Having problems with your 1998 Ford Taurus ?

After driving for an hour, when you hit the gas it will go to the floor and nothing. It wont rev or anything. If you turn the car off, and restart it immediately, it will do fine for about five minutes.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

I don't think time is a factor. You will need to have someone check to see if you have any stored codes. It is going into something similar to a fail safe mode, because your missing the correct data the Computer needs to operate the engine correctly. Most likely you have a sensor starting wear or go out of normal range.
\015\012If it shuts off or looses power,then I would think gas filter plugged or fuel pump starting to bind up mechanically or armature worn out.
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After driving for an hour, when you hit the gas it will go to the floor and nothing. It wont rev or anything. If you turn the car off, and restart it immediately, it will do fine for about five minutes.

I don't think time is a factor. You will need to have someone check to see if you have any stored codes. It is going into something similar to a fail safe mode, because your missing the correct data the Computer needs to operate the engine correctly. ... 1998 Ford Taurus

Sluggish acceleration I have a 1992 300 SD. The car starts and runs fine. But after driving for 5-10 minutes, the acceleration is very sluggish. If I pull over and turn the ignition off and immediately restart it, it is fine for another 5 - 10 minutes.

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1996 geo Car idles a little fast but drives fine. After driving it for a couple hours. Turn off car and then back on immediately, it will only drive n reverse .with alot of smoking. Then wait around 30 minutes and restart car and it once again goes forward.

This is a classic sign of a locked torque converter and/or siezed rear brakes since the age of your car add something called no smoke to your oil it will help it also check you transmission fluid level ... 1987 Toyota Camry

I have a 1992 sidekick that is beginning to have problems starting. Usually it happens when the car is warm, has been stopped for a few minutes and then restarted. Sometimes it will start immediately, run a few seconds and then stall. Other times, it will take 10 to 30 seconds of cranking (cranks fine) before starting. Then it does not stall again. The problem is quickly becoming more common, now happening maybe one in four or five times that I try to restart after it is warm. Than


The car must be jumped after it sits for longer then half hour. Once started, car will run fine to and from location. If you turn car off and immediately turn it back on it will start fine however if you turn car off and leave it sit for longer then ten minutes you MUST jump again to get it to start. We have checked the battery twice at a local auto shop and they have told us the battery is showing a strong currency. What may be the issue now?

I still suspect the battery. Many battery tests that dont use a "load" test are inconclusive.\015\012If your charging system is good, Try the battery. Lee ... Ford Taurus

1991 Dodge Dynasty LE car will suddenly die while driving. If I pull off the road, turn the ignition off and restart it- will start but when I put it back in gear the engine stalls again. After five or ten minutes of this it suddenly starts working again and I can drive again. Very intermittant-sometimes it happens two or three times in a half hour, then will run fine.

Sounds like you are having a fuel problem with the fuel filter. If you have not had your car serviced in quite awhile i would do so. At least change the fuel filter and check the air filter as well. Hope thias will help you. ... 1991 Dodge Dynasty

2006 Chevy Malibu displays reduced engine power then engine disabled comes up immediately and engine shuts down, if I turn off all electrical systems the car will restart after a minute or so, but the starter doesn't do anything until then

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My 1998 cadillac Deville will not start - when I start it in the morning it starts fine. if I stop the car and try to restart it will not turn over at all! The radio works and the lights work but the car will not start - if I wait for 2 hours and try to restart it will restart! I changed the battery this weekend and everything was fine until today when the car would not start once I stoped it at my sons school! Also the Speedometer does not show anything on the dash its blank. what could be caus

OK, I have this intermittent problem on my 1997 Cadillac Deville. Sometimes, when the engine is hot and sometimes when cold, the starter will click, (solenoid), but the starter will not turn over the engine at all. I have to toggle the ignition switc ... 1998 Cadillac DeVille

I am driving my car. On the way to my destination, everything in my car seemed to be running fine. I turn the car off. Five minutes later I return to my car and turn the key, I hear a click and it will not start. With the ignition turned the dash lights are on dimly. The overhead lights inside the car also work dimly. When I try to turn the headlights on, the overhead lights shut off, and the headlights do not turn on. The lights in the dash also flicker when I try to turn on the headlights. Wit

The battery is dead - recharge the battery and or replace it. Best of it. Check to see if you have roadside service many insurance companies include this service with their premium services. ... 2003 Nissan Sentra

Have a 2001 Ford Focus SE. The car runs fine until I turn on the AC. After a few minutes, the engine starts to sputter as I am stepping on the gas and will not accelerate immediately when I step harder on the gas. The engine will eventually cut off. Car will not start unless I turn off the AC and let the car sit idle for about 15 to 20 minutes. Any suggestions?

First is I'm sorry to hear that. Second is I think i know what it is. The Air conditioning compressor is locking up thus killing the motor or putting a heavy drag on the motor. I would say to have a/c compressor replaced because its malfunctioning. b ... 2001 Ford Focus

2007 Mazda CX7 - Car will start fine every morning (even cold ones)... after driving to destination and letting car sit even 45 minutes, car has hard time turning over next time I try to start it. Yet if i try to start it immediately after turning it off, it's fine. Could this be crankshaft sensor going? Any other ideas?

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Sometimes car won't start but electrical system works fine. Engine would not turn over, couldn't get car in Neutral and brake pedal felt like it was trying to lock. When put in Neutral car finally started about 15 minutes later. Drove home turned it off, tried to restart and it would not. Later in the day it restarted without a problem.

