Having problems with your 1998 Ford Taurus ?

Wondering if I can take a 3.0 engine and turn it straight?

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Answers :

Assuming it is a 3.0 OHV then sure, you can get a trans from a ranger

however, mods will be extensive and costly
you will have to mod the bulk head, subframe, tunnel, exhaust, rear end adding a diff

but if you want anything is possible!
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Wondering if I can take a 3.0 engine and turn it straight?

Assuming it is a 3.0 OHV then sure, you can get a trans from a rangerhowever, mods will be extensive and costlyyou will have to mod the bulk head, subframe, tunnel, exhaust, rear end adding a diffbut if you want anything ... 1998 Ford Taurus

2002 1.6L GOLF, EPC LIGHT ON, POWER LOSS An EPC light will appear on the dash randomly whilst driving at a casual pace. Once it is on there is a noticeable loss in power and it stays this way until the engine is turned off, however the EPC light will not always reset straight away after I turn the engine on and off. During this EPC mode, it takes more revs to gain speed and struggles getting up slight inclines on the road. When the EPC light is off the car drives great. note: if the battery i

It sounds as if your vehicle may have severe water damage to the engine. The engine sensors on the golf are suseptable to water damage and can result in epc light that you are seeing on your dash, or so i was told by VW. I replaced all t ... 2002 Volkswagen Golf

I have a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup, with a 5.9 v8 engine, with 80k miles. The main issue is when even I turn on the AC or the defrost the engine light goes on and the engine rpm get erratic. It got to the point when the truck shut down completely. When holding the troddle at 2000RPM it will make a instant drop to 1000 Rpm's. I had the AC charged and the AC works fine. The other issue is the engine seems to runs cool. Around 150 degrees, the heat takes a long time to warm up and I wonder

Most likely the cold issue id a stuck open thermostat. It will reduce fuel milage and stress the catalytic converter to the point the exhaust system could become clogged. ;\015\012\015\012The struggling Idle could be a bad idle air contr ... Dodge Ram 1500

I have eclipse 00, just got fixed yerterday because of the cooling system problem. they installed a new cooling fan and now the car has two cooling fan. but i wonder why the new cooling fan which is located on the passanger side always on, even when i just turn the key but not turn on the engine yet, is this normal?? im planning to take my car to the place where it installed tomorrow if this is not normal. thank you

They have wired it up wrong, the fans are controlled by a water temperature sensor switch, they have wired it direct to a live feed from the ignition, when the engine is cold cooling fans are not needed in fact having a fan on will increase the time ... 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Engine turns over then stops after about 2-3 seconds. can sometimes start straight away, then other times takes up to 12 turns of key to start

... 2001 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

When I start my 1999 Ford Expedition, it turns over great. When I take my foot off of the gas it dies. It is a 4.5 L engine and has been a wonderful vehicle. It is getting fuel to the engine, so it doesn't appear to be the fuel pump and the exhaust fumes are horrible after a few attempts at keeping it running.

Did you tune up the truck, check fuel rails. I would also measure resistance across all fuel injectors, it only takes one to be bad and cause this. ... 1999 Ford Expedition

I have a 1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4x4, straight 6 engine with a manual transmission. I was turning left tonight and it sounded like something dropped off my car and then it made a horrible noise, almost like the sound your car would make when the CV Joints need replaced, and now my Jeep won't go into 5th gear or reverse. Is there a way to see if it is just the linkage or if it is something internal without having to taqke it to a mechanic? I just don't want to take it in and be told it is som

... Jeep Cherokee

I need to replace the heating core on my jeep grand cherokee laredo 4x4. Its a 94 with a straight 6 engine. I was wondering what the approximate time this could take would be.

More or less two hours. The process can view the Jeep ZJ Service and Repair Manual - Secc24 Heating and Air Conditioning ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hi I have a Ssanyong 2005 Rexton 2.7d. Every morning it wont start and it takes about a minute for the the engine to turn over, but will start straight away with a tow, we have taken it into several garages thinking that the glow plugs were the problem, but this is not the case. Does anyone have any ideas on what it may be. Many thanks

... 2005 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Benz C55 Amg

My car hesitates to go when I stop then it kinda kicks and takes off. The check engine light comes on then turns off. Just wondering what the problem could be. I was first told it was the fuel filter we changed that and problem still accures. The mechanic thinks maybe throttle sensor or o2 sensor and another said spark plugs. Just trying to figure out which way to go.

Depending on mileage...I would go with the spark plugs...AND spark plug wires first...these are a wear item, and should be replaced per mileage...The other sensors can be checked for free at your local parts store..(Diagnostic)_ .Hope this helps. ... Oldsmobile 88

Mitsi lancer 92. After driving the car, the engine doesnt turn off straight away it takes couple of seconds. The radiator guage is just under halfway after driving say 3 or more km.

Well..sounds like the classic afterrun situation. maybe a quick appraisal with an engine profiler will reveal some good results..of course, you might want to consider a slightly higher octane petrol, too ... Mitsubishi Lancer

My 2004 nissan quest is taking off in over drive. It takes a long time to get up to speed but if you stop the van and put it into park and turn off the engine then turn it back on some times it will then operate normally. However, some times when it acts up and you turn off the engine it has a hard time starting back up.

... 2004 Nissan Quest

I have a 1996 s10 with an automatic trans problem. Yesterday while driving up an incline the engine raced and no power to the wheels. I checked the fluid level and it was a little low but should have been ok. I can take off in 2nd but when it shifts to 3rd breaks loose. If I stop and turn off the engine for about 10 secs I can take off in 2nd again but only for a 1/4 mile the no power to the wheels again. Turning off the engine then on again I can go for another little bit. What can it be?

