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What does code PO320 - 1998 Jeep Cherokee

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Answers :

According to my code manual PO 320 code means ,There is no signal to the crank shaft position (Sensor)
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Have 1995 jeep cherokee v6 4,0 my jeep run sluggish loss of power cant get over 65 mph service engine light on took it to auto parts to get code read low fuel intake somebody told me also to start it 3 times then read the flashing light where can i get a list of information on the code names. what should i check for the low fuel intake? the fuel filter maybe the pressure tested please help

This sounds like you may have a problem with your oxygen(O2) sensors or a clogged component in your exhaust system. if you have a catalytic converter in your exhaust system, the filter element inside could break up and clog the exhaust pipe. you shou ... 1995 Jeep Cherokee

I have a 1996 Jeep Cherokee Country Inline six. It wont start. It tries to turn over but wont start. The distributor cap, starter, and ignition coil has been replaced. We got a code reader and it read 0 codes. I have no idea what to do?

My 89 jeep was running great then it shut off on me and now wont start whats the problem? ... 1996 Jeep Cherokee Country

I have a 99 jeep grand cherokee that this morning i went to try and start it and it didnt want to start it acted like it didnt have any fuel so i pushed on the gas a little it struggled then started its not running right the idle fluxuates up and down then after running for a bit i took it around the block it almost acted gutless so i through it in second and it went good for a minute then started sputtering i ran the code reader and two codes came up po320 which is crank shaft engine speed rpm

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Transmission problem 01 Jeep Grand Cherokee limitied. First had code p1762 and replaced the governor pressure sensor and solenoid. Now drives worse shifting in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd mainly shifting from 2nd to 3rd and now has code p1757 saying Governor Pressure Not Equal to Target at 15-20 PSI and Governor Pressure Above 3 PSI In Gear With 0 MPH. Tried disconnecting the battery to reset computuer and still is doing the same thing. Any Solutions.

I had a shifting problem. The car would start in the wrong gear and shift at wrong times. I repaced the governor postion sensor and tranny fluid and the problem has been fixed for several years. Did you replace the tranny fluid? ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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What does code PO320 - 1998 Jeep Cherokee

According to my code manual PO 320 code means ,There is no signal to the crank shaft position (Sensor) ... 1998 Jeep Cherokee

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I have a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee 6 cyl. I am getting fault codes P0351,P0352 and P0353 which is defined as #1,#2 and#3 ignition coil circuit and code P0505 JEEP Idle Control System Malfunction and code P1495 JEEP EVAP Leak Detection Pump Solenoid Circuit Condition. The problem I'm having is at times the engine will bog down and lose all power and sometimes just completly quits. I can stop the vechicle and turn the key switch off and start the engine and it will run just fine. I have replac

I would check Cam Position Sensor as is directly related with ignition. Power loss is due to the ECU going on "limp mode" to prevent further damage.I hope this helps! ... 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1996 jeep grand cherokee runs terribily was getting egr code, then that cleared out , then was getting code 43&27, those codes cleared out now im getting code 11 & 25. but the jeep still runs terribliy. it spark knocks, skips, stalls and cuts off while running. sometimes it runs ok, like when it is cold or once you get goin tacking over around 2. but then it' s starts running ragged. sometimes I smell a sulfur- like smell in the exaust.

Hi: This is a Wild Shot, But i had a Customer come in with similar Problem: Come to Find out His Catalytic converter and his Exhaust Pipe had Colasped internal ,Kida Like Putting a Potato in your Tail Pipe.Do you smell Gas ? Have someone Start it and ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2000; 115,000 miles; check engine light came on. I searched internet and found that turning key on 3 times gives problem codes; codes p0201-p0208 indicating injectors; took to dealer who put on his computer and found nothing but said could be intermittent PCM problem and offered to replace at $900. He reset so no code would show on the odometer. I declined the service, then I located rebuilt for $250, gave them my VIN# and installed myself. After a week, Jeep again surged oc

Power Module Control gets feedback from the coolant sensor and the Throttle position sensor. These are related to all feedback to calculate the golden ratio Air:gas mixture 14.6 to make engine run efficiently. Do you have good idle and s ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

On my 98 jeep cherokee when driveing it pops and has loss of power you almost have to floor it to get up to speed. I had the check engine light on so i put my obd2 on there and the code that it is reading is p0138 i know what that code is. When i clear that code out the jeep runs just fine it has full power like it should, well it only stays that way for about a day then the damn check engine light comes back on and it starts runing like **** again. I have already replaced both of the o2 sensors

. (GO TO THIS LINK) READ LAST THREAD Ihttp://www.cherokeeforum.com/f2/check-engine-p0138-29935/ ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 2002 Jeep Gr. Cherokee inline 6. Check engine light came on checked the code and it was TPS, in checking TPS found it to be working properly. I erased code. The Jeep is idling rough. Another engine code appeared, it is a misfire on cyl 1. I replaced plugs, have no vaccuuum leaks. Could this be the ign. coil rail?If so is there an easy way to check?

