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2005 6l ford e350 - dash battery symble showing. charge gauge lower than normal, discharges over night, will not start van. After charging starts but discharges.

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2005 6l ford e350 - dash battery symble showing. charge gauge lower than normal, discharges over night, will not start van. After charging starts but discharges.


My 2007 Nissan Maxima won't start. When you try to turn it on it makes a faint sound that sounds like a weak attempt to start. It doesn't appear to be the battery as the lights all come on normally, the owner's manual says that the ignition knob won't turn if the battery is "discharged" (although I read a post where they were able to turn it but fixing the battery fixed the problem), and because I tried charging the car battery with a car battery charge (The charger was at 62% and was at 65% af

What can cause the battery to go bad more than once .?? Due to the same symptoms described in the post ... ... 2007 Nissan Maxima 3.5 Sl Sedan

Sometimes the indicator bar for the hybred battery goes from full or near full to total discharge in a matter of seconds. This is especially likely to happen shortly after the car has started up -- perhaps 2 minutes into the trip. The car will struggle to recharge, adding a few hundred rpms to add a couple of green charge bars, and after another couple of minutes the battery will recharge and operate normally. I have taken it to the dealer and been charged $50 to be told that the system is cha

You paid to have it checked and thats what they did. I fit happens on a consistent basis, leave the car and have the service manager or a tech drive it. To find a problem , you first have to duplicate/verify the complaint. ... 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid

I have a 2009 VROD MUSCLE. My battery was low so I charged it with my trickle charger last night. Now I can't get the alarm to deactivate so I can start it. The signal lights just keep flashing. I have the key fob in my pocket which is normally all it takes. The start button is non responsive. Please help.

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Driving home last night the battery light flickered on and the amp gauge swung towards discharge. Truck ran fine but electrical accessories operated slowly. The next day truck started with no problem, light is out and gauge reads charging. This is now going back and forth, light on mostly when idling, flickers when driving. Battery terminals are clean, battery and alternator are five years old. There are no apparent worn or chafed wires. Sears (Die Hard battery) performed an electrical system ch

It may be just a slack fan belt, if the belt is slack then the charging will show ok until it is put under strain...ie..when driving....check the tension on the belt, it may just need tightened.....hope this was helpful ... 1991 Mazda Navajo

I have a 2002 Chevy Avalanche and never had any problems with it until now. I have a slow charging system draining at night. I have to use a jump box to start the truck, but once I have it started then it will start all day long. I replaced the battery and alternator. I used to have 14.1 volts, but now I am getting 13.7-13.9 volts. I checked all of the lights, switches and everything is turned off and still getting a slow charging leak over night some where. Help.

I'm no mechanic but did you add any accessories to the truck.\015\012Lights GPS System Sound system etc etc.\015\012An stereo amplifier that would not shut off with the deck cause it's shorted would kill that battery every night.\01 ... Chevrolet Avalanche

2002 sub. battery goes dead every night i can put it on charge for 15-20 min.the next morning and it starts right up and runs fine everything works battery charges up park it for the night and same thing the next morning dead nothing works until charged 15-20 min starts right up again Help! please

Your battery is no good and you need to buy a new one.\015\012Alex. ... 2002 Chevrolet Suburban

Having cold start problems 2006 h.d. f350 ,truck is parked in heated garage all night,starts normal in the a.m.,sits outside all day at work,soon as temp falls below 30 F it starts then stalls immediately wore down batteries trying numerous times .finally started after boosting both batteries.ran really rough until it started heating up then ran normal, next day same problem,replaced batteries still does not start normal,only after many tries. oil & fuel are ok engine light is now on.not sure wh

Glow pug indicator and glow plug themself are 2 seperate system\015\012test for power at the glow plug harness conector 1 each side over valve cover\015\012test light clamp on batery neg test each wire going to relay for power on both sid ... 2006 Ford F 350 Super Duty

