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Overheating and Misfiring 98 civic dx

\015 A little while ago my engine was misfiring on all cylinders, dealership told me cap and rotor and plugs need to be changed. I did all of that and even tested my wires. everything seemed good for a few days then that light came back on, code read cylinder misfire again. I cant figure out whats wrong! ne ideas?\015\012\015\012Then i also told them that it was overheating, well my gauge will start to go all the way up then stop and comeback down then up again and all over the place. their solution poor more coolant in well no luck it started doin it again. i pressured checked it for leaks none, so i changed the thermostat no luck. ne ideas?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Try a radiator flush with new coolant. Radiators tend to get clogged with **** and it can lead to the problems your talking about. What color are the tips of you plugs when you take them out. Have you had the codes read on the ECU?
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Overheating and Misfiring 98 civic dx

Try a radiator flush with new coolant. Radiators tend to get clogged with **** and it can lead to the problems your talking about. What color are the tips of you plugs when you take them out. Have you had the codes read on the ECU? ... 1998 Honda Civic

01 honda civic misfire sometimes causing to overheat, change sparks, check light show P1361 code sensor circuit in TDC, could this cause overheating?

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Have a 2003 Taurus, 3.0 engine that has a misfire on #2 cylinder. Replaced all spark plugs, wires, coil, replaced the fuel injectors, crank sensor, cam sensor, still have a misfire on #2 cylinder. It has 200lbs of pressure. I am at a loss at could be causing this. Any other suggestions? Thanks Comments: Aug 17, 2009- It was started overheating, spewing antifreeze from overflow bottle. Replaced head gasket. Stopped spewing & overheating, but had the misfire, so started replacing parts, starting w

Sound like an air / vacuum leak to me.\015\012Re-check for an air leak on #2 cylinder inlet manifold. \015\012Use a propane torch (unlit, of course) to flood propane gas around inlet manifold/head flange & gasket area. \015\012I ... Ford Taurus

My 98 honda civic is overheating. The antifreeze resovoir is full, but when I open the radiator cap, there is none in there. I poured antifreeze in the radiator only to start overheating again within minutes. Could this be the thermostat not opening to let the antifreeze from the resovoir into the radiator? I also noticed the fan at the front of the car was not on, should it be when the car is overheating?

If your loosing coolant and its not dripping on the floor then the only option is you have a blown head gasket. This can be tested using what is called a chemical block test or a smog machine can sniff your coolant for fuel that isbeing pushed past t ... 1998 Honda Civic

1998 ford taurus wagon is showing a cylinder 2 misfire and the 02 sensor code came up. Service engine light is on and it is overheating mainly when foot is on brake as in being stopped at a red light. The car had overheated prior to the heads having to be replaced and we still have not found the original source of the overheating problem. Any ideas?

Overheating could be caused by a few things, most common is the thermostat not operating, could be the water pump not working properly, the coolant not mixed at the right ratio, 50/50 mix is the best. If it has electric fans veifiy that they are work ... Ford Taurus

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I have a 2001 lincoln ls that has been sitting up for about 9 months it has a problem with overheating and misfiring i changed the ignition coils 1/3/5 also i changed the coolant bottle because it had a hole in it then i changed the thermostat okay for about 6 months started overheating again what do you think the problem is

Do you have a MIL -Check Light on? If so, what codes do you have?\015\012\015\012Warm it up ,& turn the screw on the end of the hose,just below your Brake Booster. When coolant runs out close it. That is to vent air, out of the coolan ... 2001 Lincoln LS

I have a 1993 Honda Civic it started overheating was using alot of coolant, then heater stoped working, started it in the morning drove about 3 miles was'nt overheating yet, and it died turns over but will not start?

More then likely you got a blown head gasket, remove spark plugs and crank engine, if water come out of spark plug holes, blown head gasket.Good luck ... 1996 Honda Civic

2000 civic 1.6. Multiple misfire, random missfire, misfire in clyinders 3 and 4. I know its running lean. I'm thinkin fuel pump, no easy way to check pressure, no nipple and fitted lines. Any ideas?

Hi there:A code P0300 may mean that one or more of the following has happened:\012\012Faulty spark plugs or wires\012Faulty coil (pack)Faulty oxygen sensor(s)Faulty fuel injector(s)Burned exhaust valveFaulty catalytic converter(s)Stuck/blocked EG ... 2000 Honda Civic

Overheating I have change the radiator, put in a brand new thermostat and change a couple of hoses in my 1997 Honda civic. But it is still overheating. My temperature gauge tell me lies by constantly going up and down. What could be causing all of this?

