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Why do i only have turn signals and flasher on the left side of my 98 ford explore when the bulbs are new on that side? The right side works fine.

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Why do i only have turn signals and flasher on the left side of my 98 ford explore when the bulbs are new on that side? The right side works fine.

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Why dont my turn signals or flasher work on the left side of my 1998 ford explorer when i have new buklbs? The right side works fine.

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99 ford explorer one turn signal doesnt work inside or out and the bulb is new works fine on the other side

Replace the blinker relay in fuse box ... 1999 Ford Explorer

My right front turn signal wont work the bulb is new the fuse is good what else can i check? it is on a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, the parking light works just not the turn signal.

Check the terminals inside the bulb socket also you could turn on right side turn signals and while holding socket in hand move wiring at base of socket to see if you might have wiring problem if that is ok leave signal and start moving back harness ... 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Deville 2004 only high beam works fine low beam only one works when i shift the car to drive the left side wich was on turns off and the right side turns on changed the low beam relay and still the same problem i tried installing hid kit both turn on and then the right side blew bulb is fine the ballast any suggestions ?

... 1998 Cadillac DeVille

1998 Ford Explorer,left turn signal and hazard lights do not blink, right side works just fine

,I suspect you have a bad flasher, it is usually located in the fuse box or near it. If this was helpful please leave me good feed back ... 1998 Ford Explorer

My turn signals stopped working suddenly on my 1992 ford probe lx. Prior right side was blinking faster. Changed signal switch next to steering column changed turn sinal/hazzard flasher by the clutch pedal. Little green box 2 in 1. Is there another flasher anywhere or a relay? Bulbs and fuses are fine.

If this is not working on the right side and is OK on the left side then one of the indicator lamps on the right side has blown out. The reduced load on the right hand indicators causes the flasher can to flash faster.Try turning on the hazard sw ... 1992 Ford Probe

My '89 S-10 pickup turn signal quit working on left side. Right side works. Bulbs look okay. Flasher makes the sound when I try the left side, but no lights. Instrument panel lights quit also, but don't know if this is related, or if it happened at the same time. I tried a new flasher, but when I put it in the fuse blew. I checked continuity on both old and new flasher; old one had current, new one wouldn't light my tester. Store said it is the right one. I reinstalled the original one because

Check your terminals at the fuse block sounds like someting shorted out maybe bad ground ... Chevrolet S 10

The right side headlight is very dim on high and low beam. I replaced the light bulb with a new one, and still dim. I then swapped the left bulb which works fine with the right and nothing changed. The left still works fine and the right is dim. What do I do now?

You may have a poor ground ... 2001 Pontiac Sunfire

I have a 96' Rodeo that has blinker trouble. I've changed the bulbs and checked the flashers. When I drive during the day w/o the headlights the right blinker works fine, but the left one says it's blinking and it is but so is both brake lights and turn signals on the rear and allof the marker lights and turn signals on the front. When I turn on the headlights my indicator light on the dash stays lit and no blinkers on the left side will blink, but the right side works great. What is going on?

Mine did the same. had to carefully place back the rear lens, looks like they ground somewhere. ... 1996 Isuzu Rodeo

2000 buick park avenue - Blinker Problem Left-side turn signal does not work. At first it began to stay lit (no blinking) while car was running and even when car was turned off. Had to pull fuse to prevent battery drain. Car sat for a few months, then it worked briefly, and now left-side binker does not illuminate but the flasher ticking can be heard. This same behavior occurs whether using the turn signal switch or hazard switch. Right side works fine. Checked fuses and bulbs, now wha

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I have a 1997 lincoln mark viii lsc has no tail lights no left turn signal, no left brake light. Right turn signal and brake light work fine. parking lights are fine,fuses are good and bulbs are good.emer. work on right side

... 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII

Hi, i have a 92 jeep comanche, with turn signal problems. the left side works fine. the right works to, but flashes fast like there is a bulb out, but theres not, and it also makes the front left corner light flash as well. when i turn the headlights on and the right blinker, it stays lit and doesnt flash. i also noticed when i press in the brake pedal, my dash lights come on and the light on the 4wheel selector. please help me. all bulbs have been checked.

Check grounded electrical wiring. ... 1989 Jeep Comanche

Left turn signals won't flash, Right side works fine. Replaced front and rear turn bulbs (rear was burned out). Bulbs come on fine on the left side, they just won't flash.