Kia Pregio 2.8l Diesel The "hand Brake" light turns ON, while the "Charge" light turns On as well, Engine wont kick to start. Causing the 1)engine starter 2) Alternator to short circuit. Initial trying to start up, engine continuously cranking even the key pulled out. Checked the main fuse 80A blown. replaced the fuse and things looks normal. But there's no charge' signal available on the meter board like usual, whenever the key turns to ON position. Normally in this condition, the 'Oil Pre

... Kia Sorento

'03 F250 6.0L w/70,000 - was slow cranking, pumped gas and would eventually start; had batteries tested and said one was barely low. (I'm still waiting for new ones.) Then sit a day and lights flash, but no start, had to charge. Then sit for day and lights flash but no start. Charged all night and still no start. Lights flash, clicks when turn key, glow plug noise, but no start. And oil pressure WAS coming up when it WAS starting. Tried 5min intervals of 50amp 3 times and lights came on a bit mo

Low fuel pressure! amd maybe water in the filters ... 2005 Ford F 350 Super Duty

Runs out of fuel. fuel pump have been changed, fuel filter have been changed, ( at a cost of $1000 ) tried it with fuel cap loose makes no differance. will start and idle all day, go for a drive it breaks down, tow it home,then sometimes it will start,towed it to garages it starts and runs normally . no engine codes showing on dash. when it breaks down , it still has spark at plugs. it cranks normally, leave it over night, it will start. I've had it to two different garages,they put on parts bu

How many miles are on the vehicle? What is the engine size? Does the fuel pressure remain steady when the car shuts down. In other words, was the fuel gauge left on the system during a drive test to see if the pressure drops in the fuel ... 1998 Plymouth Voyager

1993 Toyota Previa won't start... I took the battery to O'rielys and it was 75% charged so they charged it up full for me, I replaced the leads and cleaned off all corrosion on the battery. When I try to start the car you can still hear the gas pump "whirr" All the lights come on fine and my headlights look normal. When I try to start the car it just makes a click and thats it. It used to click click click but since I have cleaned up the battery it just makes a single click. I got it jumped

Check the other end of the battery cable going to the solenoid. It's possible that's corroded and is preventing sufficient power from the battery to engage the starter. If it's fine, you may be looking at replacing the starter. A bad starter will ... 1993 Toyota Previa

My wife's 2007 edge won't start one night after work. I thought it had a dead battery. I replaced the battery. About three months later she said the car just quit at a stop lite and she had to restart it. Last night it was hard to start compaired to the normal starts. Any ideas?

Is the check engine light on ? ... 2007 Ford Edge SEL Plus

05 Honda Civic Hybrid, intermittently will not start. Turning key does not engage starter, instrument panel lights light up, headlights work, headlights do not dim if trying to start with them on. When the car starts it cranks right up, not like with a low battery but the indicater bars for the battery assist show discharged but charge back up quickly. The battery indicator bars never show a discharged state except when this happens. It's almost like turning the key does not make a connection

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2000 chevy blazer 4x4 is back firing, looses power, shuts off, and over heats but the gauges stay normal, it starts up good but soon it starts shaking and back fires (a lot)and shuts off, this starts happening during the hot day, but after dark, it runs normal, i got the spark plugs and coils, fuel injector, fuel filter, oxygen sensors, and battery replace. the battery keeps dying out too, i think it is bad gas but not sure because it runs good during the night, what could it be??

Cracked cylinder head or blown gasket ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

Here In Pakistan These Are The Months of Too Cold.... When I Off My Engine On Petrol In Night And Start It In Morning.... Car Miss The Self For One Second And Then Starts.... At This Time If I Accelate The Padel At Once Engine Will Turned Off Automatically.... Here I Have To Keep The Engine At A Normal Consistent RPM for about 30 Sec To Bring Every Thing To Normal....... After That No Issue With The Car............... Self Is Checked and Car Timing Has Been Reset To Normal Kindly Tell Me Is It N

I would suspect a leaky intake. or low fuel pressure. ... 1988 Daihatsu Charade

2000 mercury cougar v6 engine, automatic transmission. I noticed a few days ago that at night with lights on , lights started to go on and off a little bit, not all the time, and battery light came on, but then the car was normal ,battery light off, till last night that while driving on the freeway at night lights started to dim , and the battery light came on , I drove till the car stopped, when the battery was drained, somebody brought me another battery and thats how i made it home,, I thi

