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How many kilometers can a 98 mazda get? - 1998 Mazda 626

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How many kilometers can a 98 mazda get? - 1998 Mazda 626

WHAT ... 1998 Mazda 626

I have a 2000 mazda m i keep on getting code p1522 and o2 sensor bank 1 sensor 2 i put a new sensor still light comes on i switched sensors from bank 2 senwsor 2 too bank '1 sensor 2 light stays off

P1522 is not an O2 code in any Mazda model. Please go to this LINK and read about it. ... Daewoo Matiz

1995 mazda protege, need front engine mount, do i need to get two or get 1 front and then 1 for right side near passenger side? new to auto repairs lol.

I would replace all the mounts at the same time. it's good practice and you probably never have to do it again. ... 1995 Mazda Protege

Im not getting a spark in my cylinder 1 on my nissan 300zx and now im getting a mis fire and its also idleing in the middle of 1 and 0 what could it be please help

... 1993 Nissan 300ZX

Have had the Mazda Bongo roof (AFT) problem - couldn't get it to go down. Finally used the recommended method of unbolting the motors and pulling the roof down by hand with a rope. So far so good. BUT I now have the problem of how to get the roof back up, with no motors! The roof seems to be hard latched down. If I could get it up just a bit I could maybe move the sliders and slowly get the roof raised. Can anyone help? How do I get the roof back up when the motors are disconnected? Many thanks

Hi! Have you tried looking at the roof latch if theres a little opening that you can use a screwdriver to loosen it off? ... Mazda MPV

Sway bar Can anyone explain why there are so many different size bars for the front end of my chevy blazer, I have a 2 wheel drive with towing package and the bar on mine is 1 5/16 and the sites I have looked for parts show 1 1/8 or 1 3/16 I am really confused. Measured bar to get size. Whant to replace all rubber parts but want to make sure I have the right size.

... 2003 Chevrolet Blazer

I have a 2002 galant gitting code 0340 camshaft sensor malfunction replaced but still getting same code what could it be? I'm getting fire on 3-4 but not 1-2 also noticed getting power to 2 coil pack but when I turn key to start power goes to 0

Coil pack has failed change it. ... 2000 Mitsubishi Galant

96 cirrus 2.5. No spark. distributor has 2 wire connectors , 1 has several wires , the other has only 1 wire. When I turn the key , the one that has only 1 wire gets 12 V , but it only lasts for a couple of seconds , then goes down to 0 v . My thinking is that this wire is to energize the coil , and should stay at 12 V to give the coil power to make spark for the Distributor. Can anyone tell me if that is suposed to be a continuos 12 v or not .

Ignition module ... 1996 Chrysler Cirrus

Hi i have a mazda 626 2.0 diesil that starts 1st time but in low gears i get a juddering it clears when i get into 4th gear and up to speed has anyone any idea what fault might be many thanks verdon

... 2001 Mazda 626

Mazda 3 1.6L N.A year 2008 gearbox sound after upshift and sometime when 2nd gear to 1gear while stopping. have change 1 mounting by services center. but the problem still exist but lower noice. 1. how many gearbox mounting in my car? 2. should i change all the mounting? 3. wat could be the caused of this problem? thanks

Hi!!\015\012I believe the gearbox mounting was a no needed extra expense. There is a Service Bulletin about this problem since 2005. The dealer knows exactly what the problem was. I did not know that newer vehicle ha ... 2008 Mazda Mazda3 Hatchback

BMW 523 misfiring The car does 170 miles motorway drive in 1 day, twice a week. if at anytime caught in traffic for anylength of time engine fires on 5 cylinders, there is only slight change in engine temperature and thermostat kicks in,but may misfire for upto further 20 miles before clearing. when driving at home, can drive to corner shop, get back in car and get caught at traffic lights. engine misfires again. Have on many occasions drove 170miles daily and not suffered any problems, but

More then likely you need to change the spark plugs because they are fouling out. Thats the cheapest fix that I would do first! Then check coils. ... 1997 BMW Z3 Roadster

Hi my neam is araz iam from iraq i have a hyundai tucson model 2010 like a shape of model 2009 i geted with 0 kilometer now i drived a bout 7000 kilometer i changed engen oil with oil 20W50 , during one month a go at the morning when i tern on my engen , engen make a litel vibration for 1 minits for this problum i changed fiule filter and plage and clened the fitpump but the problum still remain , pleese kindly help me to solve this problum, and is it oil 20W50 is a coreect or 5W30 is a corre

... 2009 Hyundai Tucson

Ok ..what i have at this time is heavy misfires and i can get it to start hard sometimes and easy others ... start up you get a heavy fuel odor. probably flooding after it starts up and you can drive it. it with hesitate between 0-25 mph.and be missing real bad ..what i have is a code for misfire 1 for possible break in a vacuum hose. and the vap line for the canister.I have replaced the fuel filter only right now. no help tho.i have the 31 liter engine. I pulled plugs 2,4,6..6 looked nor

Sometimes you need the more powerfull spark plugs look the old ones and see if they math ... 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

Ford Fiesta Zetec engine, year 2000. overheats after getting up to temperature, stays on normal for 1-2 kilometers, then gauge shoots over to the red. I stop, can hear water bubbling, wait till it cools and back to normal reading, goes 1-2 km then does the same. Ok going downhill and ok mostly on the flat. Have had head gasket changed, fan, thermostat. The car doesnt lose hardly any water. The garage say they need to change a sensor on the Air conditioning unit.