... 1996 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

It takes three plus times turning the key to start before the starter turns the engine over. The engine starter clicks each time the key is turned to start but does not turn the engine over until the 3rd time. Cleaned the battery terminals, checked all wiring connection(s, unplugged and plugged fuse(s)that are related to ignition wiring harness. Battery has 13.8 volts while idling, lights are bright, etc.. Car will start on the 3rd time with the headlights on.

Take your car to your local parts store and have them load test the battery, this will be a pass or fail test\015\012\015\012If the battery passes the load test. Replace ground wire on battery all the way to the engine.\015\012 ... 1999 Subaru Legacy

Hello i have an grand vitara 2006 i had a problem when i put it out side in cold weather and i turn it on esp turns on in the dash and the check engine and i turn it off and on agin the esp goes out and the check engine stays and if i take off the battery and reinstall the check engine goes out and the car functions correctly if i do nt keep it out so is there an answear if not tell me what parts are responsible for the esp and the location of them

This solution is not specific, but their is at least 1 manufacturr recall to correct the wiring for the ESP. \015\012\015\012also their is some Firmware upgrade available for the engine computer at your Suzuki Dealer.\015\012\015\012Final ... 2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara

I drive 03 Acura MDX, when car go straight and brake, it ok. But when i turn L or R, vehicle seem to be stop, grinding sound appear, like ABS opperate, triangle light on, 30 second later, VSA on, no check engine on, then no more happen untill i turn off engine. It happen again if i start engine and drive. It just happen when make turn R or L and 1 time. Dealer recomment steering angel sensor. Please show me how to replace and reset and i need any special tool to replace steering angle sensor?

... 2004 Acura MDX

I have a 1995 mercury sable 3.0 and it failed smog due to the engine light on the dash board .I took apert the dash board light is ok ,But when I turn the key on the light will light up .But then when I turn the key the engine light turns off right away ,insted of it taking a couple of seconds and then turn off it turns off right away.

... Mercury Sable

Why does it take 3-4 turns of the key to start my car? the first time I turn it the engine turns over normal. The 2nd time it tries to start. The 3rd time it starts but dies instantly. Then it will start & after I've been driving and turn it off, it will start back up on the first turn. But the longer I let it sit the more times it takes to start.

Before you start the car for the 1st time of the day, pump the gas pedal 4-5 times to push the fuel towards the engine. I had a car which needed many pedal pumps, which was common for the car but mine had a iced up carburettor. You car st ... 1995 Buick Skylark

I have 2003 baja with check engine light ON. I check the code P0030. I did replace catalytic converter and both sensors with new one. After replacing both sensors I did reset code with code sensor. but still CHECK ENGINE LIGHT turned OFF until car running. When I turn the car off and little later starat the engine CHECK ENGINE LIGHT comes back. Is this normal or it takes some time to reset light?

... 2003 Subaru Outback

M B A class X reg 85000miles engine kept cutting out leaving esp/baslight on airmass meter fault diagnosed ECU sent to ECU Testing ltd Notts new airmass meter fitted ecu checked atsame time car still intermittantly stops when engine revs are 3500 to4000 in 3rd 4th 5th gear engine willnot rev over 4000revs 1.9ccengine turn igniton off then backon straight away while still moveing 15/35mph engine starts straight away could their be any other part that is causeing this fault suggestions please em

I would look at the crank position (CKP) sensor, its connection and wiring continuity. \015\012\015\012Where is it located? the\015\012crank sensor is located on the 'back' of the engine on the edge of the flywheel\015\01 ... 2006 Mercedes-Benz ML-Class

The check engine light keeps turning on after I have the oxygen sensor replaced. I've had the sensor replaced 3 times as the light keeps turning on and the shop keeps telling me that that's the only thing that is coming up. I need to get a smog check by then of this month in order to pay my tags but the check engine keeps turning on. After I leave the shop they instruct me to drive the car for 20-25 miles before taking it in for the smog check but the light turns on before I reach the 20 mi

Ok, i think we need a sanity check here. it sounds to me that the Ox sensor is doing what it is supposed to do, it checks the exhaust gas to make sure it is "clean". It does this by measuring the amount of oxygen levels in the exhaust gases as they ... 2004 Volkswagen Jetta



My 4.3 v6 engine in a 1993 chevy engine does not run smooth untill the check engine light comes on.Then it runs smooth untill I turn off the ignition.Then sometimes it takes longer for the light to co

... 1993 Chevrolet K1500

Don?t turn off? My 1999 dodge intrepid doesn?t turns off after I take out the key? the engine still running but nothing else work?some times turn off after a few minutes but some others times it takes hours. Thanks.

Sound like your choke or ignition wires are messed up and aren't touching to kill the enginewhen you shut it off ... 1999 Dodge Intrepid

I have a 97 cavalier 2.2 automatic. the engine has 180 000 km's on it. we drove it around fine for 2 weeks before bringing it in for safety. The garage called and told us the cone piece on the starter was broken and a tooth off the fly-wheel was broken... we bought a new starter had it installed. it will engage and mesh with the flywheel. but will not turn the engine. the mechanic was able to grab the fly-wheel and turn it manually and able to turn it by the alternator. they are wondering if the

First u need to tunning the corborator check that fuel is proeprly goes to carborator also check spark plug is working fine.check gear shifing is not hard ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier
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