Hi, from the detailed explanation you have gave concerning your car till the time the battery light came on, it seems obvious that the battery is not charging as you have rightly suggested. It's either you have a corroded wire which is not allowing c ... Mercury Cougar

My battery was dead as usual due to non driving, anyway I bought a battey recharger and charged it over night. when i first started to charge the battery, all kinds of noise were going on and after awhile it stopped ,next day car started but i noticed it would not give gas as it used to as if gas throttle was not responding and i noticed check engine light stayed on(yellow light). I even try to drive it but not going anywhere. I checked gas cap make sure it was on there tight, had it run for at

... 2001 Ferrari 360 Modena

2003 sunfire, daughter left the lights on all night...car won't start. Charged it, but there is a symbol on the dash that is "car/lock" a pic of car with a lock through it...is that why it will not start now cause its charged up

Ulp? ... Pontiac Sunfire

My 2006 volve xc90 v8 ,alternater no charge,we replaced altenater and new bettry, when cold start,v14.30,runing 5 min. idle going to normal, the power no charge,waitinig about 20min, start again same thing around 14.30 to 12.1 going down.

Thanks for choosing FixYa and welcome. You need to test the wires hooking into the alternator and leaving the battery first. ... Volvo XC90

Wife started the van to let it warm up (about 15min). When she came back out it was not running and acted like the battery was dead. The only light that came on (this was @ night) was service engine soon (normal light if ign is on but engine not running). Jump started the van, no alt light, everythings seems normal, except the power sliding door will not work now. Thoughts????

... 2000 Pontiac Montana

I have an 06 impala and lately as soon as i start my car after an entire night of being parked my car gets to normal operating temperature within 2 minutes of being started. Then the temperature slowly increases to about one hashmark above normal and then slowly decreases when the fan turns on. Also since this has been happening my heater only works when i press on the gas pedal. Please help!!! Thanks!

I suspect it to be a waterpump problem. I have a '06 Impala LT and it is doing the same thing with the exact same symptoms. Do you also notice a puddle of coolant under the engine after you turn the engine off and return? Thats another symptom of a b ... 2006 Chevrolet Impala

My 1992 Toyota Celica is always being required to charged every night, Tested alternator and Battery both tested out fine in august when problem first occured, could go serveral days without charging now that cold weather has set in cant go as long, ocassionally it will not start but after waiting it will start? I'm thinking possible parastic drain, Im wondering if there would be any other possible issues?

If you have to charge the battery every night, the most likely cause is a drain. Dirty and loose cables may be a possible cause. I would cleand tighten and replace any bad cables. Check all connections alt starter and battery. Question when it does n ... 1992 Toyota Celica

I noticed my truck didnt want to start like it had a weak battery. I drove it anyway and first my abs light came on, then I started losing all my accessories like radio power windows, etc. I got towed home after truck quit running. I charged the batteries up last night, truck runs but still no gauges, glow plug light doesnt work, radio doesnt work, and I still have not changed the alternator. I took it to auto zone and had it checked they said it was not charging my batteries, but if I do change

All of you accessories can't run from the battery. The alternator has to produce 13-14 volts to you battery to keep the battery charged fully so all the accessories will work. Soon as a power source is powered on it will drain the battery quickly if ... 2003 Ford F350 Super Duty DRW SuperCab

Yesterday, after replacing the 6 year old worn battery in a friend's 2002 Chevy TrailBlazer (4.2L, 130,000 miles) a wierd problem developed. It starts and runs fine, the alt/bat charging gauge shows 14v (like normal), but when any control on the heat/AC (fan, temp, whatever) is adjusted, the engine idle is super low, the charging gauge shows under 12v, and the engine usually dies, and unless you hit the heat/AC control power OFF switch, the engine idles normal again. I disengaged the blower mo

Have you preformed a load test on your charging system.\015\012youll need a volt meter to preform the test\015\0121.Sart the engine.\015\0122. Hook your volt meter to your batt Take your reading should be about 13.5v ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer
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