Usually when the temp Gauge fluctuates like that it could be the sending unit has taken a lunch break. First thing do a wiggle test to see if the Gauge moves. Wiggle the wires at the temp gauge sens ... 1997 Honda Civic

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Service engine light was on - took to dealership and misfire check found multi misfires but #1 mostly started replacing spark plugs and wires and was unable to remove #1 spark plug needs cylinder head - the front plugs were replaced yesterday and at first drove fine but then kept stalling out and overheating - the dealership quotes it will be about $650 for the cylinder head and $1400 labor. Is this a fair price?

They make a spark plug repair kit you can do your self in your drive way, Napa Auto Parts has it...\015\012\015\012watch video...\015\012\015\012 ... 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

My 1994 Honda Civic is overheating, a new themostat was installed, still overheating, now the is not working, what's next?

Probably a blown head gasket. If the engine won't urn over now it's either hydrolocked (coolant leaks into the cylinder(s) and since it can't be compressed like air, the piston can't move up and the engine can't turn over). Or it's seized from coolan ... Honda Civic

I have a 2001 lincoln ls that has been sitting up for about 9 months it has a problem with overheating and misfiring i changed the ignition coils 1/3/5 also i changed the coolant bottle because it had a hole in it then i changed the thermostat okay for about 6 months started overheating again what do you think the problem is

That sound to me like coolant bleedind related problem, take a look here.. the procedure. http://townhall-talk.edmunds.com/direct/view/.f1168da/34 ... 2001 Lincoln LS

2000 honda civic misfire cyl 4 - 2000 Honda Civic

Hello there:If this is the only cylinder that is misfiring than you are going to want tocheck the spark plug wire and the plug itself to ensure that they are both in good working condition meaning clean and free from rust or oil or gr ... 2000 Honda Civic


White smoke is burnt coolant. Take the car in and have a pressure test done on the rad. It's probably going to lose pressure slowly so get a compression test done on the engine. This will most likely show a leaky head gasket. That is the most common ... 1990 Honda Civic

Overheating My car is Honda Civic Lxi 1996 model. Almost every 3 months I encounter overheating which causes me to send my car to radiator shop always. There is no leak in my radiator so everytime i encounter this i always send my car for radiator cleaning. Most of my freinds who have honda with the same model encounters the same problems. What mmight be the cause and solution for this?

Most alunium /steel cars need there anti freeze changed at least 1x a year .Electrolis will build up and slow of almost stop the water flow causing heat buildup ... 1996 Honda Civic

1998 Honda Civic 1.6 5 speed - Error codes: po300, po302, p0304. Fuel pump pressure at idle = 35, higher rpm's around 45. Replaced plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor, and fuel filter. Cleaned the fuel injectors. Idles perfectly after a cold start. Will run fine intermittently. Seems to misfire under load. Reminds me of the way a bad accelerator pump on an engine with a carburetor would act while accelerating. It will maintain a constant speed (had it up to 75) without a misfire until t

Man it sound like u needa replace the idle valve selenoid .. but try cleaning it with a sensor cleaner spray and then try it it will help trist me i did that to mine it worked ... 1998 Honda Civic

My 1993 non turbo nissan 300zx starts and runs fine but after about 20 mins when its is warm a cylinder megins misfiring. Pretty sure it is on the right bank as that is the side misfiring. Love to know what possible causes there are and recommendations on a fix. Car has done 160000kms and is not overheating what so ever.

Check the ignition coils ,plug wires and spark plugs,but it sounds like coils,with the engine off and cool,pull the plug wires off each of the coils , one at a time and put back,being careful not to break ,but sometimes white powder carbon builds up ... 1990 Nissan 300ZX

1996 Honda Civic Problem my civic honda 1996 blows cold air no warm air and on overheating problems, car runs exelent could u help please rn- posted

You have no coolant flow, check if you have coolant. replace thermostat or water pump. ... 1996 Honda Civic

Overheating Honda Did a tune-up on a 93 honda civic. Changed oil filter, changed oil, new thermostat, changed hoses and belts. The car started to over heat and I took it in and they said it was a faulty thermostat even though the one i had was brand new. I changed it and the car was fine for about two days then started overheating again. It doesnt seem to be leaking,and they did a complete coolant system check so wouldnt they have caught something else besides the faulty thermostat? Why else wou

Hello, \012\012when the car overheats, is there still water in the radiator? \012If there is water in the radiator and the car overheats, then it means \012there might be some dirt or blockage in the radiator or condenser. \01 ... 1993 Honda Civic 4 Door

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