Having problems with your 1998 Ford Explorer ?

1st and o/d gear do not work and O/D light flashes

\015 We replaced wiring to the trans and entire trans and the problem is still there.\015\012Codes: P1747, P0743, P0750, P0755, P0760, P0765 and P1746\015\012Any ideas??\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Dealers are very rude and they will all ways charge you more money then needed. I got codes for my car from and personal owner (small business) they did a check engain scan and the codes came up and they were very nice after I had asked if they would please write down the meanings of the codes, When they did that there were some that they did not know but the parts store like schuck's will scan for free and again they will also write down what part you will need for the code and they should also know about those other codes as well. I do live in Vancouver, Wa and I'm not sure where you are located but the people that are helping you should like they really don"t want to help. Rude people every where.
I would say that the 1 gear and odo is out. Transition may need replaced but first you have codes great, shucks automotive will place a reader to your codes and tell you for free what it is, You may be able to call and tell the codes but I would do that step, The only ones that are going to have the answers to the codes are dealers, auto shops and parts stores. Part stores are free. If you don't have odo placed on the dash board then push the odo butten and it should say odo off then when the car is shut off it should go back to the way it should when you start the car again, and odo should not be showing because it is always on . In stead of trying to go to a auto mechanic I would place phone calls most of them are very nice and information is very helpful, The ford store is very happy to give you any info you need.
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I just bought an old trailer '94 and when I hooked the lights up it worked fine except for the ''R'' on my gear indicater would flash when my turn signal flashed, After 20 Miles the turn signals stopped working and also the A/C and Recicle buttons would not light up. Dash gear indicator lights out, no air coming through dash vents. Park release selinoid not releaseing gear shifter. Running lights, brake lights and Hazzard lights all WORK. What fuse do i need to change?

Check for blown fuse(s). Seems like you tapped into the backup light circuit. ... 2005 Toyota Tacoma

I have a 94 GMC Safari, it won't shift out of 1st gear, the ABS light is stuck on, and the speedo doesn't work. At first the ABS light would come on and off, when the light was on the trans would't shift, when it was off it shifted fine. Now it's stuck on and won't shift. The computer was flashing a vehicle speed sensor code. I changed the vehicle speed sensor and the van still has the problem. There was a trans flush and a front pump seal and rear tail shaft seal, and trans filter changed.

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I have a 91 honda accord lx with 4 speed automatic with the sport shift mode. The indicator light on the dash flashes sometimes and when I put the car into gear like D4 or D3 it takes a lot of RPM to get the car moving like the gears are slipping but it works fine in 1st and 2nd gear. Whats up Thanks Larry

Larry, you really need to take it to a trasnsmission shop and find out what the trouble codes are, but it seems as though you have a burned up transmission. Thanks and good luck with your repair. ... 1991 Honda Accord

1st and o/d gear do not work and O/D light flashes

Dealers are very rude and they will all ways charge you more money then needed. I got codes for my car from and personal owner (small business) they did a check engain scan and the codes came up and they were very nice after I had asked ... 1998 Ford Explorer

My 99' volvo v70 continually flashes the traction control and abs warning light and the speedometer stops working the trip meter and the odometer go blank than all of a sudden it will start working again then the same thing will happen with the brake and abs lights going on just recently the check engine light came on turned off came back on with the arrow flashing saying something is wrong in my gear box what could this mean?

Sounds like a bad ABS control module is at least part of your problem. The symptoms are usually and ABS and TRACS light intermittent or constand and eventually your speedometer works intermittently or totally quits. This guy rebuilds/upgrades them fo ... 1999 Volvo V70

I have a 1994 ford escort wagon 1.9l sohc and the automatic transmission will not work in 1st gear but if i put it in "low" it will work to 2omph then i shift it manually into drive then it works fine but emissions wont test it. is there a tool i can use to change the automatic shift pattern so 1st gear is set to "low" also there are no lights indicated on the dash

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Took the battery out to replace the fron left headlight. Once we put the batter back the car would not start and all lights inside and out started flashing. Started the car downhill in 1st gear and drove for 20 min. Blue flashing light was on whole time. This light is located to the left of steering wheel next to interior dimmer control. Got home and car would not start and blue flashing light continues to go off. What is that light and how do we get it to stop? Also why does the car not start.

