Having problems with your 1998 Kia Sportage ?

A loud noise around the area of the timing belt cover at regular idle. Disappears when driving, then reappears when at idle again.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Dear SIr,
\015\012 As you saying noise wont come in driving and only comes in idle , it means noise will not come if RPM is high by norma in idle l, try this one start the car don't drive it just raise RPM(rotation per minute of only engine not vehicle speed) in neutral gear , if noise disappear that mean it a problem of drive belt . If drive belt is got less tension then also it can occur or belt is damage, replace belt problem will solve, (for reference drive belt it drive alternator,powersteering pump,A/C compressor that is made by rubber).Thanks if any problem ask me.
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A loud noise around the area of the timing belt cover at regular idle. Disappears when driving, then reappears when at idle again.

Dear SIr,\015\012 As you saying noise wont come in driving and only comes in idle , it means noise will not come if RPM is high by norma in idle l, try this one start the car don't drive it just ra ... 1998 Kia Sportage

I have 96 Avalon with these exact symptoms. Car starts and runs good until it warms up....like after running highway speeds and then slowing down to traffic lights, then Car idles really really rough. Almost like it wants to stall. I did tap on top of the EGR valve and it comes back to regular idle.....but then drive around the block and it is rough idle again. I also tapped the valve(is this the vsv) that has a vacuum pipe leading to the EGR sensor & it comes back to regular idle on saying this

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My kia sorento 2013 makes a vibrating noise when it idles in direct gear and the stop pedal pressed. if I switch to neutral the noise reduces. I can see that it is idling at around 700 rpm.if I accelerate a little bit and get 900 or 1000 rpm the noise disappear

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1991 park ave 190k miles, loud bearing noise from serpentine belt area at idle, goes away at speeds 10mph and up. has new water pump and alternator, belt is not jumping around, a/c is still cooling. noise increases at idle when put into drive with brake, slight increase in bearing noise in this position with a/c on.

The serpentine belt area is large. Remove belt and spin the IDLER PULLY of the belt TENSIONER. and listen for a bearing noise. A common failure. Hope this helps ... 1991 Buick Park Avenue

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 6 cyl. Durring the summer - my oil pressure would periodically jump to 80psi. This would resolve with letting off the gas pedal or stopping/ restarting engine. This occured a few times then stopped. Engine ran fine - no noises, no changes in performance. The last 2 weeks I've notices that when starting and at idle my oil pressure has been reading around 13psi. It usually runs around 40psi whil driving and around 20-30 when at idle. The other night after fueli

You are heading in the right direction. If that proves to be ok have him check your main and rod bearings. I doubt that they are bad since you have no noise. I think there will either be an obstruction with the oil pick-up, spring in the pump, or pum ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My car has idling problems, i had to increase the idle so that i could use my aircon and drive around w/ it, since if i shift my car to drive, the engine dies.... a few guys told me its the throttle valve, how do i know its really the problem? since that part will cost alot! furthermore, i also have tranny problems, like it shifts to fast to highgear... it does not have any noise or chain sound while i'm driving it, i also noticed that the rpm is only at 3000rpm, it does not go up... maybe

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OBD11 codes Ok have the 171/174 code showing lean problem I have changed Mass ariflow/EGR valve/EGR flow senor and can clear codes and as long as I dont turn the engine off i can drive anywhere and let it idle forever BUT once I shut engine off the next time I drive it and go one mile the codes reappear // Now why would these lean codes not show if I was driving it around for hours and idling for hours ?

Lean codes are codes created when the air/fuel mixture is too much air not enought fuel. With that being said you lean codes are caused be either unmetered air entering the intake such as oiled down intake gaskets or a too little fuel like a weak fue ... 2002 Ford F150 Regular Cab

I own a 2001 galant es 4cyl. automatic and started my car up 2 days ago and noticed a loud knocking noise coming from the engine. I opened the hood and the noise was coming from the area where the timing belt cover is located. I just replaced the timing belt last year and had some problems with the work done and took it back. What could the knocking noise be? The noise is constant when idling and driving and I think it may be getting louder.

