Having problems with your 1998 Mercedes-Benz C-Class ?

All the electrics have gone it wont start there is nothing

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Answers :

Have you checked the battery.? and all the fuses in front and in the bootstart with battery and work from there
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All the electrics have gone it wont start there is nothing

Have you checked the battery.? and all the fuses in front and in the bootstart with battery and work from there ... 1998 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

I have telstar tx5 ghia 1990 2,2l 4 cilind automatic, power everithing,car is done 240000.yus wont start one mornig doing klik didn t start and couple time kliking alnaser (starter) and i have used cable to try start with other car, but no start,batery is ok.I have turned pulley motor is ok ,wasn't hard to turn, im thinking sometig wrong with power .Now there is no power in cabin ,nothing .power come on door lights an when I tried to turn key,no contact light ,power gone and nothing . nothing

Hi\015\012Easiest test is to reconnect jumper cables and switch lights on, if these work and no noise AT ALL from starter, NO clicking at all then could be the jumper cables are too light like most are. Try 2 sets of jumper cables. Ensure that ... Mazda 626

200 kia sportage, wont start wont even click. Took out the battery and put it in my other car, it starts it, kia does nothing,.lights work, all electrical things work, no starting , now what?

Check for fuel and spark. if no fuel, spray starting fluid in throttle body. if it starts then quits, its a fuel problem.then check fuel pump relay and or fuse to pump. have a good day !! you may be able to switch relays with another one to see if ... 2000 Kia Sportage

My car wont start! When I took my car yesterday, i noticed that the ligtht for the electrical system on the dash board was on.it never hapened before! Once the car was started, the light would turn off. after 45 min. drive, once I got home, I turn the car off, and by curiosity tryed to turn it on. Nothing! the radio, the lights, the wipers would start working, but when I would it the break the lights would go dim. The motor wont even try working, its not catching, not idling. I tryed again seve

Check your battery connections make sure they are tight. If they are tight, then you have a bad battery or alternator. ... Mazda Protege

My celica used to start with no problems starting before. now all the sudden the car will not even attempt tostart. ive replace the wires to 8.5 replaced all fuses checked all relays, checked with a power tester and all were powered up. i have a brand new battery and still nothing . its a manual transmission so i tried push starting it and still nothing wont even try im lost i know it has to be electrical but where

Double check all engine grounds ... 1990 Toyota Celica

My '89 Ford Tempo 4-Door, 5 Speed won't start. I've now gone through 3 new batteries in 4 days. The one I have in there now has tested good along with the alternator. I've also had my terminals replaced, but neither Pep Boys nor Walmart mechanics can find the problem. Everything electrical works once I get the car jumped & started. I'll drive it on the highway for miles in daylight with everything else electrical turned off, but when I go to start it the next morning... nothing! Not even a

Change the alternator ,the diode pack is faulty allowing the battery to discharge ,disconnect the battery when not using the vehicle is a quick cure ... Ford Tempo

I have a Pick-up chevrolet silverado 1500 2003 4.3 liters.My battery is old and weak. So the pick up wont started. I try to fix the problem with a charger. after an hour, i wanted to start again, but i did not deconnect the charger. Now he do nothing . I change the battery, and when I put my key and turn on the ignition, there is nothing..no light in the dash.. nothing. No electricity. What so I hav to look for?

Check your battery connections. Did you get them tightened all the way down when you put the new battery in? If it's tight, look at the cable itsself. Is it corroded or frayed? If so, you'll need to replace the cable. Also check to make sure the ... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I have an altima that will start sometimes and other times it wont. seems like it will start more when its cold and when it gets warm it wont. when i turn the key i have all the lights and power but nothing happens no clicking or spinning which makes me think its electrical. Maybe a bad relay??

Very good...you may have it or have the ignition switch testes. Have seen the switch where the key goes go bad..... ... 1996 Nissan Altima

My girl has a 1994 beretta 2.4 manual shift.for the past month she goes to start her car and it wont do nothing the electrical all work engine dont make a sound . other time you can turn the key and it will start right up over and over but after it sits a few hrs nothing. hook jumper cables up and she fires right up so she has replaced the battery the altinater but still doing the same thing please help

... 1994 Chevrolet Beretta

Last week my car wouldnt start. I went back a couple hrs later and it started up on my second try. My car started fine for the next 6 days and now it wont start again. Now when I turn the key absolutlely nothing happens. There is still power, I think it is electrical or anti-theft sysytem. Because last time I had to enter a code to make my cd player work again

Anti-theft is what you want to start with. if its not the basics of loose wires to fuel pump, starter, battery, injectors/computer, or fuse blocks. ... 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Have 1990 grand am sometimes it wont start does everything but starts,sounds electrical getting no spark.sit for 15 minutes then it will start again does this about once a week.everything works and turns over but no start,put fuel in carb but still nothing like getting no spark

M.a.p. censor ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

Hi I have a problem with My Nissan Navara str 2004 30lt turbo It Wont Start There is nothing on dash only a couple of times it has lit up since the problem has started my battery was flat i have put a new one in no different when dash does light up go to start click and all is gone it is like the battery is disconnected no power immobilizer or anything. Any ideas Please. Evan main

After disconnecting the battery, check your ground wire connections and your positive cable connections to starter. They could be coroded and loose. I believe their is a celinoid relay after the battery make shure that is clicking if not replace if ... Nissan Pathfinder

My 97 olds cutlass will turn over but it wont start. We believe that it is an electrical problem n not a fuel problem. We tried sprayin started fluid in the Carborator but we got nothing. Could you possibly give me atleast somewhere to start with all this? Please and thank you!

