Having problems with your 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis ?

1998 grand marquis cuts off when trying to put in gear to drive

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1998 grand marquis cuts off when trying to put in gear to drive

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1998 grand marquis cuts off when trying to put in gear to drive

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My jeep grand cherokee is having problems shifting gears. it starts off fine then at some point it will **** will driving then the shifting problem beings. sometimes it happen if i have to make a sudden stop. Or if i am driving steady and hit a small dip in the road, or if i am trying to speed up. but if i cut the truck off and back on it starts off normal. I put in shop once they, repaired TCM wiring harness but the problem came back 6 months later. help me please.

If your hitting a bump and it is controlling the shifting , then the problem is in the wiring again. If you know what and where they did the repair. check this area. Most likely they didn't do a professional job that you paid for. Professional is sol ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1987 mecury grand marquis 2 owner 83 thou original miles recently my car started cutting off now when I crank up it cuts off. I have to hold the gas for about 10 min for it to stay crank when I drive I can put the pedal to the floor and it move like a turtle on the highway I can't get past 45mph and when I go uphill car slows down. Already change plugs distributor cap and rotor switch and fuel filter even tried adjusting the timing.can some one please help with this problem thank u sin

Exhaust Converter is broken up inside & blocking the exhaustout & thus 45 mph ... Cars & Trucks

96 grand cherokee 4x4, when i put my jeep in reverse it seems the transmission is trying to cut the jeep off, and the engine is trying to restore idle pressure, and when i put it back in park the engine revs up. this doesnt happen on the initial reverse but it seems it happens after i've made a drive somewhere and get right back into the it and try to reverse, the two start battling each other which causes the jeep to shake. this does not happen in drive. any suggestions.

Quite possible that you have a bad shift solenoid or shift controller that may actually be placing the transmission in both reverse and drive. Most good trans shops have a "flight recorder" that they can plug into the system and test drive it. That w ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 98 dodge caravan would cut off while I was driving. The problem seemed to be the grounding wire that is connected to my positive battery pole. After the wire was regrounded the van will crank up but will stall out when put in gear and trying to drive off. I changed the fuel pump, fuel filter, map sensor and throttle position sensor. My van still stalls out and cuts off when I try to accelerate. What can the problem be?

... 1998 Dodge Caravan

Jeep was doing ok ,as i came up our mountian i felt two or three small jerks,when i was close to the top it just would not go forward anymore,i tried every gear drive 1st,2nd and reverse,I also tried putting it in 4 wheel dr.i got turned around and rolled to a safe pull off.i tried it a few more times, it did move backward alittel.this is a 1995 jeep grand cherokee automatic,4 wheel drive,

It sounds like your automatic transmission quit his job. How much miles are on the clock? If more than 150.000 and you pulled trailers, climb mountains etc. this will be the first choice. Let the engine idle, push the brakes and check if the car will ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My car starts but cuts out when i try to... my car starts but cuts out when i try to put it in gear. runs fine when im driving.

Have you tried cycling key for fault codes? Turn ignition to on (not start) then off, then on, then off, then on, leave it on, and count flashes of check engine light. flash,flash,pause, flash flash, is code 22. 3 flashes, pause, then 5 flashe ... 1988 Dodge Daytona

I just replaced the vehicle speed sensor on my 2003 pontiac grand am gt less than a week ago was driving home and car started to lose speed and would not go into any gear. tried to put it in reverse and drive and nothing. so i left the car there for the night and come back the next day and the car went into gear and drove for a minute then the same problem happened again. is there something besides the speed sensor it could be?

Low trans fluid? Check that first. ... 2003 Pontiac Grand Am

Sometimes i will be driving (normally 45 miles an hour or higher) begin to come to a stop the car bucks and cuts off in traffic. it starts back up but when i try to put the car in gear it cuts right off. i have had to wait as long as 30 minutes before it will start and remain in gear. i have taken it to 3 different machanical shops and no one can tell me whats wrong and they say that the car is not doing that to them.

Torque lock up solenoid is bad not to expensive to repair lower righthand side of eng comp on front of trans ... 1995 Oldsmobile Achieva

Stalling problems with my 1986 Grand Marquis. It has been having problems accelerating right away after I'm at a stop and it almost feels like it's jumping into gear. It stalled out for the first time, started back up fine. Made it down the block and stalled again when I turned. I parked it and put it in neutral and revved the engine up and it sounded fine. Put it in reverse and it stalled when I was reversing. I kept trying to start it up to get a few blocks home to my house. But each t

Try changing your tps sensor ... 1986 Mercury Marquis

I have a 1976 ford f250 custom it idles fine but when i put it in gear and drive up a small hill it will sputter and cut out. even tried going down hill when it will reach a certain rpm in gear it will spit and sputter

... Ford F-250

I was backing up in a driveway one cold night, and as i tried to shift into drive it stuck on drive 3. I tried to move it back and it just wouldn't budge. I pulled infront of my boyfriends house and tried to put it in park and it got stuck in neuteral.. the gear shifter moves freely, but doesn't change the gear what so ever. I can't even put it into park meaning the keys are stuck in it and it's completely worthless right now. it sounds to me like the transmission, but i have no clue and am hopi

You may be able to stop and start the car in neutral using the parking brake. I'm not sure on the 2004. I would check the linkage and linkage cable first. It may be a much easier fix than you think. What gear does the indicator show you and is th ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

I am having GMC ENVOY model 2004,I was driving at 120km/hrs on way to my office suddenly my vehicle slow down when I try to race but I could not then slow down to the side & stop the vehicle when I was trying to race, put the gear but the vehicle is not moving. I tried reverse gear, neutral & direct .my engine is on & I am trying to race but I am trying to put in the gear is not working.please suggest me what is the problem.