Yoy could have a bad t belt tensioner or bad t belt pulley. get this looked into right away. you have what is known as an inteference engine. if you lose that belt for any reason, it WILL drop a valve, and your're looking at a lot of money for an job ... Mitsubishi Galant

1995 Eagle Talon ESi NO TURBO Problem with idling, car seems to start fine , and idles ok when in PARK, but once i put it in gear either Reverse or Drive , the RPM drops to 500 and engine kinda wants to stall and bobles. the car shakes as well. Car runs fine when on highway or at regular speed, but when i come to a stop or red light , the idling goes down to around 400-600rpm and wants to stall. once gas is apllied all seems fine. what could be wrong...thank you

It really sounds like you may have a misfire. Is this the model with the coil at the top of the valve cover with 4 wires going off to their prospective locations? If so, check your wires and look for white tracking marks indicating an insulation leak ... Eagle Talon

There is a clattering/scraping noise coming from the engine on my S10 pickup, so we removed the accessory drive belt, but the noise continued. Next we removed the rocker covers (4.3L V-6) thinking it was a valve traing issue. All the rockers seemed to be working normally with the engine idleing but the noise seemed to coinside with the valve train frequency. Next, off came the intake thinking one of the roller lifters may be bad. But after inspecting them all, nothing appeared to be wrong with t

I have hd this problem and did exactly what u did ad itnd up being the dip stick tube got turned although mounted and was slpping the crank shaft ... 1997 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

Hello, i have a 2002 nissan xterra. I just had the timing belt and water pump changed at 100k just for preventive maintenance purposes. Now, one week later the engine is making a whining noise at low rpm's. It doesn't matter if it's in neutral or drive it makes the noise at an idle and as you accelerate. Once you get over 40mph you can't hear it because of the road noise, etc...rnI asked around and people seem to lean towards the timing belt tensioner pully. Any thoughts?? I think the dealer s

These Nissans are giving trouble with the tensioner pully. When they retightened it after replacing your belt it probably made it start squealing. More tension than it had before. Get it checked. If it locks up it will damage the engine. I have heard ... 2002 Nissan Xterra

Last weekend, I replaced the battery in my 2002 Galant (96,000+ miles). The terminals were covered in corrosion, so I replaced them with new terminals. I also used a battery cleaner to remove the corrosion around the battery well. Since then, my Galant starts fine and drives fine with one exception. Whenever I put it in gear and begin driving, the engine will not idle. Instead, it sputters until it dies. At traffic signals and stop signs, as soon as I remove my foot from the accelerator an

Unless the battery is dead the is no reason the vehicle will die. My experience with this takes me to replacing the TPS or throttle position sensor. If that doesn't work, I've got three other things you can check. According to my Alldata program, you ... 2002 Mitsubishi Galant

Have a 95 chevy s10 zr2 4.3 cpi. starts and idles fine, when u hit gas in park, no problems. when i try 2 drive it hesitates and wont go when given good amount of gas. putting around 30 mph. no problem. normal driving it just wont go sometimes. on my scanner im getting codes pending p0700 and p1100-transmition control system malfunction and regular trouble code p0325-knock sensor-which i have put a new one on and no diff. i have put new fuel filter and fuel pump on and little change. the tranny

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My daughter was driving her 1997 Mercury Sable (not DOHC, just regular) said he heard a noise, smelled a burning smell (just for a second) and throttle opened wide (again, just for a second). She stopped, I came out, car is running fine. No burn smell, no bad noises. Only ONE problem showing-the battery light comes on (and flickers) when you throttle up. It does not come on at idle, just when you throttle up, and it's not steady, it's as if it's "almost' generating enough juice to keep the light

Even though your reading 13.9 volts at battery at 2000rpms,you need to load the alternator and battery to get a real reading,start car,put high beams,heater blower on high,and flashers on while in low gear,your going to have to have a friend he ... 1997 Mercury Sable

Bmw 328xi 2008: Rough idle when warm( after driving around for about 20 minutes) but if I leave the car running without moving it at all, it stays fine. Also a slight burning plastic smell and recently a whistle noise when on idle and when I slow down.

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Having rattle noise when car is cold and faints out once the car warms up and longer I drive the more it disappears but is still faint. Noise increases when accelerate and faint when in idle. Thought it was the fan belts, but they have been replaced and water pump just replaced.