Does this car have an aftermarket alarm system? it sounds like it does, as i dont ever recall seeing a blue flashing light in one of these cars. do you have an alarm / auto start remote control? try locking / unlocking the car several times with the ... 2005 Nissan Sentra

Aircon am driving a 2003 ford focus and its ac is not working properly. When I turn the ac switch to 1st, 2nd, or 3rd gear it does not do anything but the AC light comes on but no air blows. When I turn the ac switch to 4th gear the air blows hard and the AC light goes off and will not turn on when I push it. It is only air that comes out and no cold air. What I need to replace for it to work again?

... 2003 Ford Focus

I have a 2002 Honda Civic LX that is nearing its 100,000 mile mark. About two weeks ago the lights in the dash started periodically faltering. When this happens all the lights go out, and the odometer flashes all zeros and then once it starts working again the mileage reappears. Additionally, when I turn on my headlights the lights where my (automatic) gears light up doesn't work. What's wrong?

You may have a defective ignition starter switch. this switch is located to the back of the ignition lock cylinder which actuated it. The switch is known to have this type of symptoms when it starts to fail. You need to remove the steering column *** ... Honda Civic

The O/D OFF light was flashing, fixed that but now lost all gears except 1st gear?

It sounds like you may have faulty shift solenoids. (internal transmission) ... 1993 Toyota Camry V6

I have a 1999 Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec.... Last night i was driving home and took the car out of 3rd gear and put it into 1st at a set of traffic lights. I the moved off and proceeded to scale the gears. 1st and 2nd worked fine but then the gear stick just will not move accross neutral to find 3rd, 4th, 5th and reverse... Anyone any ideas????

Have it looked at by a mechanic ... 2000 Ford Focus

I have dodge caravan 2002 3.3L,th caravan work very good , transmission also, to day i want to change battery but i make short on the battery , so the fuse of battery is open , i change it, i check all fuse ( all is good),but the caravan have also this problems: 1-the lights on the gear indicator (PRND3L) all light up at the same time 2-transmission d'ont shift ,she run only in the first 1st 3-on the cluster , the millage and speed d 'ont work but the RPM work. tank you for help

Try disconnecting the negative battery cable again for about 5 minutes then reconnect and see if things reset. ... 2002 Dodge Caravan

2004 land rover freelander accelerate on 2nd gear eventhough the shifter is on the drive mode.the leveling light flashes green when i start the vehicle.the leveling green light turn into orange after i move the shifter from park to drive.the vehicle sometimes starts on 1st gear but most times on 2nd gear when i shift the vehicle from park to drive.

Hi\015\012\015\012Not sure whether you are addressing this issue as a problem, or just an observation, as this light is related with the immobilizer system on your vehicle. The Immobilizer System protects your car from theft. A properly-c ... Land Rover Freelander

We have a 2002 chevy trailblazer, V6, the abs & brake light came on. the speedo quit working. it would not shift out of 1st gear unless i put it in 2nd, wouldnt go into 3rd or overdrive at all. & it said to shut down the motor. after she got home i checked the fuzes & the ground on the ebcm, all looked fine, then when we left again the abs light came on, the speedo is working but was kinda moving within 5 mph of what we were going, kinda jumping. & when the abs light come on it doesnt idle smoth

Possible problem with one or more wheel speed sensors, or the vehicle speed sensor, or the related wiring connections. I have found rotted out wiring harnesses or connections on wheel speed sensors numerous times. Hope this helps. ... Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Electrical problem 9000 klms only 2009 sirion bought 3mounthes ago 0klm from bazirgi com. agent of daihatsu in lebanon since 20 days giving touble.the light of check engine,overdrive,ABS,handbreak,and oil signal all start flashing on and off while the gear stop working the RPM as well.if you turn the engine off and start again all the lights somtimes disapear and every things woks normal but most of the times the problem come back. the mecanicians , electricians and the experts of daihatsu works

... Daihatsu Charade

I have a 2004 pt cruiser. afew days ago my son was reading im the car with the interior light on. when i came back 5 mins later the engine wouldn't start so we tried afew more times and it started. the auto transmission was stuck in a low gear so i tried to put it in sequential and that wouldn't work either. the next mornig the auto transmission worked but the engine light was on. it still is (not flashing but constant) .i ran an auto diagnostic and the code p0700 came up . now the transmission

Http://freeautomechanic.blogspot.com/2008/01/code-p0700.html ... 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser

I have a 2000 cavalier and the headlights work on high beam but low beam does not work. the driveing lights flash off and on when i put it in gear then go off and the service light comes on. would you know what it could be?