Gday mate, we had a problem with another late model vehicle similar to that, the bulb that was put into the reverse light was not exact brand product ( ohmage was slightly wrong ) and fowled up computer, correct bulb in place and disconnect battery t ... 1998 Buick LeSabre

2000 Ford Expedition-Left turn signal and brake light in rear does not work, and left front flasher works but flashes quickly. The front and rear right side of turn signal and brake works perfectly. I changed bulb for left rear and on left top of vehicle for brake bulb, but still does not work. Also, my wipers do not stop on their own (as if off by one on each speed setting, because each speed works but not the "off" setting-it just stays on "1st speed setting) & I have to take fuse out of box f

You may have some wiring 'grounding' problems in the areas of concern. Remove each connection, and clean any rust. Place a light film of grease and a fresh star washer next to ground point, then the wire connector and other washers. Tighten firmly. C ... 2000 Ford Expedition

Blinkers My blinkers are acting weird. I thought my right blinker was out, because my blinker indicator was going faster than normal. Well, I got out and check the front light and it was blinking a little faster then it should. Then I checked my back light and it wasn't blinking at all, but my bulb was still on. The other side was working just fine. Now here is where I'm stunned. I go and take my wife to work and my right side blinkers are working so I'm like sweet it works. I turn on my

You can check your blinker relay located in the fuse box. You should have 2 of them. 1 is for the emergency blinkers. Trade them to see if this corrects the problem. The other issue could be the multi switch is not functioning properly all the time ... 2007 Ford Fusion I4 SEL Sedan

I have a 1991 GMC Sonoma and the passenger side taillight was busted for about 6 months and in this time it filled with water everytime it rained. I have since got new taillights and new bulbs and now as long as the headlights are not on it works fine. When you turn the headlights on the brakelight on that side comes on and it does NOT blink when you turn the left blinker on and it makes the front left blinker go real slow. the brakelight on that side stays on al the time as long as the headligh

You have a bad ground conection.Remove the plug from the lamp unit.Check and clean with WD 40.Make sure that the bulb holders have not rusted away.If so replace. ... 1991 GMC Sonoma

I have a 95 SC2. The high beam headlight on the passanger side does not work. Both low beams work, and when the high beams are turned on, the right side goes out completley. I tried a new light and then switched the drivers side to rule out a defective new bulb. I cannot find a high beam relay, and the fuses all seem good.

According to the wiring diagram, there is no relay involved.The headlight switch provides the ground for the lights and they get power from a fuse for each side. So the high and low beam on one side is powered by the same fuse and the ground is ... Saturn SC

I have a 2000 Bonneville. Left (drivers side) turn signal doesn't work. Replaced bulbs front and back. Can hear the click but no light indicator on dash. Right side works fine. 4-way only flashes on right side. HELP!

... Pontiac Bonneville

I have 2003 2.5 z4, bulb indicator light is on. When making left turn: left rear turn light blinks also 1 red light(left out most bulb lights) when making right turn: right rear turn light blinks only. When making left turn: inside headlamp assembly ,Left front orange bulbs (2) both work When making right turn: inside headlamp assembly, Right front orange bulbs (2) both work. When turn headlights on: inside headlamp assembly: left side ( only orange 1 bulb is working) right (both

Check the socket the bulb goes into ... 2003 BMW Z4

Tailight problems i have replaced headlight switch , brakelight switch,put new socket on right side front , pulled fuse box to fint running light wire burned off, jumped this wire too the headliht switch and got the running lights to work but when brakes are on right side goes dime and hase feed back into the backup bulbs, have cleaned all grounds,and light sockets etc... when i have the running lights working this way the headlight switch starts overheating at the reostat dimmer where it turnes

... 1983 Dodge Cargo

I have a 72 F250. I had to replace it with another column from an earlier model F250 67-68. The neutral safety plugs in and works fine, but the other harness was loose wires. How do I get everything working again ? I matched up the wires that were of similar colors, but I get turn signal indicators on when I press the brake. 4 way works with headlights off, but not on. I can get the left side to work correctly, but only the front right works on turn signal switch, but the bulb is good. I am lost

Use your old wire harness ... Ford F-250

My 99 Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4 has some brake light problems. The brake lights work fine during the day, but when I need to have my headlights on, my left brake light and tail light competley shut off when I come to a stop. The right brake light and top work fine. Turn signals work, reverse lights are good too. Just when I have my headlights on is when it doesn't seem to want to work? They all have brand new bulbs.

If you have any extra fuses, try replacing the ones for the head lights and tail lights. Make sure the fuses you replace are the same color as the ones you replace them with, that way the voltages are the same. Another issue is that a flasher could b ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2006 Ford Escape. I replaced the rear right turn signal bulb, and it worked OK for an hour. Then it stopped again. So I took the back fixture out again ... Bulb OK, so I put it back together. Worked fine for an hour, then stopped. One more time it has worked, then NOT worked. What do I check next?

You can check the fuse for the light to make sure it is not blown or broken as this could lead to you experiencing such a problem.On the other hand, it is very likely that the bulb is having a partial contact with its housing. In other words, i ... Ford Escape

2005 Scion XA rear passenger side turn signal bulb stopped working and indicator started blinking rapidly. I changed the bulb and still the same. Checked fuse and it's ok. Switched the working driver side turn signal bulb with housing to the non-working passenger side and it wouldn't work there. After putting new bulbs in both sides (since I bought a pair I figured "why not"), I disconnected the car battery to "reset" the power in the car, and when it turned back on it was still the same. What e

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