Having problems with your 1998 Ford Windstar ?

This is what happened on 1998 FORD Windstart; keeps dying...

\015 This is what happened; 1. battery died so replcaed with a new one2. successfully started and was able to drive for a while3. battery died again so jump started and was able to drive for a while4. battery died again,,,, cleaned cable connectors and jump started but engine stopped after 10 - 15 min later.5. same thing over again...\015\0126. checked voltage and measureed around 12- 14 volt but dropped below 7 volt when it dies.Well, can I get some help on this?Thanks in advance.\015
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Answers :

Faulty voltage reg in the alternator.
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This is what happened on 1998 FORD Windstart; keeps dying...

Faulty voltage reg in the alternator. ... 1998 Ford Windstar

I have a 95 ford probe 5pd 4cyl and sometimes it acts up. When its running no matter if the ac, the heat or nothing is turned on in that sense it will start idling real rough and eventually die... But it always starts back up, just have to manually keep it at idle or else it will go all the way back down on its own to 200rpm and stay there and somtimes die. Any sensor or computer **** I could look at? Dobbs did a diagnostic about a month ago when this was happening and said everything came b

See if it runs fine with the MAF unplugged. ... 1995 Ford Probe

Why does my 92 ford f350 keep dying while I'm driving. It only happens when I take my foot off the gas peddle. It seems like as the RPM's drop the don't level out. But when I start it and let it Idle everything is fine. I don't want to take it to the shop if it is going to be an easy fix. Any help out there?

If it was me i would put so Shell-gasoline in it along with so STP gas treatment with fuel injector cleaner and change the fuel filter and the air filter if needed give these websites a try ... 1992 Ford F350

I have 1994 ford van e150 5.8l. problem is that usually the fan runs ok, until it either idles for an extended time or about 1.5 hours into a road trip. What happens is the van will start losing power, won't respond to the gas pedal (as if it's chocking or running out of gas)., subsequently losing power and usually when it's about to go full stop, ill hit the gas pedal to keep it alive but instead it makes a couple "popping sounds" from the engine/front just as it dies. usually if i wait 20 minu

I had the exact same problem with my 94 Ford E-150 Econoline V6. It's the ignition module on the side of your distributor. Replace it and all will be well. Should cost you about $175.00 parts and labor if you have it done professionally. Let me k ... 1994 Ford Econoline

I have a 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid. The car shut down and said "stop safely now". I was able to restart it and drive home. Then it happened again, noticed this would happen after driving 45min or so. The 2nd time it happened it also said "engine temp overheating". We could not smell, see or hear anything one usually would with overheating. Took it to Ford service. $703 for Auxiliary Motor to help keep the HV battery cool, $30 for a new HV Filter, they recommended a new engine battery to at the co

... 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid FWD

2001 ford explorer, dies after stopping, rpm's drop & stalls also often happens after turning, this car now dies at every stop light. As long as i am driving it drives but if i stop or have t

... 2001 Ford Explorer Sport

I have a 94 ford ranger 4.0.. i've replaced the slave cylinder 2 times.. i put a new one in it and everytime about two weeks later it goes bad again and i have to keep putting fluid in it to get pressure..then slowly it gets worse and worse.. it'll be a about a week before i have to refill it, then a few days, then a couple times every day. i changed the slave cylinder again and the same thing happened about two weeks later. i cant figure out why this keeps happening. i dont want to just put ano

I am assuming you are talking about the clutch slave cylinder in either witch case you may have to more air in the lines try bleeding them until you get no air. the second thing i have noticed in stiff clutch's is that if there packed with dirt or wh ... Ford Ranger

I have a 2006 ford f-350 the wrench light keeps coming on, I can put the pedal to the floor and nothing happens. I will be driving down the road and the pedal will just stop working. I've replaced a MAP sensor, ICP sensor, a wiring harness, and got a new eletronical throttle control plus paid the ford dealership 500.00 bucks only to get 160 miles down the road and the same thing happened again.... Please help............

Check for the codes and if you think that its the gas pedal ask for service bulletins at the ford dealer sometimes they help solve what is causing the problem it could be intermittant is it the security light that comes on this is important because y ... Ford F-350

Good Day! i have a 2005 Saturne vue and im running in to this problem..i'll be driving down the road for a while and after and 30 min or so the engine will loose all power and die after 30sec or so when i try and press on the gas pedale the rpm doesn''t move nothing happens and the car dies...gas tank is full just had an oil change done on it 2 days ago....soo i dont no lol ...what i do is i let it rest for 5 min and then it will start again and i can keep going just like anything happened..so i

Check the crankshaft position sensor. Old oil (infrequently changed) can foul them up. The sensor has to "see" certain points on the crankshaft. Dirty or bad oil can prevent the "seeing" from occuring. You can turn the key all you want, it will c ... 2005 Saturn VUE

I have a 1990 Ford Bronco 5.0L Eddie Bauer. It takes a while to keep the truck idle but when it warms up it seems to stay idle but will die every once in a while. I have to feather the gas pedal to keep it from dying. I changed the spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor. I also gave it a oil change and new air filter. I also noticed that I can't get the truck to go past 2500 r.p.m. It drives but lacks alot of power. I just bought this truck about a month ago.

I cannot see any of the other comments that have possibly been posted to you by others. It sounds as though the fuel pump is not "feeding" enough gas and is peetering out at high speeds.....by chance have you done a fuel pressure check? Also, the fue ... 1990 Ford Bronco

On my 98 turbo eclipse i was just driving along and the car slowed itself down and then died. And when i start it back up i have to keep the gas pressed to keep it going but even that lasts only moments before it dies again. While this is happening there is a rattling in the engine. Any ideas?