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I have a 1995 chev lumina 3.1 engine. The car always starts and runs fine when cold. After driving the car for a while and the engine is hot it will restart right away after turning off. BUT if the car sits for 15 minutes or more after shutting off it will not restart. Fuel filter ok fuel pump running ok.It will try to start but sputters out like all cylinders arent firing. Once it cools down enough it starts fine again????

It almost sounds to me like your EGR valve is full of carbon and not able to open properly so your engine is running rich. ... 1995 Chevrolet Lumina


Either it one heck of a coincidence or the trans is somehow associated with or to the water temp.. The only way I know of is the transmission oil cooling. Ck the trans fluid level and onsider having the trans service.Oil change and filter and confi ... 1993 Lexus Es 300

I have a 1993 camaro. My ac will be working fine then just quit. If i turn car off and then restart the car the ac works again. I dont even have to park it. Kick it in neutral, shut car off then restart car and ac is back. usually car will be running about 5 minutes when it does this.

Check AC relay may be weak. ... Chevrolet Camaro

2006 Grand Prix, I had an issue about a year and a half ago ( July 2009 ), I started the car, it was dark out , in a lighted parking lock. High beams only would work , both flash pass mode and on high beams. Turned off ignition and restarted several times, same issue, drove home with high beams. Next day the lights operated fine. 2-3 weeks ago, driving in dark out after 25 minutes low beams shut off , I pulled over turned off the ignition and restarted. They turned back on and continued to op

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I have a 2006 Infiniti g35. The fan takes about 10 to 20 minutes to start blowing air out of the vents. Does not matter what setting it is on. Once the fan starts the system works perfectly. Only time I have the issue is when the car sits overnight. Once the fan starts you can turn the car off and wait a few minutes then when you restart eh car eveything works fine. Any Ideas?

Same issue with my G35X, but my fan comes on random at random time interval.\012I found the issue is caused bu the "blower fan relay". It's a located below your foot E-brake on the driver side fuse box. \012Relay is $20 at Autozone. Everythin ... 2006 Infiniti G35

Once in a while my car will not start. When I turn it on it just has a light click. Most of the time it will start up within 10 to 15 minutes...sometimes 2 minutes and other times 2 hours. Runs good..starts up good all other times. I took it to the Hyundai center and put it on the machine and they could not find anything. It is just a light click ..not the battery, alternator. Two other people said it was the switch which their cars did the same and once they replaced it was fine..

Locate where the click is and replace switch or relay ... 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited

My 95 VW Jetta III GL with a 2.0L is stuttering. It occurs only when aplying light throttle at speed. Seems to be fine when you are accelerating (under a load) to reach speed through all gears with no apparent lack of power. It generally is brought on after car is at an idle such as sitting at a traffic light. It is temprarily corrected by turning engine off and immediately restarting while in motion. It will be fine until you have to stop and car is allowed to sit at idle for a short period. As

... 1995 Volkswagen Jetta

My 2002 hyundai accent 1.5 liters will stall at a stop sign or red light. it won't restart for at least 15 minutes, then die out about a half mile down the road (on a bad day). the car sounds fine when it starts up, and runs fine up until it stalls (sounds like i'm just turning the car off). i've replaced the spark plugs and the fuel filter, but the problem is continuing.

This sounds like an O2 sensor problem. These sensors regulate the oxygen into the engine, when they go bad, the engine can't breathe and therefore the car will not function right. If there is no oxygen, internal combustion can be a difficult task for ... Hyundai Accent

I have a 1992 Saturn sl2. I recently had to replace the battery and the starter. The car has been fine but one day it took a few turns of the key to start. When I reached my destination I turned off my car. Five minutes later it refused to start and a click click click sound started up by the starter under the hood. It repeatedly clicked while getting no power, and all my gauge needles dropped and wavered back and forth while my battery apparently died. Any thoughts on what could be causin

Possible alternator failure take battery out get it charged up then go to auto zone, o'riely and or advance auto and have them check the alternator normally they don't charge for this ... 1992 Saturn SL2

My 04 Nissan sentra starts up fine. Then about 5 minutes down the road when I stop, it won't accelerate again until I turn the car off for a minute and restart. If I let off the gas too much it stops accelerating again. My service engine light is on too. This has happened before but it only lasted a day before the light turned off and the problem stopped. Please help me

Take your car to a local parts store, they will read the engine code for you for free. They will also offer possible actions  fix it and parts it will take. Be careful out there.   ... 2002 Nissan Sentra

Wife drove car home and it was running just fine. Turned off the car and immediately went to restart it to roll up the windows and now it won't even turn over. Acts as though battery is dead in that the dome light and other electrical won't come on. Checked battery and its good. what next?

Get the battery tested to rule it out as being the problem. Clean the terminals if there is corrosion on the posts where you cannot see. ... 1998 Ford Escort

My 2001 honda crv dies in the morning after a few minutes of it being turned on... once i restart the car it will run fine all day. this has happened every morning for months. seems to be getting worse. at the shop i took it to they said it isnt throwing out any codes and not sure whats causing it. i just got a new timing belt, whats causing my car to turn off every morning??

Have your shop hook your car up to a obd2 machine,and look at what temperature the engine temp switch is telling the computer it is,if the switch is faulty it could read 75 degrees and that means the computer would lean the fuel mixture f ... 2001 Honda CR-V

I have a 2004 Mitsubishi Galant. About five times now when I am turning from one street onto another street the battery light comes on and the steering wheel locks up. I have to stop the car, turn it off, and then restart the car and everything seems fine then.

Check your engine belts to see if they are loose or need replaced. You could have a pulley or tensioner locking up. get that looked at asap, the belt will eventually come off and leave you stranded. ... 2004 Mitsubishi Galant
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