Cavalier drl system is problematic, go to cavalier drl repair, owners have their own website ... 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 92 accord lx, which had a bad tcm,sometimes i had 1st and 3rd gear or 2nd and 4th. also sometimes my car would not start it would flash a d4, when i would turn the key off and then on again if the d4 light dissappeared it would start. the other night while driving home my car just stopped and would not start again. i removed the tcm, cover and it was fried. i replaced it, but my car will not start, it keeps flashing that d4 light, i dont know how to diagnose the problem???

Was the TCM a new unit or an EBay/used unit? Have you tried to pull a code from it?\015\012\015\012I question the shift solenoid theory in that you state it's shifting \015\012properly.\015\012I've seen the VSS do this, although it ... Honda Accord

I have a 1991 ford f 250 diesel with a4od transmission the problem is my tachometer stopped working and the light on the od button came on this interfers with transmission shifting it will not take off in 1st gear and will not shift into overdrive i changed tach sensor and tach still will not work and light on overdrive button will not go out

Check to see if the computer is getting proper voltage on the yellow wire if that is not it ckeck the large red wiresmy dads truck had this problem last year the yellow wire was defective in the harnes the tack and the transmission work off the compu ... 1991 Ford F250

I have a 2000 GMC sierra 2500 truck. The guy I bought it from had a new transmition put in it. After driving a while I noticed that the tranny wouldn't shift into low gears 1st & 2nd on comand. and when put into low gear it would shift out as if it was in drive. Also, once in drive the tranny wants to get stuck in drive and not shift to over drive. I replaceds the switch on the tranny and installed a new shift cable. the lights on the colum work and the shift linkage is working fine. The truck w

-----check possible tps [throttle position sensor ]circuit for damage or faulty sensor----if good check the fuses and trans harness for shorts damage or disconnection,check o2 sensors wiring possible ground to exhaust ,or internal leak 2nd gear apply ... 2000 GMC Sierra

Cant get 1st gear. 2nd gear nosiey and crunches, 3rd 4th 5th work but wine alot, reverse works fine. reverse lights stay on when driving. car is a mitsubishi gto twin turbo AWD 1991 plate.

Hi thereThere is a similar issue on a 1995 GTO I am looking at buying.Aparently the gear changes are not affected AT ALL, but the actual gear stick sits to the left and you have to 'feed in' gears.He's been told that a new gea ... Mitsubishi 3000GT

I have an 80 series landcruiser with A442F transmission, built 1993. It will not select 1st gear or overdrive. It takes off in 2nd and shifts to 3rd normally, 1st gear can be selected manually and changes well to 2nd when shifted manually. Overdrive light works but no overdrive. Any suggestions?

It seems like your "2nd start" button is turned on. The 80 series LC has a button next to the shifter which allows it to start in 2nd gear. If the button is not engaged then there could be a problem with the circuit, but that is not common ... 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser

2000 Ford Expedition-Left turn signal and brake light in rear does not work, and left front flasher works but flashes quickly. The front and rear right side of turn signal and brake works perfectly. I changed bulb for left rear and on left top of vehicle for brake bulb, but still does not work. Also, my wipers do not stop on their own (as if off by one on each speed setting, because each speed works but not the "off" setting-it just stays on "1st speed setting) & I have to take fuse out of box f

You may have some wiring 'grounding' problems in the areas of concern. Remove each connection, and clean any rust. Place a light film of grease and a fresh star washer next to ground point, then the wire connector and other washers. Tighten firmly. C ... 2000 Ford Expedition

Hi, i have a 1995 nissan altima , When I installed my new radio deck in my Nissan , it was working fine for an hour until I turned off the car. Once I turned the car back on, none of my gauges moved, my radio didnt turn on, my tail lights didnt work, my horn didnt work, nothing electric worked! & the car drives and sounds like it's stuck in 1st gear. Then a day after this happened my car would only start with a jump, idle for couple minutes , and when throttle is pushed it dies. Nothing electric

... Cars & Trucks


... 2006 Dodge Stratus Sedan
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