Check the engine rpm when cranking, is there any? Pull a spark plug wire and check for spark. ... 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

My 97 olds cutlass will turn over but it wont start. We believe that it is an electrical problem n not a fuel problem. We tried sprayin started fluid in the Carborator but we got nothing. Could you possibly give me atleast somewhere to start with all this? Please and thank you!

Welcome to FixYa.com \012Have you a multimeter if so check the meter black lead to the battery and the red lead to the starter positive do you have 12 volts, Lee ... Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

1976 f250 truck sat for 6 yrs the gas has turned orange and smells like varnish this truck has an electric fuel pump i replaced the fuel filter and tried to start it several times with starter fluid ive used seafoam cleaner in the carburator and tank ive drained all of the gas from the tank using the fuel pump ive refilled the tank and have clean gas coming to the carburator it still wont start i get a little ignition with starting fluid but as soon as it burns up nothing i dont know much about

Hello, usually when gas sets in carb for a long time it turns into a varnish, you will have to take carb apart and clean all jets out, even the fuel pump may be clogged up, you will probably have to rebuild carb, unless you have access to air line to ... 1982 Ford F 250

97 sebring lxi, 2.5L - car died leaving driveway. wont start. been running fine, no noises, hiccups and nothing when it died. battery good, changed plugs, fuel pump buzzes when key is turned, engine cranks but wont turn over. could this be electrical or a sensor?

First thing you got to do is determen weather its electrical or fuel problem, you can take a test light and hook to a ground and the light end to a spark plug and see if it lights while someone turns over engine, if it lights you got spark. if its go ... 1997 Chrysler Sebring

Car turns over, wont start. Not a fuel problem, and the timing belt is moving. I pulled a GOOD spark plug out and had the wife try starting it, didnt see any spark. Cleaned all the electrical connections, but nothing helped.

2000 elantra, cranks over and over doesn't start due to no spark?\015\012any suggestions? ... 2000 Hyundai Elantra

I have a 1985 pace arrow...wont start...I changed the battery with a new 1 ....no power....I replaced key ignition no power....doesn't want to start at all...I think its a electrical problem...I put new terminals on..still nothing...would the starter. Or solenoid cause this...

... Cars & Trucks

Car wont start. I have worked on cars before and it appears to be an electrical problem. It does nothing when I turn the key. The battery is good, The starter is good. The fuses are good. It has to be something from the ignition switch to the wires from the battery or starter. Have other people had this problem and if so can you tell me what you did about it? This has heppened before and then you wait a day or two and the car starts again. Weirdest thing ive ever seen. Any help is appreciated.

Try checking the relay to the starter sometimes that goes bad and the car wont start ... 2002 Saturn Sl

Jeep wrangler will not start have changed every sensor checked and changed fuel pump and bought new computer for nothing so changed out engine with one running now it wont start must be electrical need schematics for 93 jeep 4.0

I'm assuming you checked voltage through the auto shutdown relay?If you attempt to read codes, does it read? (even if it shows nothing except that it's working) Is there a factory security system? (if so make sure there isn't a broken wire in ... 1995 Jeep Wrangler

91 lexus ls 400. nothing electrical work. car start when u jump it, but wont stay running. no dashboard light, no interior light, no head light, no ac, no radio, no nothing? what could be the problem?

Bad ground on the battery cableOr shot alternator ... 1991 Lexus LS 400

My dash lights all come on, the gages stop working, air conditioner stops, windows wont roll down. One day it works fine, next nothing works. One day it would not start- but only one day. They cleaned a battery wire for the starting problem. Body control module was replaced and still not working. Any help???? 1999 jeep grand cherokee Ltd. Yes, I know that it is an electrical problem! Battery can be disconnected over night and things work good for about 6-8 hours. Turning switch to "on" without s

Try the alternator ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1996 grand cherokee. engine cranks but wont start. getting nothing on dashboard gauges and getting nothing but dashes on overhead digital gauges except temp. recently had new alternator put on. is the problem electrical and how can i fix it

More than likely needs a crank sensor, Try cranking with the crank sensor disconnected, you should not get the dashes in the cluster. The crank sensors take out the communication system of the vehicle ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

When i move my keys to start the ignition my car makes one clicking sound then does nothing. All the dash indicator lights come on, the wipers, lights and everything electrical works, but the car wont start.

Check the battery terminals for corrosion and clean. ... 1989 Cadillac Fleetwood

I had mechanic replace my fuel pump when i got the jimmy back the dash icon lights wouldnt light up and it wont fire up on start. He said to jiggle the key back and forth until the icon lights come on and then the car will start. ingnition is working. did mechanic screw something up? He is trying to charge me $500 more dollars to fix this problem. Nothing was wrong with the interior electrical before I took it to him!! What do I do??

Use your 2nd spare key to start the Jimmy.Your VATS (PASSKey\015\012II) system is not functioning correctly because of dirt,dust,grease or day to day wear.Check your key for missing/damaged/dirty black resistor on the side of ... 1997 GMC Jimmy
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