Having problems with your 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII ?

I have a 1998 Lincoln Mark 8 and cannot find out where the Tempature Control sensor for the fan is located! And good ideas? Thanks

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Answers :

It should be directly below the power steering reservoir.
The car does not use a temp. sensor to run the cooling fans, there is a coolant temp. sensor that sends a signal to the power control module and then the PCM turns the cooling fans on at 223 degrees. also the climate control system sends a single to the PCM that the A/C is on and then there is a pressure sensor in the high pressure A/C line when the pressure gets over 310 psi in the A/C system the PCM will then turn on the cooling fans.
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I have a 1998 Lincoln Mark 8 and cannot find out where the Tempature Control sensor for the fan is located! And good ideas? Thanks

It should be directly below the power steering reservoir. ... 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII

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Cooling fans on 1994 Caprice classic with 4.3 v8 not coming on. I have replaced the temp sensor on the water pump, temp sensor on the block, all relays, fuses are good, replaced the ecm (engine control computer). Gave up and took it to an mechanic, they sent to electrician who now says the even though the temp gauge is rising when the temp goes up it is not sending signal to computer to kick fans on. Does the gauge send the signal to the fans? Seems everyone else has been telling me the sens

On a vehicle this age, it is likely that the fans themselves have worn out. Test the fans by running battery power directly to the positive contact. If they start, they are OK. On 4.3 motors, there is also a seperate temp sensor to signal the fans ... 1994 Chevrolet Caprice Classic

Cooling fans not coming on. Fuses are ok, replaced both relays. I know fans are good...used jumper wire from battery to fans to make sure they were working. Only thing else i can think of is sensor, any body tell me where the sensor is located?

The temp sensor is located next to thermostat housing. ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix

2005 LeSabre, with climate control. The A/C and Heat seem to work fine. However, the fan stop working yesterday. The display on the climate control panel shows the fan to be operating at max (led shows 4 bars), but no air. Located in San Antonio. The last 2 days have had large amount of rain (5-7 inches). I went through a lot of puddles and water, no high water. I pulled the fuse block cover (under the hood), could not determine which fuse to check. Same with block under rear seat. Car has 150,0

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I have a 1997 mazda protege with a coolinf fan prob. The fans work when I turn on the AC but do not work when the engine gets hot at idleing speeds. I replaced radiator and thermastate and also cooling sensor. The 30 amp cooling fuse is good. so my question is , Does the cooling fan relay control the fans for both AC and overheating too?

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No Electricity Car battery is good. Cables are good. Starter will not turn over or click. No lights when you open the door. 0 electricity. Fuses are all good including the battery fuse. Is there a main fuse that controlls everything? I do not have a book for this car so I have no idea if all the fuses are located in the fuse boxes or if there is a main inline fuse somewhere.

Two things I can think of:\015\012\015\0121. The ground strap fromthe engine to the chassis is disconnected, corroded, broken or otherwise not grounding. This would also be true if you had the NEGATIVE battery cable replaced with a "gene ... 1999 Honda Accord

I have 1 '97 caddy deville and the fans are not coming on when the engine is on. i replaced thermostat and temp control sensor, but still no fans coming on, i also checked the relay inside the engine compartment and the fuse, and all were good. fans come on though when i turn on the a/c, even though the compressor is off due to low refrigerant, so i have no cold blowing air. I can't get the compressor to come on either, it's off due to low refigerant, i have some r134a, the rechill kit from aut

On this vehicle fans come on at 222*f, if no fans check the relay and fuse, compressor wont come on unless it has r134a ... 1997 Cadillac DeVille

On my 1995 Chevrolet beretta the radiator cooling fan under the hood does not turn on .I checked the fan and it does work .where should I check next? What controls the cooling fan? Relay , Sensor? WHERE IS IT LOCATED?

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Where is the coolant temp sensor? The fan will not run. Fuse under the hood is good, and when I'm driving, the car cools down. Just need a posative location for the sensor to test that.