If a TPS code appeared, clean the connection to the TPS. Check you coils to the plugs and look for white tracking indiacting a short to ground which would cause a P0301. Use Champion plugs for this engine and gap accordingly. Let me know what you fin ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hi, my name is Raul, I own a repair shop and I have a costumer 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited witch has been experienced some problems. Fist the jeep just stalls and sometimes when you are in heavy traffic its stars to hesitate. the scanner gave me P0300 and P0306 P0305 the misfire codes. I replaces the fuel pump,fuel filter, CMP, CKP, and still have the same problem but now it doesn't show me any codes. I have check coils they look good, the spark plugs dont have much carbon stff in it, on th

I believe ottawa tech has it all down your 02 sensors are in lean condtion so if it's not carbon build up then there are three things that can cause this, bad fuel pump if it was not purchased from the dealer seen this many many times. purge ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 2007(3.7),an in this moment has 64,000 miles. My engine light is on an I took it to Advance Auto parts and they got a OBD-Code diagnose . The Technical description was P0430 OBD-II trouble code ,(Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold(Bank2).I change all 4 oxygen sensors and it still on .The mechanic and the dealer are telling me that it can't be the catalytic converter being bad with this amount of miles . My Jeep pass the emmision test not to long

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I have a 1988 jeep cherokee, if your are standing in front of the vehicle, on the left fhand side, there is a relay center. well right beside that realy center is two little white plastic boxes with yellow caps on them. it looks like little diagnostic readers. i have asked several people how to read the codes on a 1988 jeep cherokee and they keep telling me to turn the ignition on, off, on, off. could these little white things be the obd 1 reader?

Diagnostic Connector \015\012To read Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's), the test connector for the electronic engine control system must be used. The test connector is more commonly referred to as the Data Link Connector (DLC). On all Jeep mode ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

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I want the code number of the Jeep Cherokee 2.5 CRD engine. I bought a Jeep without an engine. I can get a complete engin, but I am not sure if it is the correct engine. I need the code to be absolutely sure. Sarel

... Jeep Cherokee

Dont know i have a 1996 jeep grand cherokee or at least i think its a 1996!!!! well i cant find the code for 72 if anyone know i would really help. i look at the codes in the book and they dont match the year of my jeep so im out of ideas help please

Should be a serial number stamped into the engine block. Maybe located below the left side of the head, on the block. Or, on the rear of the block. Look for it. It will tell you what year and model the engine is, at least. ... Cars & Trucks

99 jeep grand cherokee code P302 - 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

That's a misfire on cylinder 2. Most likely problem is a bad spark plug or wire. I'd start by clearing the code though and see if it comes back. A random misfire can happen once and never come back. If it does, change the plug (do all of them), and y ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo that the top hose that leads from the radiator to the thermostat blew the other day. I replaced the hose with no problems but the gauge in the jeep keeps indicating overheating and the code reader has a code that has the temp sensor error. This sensor which I found on the top of the thermostat top was wet inside from the coolant. Could this have shorted the sensor and does the thermostat need replacing as well?

Thermostats become unreliable and really should be replaced any time the engine overheats for any reason. After replacing it, fill the system using plain water (just in case it overheats again) and run it and check for problems If the sensor had cool ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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On line do search for "Radio Codes" . On the site enter the car model and radio serial number . Code will be sent on line in no more than 1 hour but the cost is £10 ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Chrysler & Jeep Cooling System & HVAC Service: Every car make has its quirks, and Chrysler and Jeep vehicles are no exception. In researching this article, we found several examples of heater problems in these vehicles that seem to be fairly common. ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Pull the ecm fuse or disconnect the battery, for at least 10 minutes.That will clear all stored trouble codes. ... 1995 Jeep Cherokee
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