You may have an idler pulley going bad.\015\012\015\012but, also check heat shields around the exhaust\015\012\015\012good luck ... Hyundai Excel

2010 Honda Civic Hybrid...Tire Low light came on...I continued to drive and the tire lost more air. Then a horrible sound came along. It sounds like something hitting the wheel well. I thought for sure the tread was stripped off the tire and slapping around and hitting the body or the car...The tire was in good shape. Aired it up and noise disappeared.....What's up? Have the tire manufacturers built in noise makers to really get your attention when you need air?

Try to do your inflations when the tires are as close to cold as \015\012possible, ie: at the closest practical gas station. The further you've \015\012driven the more they will warm up. The tire pressure spec. on the \015\012sticker in door well is ... Honda Civic

Having a few issues with my 2006 Nissan Frontier. First, The oil pressure gauge is acting screwy. While driving long distances it has started to flucate and when at idle it often drops down? Next, have a loud ticking noise coming from up front around the motor? Could that be the oil pump or timing chain?

Had these same indications on a v8 range rover from new. Turned out to be a rotating main bearing shell opening the oil hole to the crank (low pressure) then closing off the hole ( high pressure). I would be having a mechanical oil gauge fitted ( ser ... Cars & Trucks

I have a golf tdi 2005 and I have a loud knocking noise when running in idle it disappears when the revs go up it seems to be around the clutch area??

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My 2005 chrysler 300c hemi 5.7ltr AWD just started to hesatate or miss like around 1500 to 2200 rpm and makes a weird noise like from the muffler area in the back it doesnt do it no other times just when driving i ran seafoam n injector cleaner through the fuel system i changed plugs but not wires last summer it feels like a miss but wont do it at higher rpms or just idling there is plenty of fuel pressue n it seems to be shfting hard when your in motion and you let off the gas {not shifting th

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My 2000 Blazer started making a tapping/ ticking noise after i had the oil changed and service ata jiffy lube. it idles with normal sound, but when i accel whike driving it gets more noticable and louder. i checked the oil and all connections,. The pressur guage jumps around alot for the oil.

Time to add some oil \015\012\015\012they likely used 10/30 \015\012\015\012add a litre of 80w90 it will thicken the curent oil and should stop the noise \015\012\015\012it is likely you will need thiswith all your ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

Hi i have a ford escort 16v when i turn the engine on i turn the steering wheel it makes a noise as if the cover around it is catching ? it drives ok im a single mum with three young children is it a serious problem

Have you checked the level of the fluid? Many times when you get a noise from the power steering, it's because the fluid level is low. Check the reservoir and make sure the level is right - there's usually an indicator stick built into the bottom o ... Ford Escort

When I start the car in the morning (its wintertime so its usually about 20 degrees) the engine (3.5 V6) ticks then gains oil pressure which is normal, but once the idle comes down around 1100 to 1000 there is an aweful grind of screeching noise... sounds like a bad bearing type sound and I know it is coming from the power steering assembly somewhere... When I crawl underneath the bottom side of the pump is "wet" looking as if covered in oil or something but the fluid level is always full and ne

I think it would be the pump but if it is not leaking and it has the same level, I don't know. ... Chrysler LHS

I have a 2003 mitsubishi galant ES 4 cylinder and have a check engine light message on i had the code read at auto zone and they told me the third cylinder is misfiring and when it idles it jumps around alot and shakes the whole car. And doesnt get any power when trying to drive from a stop position it jumps really bad almost to the point where it feels like it is going to die. it seems to get worst when the air conditioning is running and when the air is on it makes a humming noise really bad c

Misfire means you need spark plugs replaced. Or spark plug coils.That's why the whole car starts shaking because its running basically on 3 cylinders and not 4 as supposed. There is no gas compression on the 3rd cylinder because once agai ... 2003 Mitsubishi Galant

1994 dodge intrepid. 3.5 L. Auto trans. Runs rough at idle car shakes. Runs around 1700 rpm. Drops to a 1000 surges. Starts wheezy sounding. Crank sensor replaced 2 yrs ago just had timing belt replaced intake gaskets valve cover gaskets fuel rail gaskets injector o rings fuel pressure regulator and map sensor. Dies when driving butrestarts. Do I need to check adaptive memory? Or hsomething I'm missing thanks

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