took the pump to dealer tested works fine. what else could it be. i tried bypassing the relay same thing. couldnt locate the fuel regulator then i was told its built in the pump.

... 2004 Volkswagen Jetta
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