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2004 yukon denali driver climate control sensor. i disconnected a small fan located above my head on the driver side that was making a noise. now i only get heat when you turn the temp all the way up. is this the temp sensor and is this a oem only part?

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Where is the engine coolant temperature sensor located on 2000 Honda accord ex, 4 cyl? Does the ECT sensor control the radiator fan?

... Cars & Trucks

Hi i have a 2004 2.8 fiat ducato and the main thermo fan for the radiator is not turning on. If i short relay to7 or to6 the fan comes on. Can you tell me if the wire on the control side of to6 and to7 goes straight to the water temp sensor or where it does go so i can trace out why the signal is not getting to the relays. Coils on both relays are good so i suspect the signal is not reaching it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated thankyou.

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Where is the senser that controls the fans located fans good relay temp senser and thermostat new

The computer turns on the radiator fans by way of a relay in the engine compartment. The computer gets data from the engine temp and the air cond controls. ... Buick Century

I have a Mitsubishi Magna TP Series 1989-1991 the cooling fans will not start and the motor over heats. I am unable to find the heat sensor (water temperature) or the relay that controls the fans. Can you help me to locate them. Banger Cox

Under the hood you should see a black box on the driver side, this is called the power distribution box. its in there. and as far as the temp sensor, follow the top radiator hose back to the engine when it stops, look for a two wire connector this is ... Mitsubishi Passenger

My Lincoln is misfiring! I had all spark plugs and boots changed but. still misfiring in cyclinder 2! Now my traction control light is on and my radio is doing crazy things on steering column. The mechanic says its the traction sensor, but is it really? Also, my mechanic says since the traction sensor is bad, this will also make my car misfire. Now, since there is a spring of some sort located in the steering column that could be causing this problem too, which route do i take? Confused and brok

He is probably right about the sensor. Did it start misfiring soon as they were changed? The plugs? ... 2002 Lincoln LS

Electric fan does not run "radiator"- I connected fan to 12 volts and it spun, fuse is good, is there a sensor? and where would it be located?

I am trying to find the engine fan sensor on a cutlass ciera 1993 V-6 ... 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

Cooling fans wont come on . relays replaced fuses good,, and coolant tempature sensor replaced also. fans work when straight wired.

Check at relay socket for fan command signal while engine is running and hot. There should be 2 hot terminals in the socket. If not, your computer (PCM) is not turning the fan on. \015\012Please see my tip at ... 2000 Chrysler LHS

Where are the cooling fan switch, cooling fan control and the temperature switch located on a 2000 lincoln ls

One should be located near the thermostat housing the other is located in the side of the block. ... 2000 Lincoln LS

Fan wont come on everything is good but i cant find the engine coolant tempptaure sensor I have the same problem. I was told it is the sensor located below the distributor on the motor block.

Coolant temp sensor is going to be on the intake manifold by where the water neck and radiator hose connects. It sounds like a bad relay switch which can be changed on the fuse panel under the hood. No big deal, just a big pain in the behind. ... 1994 Ford Taurus

Engine check, abs, trc, gas cap, leveling, plus speedometer goes to 0 while driving. all started after car was washed. Does this often and then goes to normal all turns off, and turns on after while driving awhile. Told could be control module or speed sensors, ??? any clues to this? Also where is the control moudule locate on my Cad. Catera 2001?

Traction Control Module mounted on the ABS pump just behind the battery. There are places in the US that will rebuild them for you for about $100-150.You should also have no power steering and no cruise....correct?If you want ... 2001 Cadillac Catera

Cooling fan on 86 trans am wont come on. fan runs manually relay is good. is there a swich that controls the relay and if so where is it located and how do u check it?

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2001 ford focus with p0720. has new speed sensor and speedometer still inop.Has power and ground to sensor. wiring good to pcm. I feel reluctor wheel in trans. Focus has 320k on it. for many miles speed would not work at start up than start working., at this time inop. When working radio vol. would change with speed. I am not able to locate speed control module. Loaction supposed to be center firewall. No cruise in this car. Has 2.0 DOHC 5 speed manual trans.

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