... Ford Focus

I have a 1987 Plymouth reliant with an older a/c compressor. I've had the system evacuated and it holds pressure. I've also had it converted to 134 as well. When I add freon to the system, it registers high but when the compressor turns on, the pressure drops to 0. I also have to bypass the high pressure switch to get the compressor to engage. Before it would re-cycle every 1 minure or so. The parts to the a/c system are very old. Intially, the pressure was about 40 lps and now it shows in the 1

First the low side should read 30 and the high should read 230 PSI or up to 275% f. DEPENDING ON THE AIR TEMP. did you change oil for the R134a? if not you will have to empty the dryer and compressor and replace the oil and you will now have to repla ... 1987 Plymouth Reliant

The engine on my sons 91 Mazda Miata is running ruff. Like on 3 cylinders. If I pull the spark plug wire on the #1 cylinder the engine runs the same. If I pull the spark plug wires on the #2,3, or 4 cylinders the engine runs worse or dies. It seems to be getting a good spark but I changed the plugs and wires anyway and the problem remains. While running the engine with the #1 spark plug wire removed there is no accumulation of fuel on the spark plug. It's bone dry. Nor does any fuel come o

You have done a great test but If I assk you to do a swap of the Ist cylinder plug and injector with one from the 3rd , we can come to a conclusion before we can change the full set of plugs and injectors for a good performance.( only if the mileage ... 1991 Mazda MX-5

On the display where the numbers show how many mpg you are getting, or how many miles left until you are out of gas, part of the number lights are missing. For instance, the 8 looks like a 0, a 3 looks like a ]. It is very difficult to know what these numbers are. My gas tank guage always says it is full, so that is no help. Any easy Ideas I could try? Thanks

Hi aguamom\015\012im dave\015\012\015\012usually the displays need to be replaced as whole unit and i doubt it would be worth the expense.\015\012\015\012as for the guage if you can access your fuel sending unit on top o ... Audi TT

My mazda 3gt gets stuck in park and takes many tries to get it to move. soon it may not go at all..help

First, check the horn fuse. If it is blown you won't be able to shift out of park. Next, check the brake light switch with a multimeter and replace it if you find it not working. The last thing to look at is the key and the ignition. Hit the key a fe ... Mazda MX-3

2003 mazda tribute engine light diagnoise said its ''coil A'' but the coils are listed 1-6, I think its number one but how can i tell for sure. Mazda dealer won't tell me because they would rather get paid to do the work, thanks in advance for your help can't wait to fix this car and trade it in.

I looked on alldat and there is nothing there on lettered coils just numbered! sorry but if i had that issue come into the shop and the custom said what you said i would assume that it was number 1 also and say if i didn't have a scanner and had to f ... 2003 Mazda Tribute

2003 1.9 tdi vw jetta has no power. bought a wastegate to put on turbo and cant get bolts off, rusted on. while looking for someone to get them off, car blew huge black smoke out tailpipe. tried turning car off and even took key out ran for another 25 ft. car will not start now and before this happened engine had 1 qt of oil low and now dip stick reads 0. please help!

... 2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

1) My car runs already more than 60 thousand kilometers registered in odometer.In how many kilometers is the ideal time to replace the timing belt.My car is Aveo 1.5 SOHC engine. 2)Sometimes when the car stopped (engine is running) slight shaking comes from the engine . After replacing of sparkplug with new one the engine runs smoothly. Is it sparkplug is the only problem or another factor to look for. Note that after two weeks same problem comes back.

About 6 yrs old or 80/100.000 kms depending on the climate ,north where its wet and cold then 100.000 if in the south in a dry hot climate then 80.000 ,is the official sort of mileage but i have taken belts off cars and they are still like new a ... 2006 Chevrolet Aveo

How many kilometer the 1 liter of deisel

... 2006 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5

How to get to coil pack #1 2005 mazda mvp

... 2003 Mazda MPV

I have a mazda 626 lx year 1994 and it shifts hard from 1-2 and takes a while to get into 3 n 4 and the hold light is flashing

... Mazda 626

Timing will not set after tdc is established and rotor is at number 1 on dist. Every time we start it up after what we think timing is set correct,when checking with the timing light,the wrong mark is up at top dead center mark when running. We have checked and tested camshaft postion sensor and tested good, with proper voltage according to the service manual. Still same out come no matter how many times the tdc is set to correct postion.Also cannot get to idle properly.1998 dodge ram 1500 4x4 5

IF YOU HAVE FALLOWED THESE PROCEDURES CORRECTLY A TIMING CHAIN SLACK TEST SHOULD BE DONE (BOTTOM PAGE)\015\012NOTE : Base (initial) ignition timing is NOT adjustable on any engine. On these engines, do not attempt to ... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD
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