If your car has over 100,000 miles on it, the possibility of the fuel pump going out is quite good. Also, the fuel filter should be replaced. ... 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse

2003 Dodge Neon Sxt standard transmission runs great but recently has started suddenly trying to die. I will be cruising in 5th gear and feel a sudden jolt and look down to see my gauges all fall to 0 before returning to where they were and I'm cruising again. Sometimes this will happen when I am in neutral and the car will die but starts back up no problem and runs fine. It doesn't happen often but it seems to be progressing. It almost seems like some kind of electrical short to me. The check e

Could be a lose ground somewhere. check the wires from your batery and alternator. specifically the grounds. no ground no power. ... 2003 Dodge Neon

My 1994 ford rv keeps leaking transmition oil. Everytime I keep driving it start leaking a lot of transmition oil. I'm not very familiar with fords. Can someone please tell me why this is happening of if its normal? Thank you.

Ah, no it's NOT normal. Why, idk. Probally have a leaky hose or a bad gasket someplace. Can't really tell without looking at it. ... 1994 Ford Econoline

I have a '93 Toyota Camry , LE, 4cin., over 200,000 mi. Runs like a dream. Problem, when the car gets to op. temp. when I come to a stop the car will die. Not sputter, RPMs just keeps dropping to 0. New PCV,wires, plugs dis. cap, rotor, air filter. Still dies, not all the time. Just enough to keep me guessing. Can you help?

Replace the IAC valve (idle air control valve)!! This is located below the throttle body, usually grey colored with a wire harness connected to it. This sensor controls air flow through the intake, if dirty or sticking it will cause stalls. Also chec ... 1993 Toyota Camry V6

My 98 pontiac grand prix sometimes will die going down the road sometimes it will start right back up sometimes it doesnt it takes a little while and also right before it dies sometimes tge rpms will go down to 0 and then it will die but sometimes that doesnt happen it just dies also you can sometimes smell gas fumes inside the car

... 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix

My 2001 ford expedition won't keep runing when it's cold I have to keep my foot on the gas or it dies until the engine warms up. What is going on?

Your vehicle needs a signal from a Temperature sensor to activate the "Cold start routine". The cold start routine is a modern day version of a choke used in the old days. This process will make the engine speed up by enriching the fuel mix and res ... 2000 Ford Expedition

1985 ford f150 starts, but dies if gas pedal is not pressed, no problem starting, but as soon as I put in neutral it dies . . . tries to keep running but dies

... 1985 Ford F150

03 ford focus zx5 2.0l ztec . Happens while driving as well and has died in intersections and on highway but is intermittent . Sometime drives fine then it happens or starts off with it happening high

Looks like you most likely have an ECM or Body Control Module issue. Probably need to see a dealership as most shops I know will not deal with these types of problems. I am a Firestone technician and we quickly send anything like this to a dealership ... Cars & Trucks

My sister has a 87 ford escort keeps dying on them she can drive it for couple of blocks then it just dies start up again put in gear dies again can you please help ..MinniePearl

That sounds like a petrol blockag ... 1987 Ford Escort

2001 Dodge Ram will start and then immediately die. I then have to pump the gas pedal a few times and then it starts. However I have to keep giving it some gas to keep it going. When I have to stop at a light, I have to shift to neutral and keep giving it gas. Eventually it will idle after some time. Usually happens more in cold weather

Clean the idle air control valve. This thing controls your idle speed but gets gummed up with deposits. buy a can of spray carb cleaner and maybe a cheap set of torx L wrenches if you dont have any. remove IAC and clean valve and bore with paper t ... 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck 2WD

1990 acura legend dies after driving for a while when it is idling or slowing down for a turn or stop. Sometimes when I go to a store and I have had a lengthy drive it is hard to start and then will keep dieing when I try to back out or go forward. I already changed the idle control valve and the fuel filter. We have also tried to adjust it and the same thing still happens. It seems like when i first drive it there is no dieing but after it has been driven awhile it starts acting up.


Keeps stalling hi my 1994 volvo 940 keeps stalling. You can drive it for a little while, then the rpm thing goes down to 0 then if you dont put it in neutral fast enough it dies. BUT it will start right back up again. I have replaced the spark plugs and the fuel filter...and it keeps doing it. ALSO sometime it wont go into reverse? SOMETIMES I just have to rev the engine then it goes and sometimes I have to push it. HELP!!!!!

I had this exactly the same problem - it would stop and then start again on the first turn of the key.\015\012There is a button and led lights under in the engine bay. Check on the net how to use this to report what errors are showing. \0 ... 1994 Volvo 940

My 2005 ford focus died while i was driving and the odometer now reads like this - - - - and the fuse R8 engine management burned out, i replaced the burned fuse and when i tried to start the car the fuse burned out again, this is the first time that something happens to my ford focus since i bought it, but i don't like ford cars anymore, because i had to push my car in the middle of traffic and that was embarasing.

You hahe a short in the ecm/ecu ... 2005 Ford Focus

Truck wont start red light keeps blinking fast keep hearing clicking under the hood and in the cab dont know what happened got in the truck to start it, and had driven down the road and it died. now the digtail read out in the cab reads zero even on the miles. It keeps telling me check engine temp and chargeing system error dont know what to do thinking its the anti theft device. Please help!!


Why does my 1985 ford ranger keeps dying or stalling out

Based on your info you should be able to duplicate the problem on demand. When the engine won't start, you need to figure out if it is fuel or ignition related to proceed.Check to see if the plugs are firing, and if not check the coil, and s ... 1985 Ford Ranger
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