The 2004 Envoy has a problem with the transmission failing. It could be an electronics problem, but it sounds as though there is no pressure in the transmisssion, perhaps a bad pump. ... 2004 GMC Envoy

I have a 96 dodge gran caravan i was driving it and it just stop i try turnin it on again it turn on good the motor sounds good too but when i try putin it in gear it turns off so i lifted up with the carjack and while it was lifted i turn it on and put it into gear and it shifts gears but if i step in the break it turns off and if i drop the van and try to put the gears it automaticly turns off it wont even shift.. can you help me?

Sounds like the problem I had recently. Engine died on the freeway. It would restart, but had no power. After setting for some time, it would restart and run fine for a short while.\015\012Turned out to be a bad fuel pump.\015\012Repla ... 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan

My car will start and then after a minute or two of running, the car will idle down and cut off but I can start it right up again and still get the same results. Whenever I put it into gear to drive it shakes and hesitates while I am driving and then cuts off whenever I have to stop at a light. It always starts back up but keeps cutting off. my car cuts off after i start it and put it in drive. it just started this this week happened only twice. other than that it runs great to be 7 years old

Sounds like a possible clogged fuel filter or bad fuel pump. The system provides and initial extra pressure to pressurize the system then pump pressure drops to normal. If pressure is low or filter clogged decreasing available volume the symptoms you ... 2002 Chevrolet Malibu

Why do my 93 grand Marquis lose power and cut off when I put the car in drive

Do this service.\012This problem\012is commonly caused by a dirty automatic idle speed control valve and\012throttle valve. Buy a can of throttle valve cleaner (do not use\012carburetor spray cleaner!) from NAPA or Carquest (made by CRC\012 ... 1993 Mercury Grand Marquis

My 1.8 diesel escort van wont start i was driving along went to put it in third gear and it cut out, it's trying to start but wont

Sound like the cambelt broken ... 1998 Ford Escort

My car which is a 1993 grand prix ran low on gass and after I put gas in her I was driving down the road and she just cut out when i tried to start it back up she would not start she acts like there is no gas getting to the motor what could be wrong with her

May have sucked up sedement from the bottem of the fuletank. Try blowing out fule line with compressed air. If it is clear and problem persists, change fule pump ... 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have 1994 Pontiac Grand AM 2.3. After the car has warmed up and driving it awhile it starts to shake when slowing down and when almost at a stop it stops running. when trying to startit it will start but quit when put in gear. I have to wait about 15 to 30 minuates then start it and it will stay running til it gets to warm again.

If it's an automatic transmission I'd suspect it may not be shifting out of overdrive and this is causing the shaking and stalling. There is a plug on the transmission that can be unplugged and vehicle can be driven without any damage. I've been told ... 1994 Pontiac Grand Am

2000 Mercury Grand Marquis has intermittent shudder (almost like it is trying to shift gears rapidly and frequently while you are driving). Someone suggested a shudder fixx type product in lieu of having the tranny looked at. Does that sound like good advice and is this shudder issue common in the Mercury vehicles?


Transmission problem 01 Jeep Grand Cherokee limitied. First had code p1762 and replaced the governor pressure sensor and solenoid. Now drives worse shifting in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd mainly shifting from 2nd to 3rd and now has code p1757 saying Governor Pressure Not Equal to Target at 15-20 PSI and Governor Pressure Above 3 PSI In Gear With 0 MPH. Tried disconnecting the battery to reset computuer and still is doing the same thing. Any Solutions.

I had a shifting problem. The car would start in the wrong gear and shift at wrong times. I repaced the governor postion sensor and tranny fluid and the problem has been fixed for several years. Did you replace the tranny fluid? ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My car starts but cuts out when i try to put it in gear. runs fine when im driving but when i come to a stop it stalls out

Check for vacuum leaks ... 1988 Dodge Daytona

2001 s80, ABS and stc light on. while driving it doesnt shift smooth at all it also idles rough. If i reset the codes using a home code reader it smooths out and then if you go from a stop to 55 mph the car shifts and runs smooth however if you go 35 the engines rpms go up to 3 grand then shift hard and try to keep shifting almost like you stick in in neutral and put it in gear. took it to volvo and they said that the diagnostic said all the sensors where bad from the maf back? ant help is ap

... 2001 Volvo S60

Clunking in the rear wheels when you put in gear and hesitates to move in reverse or drive but comes out of it after a few tries but today it did that and now there is a rubbing and squeeling noise coming from the rear end. 2000 dodge grand caravan

REAR BRKS HANGING UP ... Dodge Grand Caravan
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